Linda Goudsmit
The squeaky wheel gets the grease
By Linda Goudsmit
April 5, 2019

"The squeaky wheel gets the grease" is an American proverb that means that whoever screams the loudest gets the attention.

The Council on Islamic-American Relations (CAIR) is a very squeaky wheel.

CAIR is the propaganda arm of the Muslim Brotherhood whose unapologetic stated objective in North America is settlement – NOT assimilation. The tactical strategy for the Muslim Brotherhood in America is documented with precision in their 1991 Explanatory Memorandum which was recovered in an FBI search of the Virginia home of Ismail Elbarrasse. The Memorandum was found among 80 banker-boxes worth of documents discovered hidden in Elbarrasse's sub-basement.

The document confirms that most Muslim-American groups in the United States are controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood. The Explanatory Memorandum was entered into evidence in the 2008 U.S. v Holy Land Foundation (HLF) trial that convicted HLF leaders of providing material support to Hamas Terrorist Organization. In other words the Holy Land Foundation, an Islamic "charity" was the fundraising arm of the Palestine Committee in the US. The Palestine Committee was created by the Muslim Brotherhood to support Hamas in its efforts to create an Islamic Palestinian state by eliminating the State of Israel through violent jihad.

The Muslim Brotherhood's mission statement clearly declares that SETTLEMENT is its objective in the United States – it fully intends to make America Muslim. The details of its tactics are truly staggering. Every facet of American life is affected by the Muslim Brotherhood's insidious plan to first make Islam familiar and appear non-threatening, and then to use our freedoms to destroy our country from within. In its own words:

"The process of settlement is a 'Civilization-Jihadist Process' with all the word means. The Ikwan must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and 'sabotaging' its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and God's [Allah's] religion is made victorious over all other religions."

The Muslim Brotherhood Explanatory Memorandum is the equivalent of Karl Marx's Communist Manifesto and Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals. It is the Muslim Brotherhood playbook that should be required reading for every American whether in government, law enforcement, homeland security, education, or simply John Q. Public.

The Memorandum presents a detailed organizational model that identifies the Muslim Brotherhood (Ikwan) as the controlling organization and the leader for implementing its strategic goals in America. The 18 umbrella organizations listed in the Memorandum are served by 29 branch organizations involved in the fabric of everyday American life including education, politics, art, media, economics, science, culture, social clubs, youth clubs, women's clubs, professional clubs, legal and security organizations. They are described as seeds that are scattered throughout society but connected through the Movement and overseen by a central Islamic Center in every city.

The Memorandum describes comprehensive community organizing for the express purpose of settlement and specifies the gradualism necessary for the civilization-jihadist process. The Memorandum lists twenty-nine small organizations overseen by larger organizations that are connected to still larger organizations that will eventually coalesce to destabilize American society as creeping sharia law establishes a two-tier system of justice that will eventually replace Constitutional law. Patience is required.

Civilization jihad is the insidious silent killer but the battle plan of this grand jihad also has a noisy component – the squeaky wheel.

Every day Americans are pummeled with noisy exaggerated complaints and spurious accusations of Islamophobia made by Muslim Brotherhood operatives in CAIR and on campuses by members of the Muslim Student's Association. These noisemakers are trained to screech "Islamophobia" and to hide behind the religious protections that are guaranteed by our Constitution.

The squeaky wheel is definitely getting the grease. CAIR's shrieking voices on campus and in Congress are successfully drowning out oppositional speech. Rep. Ilhan Omar's rabid antisemitic remarks should have no voice in Congress. Omar is part of the political organizing effort of the Muslim Brotherhood in the United States designed to replace the Constitution with sharia law. Sedition is not protected.

CAIR is number 30 on the Muslim Brotherhood's scandalous organization list because it was created in 1994 three years after the Explanatory Memorandum was written. CAIR's leader Nihad Awad and its fund-raising followers Reps. Rashida Tlaib and Ilhab Omar are complicit in the sinister stealth effort to settle America and "sabotage its house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and God's [Allah's] religion is made victorious over all other religions."

CAIR's propaganda includes persuading Muslims in America to make the settlement project their cause, their future, and the basis of their Islamic life in America.

Congress responded to Omar's despicable attack on American values with a flaccid "all bigotry is offensive" resolution that never mentioned Omar by name or censured her in any way. Frank Gaffney summarizes the success of such attacks in his introductory remarks to the Center for Security Policy's priceless translation of the Explanatory Memorandum:

"The Ikhwan's strategy for destroying the United States is to get us, specifically our leadership, to do the Muslim Brotherhood's bidding. The Ikhwan intends to conduct civilization jihad by co-opting our leadership into believing a counterfactual understanding of Islam and the nature of the Muslim Brotherhood, thereby manipulating or coercing these leaders to enforce the Muslim Brotherhood narrative on their subordinates."

The Memorandum was written almost 30 years ago but the success of its gradualism is apparent in the many ways that American culture has changed to accommodate its increasing demands particularly in politics.

Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer have shown themselves to be the premier useful idiots of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Islam is NOT a religion like any other. It is a socio-political movement with a supremacist religious arm that intends to establish a global Islamic caliphate by imposing religious sharia law worldwide. Every time Americans are silenced by accusations of Islamophobia, the squeaky wheel has successfully imposed sharia law which forbids criticism or even discussion of Islam.

Americans are being conned into believing that CAIR's squeaky wheel is evidence of Islamophobia in America. To the contrary, CAIR is deliberately creating the squeaky wheel to divert attention from the Muslim Brotherhood's stealth civilizational jihad in America.

And there is more!

We must never forget the religious fervor with which Islamists rationalize their settlement objectives originates in their religious conviction that the Earth belongs to Allah exclusively:

"All that is in the heavens and on the earth belong to Allah s.w.t."(S-An-Nisa (4):126 & 134)

"To him belongs whatever is in the heavens and on earth." (Surah An-Nahl (16): 52)

"His is the Kingdom of the heavens and the earth and all that lies between them." (Surah al-Zukhruf(43): 85; Surah AI-Maidah (5) : 120).8

So, of course Islamists insist that Israel is their land – just like they believe that Europe and the United States and every other inch of land on this Earth belongs to Allah and is illegitimately occupied by infidels! It is time for all infidels (including non-sharia compliant Muslims) to recognize that there is no multiculturalism in Islam – there is only Islam.

It is imperative that Americans read the free 35 page English translation of the Explanatory Memorandum to fully understand the gravity of the treasonous plan to settle America.

The Muslim Brotherhood is a Trojan horse. Its organizational plan is the business model of a multi-trillion dollar global enterprise with main offices worldwide and local branches in towns and cities. The Muslim Brotherhood is deceitfully selling Islam as a peaceful civilizational alternative in order to Islamicize North America and dominate the world's religious marketplace.

The Muslim Brotherhood is at war with America. We cannot allow its squeaky wheel to silence the voices of freedom. This insidious war is a war that we must win for the survival of America and the freedoms guaranteed by our beloved Constitution.

Know thy enemy – it is the Muslim Brotherhood.

© Linda Goudsmit


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Linda Goudsmit

Linda Goudsmit is the devoted wife of Rob and they are the parents of four children and the grandparents of four. She and Rob owned and operated a girls’ clothing store in Michigan for forty years before retiring to the sunny beaches of Florida. A graduate of the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Linda has a lifelong commitment to learning and is an avid reader and observer of life. She is the author of the philosophy book Dear America: Who’s Driving the Bus? and its political sequel, The Book of Humanitarian Hoaxes: Killing America with ‘Kindness,’ along with numerous current affairs articles featured on her websites and The Collapsing American Family: From Bonding to Bondage and her forthcoming book, Space Is No Longer the Final Frontier––Reality Is, complete Linda’s quadrangle of insightful books that connect the philosophical, ideological, political, and psychological dots of globalism's War on America and individual sovereignty.

Linda believes the future of our nation requires reviving individualism, restoring meritocracy, and teaching critical-thinking skills to children again. Her illustrated children’s book series, Mimi’s Strategy, offers youngsters new and exciting ways of solving their problems and having their needs met. Mrs. Goudsmit believes that learning to think strategically rather than reacting emotionally is a valuable skill that will empower any child throughout his or her life. Plus, in Linda’s words, “I have yet to meet the child who would prefer a reprimand to a kiss.”


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