Michael Oberndorf
Endemic corruption
By Michael Oberndorf
November 6, 2011

In its original sense, the word corruption meant rotting, putrification, as in dead or infected flesh. It's still an accurate description of the condition of today's body politic. Not a day goes by anymore without news of a new discovery of fraud, theft, and abuse of power by those entrusted with positions of authority. Lawlessness, lying, and disregard for ethics, much less morals, characterize the behavior of, it seems, a majority of today's elected and appointed officials. Honor and national pride are antiquated concepts, sneered at by post-modern promoters of a "living constitution," "relativism," "think global, act local," "multiculturalism," and "sustainable development."

Officials have finally started looking into the fraud and theft that have been rampant in the looting of the public treasury, euphemistically called the "stimulus." Word has it that there are some 100 criminal investigations up and running. Considering the hundreds of billions of dollars passed out by the Obama-Soetoro administration, this seems like the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Whether anyone actually responsible, rather than low-level scapegoats, is convicted remains to be seen.

However, it just might happen. The White House, currently being squatted in by the perpetrator of the most egregious fraud of all, is refusing to co-operate with a subpoena for documents in the Solyndra swindle. To honest folks, this says that they are, once again, trying to hide and cover-up their involvement in more high crimes and misdemeanors. Not surprisingly, this is but one of many incidents of pouring taxpayer cash into the bank accounts of dicey, Democrat-donor run, "green energy" schemes on the verge of bankruptcy due to mismanagement and internal corruption. Again, whether the investigators have the guts and principles to follow this through to the max remains questionable.

We learn too, that $7 million in "stimulus" money was used by timber companies in Oregon — a very Democrat state, BTW — to hire 254 "foreign workers," rather than unemployed Americans. Ironically, the congressman outraged by this is Democrat Peter DeFazio. DeFazio is using illegal aliens stealing American jobs to push a law requiring everyone to carry a card with our identification info electronically "encrypted" on it. This is called E-verify. Ostensibly, illegals won't have one, and thus won't be hired. The problem is that this amounts to a national ID card, and with just a bit of fascist tweaking, it becomes a powerful tool of totalitarian dictatorship. Does, "Let me see your papers!" ring a bell? But I digress.

Just a cursory look at who got the "stimulus" cash makes it crystal clear that Big Democrat Donors were the major beneficiaries. They include not just openly communist unions, but — gasp — the Wall Street Fat Cats, Big Banks, and hedge fund Brokers that Democrats claim were responsible for the financial "crisis" that made the "stimulus" necessary in the first place. Yet, Democrats and their Ministry of Propaganda, aka, the "mainstream media," disingenuously claim they support the Occupy movement, whose sworn blood enemies and main targets are these very institutions.

Thus, we see that corruption is not just about money. It's about hidden agendas. It's about treason.

As Barry and Michelle spend millions on extravagant vacations and opulent parties, Americans watch their standard of living drop like a rock, and their once great country be turned into a Third World banana republic. Furthermore, they are expected to believe the intelligence-insulting lie that the degenerates in the astro-turf Occupy "movement" and their half-baked Marxist revolutionary ideology are representative of mainstream American's thinking. We are supposed to accept the huge lie that 99% of us are just like these foul-mouthed, filthy, immoral and amoral morons, rather than the simple truth that they are a miniscule minority, bought and paid for by a bunch of Soros-funded fronts, like Acorn, in its new incarnation as New York Communities for Change (NYCC). As the anti-government violence escalates, as it did in the Democrat stronghold of Oakland last week, even die-hard Democrat dummies will have trouble justifying support for it. It will become apparent, even to them, that violent overthrow of the government may not be the solution they had in mind when they voted for "change."

But the corruption isn't just limited to the legislative and executive branches. As many have pointed out, it is not possible that no one has legal standing to demand to see unequivocal, documented proof that Obama-Soetoro was legally, Constitutionally qualified to run for, much less be elected, president. And now we have the spectacle, in Democrat Ohio, of U.S. District Court judge Timothy S. Black, an Obama appointee with a pretty clear conflict of interest in the case, allowing a former Democrat congressman who was voted out of office to sue the voters for doing it (http://www.usnews.com/opinion/blogs/peter-roff/2011/10/24/failed-democrat-pol-sues-critics-over-election-loss).

Come November, 2012, do whatever is necessary to return America to the Rule of Law.

© Michael Oberndorf


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Michael Oberndorf

The son of a German immigrant, Michael Oberndorf is an archaeologist by profession, with a BA from Metropolitan State College of Denver, and an MA from Leicester University, in England. He's also the Chairman of the Freedom21 Legislative Committee. Over the years, he has lived and worked all over the country, and traveled in Canada, Mexico, Central and South America, Europe, Australia, and Japan. He sincerely believes in the old saying, "America, love it or leave it." Michael can be reached at: moberndorf@yahoo.com


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