Paul Cameron
Are we being 'polluted' by gay = normal?
By Paul Cameron
May 7, 2023

In 1950, North Carolina Sen. Clyde Hoey's U.S. Senate Committee, in line with traditional Judeo-Christian thought, concluded that homosexuals were disturbed and disruptive and that they promoted homosexuality so intensely that one “homosexual can pollute a government office.” Yet, by 1973, the American Psychiatric Association declared that homosexuality was "normal," and by 2014, it assured us that homosexuals “pose no harm to society.” In 2009, the American Psychological Association joined in and declared that “same-sex sexual and romantic attractions, feelings, and behaviors are normal and positive variations of human sexuality.”

Evidence that we are suffering homosexual "pollution" follows:

#1: LGBTs demand you watch "pro-gay commercials"

Perhaps the most annoying aspect of having freed homosexuals from censure is their intrusion into our leisure time. Most normals find homosexual activities as off-putting as those of underwear thieves – we simply don’t want to know. Yet, unfortunately, if you want to watch a romance on TV, homosexual romance – presented essentially as a pro-gay commercial – is often included. LGBTs have even sprinkled themselves throughout children’s cartoons.

The placement of essentially "pro-homosexual commercials" in almost every media product has become so irritating that many have given up viewing, or allowing their children to watch, any mainline media product made in the last couple of years. Are you one of them?

But this is far more than annoying.

Attention sells product.

Homosexuality has risen in tandem with the prevalence of pro-gay commercials on screens and in schools. If underwear thieves were given the same volume of sympathetic commercials, every year’s stolen underwear would easily fill the Grand Canyon.

And any kind of attention gives some reason for "monkey see, monkey do." Of greatest importance is attention. Some are simply dying to get attention, to get on TV, to be noticed. So even if it’s stupid attention, like being semi-nude and acting like a fool in a Pride Parade, some say "hmm, people might notice me if I joined them." Just about every mass murderer who gets press and a trial gets multiple women who want to marry him and dozens of "wantabes" wandering how much the noose hurts, etc., if they can only grab the limelight. And, in my opinion, what appears to be "cheap" attention, drives many into trans. After they get "fixed" by the same professionals that assured them it was "necessary," and after they get over the first glow of attention, then they realize the professionals are walking away with money in their pockets, and they are going to have to live the rest of their life looking like a freak.

#2: More U.S. youth, especially girls, are engaging in homosexuality

In the 2021, U.S. Youth Risk Behavior Survey, only 75.5% of high school students claimed to "be heterosexual" (20 years ago it was 92.1%). Girls are tilting toward homosexuality. Instead of what respondents say they "are" (which doesn’t tell us what respondents did), we report the percent of students claiming – in the last three months – to have engaged in "only heterosexual" sex or "some homosexuality (perhaps including heterosexuality)" by sex and race in Table 1. While large and well done, this is still a sample: the results are not "the" unmitigated truth.

Forty years ago, more boys than girls engaged in homosexuality – either along with heterosexuality or exclusively so. Over the past few decades, homosexual activity appears to have doubled or trebled among boys, and rocketed – perhaps even by a factor of 6 or 7 – in girls. Only females can have babies, no matter what the mental health professions assert about men becoming women. Our demographic needs all the mothers we can get. The growth of homosexual activity among girls suggests even more of our next crop of maybe-mothers will as, if not more frequently, be childless even as our current crop of women are choosing childlessness or few children. In this way, homosexuality is compounding our growing demographic problem.

Analyses not shown here suggest:

  1. Asians were the least apt to report "sexual intercourse before the age of 13 years" (Blacks tilted toward being the most to report "sexual intercourse before the age of 13 years"); and

  2. 36% of girls and 11% of boys who reported sexual activity in the 9th grade said they engaged in homosexuality. However, by 12th grade, when more kids engaged in sex, only 23% of girls and 7% of boys reported homosexual involvement.

Race: In Table 1, the Asian subculture appears to be more protective of its kids’ sexuality – either before age 13 or later in high school – than the other subcultures when it comes to heterosexuality. Indeed, in many studies (including this one), Asians generally score lower in substance abuse, mental problems, and social disruption. Validating this general superiority, Asian students do better at schooling than the other sub-cultures’ kids do. The Asian subculture seems to have been the only one of the four to diminish the effect of our culture on the early sexualization as well as the homosexualism of girls. But when it came to homosexual activity, Asian boys appeared as influenced by the larger culture as much as boys of the other races.

The children from the Black subculture, with ~70% of them not having a resident father (much less a married mother and father) and thus in many respects considerably disadvantaged, gave only a hint of extra homosexuality. This casts doubt on Freudian notions that family dynamics are the primary force behind children’s homosexuality.

Sex among the young: Just about every investigator has found homosexual activity more frequent among kids who "start sexual activity" young. As these kids aged and more of them were participating in sex, a growing number engaged in heterosexuality and few tried homosexuality, making this sample’s distribution seem typical and therefore "reasonable."

We don’t know how much sex these kids claimed, only with whom. Are they telling the truth? We just don’t know. But this is what they claimed.

#3: Trans – basically elaborate drag – is destroying thousands of kids’ lives

Men can dress and makeup cleverly enough to look like women. But not after their camouflage is removed. Likewise for trans. Stripped of camouflage (which often includes hormonal injections and surgery), trans look like mutilated versions of their birth sex [visit a surgeon-that-does-trans-operations’ website]. Trans started with a gay’s deception in 1952. Had homosexuality not been legitimated, trans would likely still be a rare and elaborate drag procedure for wealthy gays. Today, 67% of states’ Medicaid programs include gender-affirming hormone therapy, and 49% pay for genital surgery. Perhaps the American Medical Assn (2021) thought it made $ense to claim “gender-affirming care is medically necessary, evidence-based care that improves the physical and mental health of transgender … people” instead of warning that changing your sex is impossible. How can deceiving others be a "medical necessity?"

Because the Democrat party is largely woke, laws in many states not only protect kids’ "right" to engage in homosexuality or become trans, but also threaten parents with the loss of their children if they interfere! These laws have resulted in thousands of placements in foster homes in Colorado alone. And – in the case of trans – to support a professionally-lucrative lie.

NBC says "take hope?"

Even though homosexuality is on the March, and even though it has accomplished everything documented above, there is reason to hope: and amazingly it comes from NBC News!

The NBC April 2023 poll of 1,000 adults got a great deal of press. While some of its results are sobering, it also offers encouragement to the traditionally minded.

As you might have read or heard, it did report that 61% of its respondents agreed with "our country" should "become more tolerant and accepting of the LGBTQ community."

Wow, you say, after all the harms documented above – with yet more to come – most citizens are OK with LGBTism and want more?

Maybe not.

Because 59% said “we have gone too far promoting” LGBT “lifestyles in our culture.”

Evidencing even more uncertainty about the "real" underlying public opinion toward the LGBT movement, 48% agreed with "we have gone too far in accepting transgender people," and 43% agreed "we have not gone far enough in ending discrimination against transgender people."

Asked whether “you or a family member, friend, or coworker are transgender,” 28% said "yes." The average adult appears to know ~600 people, so if about a quarter to half a percent of U.S. adults say they are trans, depending on what constitutes a "friend" as opposed to an "acquaintance," 28% seems reasonable.

The newest social philosophy worming its way into our ruling class’s goals is "woke." Wokeness, which has significant moorings in the gay liberation movement (see GT Angelo’s boast in the Wall St J 4/13/23), is a vigorously pro-homosexual/anti-heterosexual, pro-black/anti-white, pro-trans/anti-normal, pro-feeling/anti-rational, pro-equality/anti-achievement, pro-female/anti-male philosophy of "necessary biases to achieve equality and [what we believe is] true righteousness."

Twenty-five percent of those NBC polled said they considered themselves to “be woke.”

The NBC poll’s opinions about trans mesh with FRI’s 2020 poll. We found that about a third of adults (largely religious and Republican) said trans were "abnormal," a third (largely irreligious and Democrat) that trans were "normal," and another third were undecided.

These two polls suggest our society may yet be evenly split on homosexuality, even though when asked whether society should accept homosexuality, a clear majority say "yes."

Has the acceptance of homosexuality been as devastating as the Judeo-Christian faith warned? While it is ambiguous about just what will happen in a given society, Moses (De 32:32) argued that the treatment of homosexuality was (often) the hinge on which a society’s success hung. Our society didn’t accept homosexuality the instant the APA called it normal, but it was huge. Laws against homosexuality were questioned even when FDR, then Secretary of the Navy, moved against homosexuality in 1919. But the APA’s 1973 normal encouraged homosexuals to be decidedly more aggressive and had a lot to do with the emergence of massive Pride Parades.

1973 was 50 years ago: 1) our girls’ turn toward homosexuality is upon us and threatens our near future; 2) our society is troubled by LGBTs’ insistence on the lie that sex can be changed. This lie has distressed many a family and tormented thousands of kids; & 3) the number of pro-gay commercials in contemporary entertainment and mixed into what your children are taught in school is increasing.

It takes a lot of ruining to end a society, especially one as successful as the U.S. But as will be documented in my next column, the acceptance of homosexuality has blinded our most highly educated. If, as the church fathers claimed, God hates homosexuality so much that He might well end society because of it, what happens next might be a whole lot worse.

© Paul Cameron


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Paul Cameron

Dr. Paul Cameron was the first scientist to document the harmful health effects of second-hand tobacco smoke. He has published extensively on LGBT issues in refereed scientific journals. In 1978 he predicted that equal treatment of homosexuality and heterosexuality would strongly favor growing homosexuality and shrinking heterosexuality. His prediction is coming true.


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