Linda Goudsmit
Hijab, female oppression, and the left
By Linda Goudsmit
June 15, 2017

Only a left-wing liberal living in subjective reality could promote the hijab, the quintessential symbol of feminine oppression, as fashion. The idea is so spectacularly stupid that it defies description. This is yet another salvo in the attempt to Islamicize the West by making the unacceptable dictates of sharia law acceptable.

Psychologically speaking, it is well known that familiarity brings acceptance – so the purpose of making the hijab fashionable and familiar is the sinister purpose of making hijabs/oppressive sharia law acceptable. This is a deliberate strategy of indoctrination and social engineering designed to change public perception of the hijab from a symbol of oppression (objective reality) to a symbol of fashion (subjective reality). Anyone who participates in this idiocy is a useful idiot.

A "Women's" March organized by Linda Sarsour is another contradiction in terms. Sarsour supports honor killing, female genital mutilation, wife beating, and every other sharia tenet that denies individual freedom to women and the LGBT community. Is this what these marching women want?? Fascism, racism, misogyny, and xenophobia are the hallmarks of Islamic sharia law. The Women's March was a March of Dhimmis. To make sense of the nonsensical willingness of non-Muslim women to participate in a march organized by a Muslim misogynist, we can examine the stunning announcement by Nihad Awad Executive Director of CAIR: REFUSING TO ACCEPT MUSLIM REFUGEES IS THE MORAL EQUIVALENT OF SLAVERY:

To understand Nihad Awad's outrageous statement you must speak the language of CAIR and learn its language of opposites and projection. Whatever CAIR accuses President Trump of doing is actually the OPPOSITE of what President Trump is doing but exactly what CAIR is doing. The same language is spoken by Linda Sarsour, the DNC, the Muslim Brotherhood and its offshoots, Barack Obama, and of course George Soros and his innumerable front organizations. Their language, like Doublespeak, is a deliberate strategy designed to create the cognitive dissonance required to manipulate and dupe an unsuspecting public into believing their egregious lies.

Language, borders, and currency are required to have a sovereign country. Doublespeak is a deliberate attack on America's language and an assault on our ability to understand each other. The word peace in Islam is understood to mean the time when the world is ruled by sharia law. Americans understand the word peace to mean pluralism, tolerance, and freedom. So, when Nihad Awad claims he wants peace he does not mean peace in the way the American public understands the word. There is no "right" to come to America. It is a privilege to come to America and LEGAL vetted immigration is what protects all Americans from those who wish us harm. It is cultural suicide to allow mass immigration of any population with cultural norms hostile to our own. Europeans are finally learning the language of opposites and beginning to understand that they are losing their countries. Sarsour's defenders are doing more than ignoring her liberal critics – they are being duped by her doublespeak into ignoring her misogyny.

So, why do left-wing liberal apologists prefer their fictional subjective reality to factual objective reality regarding the tyranny of Muslim extremism and oppressive sharia law? Why do they ignore the xenophobia, homophobia, misogyny, supremacy, and barbaric honor killings, genital mutilation, rape, wife beatings, and overarching desire to conquer the West and impose sharia law worldwide? Why do they support the internationalized criminalization of criticism of Islam?

Consider that the Jordanian Muslim sharia compliant UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein is now regulating "hate" speech, saying it is not an attack on free speech – then what is it??? ANY criticism of Islam is considered "hate" speech, according to sharia law, so his move to internationalize and criminalize any criticism of Islam effectively imposes sharia law worldwide. Islam considers itself a religion of peace because it contends that the world will be peaceful when everyone is Muslim (MB/CAIR doublespeak). That premise is a stunning example of the cognitive dissonance created when two opposing ideas are presented as one – the state of having inconsistent thoughts is so disturbing to most people that it mobilizes them to either change their thoughts or change their behavior in an attempt to regain equilibrium.

Cognitive dissonance is a powerful psychological weapon of the information war being waged by Islam and the Left against the West. It is the operating principle that insists criminalizing criticism of Islam is not an attack on free speech – of course it is! Cognitive dissonance is being used to manipulate the public and effect seismic shifts in public opinion – they are being propagandized to believe the fiction that terrorism has nothing to do with Islam. When a terrorist screams "Allah Akhbar" before slaughtering innocent people, common sense tells us that the terrorist is a jihadist with religious motivations. Obama/Clinton/Schumer, the Obama media echo chamber, and every Muslim Brotherhood offshoot insists that terrorism has nothing to do with Islam = cognitive dissonance. When Obama renamed the Ft. Hood shooting "workplace violence" and not Islamic terrorism, he created cognitive dissonance – the public "knew" it was terrorism, but Obama created cognitive dissonance by insisting that it wasn't.

Cognitive dissonance pushes the public into subjective reality equivalent to the Hans Christian Anderson story of the "The Emperor's New Clothes." President Trump appeared and told the public that the Emperor "Isn't wearing anything at all!" President Trump lives in objective reality and that is why he was elected.

Tavistock Institute has taught us that the constant shock of cognitive dissonance pushes a society to the edge of psychosis where its citizens will surrender their rational thinking to regain equilibrium. This psychodynamic explains the insanity (not being in touch with objective reality) of left-wing liberal Europeans defending the open border cultural suicide policies of Angela Merkel. The Islamists and the Leftists have common cause.

The social engineering and mass indoctrination brought to America by Tavistock Institute after WWII has succeeded in propagandizing two generations of Americans with deliberate disinformation designed to desensitize, disinform, destabilize, and destroy America from within. Our children and grandchildren are being deliberately indoctrinated with anti-American left-wing liberal propaganda seeking to accomplish internally what America's enemies were unable to accomplish militarily. Tavistock Institute specifically targeted the three pillars of American life: family, religion, and government. They realized that television was the single greatest vehicle for mass indoctrination and social engineering ever created.

Just consider how the family was presented in the 1950's and how the family is presented today. Every behavior has a social purpose. The social purpose of the war against Christianity is not the elimination of Christmas in schools – it is the globalist elite's deliberate attempt to destroy American Judeo-Christian morality and replace it with Liberalism's moral relativism, historical revisionism, and political correctness. The long-term globalist goal requires the weakening of America into a completely dependent socialist state, the internationalizing of the police force, and the imposition of one-world government.

The mainstream media and entertainment industry (film TV and music) colluded with Obama's left-wing liberal White House to create an echo chamber of left-wing liberal propaganda resulting in the cognitive dissonance required to disable American critical thinking – also necessary to transform an independent American into a dependent collective. Tavistock's operating principle is simple: First, the more familiar something, is the more accepted it is. Second, whoever controls the curriculum controls the future. Third, truth is what the media says it is, so the fake news media determines truth, not the facts – objective reality is replaced with subjective reality. As a result, the traditional family in America has been shattered, the new religion is liberalism, and children in schools and universities across America are being taught that America is the evil empire and social justice demands collectivism.

The Islamists, the anarchists, the left-wing liberals all have common cause to destabilize America from within – they differ only in their dreams for the final outcome. The Islamists seek world dominion, the re-establishment of the caliphate, and the imposition of sharia law worldwide. The radical Left seeks to destroy American capitalism and impose socialism. The globalist elites support both the chaos provided by the Islamists (jihadi terrorism and Muslim Brotherhood stealth jihad) and the chaos provided by Leftists Obama/Clinton (advancing Alinsky's Rules for Radicals) because a chaotic, destabilized America is vulnerable to an internationalized police force and the ultimate takeover by the globalist elites who dream of one-world government where they are the rulers of the new world order.

At what point do the interests of the Left and the Islamists intersect? What defines intersectionality and identity politics? The twin foundational psychodynamics of identity politics are victimhood and regression. The underbelly of hyphenated Americans animates identity politics – black-Americans, white-Americans, gay-Americans, straight-Americans, rich-Americans, poor-Americans etc. etc. were all divisive labels used by Obama to separate Americans into a house divided. The top floors of the divided house are partitioned by skin color/ethnicity, the middle floors of economics, and the lower floors of ideology/progressive politics. The basement pilings are constructed of perceived victimhood and regression toward childhood dependence. The entire structure of identity politics is supported by perceived victimhood, victimhood exploiters, and victimhood apologists of perceived victimhood. Intermarriage cannot change that. Immigration cannot change that. Economics cannot change that. Perceived victimhood and regression are the foundation of the left-wing liberal narrative of political correctness, moral relativism, and historical revisionism that has indoctrinated two generations of Americans in schools, media, and entertainment (the three most influential spheres).

The Leftist narrative is designed to promote dependence collectivism and destroy individualism, independence, and American exceptionalism. The indoctrination toward collectivism advances socialism and ultimately establishment of the globalist elite dream of one-world government. The Tavistock-generated identity politics of perceived left-wing liberal victimhood has duped two generations of Americans into believing that one-world government will provide "social justice" for their perceived victimhood. The reality is that one-world government has no middle class, no upward mobility, no national sovereignty, and no individual freedoms. One-world government is a binary socio-political system consisting of a small ruling class and an enslaved population who serve them. It is a dreamscape for the ruling few, but a dystopian nightmare for everyone else, and it is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the unsuspecting populations in the West.

One-world government is dispassionately described in chilling detail by Bertrand Russell in his book The Impact of Science on Society written in 1952. One-world government is the globalist elite solution to the Malthusian problem of the earth's resources being unable to sustain the population growth. One-world government is not a new idea, it is an old idea that is now manifest. Identity politics and the violence and social chaos it produces are prerequisite for social transformation. Transformation requires, in Hillary Clinton's chilling words, an "unaware and compliant population." Unaware and compliant are descriptions of childhood, which is precisely what identity politics seeks to achieve with its twin pillars of perceived victimhood and regression.

Perceived victimhood and emotional regression backward to childhood powerlessness silently and insidiously accomplishes the final surrender of personal freedoms without violent revolution. The government is completely centralized and in total control of the public. Donald Trump's Americanism is an existential threat to one-world globalism. Trump's Americanism includes ALL Americans – there are no hyphenated Americans. Being American is the common denominator that binds us and animates the America-first movement toward growth, accomplishment, independence, and American exceptionalism. Trump's Americanism is diametrically opposed to one-world government. Trump's America has a survival mentality that rejects perceived victimhood and regression. The pilings in Donald Trump's America are constructed of an American survivor mentality and renewed progression toward adulthood, accomplishment, independence, freedom, and strength. This is what it means to make America great again.

Contrasting President Trump's straightforward language are Nihad Awad, Linda Sarsour, Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein, and Barack Obama, who have all mastered the language of Doublespeak – Obama's Doublespeak campaign message of hope and change was not what most Americans understood hope and change to mean. Obama's vision of transforming America into a socialist state softened/weakened for one-world government was not the familiar American dream of pluralism, tolerance, freedom, and prosperity. Obama politicized every government agency and President Trump finally understands that for eight years, Obama seeded the U.S. government with radical left-wing liberals (including activist judges) and Muslim Brotherhood operatives/sympathizers seeking to transform America and destroy it from within.

Obama thought his legacy would be Hillary Clinton, but since she unexpectedly lost the election, Obama is heading a radical "resistance" movement to preserve and continue his initiatives by directing his appointees to sabotage and topple Trump's presidency from the inside. We are witness to a non-military coup. Fake news disinformation has been a weapon of war used by Islamists for decades – we in America never imagined that it would be used against American citizens for political purposes. We never thought the president of the United States would politicize the FBI, CIA, NSA, and Justice Department – how naive we were. Barack Obama changed all that. Now the Democrats have adopted disinformation as their war strategy to topple President Trump's presidency.

There is absolutely NO respect for the truth. Every day, globalists McCain, Graham, and Paul Ryan collude with the Left to bring Trump down. The vicious disinformation campaign accusing Trump and his team of a Russian connection is more fake news echoed incessantly by the globalist media outlets seeking to destroy Trump. Ironically, it is Podesta and Clinton who are guilty of illegal self-enriching Russian connections. The globalists (Democrat and Republican) are at war with the nationalists.

We are witness to a stunning lack of regard for our American laws, our American Constitution, or respect for the office of the American President. American nationalism is the bulwark that protects America from the one-world government dream of the globalists, which is why the globalists engage the anarchists, socialists, and Islamists to destroy America from within. America is coming apart. The election and its aftermath are like a bitter divorce where the parents' blinding hatred for each other tears the children apart. Perhaps there really are no rules in love and war – if that is true then 250 years of American culture and civilized life guaranteed by our extraordinary Constitution and respect for the law will disappear, and the greatest experiment in individual freedom and upward mobility will be lost. It can happen.

President Donald Trump is the single greatest existential threat to the Left, the Islamists, and the globalist elite's new world order, which is why so many enemies are arrayed against him. The ferocity of the protests we are seeing against Donald Trump and his presidency are evidence that identity politics has successfully regressed their membership of left-wing liberal babies to react with violent temper tantrums when the adult in charge says NO.

Any American hoping to preserve America's sovereignty and the individual freedoms we enjoy must wake up and realize that making America great again is not just a campaign slogan – it is an appeal to preserve and protect the greatest experiment in individual freedoms ever created in any society on earth. The left-wing liberal apologists for Islamic sharia law would benefit from actually living in a Muslim country ruled by sharia law before they so arrogantly and foolishly insist their idealized, fictionalized, subjective reality is real. But wait – a warning accompanies this suggestion – if you are gay, Jewish, Christian, Buddhist, or a woman without a burka, stay home, because you can be murdered legally without protest. The hijab is not a fashion statement in objective reality – it is the quintessential symbol of female oppression and bondage no matter what Linda Sarsour says in Doublespeak/the language of subjective reality. In Arabic it is called taqiyyah.

© Linda Goudsmit


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Linda Goudsmit

Linda Goudsmit is the devoted wife of Rob and they are the parents of four children and the grandparents of four. She and Rob owned and operated a girls’ clothing store in Michigan for forty years before retiring to the sunny beaches of Florida. A graduate of the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Linda has a lifelong commitment to learning and is an avid reader and observer of life. She is the author of the philosophy book Dear America: Who’s Driving the Bus? and its political sequel, The Book of Humanitarian Hoaxes: Killing America with ‘Kindness,’ along with numerous current affairs articles featured on her websites and The Collapsing American Family: From Bonding to Bondage and her forthcoming book, Space Is No Longer the Final Frontier––Reality Is, complete Linda’s quadrangle of insightful books that connect the philosophical, ideological, political, and psychological dots of globalism's War on America and individual sovereignty.

Linda believes the future of our nation requires reviving individualism, restoring meritocracy, and teaching critical-thinking skills to children again. Her illustrated children’s book series, Mimi’s Strategy, offers youngsters new and exciting ways of solving their problems and having their needs met. Mrs. Goudsmit believes that learning to think strategically rather than reacting emotionally is a valuable skill that will empower any child throughout his or her life. Plus, in Linda’s words, “I have yet to meet the child who would prefer a reprimand to a kiss.”


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