Linda Goudsmit
Chapter 10: Objective reality is required for a free society
Space Is No Longer the Final Frontier—Reality Is (upcoming release April 2024)
By Linda Goudsmit
March 18, 2024

Globalism is a replacement ideology that seeks to reorder the world into one singular, planetary Unistate, ruled by the globalist elite. The globalist war on nation-states cannot succeed without collapsing the United States of America. The long-term strategic attack plan moves America incrementally from constitutional republic to socialism to globalism to feudalism. The tactical attack plan uses asymmetric psychological and informational warfare to destabilize Americans and drive society out of objective reality into the madness of subjective reality. America's children are the primary target of the globalist predators.

The globalist War on America, documented in the Dodd Report, is a culture war fought without bullets that has targeted America's children for over 100 years. The classroom is the globalists' chosen battlefield, because whoever controls the educational curriculum controls the future. Why is this true?

Because children live what they learn. Education is an industry, and like all industries, it produces a product. The goal of America's enemies is to produce an unaware, compliant citizenry groomed for life in the planned globalist Unistate. The War on America's Children utilizes both informational and psychological warfare to achieve that goal.

The globalist social engineers are skilled strategists applying subversive wartime psychological tactics to "change the hearts and minds" of American children. The strategic goals are to replace parental authority with governmental authority, and to move society from objective reality, the adult world of facts, to subjective reality, the childish world of feelings.

Interfering with a child's developing ability to reality-test is a staggering deceit and a monstrous abuse of power. Education reformer Deborah DeGroff's 2019 handbook Between the Covers: What's Inside a Children's Book?[i] exposes the deceit and documents the sad reality of illiteracy in America today.

In the past, when children were told that every student was a butterfly, the children knew it wasn't true because they could see for themselves that some students were extremely smart and others weren't—no matter what the teacher said. At that time, children were still learning to read with phonics. It was a time before sight-words and whole-word instruction became ubiquitous, and well before "hi-lo" reading even existed.

I had never heard of hi-lo reading before reading Deborah DeGroff's book. Basically, instead of teaching children to actually read, a deceitful system was developed to address and adapt to the alarmingly low reading levels across the country. Hi-lo is a reference to the fact that the book content is considered upper-grade (high school interest), but the actual reading level is lower grade—sometimes as low as second- or third-grade level!!

In a 2012 article directed at the American Library Association, "ALA 2012: What's Up with Hi-Lo?," [ii] Publishers Weekly journalist Shannon Maughan wrote:

    Many librarians, teachers, parents—and even students—are aware of the grim, oft-cited statistic: only one-third of eighth-grade students in the U.S. read at or above the proficient level (source: the Nation's Report Card/National Assessment of Educational Progress 2009). [iii] While solutions to the problem are always being debated, those who work with struggling and reluctant readers every day want tools they can use right now. Hi-lo books frequently fit the bill....

    Schools, by far, remain the biggest market for hi-lo books, largely because it is the setting where intervention for struggling readers is most likely to occur. In addition to searching for compelling general fiction and nonfiction, publishers are always on the lookout for ways they can create appealing curriculum-related titles. A number of companies offer such ancillary materials as workbooks and teacher guides to support their hi-lo series, as well....

    Most encouraging about the hi-lo market is that librarians, educators, and publishers are seeing the books fill an important need. Becky Williams, a literacy consultant in Iowa who works with teachers, notes, "It's not a silver bullet, but it's something. They are a wonderful resource for kids that never 'got it.' Having these books has truly made a difference for these kids."

So, instead of improving reading skills by teaching phonics, the education industry dumbed down the books. They moved the goalpost, disingenuously marketing hi-lo in glowing terms as an attempt to encourage "reluctant readers."

In her book, DeGroff quotes Andrew Wooldridge of Orca Book Publishers, one of the largest suppliers of hi-lo books, saying, "We don't use the term hi-lo because it has a bad connotation; we call the books fiction for reluctant readers or struggling readers."

In reality, hi-lo reading is a system that presents great literature as summaries, like Cliffs Notes, or even as comic books deceitfully labeled "graphic novels." Students today who are functionally illiterate because they never learned to read are offered summaries and comic books to read instead of original text.

For me, the horror of hi-lo reading goes far beyond the deliberate illiteracy it supports. The most devastating impact is that students actually BELIEVE they have read great literature. They feel the pride of achievement without the achievement. They have entered the realm of subjective reality where facts and feelings merge.

Moving the goalpost and changing the name of a thing does not change the objective reality of that thing, but it can change the hearts and minds of individuals responding to that thing. So, telling children they are all butterflies does not change the fact that some students are extremely smart, some are not; some can read, and some cannot. But it can change the children's response to that fact, which means that in subjective reality it no longer matters whether you can read or not, whether you are reading a classic text or a comic book. In subjective reality, literacy and illiteracy are equivalent.

The American education industry has replaced meritocracy with educational indoctrination, facilitating deliberate dumbing down of our children. The industry's informational warfare is facilitated by its psychological warfare, because parents and students alike BELIEVE the student has read the novel Moby-Dick, not the dumbed-down comic-book version!

Deborah DeGroff's exploration of the content of children's books also exposes the staggering, pervasive, inappropriate, pornographic, and confusing sexual content of books in classrooms K–12 and school libraries. Her research documents how weaponized education targets children's most primary identity, their sexual identity.

The campaign to destabilize and destroy a child's sexual identity is a particularly insidious effort to destroy the child's individual identity. It is catastrophic to the child, and to freedom in a society of ordered liberty.

In every society anywhere in the world, the first words spoken when a baby is born are "It's a boy!" or "It's a girl!"

The globalist social engineers are trying to redefine what it means to be human by attacking the biology of maleness and femaleness, and insisting that gender is a choice––a child's choice. Globalism's War on Children is a long-term, well-planned, well-funded, well-executed mass-casualty campaign. The attack on a child's sexual identity is a catastrophic assault on humanity itself.

In schools, libraries, movies, games, churches, and synagogues, transgender role models are presented as normal human beings. The most bizarre aspect of this particular assault on biology and objective reality is that so many parents actually believe that supporting this false, destructive, and confusing sexual narrative is being inclusive and compassionate!

Our nation's children are being groomed to become compliant, submissive wards of the globalist Unistate, where they will have no individual rights, no freedoms, and no personal or sexual identity. They will be fodder for technocracy and transhumanism without the need of armies or policemen.

America's weaponized education industry is not teaching Johnny to read or to write. It is teaching Johnny that he is a butterfly—and a boy who can become a girl if he so chooses. Take a moment to try to imagine a society of Johnnys, and then you will understand how destroying a child's ability to reality-test is a weapon of mass societal destruction.

Without the ability to reality-test, Johnny remains frozen psychologically in the subjective reality of childhood. He never develops into an independent autonomous psychological adult capable of living in the world of objective reality. Freedom is an adult enterprise, and objective reality is the requirement for a free society.


[i] Between the Covers: What's Inside a Children's Book?, Deborah DeGroff, 48 Hour Books, 2021;

[ii] ALA 2012: What's Up with Hi-Lo?;

[iii] National Assessment of Educational Progress;

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Linda Goudsmit

Linda Goudsmit is the devoted wife of Rob and they are the parents of four children and the grandparents of four. She and Rob owned and operated a girls’ clothing store in Michigan for forty years before retiring to the sunny beaches of Florida. A graduate of the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Linda has a lifelong commitment to learning and is an avid reader and observer of life. She is the author of the philosophy book Dear America: Who’s Driving the Bus? and its political sequel, The Book of Humanitarian Hoaxes: Killing America with ‘Kindness,’ along with numerous current affairs articles featured on her websites and The Collapsing American Family: From Bonding to Bondage and her forthcoming book, Space Is No Longer the Final Frontier––Reality Is, complete Linda’s quadrangle of insightful books that connect the philosophical, ideological, political, and psychological dots of globalism's War on America and individual sovereignty.

Linda believes the future of our nation requires reviving individualism, restoring meritocracy, and teaching critical-thinking skills to children again. Her illustrated children’s book series, Mimi’s Strategy, offers youngsters new and exciting ways of solving their problems and having their needs met. Mrs. Goudsmit believes that learning to think strategically rather than reacting emotionally is a valuable skill that will empower any child throughout his or her life. Plus, in Linda’s words, “I have yet to meet the child who would prefer a reprimand to a kiss.”


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