Victor Sharpe
Islam is Islam is Islam
By Victor Sharpe
June 21, 2016

To quote the old proverb: "If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, looks like a duck, it must be a duck." So it is with Islam. There is no radical Islam, no hijacked Islam, no corrupted Islam, no extreme Islam and no moderate Islam: There is simply Islam.

I remember listening as far back as in 2010 to then White House spokesman, Robert Gibbs, answering questions from reporters about the planned 15 story high mosque mere yards from ground zero. It was revealing as he said:

"I think you've heard this administration and the last administration talk about the fact that we are not at war with a religion but with an idea that has corrupted a religion."

There again was that oft repeated phrase that the religion of Islam has been corrupted. But did Gibbs and his boss, Barack Hussein Obama, truly believe that Islam is a peaceful religion and not without a major pillar called jihad with its dire implications for all non-Moslems or, as the Muslim world impudently describes them: infidels.

We hear the phrase by well-meaning but misguided individuals that Islam means peace. No. Islam means submission; not submission to the will of the people, as in a democracy, but solely to the will of Allah. And Moslems may not question the teachings of their prophet, Mohammed.

Islam also teaches that it is superior to all other religions. It is Islam über alles. The Moslem is taught that Judaism and Christianity perverted the will of Allah, and that Islam received the superior revelation requiring, therefore, that Jews and Christians ultimately submit to Islam.

Islam bases its ideology on five pillars – Witness to Allah and his prophet Mohammed; Prayer five times daily facing Mecca and the Ka'ba; Alms giving to the poor and to the mosque; Fasting during the month of Ramadan and Pilgrimage to Mecca.

But there is a sixth pillar called jihad. This is now the greatest of all threats to Judeo-Christian civilization. Indeed one can say that much of the world faces an existential threat to its survival, not from the manufactured and erroneous science of global warming but from global jihad.

According to Abraham I. Katsh, who wrote the following as far back as 1954 in his book on the Koran:

"The duty of Jihad, the waging of Holy War, has been raised to the dignity of a sixth canonical obligation ...To the Moslem, the world is divided into regions under Islamic control, the Dar al-Islam, and regions not subjected as yet, the Dar al-Harb or the "House of War."

"Between this area of warfare and the Muslim dominated parts of the world there can be no peace. Practical considerations may induce the Muslim leaders to conclude an armistice, but the obligation to conquer and, if possible, convert never lapses. Nor can territory once under Muslim rule be lawfully yielded to the unbeliever. Muslim legal theory has gone so far as to define Dar al-Islam as any area where at least one Muslim custom is observed.

"Thanks to this concept, the Moslem is required to subdue the infidel, and he who dies in the path of Allah is considered a martyr and assured of Paradise and of unique privileges there."

Now we can see how there will never be a true and lasting peace by the Muslim Arabs – those who call themselves Palestinians, or by the Arab and Muslim states – with Israel. Islam will not allow it. So it is pointless, therefore, and against God's Covenant with His people, to give away one single centimeter of biblical and ancestral Jewish land to the so-called Palestinian Arabs or to anyone else.

Nor can there ever be peace between Muslim Kosovo and the Orthodox Christian Serbs or between Muslim Pakistan and Hindu India, to name but a few of the endless Muslim engendered wars raging in the world today. The simple reason is that Islam will never countenance or accept peace with any non-Muslim neighbor: Never.

Jihad requires the Moslem believers to spread what they consider "Islamic truth" by all means, especially by the sword.

Now in our modern world, the sword gives way to the most lethal and devastating weaponry in man's military arsenal. That is why the Mullahs in Iran, seek the ultimate nuclear weapon to destroy Israel and usher in what they believe to be the Islamic messiah, the 12th Imam. That is why President Obama's appalling deal and warped legacy with Iran guarantees the eventual acquisition of the Bomb by the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Islam, through jihad, is to spread what is called in Arabic, Dar al-Islam, the "House of Submission." Those nations not yet conquered by Muslim forces are in what is called the Dar al-Harb, the "House of War" and must be eventually overcome by endless war.

Islam seeks to impose Sharia law wherever it gains control. It is based upon the Koran and the Sunna and has not been reformed or modified since the 7th century. It can never be changed.

That is why we saw many years ago on the front page of the Times magazine the horrific photograph of the 18 year old Afghani girl whose nose and ears were cut off by her husband, acting according to Islamic Sharia law. Her offense was that she had fled from her cruel family and in-laws and, as a mere woman under Taliban Islamic rule, she had little or no rights.

Saudi Arabia invests endless billions of dollars to build mosques throughout the world. The international blanketing of cities with mosques is just another expression of Jihad. In Western Europe, most famously renamed Eurabia by the writer, Bat Yeor, and now flooded by millions of mostly young Muslim men, there is fast arriving the time when there will be more minarets than steeples.

What liberals and so-called "progressives" fail to understand is what jihad is all about. Subdue the "infidel" at all costs.

For Moslems, the Islamic obligation to conquer and convert the unbeliever and impose Sharia law must never lapse.

© Victor Sharpe


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