Paul Cameron
What proportion of adults have bought ‘transgenderism’?
By Paul Cameron
October 29, 2020

The media made the US gay who got surgery + hormones to externally resemble a woman in 1952 a sensation. ‘Christine’ Jorgensen became an evangelist for the procedure. Over time his followers created a large enough industry to get the desire considered ‘normal’ by mental health professionals – likewise those who fulfilled gays’ desire to resemble the other sex were considered to be providing a ’cure.’ This collaboration between the mental health professions and the LGBT movement has completely reversed the ‘common sense’ that engendered laws against genital mutilation in favor of a new ‘legal reality’ under which even declaring yourself transsexual enables you to change your birth certificate.

Presidential candidate Biden endorses this ‘new, psychological reality.’ He says transsexualism is a civil right and will “restore transgender students’ access to sports, bathrooms, and locker rooms” if elected. We questionnaired a random sample of 302 So. Colorado adults In September 2020, to find the proportion of adults buying this ‘new. psychological reality.’ [Do you agree with Biden about Transgender individuals? Transgender individuals are: Deeply mentally disturbed, giving others dysfunctional ideas/Somewhat confused/Not sure-No Opinion /Mentally healthy/ Doing the right thing and helping others do the right thing Should Transgender females be allowed to compete in women’s sports? Yes/No/Not Sure Should Transgender individuals be allowed to use bathrooms and locker rooms of their choice? Yes/No/Not Sure].

Recruited from medical, recreational & shopping settings [half approached refused]; women made up 54% of the sample – median age of 41. The Census has 18% of Coloradans in 2019 with a high school education, 32% with some college, 32% college grads & 18% post-graduates. Corresponding fractions for our sample: 9%, 27%, 36%, & 28%; Census: whites at 87%, Blacks 5%, Hispanics 22%, & Asians 4%; our sample 72%, 7%, 11% & 3%. As CO voters tend to mirror US voters; similarities to the Census suggest our sample may be fairly representative of the US electorate.

Southern Colorado leans Republican. Biden got 29% of the intended vote v 49% for Trump. A Democrat went Trump, a Republican went Biden, Independents split 28/17 for Trump.

Religion and Political Party Affect Agreeing With Biden

Age, race and educational attainment were not systematically related to disagreeing with Biden about transsexualism being the new civil rights issue. Overall, 46% disagreed with and 28% agreed with Biden (e.g, about 2 to 1 against his opinion). Women tended to disagree with Biden less (39%) than men did (54%) and agreed with him (32%) more than men (22%) did (P<0.04).

Being religious or Republican weighted against agreeing with Biden.

66% of the sample said they were Christian, 5% Mormon, 1% Jewish, and 23% claimed no religion. If we combine the first three faith groups [they all esteem the Old Testament] and compare them with the not religious {the Nones] we find:

  • 56% disagreed with Biden. The Nones were about half as apt (25%) to disagree.

  • 73% of those who said they were “very religious,” 56% of the “religious,” and 32% of those “somewhat religious” disagreed (v 25% of the Nones) (P <.0001).

Considering those who claimed to be Democrat and intended to vote for Biden ‘pure

Democrats” and those claiming to be Republican and intended to vote for Trump likewise “pure Republicans:”

  • 6% of pure Democrats and 81% of pure Republicans disagreed, and 80% of pure Democrats and 2% of pure Republicans agreed with Biden.

  • Independents went 36% disagree and 25% agree with Biden (P <.0001).

Being religious was not as influential as considering oneself a member of one of the major two parties. The ‘pures’ of each party were almost mirror images of each other. This suggests a very deep political divide that transcends who gets elected.

Tranny men competing in women’s sports

Women were more willing to let tranny men compete in women’s sports than men were, 34% to 18%; P < 0.009. The Nones were also more willing (37%) than the religious (20%) to let tranny men compete (P <0.003). The pure Democrats were much more apt (50%) than the pure Republicans (5%) to let tranny men compete (P< 0.0001)

Trannies as disturbed or liberating us all to be what we want

As we look at what respondents called trannies, the pattern continues. Political party trumps religiousness once again. So even though one might expect a philosophic anchor as religion – which answers many questions about how we got here, what our tasks on earth are supposed to be, and what is wrong and right – on this question, on which formal religions do not have much in the way of history regarding operations/drug-taking to be able to pretend one has changed ones sex, political philosophy was the more influential.

Should trannies get to use the shower or restroom of their choice?

Women (38%) were more apt to say they were in favor of this rather intrusive activity than men (22%) were, and less apt to want to bar it (48%) than men (64%) were; P <0.01. The religious were less apt to say they were in favor (24%) than the Nones (50%), and more apt to bar it (64%) than the Nones (35%); P <0.0001. But once again, pure Democrats were more willing (70%) and less apt to want to bar (15%) than pure Republicans (OK, 7%; bar 88%) P<0.0001.

Before 1960, ‘mental health experts’ as counselors to the masses were almost non-existent. Nobody ‘went’ to a shrink to ‘get fixed,’ or ‘heal their marriage,’ and the like. Most people who ‘went’ to them did so if they were in a mental institution. So psychologists, in particular, had to create a need for their services in the general population. Just like the ‘need’ for soap, ‘mental health experts’ had to advertise and tout their importance.

At around the same time, those who wanted to mutilate themselves to become artificial members of the opposite sex confronted the same task. No, not to be consulted for a fee, but rather to dislodge and replace long standing beliefs of right and wrong about mutilation and dressing and acting like the opposite sex.

Homosexuals have ever cross-dressed and incorporated aspects of the opposite sex in their presentations for sex (Afghani men often wear women’s make up and clothing for the purpose). So that at least 2% of US High School students now claim to be transsexual is a tremendous validation of the success of the LGBT movement. Both groups – mental health professionals and LGBTs – have been successful at moving society in their direction. The mutilators’ success has also encouraged other kinds of mutilation.

Wanting to be ‘unique’ is pervasive in our society. Many dye their hair weird colors, get tattooed, or wear unusual clothing to achieve it. As individualism has grown, the belief that ‘my body belongs to me,’ has unleashed more forms of voluntary surgical mutilation: – a woman has undergone surgery to look like Barbie, another to look like a dog, and others have had their legs or arms removed to ‘be’ handicapped. This year a Frenchman had his nose and ears removed, tongue split, and was tattooed to look ‘alien’ [a blinding success]. As the media is full of Nones, he got world-wide press for his efforts. Will media attention stimulate others to follow him as they followed Christine Jorgensen?

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Paul Cameron

Dr. Paul Cameron was the first scientist to document the harmful health effects of second-hand tobacco smoke. He has published extensively on LGBT issues in refereed scientific journals. In 1978 he predicted that equal treatment of homosexuality and heterosexuality would strongly favor growing homosexuality and shrinking heterosexuality. His prediction is coming true.


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