Paul Cameron
Remove more breasts to stop the AIDS epidemic?
By Paul Cameron
September 5, 2023

Trans – a psychiatric cult for those disturbed enough to want to pretend they are the opposite sex – destroys a lot of breasts. Indeed, it destroys more breasts than all the other healthy organs it replaces with surgical "copies."

This cult began with a single gay in 1952. Today, 5% of young adults in the US claim a different gender than their birth sex (Pew 6/7/22). We don’t know how many of them have had their body altered because of their claim, but, to date, it is almost certainly less than a quarter of these young adults.

This cult not only has grown, but the federal government now wants to grow it further! Why? Well, the U.S. Health and Human Services (HHS) said on August 1 – to "stop HIV by 2030."

How are destroying breasts and eliminating AIDS linked? Let's review some facts:

As it turns out, large proportions of ‘men who become women’ have sex with men, often as prostitutes. Indeed, they have a lot of sex and, depending on the country, have 8 to 80 times the HIV infection rate of gays in the same country. Eight to 80 times! Many of their partners are gay, often with a wife (almost all gays have sex with women, it is a mistake to think "gays" only have sex with other males as the LGBT movement indicates). So trans "women" are one of the, if not the major locus of HIV spread! The spread is not only to other gays but also to many women who have are unaware their husband (or boyfriend) also has sex with trans "women."

Various programs reported trans women were more apt to take the treatments that block the transmission of HIV if they are included as part of gender-affirming care. So in March 2022, HHS declared that federal funds were to be used for “gender affirming care and treatment in the Ryan White HIV/AIDS program.” Humm…. This year the Biden administration and many public health officials in the UK and US said transmission of HIV could be stopped if all trans women got the HIV-blocking meds! Really! (How much of this was to justify yet more funding for AIDS without really believing it, is uncertain, but you never know….)

Yet, in 2020, MSM (men who have sex with men) accounted for 71% and trans women 2% of new HIV diagnoses. How ‘solving’ the 2% trans HIV problem might finally solve the HIV epidemic is obscure. Especially since the HIV-blocking meds have been touted by the CDC as being "the answer" for well over a decade. The meds have worked, since from 2016 to 2019, HIV diagnoses decreased 7% among gay and bisexual men. But the gays aren’t as worried as you might think since the decline was 13% among heterosexuals” (CDC 5/27/21). In the case of HIV, even though gays have been targeted, notified, and paid to take the HIV-blocking meds, they have apparently complied less than their heterosexual counterparts have! True, the HHS might manage to convince more trans women to take the meds if they got even more operations at taxpayer expense. But who in their right mind would actually believe that even a majority of such "women" would keep up with the doses for the rest of their prostituting lives? These are whacked-out men, doing all kinds of dangerous activities for pay (and pleasure). But ‘they will comply with what’s good for society and themselves’ in exchange for operations? You really have to be naïve to buy this fantasy.

Alas, no policy involving humans always works – not one. Marriage usually reduces the transmission of STDs, but it doesn’t stop all spouses from "cheating." So marriage isn’t perfect at stopping STDs – even among the married. Every year public health officials are given more money to "end the HIV epidemic" and it just marches on. While mainly gays, rather than girls or women, get treated at AIDS/HIV clinics, the more trans women there are, the more visible trans becomes, so the government push for trans women will also help increase trans "men." Also, by arguing that "the scientific evidence" indicates funding even more gays to become "women" will stop the spread of HIV, HHS will be using ever more of your taxes to further grow LGBTs and their movement. Public health associations are strongly in favor of gay rights and recommend policies that help grow the LGBT movement. Given what they have recommended with Covid, and the censorship they have endorsed to advance the Covid vax, whatever they favor is suspect.

A large new US survey found that breast removal is the leading operation for "gender-affirming surgeries [GAS]." It also suggested that trans surgeries are rapidly becoming one of the major sources of income for the cult’s professionals. Rapidly? Indeed, researchers examined GAS surgeries 2016-2020 and found 48,019 for 25,099 patients aged 12 and older (some get more than one). Procedures performed doubled between 2000 to 2005, doubled again 2006 to 2011, and tripled from 2016 to 2020 (Wright), et al. doi:10.1001/jamanetworkopen.2023.30348].

Trans is a young person’s cult:

Eight percent of those operated on for trans were aged 12 to 18, 52% were aged 19 to 30, and 22% were aged 31 to 40. No wonder the researchers said, “there will be a greater need for clinicians knowledgeable in the care of transgender individuals with the requisite expertise to perform gender-affirming procedures.” With the federal government adding more incentives to join the cult, things are looking even better for its expansion.

In spite of the feminization of our school system, the women's movement, and pro-feminine propaganda, trans is growing especially rapidly among girls and young women. Currently, almost 3 of every 4 new clients are female.

Table 1 summarizes the procedures that accounted for at least half a percent of what US citizens paid professionals to do. If you are a normal person, society will not pay surgeons to follow your whims about how you ought to look. Normals must ‘fix themselves’ up or pay to have themselves surgically fixed. Yet, getting rid of wrinkles, a ‘nose job,’ fixing the bags under your eyes, or ‘shaving your Adam’s apple’ is also being paid for as part of trans’ needs.

In the right clothing and with the correct accessories a breastless woman can look like a man. Clearly, at 57% of all trans procedures, getting rid of breasts is the most popular surgery by far.

Look what your taxes or premiums are paying for. What you might want is called "elective surgery" but "medically necessary" for trans. How is that fair?

Men usually stand to urinate, so you pay for the operation that extends the urethra so trans "men" can stand alongside them (using ‘tubes’ at the urinal that make no man jealous). Women often look "softer," so trans women get to have their chins or eyes "fixed." So even though no one has made a penis (or a scrotum, or a vagina) that looks and acts like their real counterpart, trans often want "something that sorta looks like it." So we all must pay to "make them feel better" by having a bogus "thing."

The power of the trans cult’s beliefs among its adherents (and the threat of being excluded from its fellowship) is powerful. In a stunning new study involving 139 trans "men," all claimed to be essentially completely satisfied and to have no regrets about their trans surgeries that they had about 3-4 years ago (Bruce, et al. doi:10.1001/jamasurg.2023.3352).

Wow, unlike many a recipient of surgery, often less than pleased, every one of these trans men who answered the questionnaires about whether they had any regrets, said they had none. None! This study makes any questioning trans about their surgical or hormonal outcomes highly suspect: if ‘everybody who got the treatment’ says they are pleased with it, we are looking at something is more akin to whether the respondents are stating a faith, than a fair report.

In any case, like it or not, we are all participating in yet another government program that is doomed to fail. We will be paying to make even more girls and women breastless – in the absurd hope that we will "end" the AIDS/HIV epidemic. Would you have ever believed a fiction like this could come true in your lifetime?

But there are even worse possibilities looming.

The UK Mirror reported on August 27, that a “34-year-old cis woman in England is the first recipient of a transplanted uterus in the United Kingdom. The operation brings the possibility of uterine transplantation and reproduction in trans women one step closer to reality.”

Notice that even though trans are considerably less than 1% of UK adults, the recipient was called a “cis.” Further, the very next point of the story was the possibility of a uterine transplant into a man pretending to be a woman!

The Mirror also noted that penises have been transplanted onto men who had been injured. Such operations are terribly difficult and expensive. Since many of the recipients have lost their organ while serving in the Armed Forces, such expense is justified. But The Mirror noted “Doctors want to try a penis transplant operation on a transgender man for the first time.”

Who cares if this creepy stuff is being done by “Doctors” or not?

Many of the Nazi torturers were M.D.s.

Already, if you are normal, you are being called a "cis" man or a "cis" woman.

And not just in the newspapers, but in almost every scientific journal!

The technical problems involved in putting a working penis or a working uterus into the body of an opposite-sex individual are enormous, and probably impossible (the 34-year-old got her uterus from her 40-year-old sister, who probably shared at least some genetic similarities with her – besides also having a pelvis into which the uterus would fit and a body with "everything else" the same). Where do you put a uterus in a man pretending to be a woman? How do you attach the nerves and to where? Likewise, where do you put, and to what do you attach a penis to a woman pretending to be a man? How is this ‘science’ and how many experiments, some maybe involving human gametes, will be done with taxpayer money on these absurd, even Nazi criminal-like, operations? And the cost will go through the roof. For what? To mollify the disturbed?

So far, the HHS has not commented on these genital-swapping possibilities. But given the US Government’s willingness to try to trade breasts (and penises, not to mention numerous cases of sterility) for lower HIV infection rates, there is no telling what US officials will try next in the name of "public health."

© Paul Cameron


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Paul Cameron

Dr. Paul Cameron was the first scientist to document the harmful health effects of second-hand tobacco smoke. He has published extensively on LGBT issues in refereed scientific journals. In 1978 he predicted that equal treatment of homosexuality and heterosexuality would strongly favor growing homosexuality and shrinking heterosexuality. His prediction is coming true.


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