Victor Sharpe
Welcome to the Church of Climate Change
By Victor Sharpe
June 13, 2015

With the world going to hell in a hand-basket, ISIS spreading like a hideous pestilence across more and more areas of the globe, the United States fast descending into a soft tyranny with its Constitution laying in tatters, all thanks to the benighted presidency of one, Barack Hussein Obama, what does this resident of the Oval office choose to proclaim?

"Climate change is the biggest threat to the world."

Even when Barack Obama was choosing members of his new administration back in 2008, he selected Nobel-prize winning physicist Steven Chu as energy secretary and Carol Browner to lead a White House council on energy and climate.

Ms. Browner had headed the Environmental Protection Agency in the Clinton administration. Mr. Chu was director of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and a leading advocate of reducing greenhouse gases.

Carol Browner was described in an early article by Michelle Malkin titled, "The Trouble with Obama's Energy Czar," as a "neon-green radical." With both Chu and Browner chosen by Obama at the energy helm, many of us knew we were in for a world of trouble.

Not long after the man-made global warming doctrine was proclaimed from environmental bully pulpits, hundreds of environmentalists descended on Mexico's Cancun resort where they enjoyed sun, tequila and whatever else took their fancy – all provided courtesy of the so-called United Nations Climate Change Conference.

Concerned as they were at "excessive carbon footprints," nevertheless many of the attendees arrived in their own private jets. Not a little hypocrisy, it seems, surrounded that particular junket and several more since then.

Obama had also pushed his Cap in Trade policy, which died in Congress – but, like Lazarus, it has risen yet again from its deathbed, this time known as the Trans-Pacific Partnership, Fair Trade policy, or ObamaTrade.

There are some 19 hidden chapters with threats of higher taxes, uncontrolled immigration and further job losses to Americans. In this dread bill, the hapless Republican leadership shamefully allied itself with Obama.

We should remember that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) was also represented at Cancun and is forever pushing hard for onerous taxes upon gasoline and other raw materials in the U.S. in order to redistribute America's wealth to the developing nations.

In an unconstitutional overhaul of the Clean Water Act, it is now trying to expand its jurisdiction to every piece of public and private land that can channel, pool, or absorb water – even puddles.

The EPA, like the unelected bureaucracy that permeates Obama's opaque regime – unelected czars and all – is making no bones about its draconian plans to alter for the worse America's way of life and standard of living.

Then Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, coincidentally called for the U.S. to donate $100 billion of U.S. taxpayer's money through the United Nations to developing countries.

This while the United States is now reeling from $18 trillion plus in debt, with the Obama regime's disastrous economic policies adding more debt than all previous presidents combined.

A great deal of the present lunacy began when Al Gore, ushered in his revelation that the world is in peril from Man Made Global Warming, now also called Climate Change.

He took his theory and created a veritable new secular religion, which we can now call The Church of Climate Change.

It is replete with its own priesthood and acolytes in abundance, venerated by multitudes of adoring and unquestioning faithful who gleefully sing praises to Prophet Gore's secular version of Holy Writ, known as An Inconvenient Truth.

Like so many other beliefs, which labor under original and fundamental error, its believers arrogantly ridicule and treat all doubters as heretics not worthy of consideration.

So far there has not been an actual auto da fé (a burning of perceived heretics) but, like the inquisitors who meted them out in the not too distant past, the faith of global warming, now altered to the more universal doctrine of climate change, may yet exact cruel and unusual punishment upon all who refuse to accept its doctrine as infallible.

Paul Johnson, a British historian who never fails to pierce the veil of deception cloaking so much of our understanding of human foibles, once remarked to a friend who had become a recent convert to the belief in man-made global warming and/or climate change that, in fact, August, 2008 in England had been remarkably cold and miserable with "... torrential rain, a hailstorm or two, cold, bitter winds and mists."

His friend agreed that, "... the weather was unprecedented and that England has never had such an August before." But then, true to all new fanatical converts, his friend opined with righteous and unassailable conviction that it was "man-made global warming, of course."

For the believer, the knee jerk reply to questions as to why there is too much sun, or too little sun, or drought, or floods, or freezing cold, is that it is all because of, yes you guessed it, man-made global warming and climate change. So there you have it; a ready-made and unshakable dogma that encompasses and explains away all weather patterns and natural disasters.

A veritable church and dogma has now grown up to support this new religion. Its congregants include the media, the weather channels on TV, politicians from the President down, and last but not least, the pseudo-scientists who, as Paul Johnson points out, are like those 19th century gurus, Karl Marx and Sigmund Freud.

Marx attempted to create a theory of scientific materialism but the ideas were vague and not based upon empirical evidence. History has shown us that when applied by Marxist, communist and socialist regimes they prove a costly failure yet their faithful will never be swerved from acting as fervent, nay fanatical, missionaries.

The same applied to Freud's theories, which today we understand have no basis in biology. Sir Peter Medawar, the eminent scientist put it thus: "Freud's psychoanalysis is akin to mesmerism and phrenology; it contains isolated nuggets of truth, but the general theory as a whole is false."

So now we have another theory and the priests and bishops of what is fast becoming the new secular religion of man-made global warming or climate change are the Greens.

They vociferously intervene in man's affairs yet brook no disagreement with their creed. They impose decrees, which force governments to implement all manner of policies that further the propagation of the new faith.

But like the theories of Marx, for example, the Greens' global warming doctrine contains little scientific fact but demands much political action and abject compliance with its rules.

Farmers are now paid by governments to grow bio-fuels – a terribly expensive form of energy – which creates hunger and starvation in the Third World because it results in a lack of food. Instead of food going to humans it now goes into car engines.

Perhaps as many as 30 million people in the Third World are now enduring famine as a consequence of the loony tunes theories of the Greens. Visit a supermarket near you and you cannot but be dismayed at how expensive the cost of bread and staples have become. Thank you Greens!

But the Greenies are not swayed any more than the medieval priesthoods were willing to accept that their rigid belief in a flat world was wrong or that the earth actually went around the sun and not the other way round.

Windmills are now resurrected and dot the landscape. They may not be as picturesque as the old European mills and time will tell whether we will be tilting at them with equal frustration as Don Quixote did in his time. Meanwhile estimates vary as to how many birds and bats perish from the whirling blades.

Paul Johnson suggests that they are a grotesquely expensive and inefficient form of energy and adds that, "... the new windmills are hideous things, ruining the landscape." But don't tell that to the Greens as they promulgate the man-made global warming message and proselytize all who flock to their new faith.

There is an immense peril lurking beneath the words of the Greens; those faithful believers of the new religion. They target the United States and coerce its gullible politicians and the more than favorably inclined Obama regime. They repeat, ad nauseum, that these are extreme times that require extreme measures. America may thus be driven to accept disabling restraints on its economy.

Thanks to Obama, and his amen corner, the world's only superpower is becoming economically, politically and militarily crippled and no longer able to defend human freedoms around the globe.

Our allies are left vulnerable as the true threat to the peoples of the earth – not bogus man made global warming but the real and existential threat of global Islamic jihad – is emerging stronger and more vicious as America falters.

Global jihad is wreaking havoc upon societies as it exerts more and more cruel Islamist and Sharia power throughout the world, encouraged now by an enfeebled Europe, America, and what is left of the free world.

Habibullo Abdussamatov, at St. Petersburg's Pulkovo Astronomical Observatory in Russia opined several years ago:

" ... global warming is equally apparent upon the planet Mars as it is upon Earth. The reason is because of a long-term increase in solar irradiance, which is heating both Earth and Mars." In other words it is the activity of the Sun.

Abdussamatov believed that changes in the sun's heat output account for almost all the climate changes we see on both planets.

"Man-made greenhouse warming has made a small contribution to the warming seen on Earth in recent years, but it cannot compete with the increase in solar irradiance," Abdussamatov said.

But his work was not well received by other climate scientists. Perhaps those scientists, who are now the bishops of the new religion and, like their predecessors were unwilling to accept ideas or proofs that contradicted their rigidly held dogma, grow more vindictive towards the skeptics.

When the raw temperature data didn't support the global warming scare tactics, NOAA for instance, went back and allegedly changed the data to support their pre-conceived conclusions.

Even though some 6,000 eminent scientists around the world provide contradictory evidence towards the notion of man-made global warming and/or climate change, the followers of the prophet Gore will have none of it. Perhaps that is why they have now included the term, climate change, to obfuscate the matter.

The very idea that Mars, just like Earth, warms and cools because of the natural activity of the sun is hardly revelatory or revolutionary. But it makes nonsense of the current and fashionable belief that humanity, because of its industry and machinery, produces a disastrous effect upon Earth's climate.

The environmentalists and the Greens hate the automobile. They prefer bike paths to new roads and work tirelessly to reduce carbon emissions as if they are exorcists driving out demons.

For the Greens and the environmentalists the car is the main culprit and its eventual disappearance as a gasoline driven machine will, they are convinced, help end man made global warming.

But the Earth was once much warmer than it is today and the polar caps on Mars are displaying a warming trend. The Jurassic and Cretaceous periods in earth's history make today's climate seem particularly cool and, as far as I know, there were no carbon emitting automobiles sharing the Earth with the dinosaurs.

And after all, how many cars are there on Mars?

© Victor Sharpe


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