Victor Sharpe
A people are not "settlers" in their own land
By Victor Sharpe
December 16, 2013

The very fact that Israeli Prime Minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, brought the left leaning foe of the Jewish residents of Judea and Samaria, none other than Tzippi Livni, into his coalition as Justice Minister and now chief negotiator in the "peace" talks with the Arabs who call themselves Palestinians, is in itself a tacit admission that he and some members of his government entertain the thought of giving away yet more parts of the ancestral and biblical Jewish homeland.

Even more astounding is that Ms. Livni, of all people, is now responsible for negotiating "peace" with the cunning and corrupt PLO's Saeb Erakat. Indeed, the negotiations have always had one purpose and one purpose alone – to tear away yet more of the Jewish heartland in return for a delusional peace.

That is treachery most base; treachery to the living Torah (the first five books of the Bible); treachery to Jewish history; treachery to Zion; and last but not least treachery to the eternal Holy Covenant made between God and the Jewish people. Liberals, leftists and secular folks may not like being told this, but it is a truth that cannot shrivel away.

When did it become an accepted truism that a so-called peace between Israel and the predominately Muslim Arabs, those who call themselves Palestinians, requires that Israel give to them it's very biblical birthright for a mess of potage? Have the Oslo Accords, the Wye Agreement, the Roadmap, ad nauseum, all now superseded the eternal possession of the Jewish people to their God given homeland? It would seem so, and that is a monstrous tragedy so enormous as to spit in the face of the Almighty and make the very angels in heaven weep.

As one person named Rick from Houston wrote in a comment column regarding Livni: "Who IS this person who dares try to divide the land that the Almighty bequeathed to Abraham and his descendants through Isaac and Jacob? She wants to give your land to the descendants of Ishmael. She is inviting the wrath of the Lord to come upon the entire nation."

All this political foolishness was designed to appease successive U.S. Presidents. But the present occupant of the White House, President Obama, increasingly displays pro-Muslim policies which are a clear and present danger to the very existence of Eretz Yisrael, the Land of Israel and, may I suggest, to the very future of America itself. And Obama sends his Secretary of State, John Kerry, numerous times to pressure and threaten Israel, thus ushering in a baleful time for the Jewish state.

The so-called Palestinian Authority is now encouraged by Kerry and Obama to harden its demands to insufferable and arrogant levels that require Israel to essentially commit national suicide. Only in the last few days, Abbas has again told Kerry that the "Palestinian Arabs" will never accept Israel as a Jewish state. Period.

Kerry spewed his own poison by stating, as he stood shoulder to shoulder with the Holocaust denying Mahmoud Abbas, that Israeli "settlements" are illegal. The PA and the PLO hearing this now sense that the time is right to instigate another period of criminal violence and murder against Israelis and so the Jewish death toll mounts.

All these notions of "land for peace" and a "two state solution" erode the millennial and inalienable rights of one people alone to the land between the River Jordan and the Mediterranean Sea – the Jewish people

Indeed, there should instead be demands made upon the artificial Arab entity known as the Kingdom of Jordan (which sits upon four fifths of the geographical territory which was known as the Palestine Mandate) for the return of biblical Gilead – in north west Jordan – which is the ancestral home of the Biblical Jewish tribes of Gad, Manasseh and Reuben. But this would be too courageous for an ever timorous present Israeli government to demand.

Prime Minister Netanyahu's government and previous governments stretching back to those of Yitzhak Rabin and Shimon Peres, have all betrayed Jewish patrimony in the Land of Israel.

They have tragically conceded to the Arabs the blatant lie that Israel "occupies" Arab territory – specifically territory claimed by a fraudulent Arab people who have come to call themselves Palestinians. This absurdity has given birth to a grievous, self-inflicted wound which afflicts Jews within Israel and the Diaspora. Remember, there has never in all of recorded history ever existed a sovereign, independent state called Palestine.

Jewish communities, (villages and towns) do not consist of "settlers." The Jewish population of Judea and Samaria (the so-called West Bank) consists of the descendants of the native and indigenous Jewish people who are now inhabiting and redeeming their own ancient land. This people are not "settlers" in what is already theirs by virtue of millennial physical and spiritual attachment. Indeed, many present day Jewish villages, especially throughout Judea and Samaria, are built on the very sites upon which Biblical Jewish communities once existed. On the Golan, for instance, numerous sites abound where ancient synagogues once existed.

Notice that Judea and Samaria have not been annexed. Jerusalem and the Golan were annexed. The time to restore Judea and Samaria to all of Israel is well overdue. These lands are the very warp and woof, the very fabric and fiber of Jewish history, both during and after biblical times.

Ted Bellman, writing in the Israpundit blog, points out that once again an Israeli government and Prime Minister miss a golden opportunity to exert to the entire world the Jewish state's empirical and unassailable historical rights to the territories knows as Judea and Samaria but which a hostile world prefers to call the "West Bank." He writes as follows:

"In accepting UNSC Res 242, Israel also accepted "recognized and secure borders" rather than rejecting such resolution and such borders and demanding our right to all of Judea and Samaria. Nothing has changed since then. Even now, as Israel negotiates a final settlement, she doesn't start by demanding all the land and supporting such demand with strong historical and legal arguments. Instead she doesn't make such a claim and meekly says she will settle for security and recognition.

"There is only one reason that Netanyahu is not stressing Israel's legal rights and that is because he is intending to abandon them. He would not have entered these negotiations if he wasn't so inclined. While he rejected the framework of '67 lines plus swaps as the basis of negotiations, he is free to accept such a framework during negotiations."

Here, sadly, more credence is given as to why the prime minister places Tzippi Livni as his chief negotiator with Saeb Erakat, even though she is yearning to abandon Jewish patrimony and sell out the Jewish pioneers in the ancestral heartland.

In 2003, Professor Talia Einhorn wrote about Judea, Samaria and Gaza, or as it is known by its Hebrew acronym, Yesha: meaning Yehuda, Shomron and Azza.

She was commenting on the 'slip of the tongue" by then Prime Minister Sharon who used the word "occupation" in reference to Israel's presence in Yesha. In 2003, Yesha still included Gaza. It was abandoned in 2005 for the sake of peace! And what a monumental disaster for the Jewish state that abandonment became. Hamas, the junior branch of the Muslim Brotherhood, now occupies Gaza and its charter calls not only for the destruction of the Jewish state but for the extermination worldwide of all Jews.

Professor Einhorn stated clearly then that Israel, the Jewish state, is not an "occupying force" in Yesha. This is what she said:

''Up until 1948, Judea, Samaria and Gaza were a part of the British Mandate. In the 1948 War of Independence, Egypt illegally grabbed the Gaza Strip and Jordan took Judea and Samaria, the so called 'West Bank.'

"Egypt did not claim sovereignty in Gaza but Jordan deigned, in 1950, to annex Judea and Samaria. This annexation was not recognized by international law. The Arab nations objected to it, and only Britain and Pakistan recognized it – and Britain did not recognize the annexation of eastern Jerusalem.

"In 1967, after the Six Day War, these territories – which were originally meant for the Jewish Nation's National Home according to the Mandate Charter – were liberated and returned to Israeli control."

Professor Einhorn added that, "according to international law, Israel has full right to populate the entire Land of Israel with dense settlement and thus actualize the principles set by the League of Nations in the original Mandate Charter of San Remo in 1920.

"At that time, the mandate to the Land of Israel was granted to the British and an introduction to the mandate charter states clearly that it is based on the international recognition of the historic ties between the Jewish People and the Land of Israel. Clause II of that mandate charges Britain with 'ensuring the existence of political, administrative, and economic conditions that will guarantee the establishment of the Jewish national home in the Land of Israel.'"

We, of course, know how that turned out. Britain reneged on its promises and undertakings. Britain tore away 80% all of the mandate territory east of the Jordan River in 1922 and gave it away to a Saudi who became the Emir Abdullah. There is nothing, therefore, in international law that requires the creation of a Palestinian state between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean.

Professor Einhorn pointed out that the UN Partition Resolution of November 29, 1947 merely recommended that a Jewish and Arab state in what was the geographical territory known as Palestine "shall come into existence."

Though the Jewish leadership reluctantly accepted the partition plan, it was, as we all know, rejected utterly by the Arab states, which invaded Israel thus voiding the UN's recommendation of any legal basis.

The decision by the Jewish leadership to accept the UN Partition Plan was deeply painful for them. After all, the armistice lines where the invading Arab armies had been stopped left the Jewish state a mere nine to 15 miles wide and with Judea and Samaria (the so-called West Bank) and half of Jerusalem occupied illegally by hostile Jordanian Arab Legion troops.

The assessment was also motivated by the desperate need to give sanctuary to the 800,000 Jewish refugees driven out of their ancient homes throughout the Arab world, and to provide a haven for the remnants of the Jewish survivors of the Holocaust.

Israel was forced to fight yet another war of survival against Arab genocidal aggression in the June, 1967 Six Day War. It liberated Yesha – Judea and Samaria – from Jordanian occupation and it therefore must be understood that this precious territory is empirically the very heart of the Land of Israel by all that is holy. And if that's a dirty word to some, so be it.

Simply put: The Jewish people do not settle land that already belongs to them. And the Jewish people cannot be called "settlers" in their very own ancestral, Biblical and native homeland.

Now if those facts are understood and hammered home again and again by every Israeli and pro-Israeli throughout the world, think of the power and the glory that will ensue. Finally, the world will hear about unassailable Jewish rights to the Land and not the fraudulent claims of an Arab people who call themselves Palestinians. As Ted Bell wrote about the Zionist leader, Theodore Herzl:

"Herzl rejected Uganda when it was offered because, even though he was secular, he realized that the only place for the Jewish state he envisaged, was in Eretz Yisrael (the Land of Israel) which includes Judea and Samaria, because it is to Eretz Yisrael that the Jews prayed for two thousand years to return. Nowhere else would suffice."

But it all becomes meaningless when Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu allows an ambitious but godless leftist politician like Tzipi Livni to remain as Israel's negotiator.

© Victor Sharpe


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