Michael Bresciani
Where is America - as the clock approaches the midnight hour?
By Michael Bresciani
May 14, 2013

As a young man one of my first pastors advised me to "preach the gospel as a dying man to dying men." I have ever done that and I have since been approached very closely by death on a few occasions. My age alone urges me to take his admonition more seriously today than any other time in my entire life.

I have learned to rely completely on God's word (the Bible) as my source and although I have had plenty of what may be called extra biblical revelation none has ever conflicted with his revealed word. It would have been rejected out of hand if it had.

In a recent Facebook comment someone asked me if I really believed I could speak for God, to which I replied with a simple – yes. I added that anyone who simply represents the gospel to others has the "spirit of prophecy," (Rev 19: 10) although being called to the office of a prophet (1Co 12: 28) is of a much higher nature, essentially both derive from the same source.

Those who insist that God no longer calls prophets is going to be terribly uncomfortable with the renewal of that office in a worldwide surge as the last days approach. (Joel 2: 28-32) The recent revival of outspoken gospel preachers speaking up against the great immoral dirge that is taking place in America is, but the start of the voices God is calling to speak to our nation's apostasy. They may be everything from fiery to weird, but their voices will be heard. I advise that we get used to it because it is part of God's promise to pour out his Spirit in the last days.

Yes, it is a bit weird, but then you have to ask me if I really care

One of the distinctions of a prophet as opposed to a priest in the Old Testament was that while the priest represented the people to God, the prophet represented God to the people. He got his message from God and answered to God for bringing it to the people, after that, his responsibility ended. Whether they believed it or not was always entirely up to them. Little has changed in God's servants who speak in his stead.

God's prophets thrive in obscurity, speak without wavering and they care little about being labeled as a bit weird. As previously mentioned, after death waltzes up so close that you can hear him shuffling outside the door you quickly realize that this is the time to speak, or forever hold your peace. After that, the message comes appendaged with the warning, take it or leave it!

Presidents who saw UFOs – Prophets who saw dead Presidents

Presidents Ronald Reagan and Jimmy Carter have told the world that they have seen a UFO. Former democratic presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich along with Georgia U.S. Senator Richard B. Russell, Jr., once the chairman of the Armed Services committee both claimed to have seen a UFO. Last, but not least, Arizona Governor Fife Symington was among the many witnesses who saw UFOs in the now famous 'Phoenix Lights' incident in 1997 and has discussed it at length on CNN's Larry King Live.

Yours truly has seen UFOs on several occasions, but perhaps I could go a step further and say that they have seen me. Of the four times I clearly saw them; twice they approached me and stayed for a bit of time.

As a boy attending camp with my parents by a small pond in the Myles Standish reservation in Massachusetts I wandered down to the pond at dusk and sat in the sand on the banks. A cigar shaped object came down over the lake and hovered a few hundred feet from me and remained for 20 to 30 minutes. It was a staring match and I was neither afraid nor aware at the time of what it was.

The second time was over 30 years later when a similar cigar shaped glowing object came to the bay window of a house where I was sitting and teaching a bible study on the second coming of Christ. Two very unpretentious girls who resided in the house watched it hover for minutes before it whisked back up into the sky in an instant. What was it looking at and why; your guess is as good as mine.

A third sighting came on the same night newscasters were reporting sightings of large craft hovering and traversing about in Van Buren, Arkansas in 2007 and photographed by 61 year old Colonel Brian Fields, USAF, Ret. At about the same time Brian Fields was photographing, I observed a large gray flat object about the size of a couple of football fields flit across the sky from one horizon to the other. I calculated its speed by how long it took to go from and to each horizon and the relative distance between horizons – it came in at about 10,000 mile per hour. It was impersonal and uneventful, just an observation, but unmistakably not of this world.

Saving the best for last, only a few months ago, early one misty morning, I stood near the banks of the Mississippi River and watched a large object about the size of two Superdomes complete with colored lights and two levels move southward hovering about 300 feet over the river. It moved silently and was so big that only a blind person could have missed it. I ran up to a chain link fence and watched it go slowly out of sight. I wanted to get a closer look so I blurted out the words "hey, come back here." Needless to say, it ignored me completely.

I never once considered calling the MUFON Network, the police, the Air Force or anyone else and I didn't get spooky, spastic or silly about having seen these objects. In fact, I have never thought it was much of a big deal at all.

Perhaps because I do not share the secular world view about UFOs, which is that they are ETIs, (extraterrestrial Intelligences) but rather I see them as ECIs (extra-celestial intelligences) I am never titillated beyond control.

Both God and Satan have angels at their beck and call – what form they would take is quite beyond me, but unless transmogrification can be utilized to explain changing shape at will and travelling at speeds that would destroy physical craft I am satisfied to be found in company with those who believe they are celestial entities rather than technological craft from evolutionally advanced interplanetary civilizations. Should they be some craft to carry angelic personages is possible, but my view is – what does it matter?

To be fair, the reason it is of no particular significance in my life is that, unlike Divine interventions, visions and dreams and just the influence of the gospel in my life I have no anecdotal stories of how these sightings have changed my life or the lives of anyone else. These sightings were titillating, but not transformative.

The Prophet President speaks to the Preacher Prophet

I have had hundreds of dream visions of the future; most of them are just daily occurrences and are hardly to be considered world changers. The commonality between those visions and the ones that have to do with world events is that the accuracy of the garden variety visions has been 100 percent. Not one has ever been wrong. I have no doubt that the visions for America and the world, came from the same source.

Amidst them all came a dream vision about twenty years ago on the same night my wife dreamed of the same person. That person was President Abraham Lincoln. In that dream I shared communication with him, which I found myself marveling at because it was a rare wisdom that, quite simply, I have never found on earth. I followed that dream with many years of studying the life and labors of Mr. Lincoln.

I thank God that I have never seen any other dead people and I hope I will not. The experience was life changing because I forced myself to observe the life of our nation's most beloved president, but I undertook to study all facets of our history, our presidents and the way our government and political system works. That pursuit is now an integral part of my journalism amid observations about America's place in the current world.

Mr. Lincoln was the only U.S. President to be called the 'Prophet President' and his visitation into the cogitations of my heart in the deep of the night season was meant for a purpose that is unfolding to this day. Approximately 10 to 12 million people have read my articles across the globe just as was told to me would happen. Mr. Lincoln was not a vision he was a visitation, but not the only one, or the most important.

Not a Dream – But a wide Awake Vision That Changed My Life

Dreams of the future began shortly after my conversion (born again) to Christianity. It puzzled me at first, but after searching the bible for an answer I was satisfied that a sovereign God meant business when he said "Surely the Lord GOD will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets." (Amos 3: 7) It was never about me, but it was always about others in this nation who needed a fearless word of warning.

Not until recent years did I begin to remember that my initial move into the kingdom of God came with a vision, not a dream. I was wide awake and fully deliberating the path of my life when I dared to honestly question whether there really was a creating, and redeeming entity we all called God.

At the point I asked that question and as I began to acknowledge him – He appeared to me. It was not a flashing indiscernible figure in a mist. His face stayed before me glowing with an uncreated light that felt like it was sucking the breath out of me as in awe, I slowly fell to my face in tears. I had lived in darkness all of my life and suddenly it was as if some kind person walked into my darkness and flipped the lights on. In fact that is exactly what happened and that person was the Lord Jesus Christ.

Why wouldn't a conversion that started with a vision, continue with them?

The hardest thing was the business of telling someone what had happened. In fact, I told almost no one for about a year. In the beginning it seemed crazy to tell someone what I had seen, now near the end, it seems far crazier to withhold it. To withhold any part of what God reveals to us is not in keeping with Christ's strong admonition to tell.

"Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid. Neither do men light a candle, and put it under a bushel, but on a candlestick; and it giveth light unto all that are in the house. Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven" (Mt 5: 14-16

Prophecy – The Last Place You Would Think to Look for Your Keys!

I have only a miniscule message about the second coming of Christ, but about one quarter of the bible is prophecy. The world passes it by or debates it as if they were commissioned to give it the final stamp of approval. After dismissing it they go on to seeking their own answers from science, speculation, philosophy, politics, economics, ideologies and the list is endless. A quick look at today's news will tell you how well that is going.

The most powerful vision I ever had was when I was shown the actual return of Christ to an unbelieving world. It was a perfect picture of what the bible describes in every detail. I thank God it was given to me shortly before I began to read the bible at all.

The second clearest message I have had to date was specifically for America and is to happen, beginning right about now.

Quite simply America is going to undergo a great economic collapse and goods and essentials will start becoming very scarce. Obamacare is the first installment for our fiscal fall and his other amateurish policies like bailouts and money pumped into failing green schemes and entitlements will take up the rear. Bad decisions by congress and a general selfishness that seems to be birthing itself in this generation will deliver the final blow.

Morally speaking we are sinking like a stone. Due to recent legislation you may smoke pot on the street, marry a same sex partner and have a baby aborted after birth cruelly and inhumanly without fear of prosecution for you or your doctor in the state of Colorado. Other states are not far behind. Is this example enough?

While you are frantically looking for your lost keys to life in all the wrong places you might want to pause and consider that secular voices like Hawking, Dawkins and Darwin have all sold you a bill of goods. Your keys are not dangling in the void left by the big bang nor are they on their way to an M-planet somewhere light years away. They are as close as your heart.

I can't promise that you'll see a vision as I did, but I can promise you that he (The Lord Jesus Christ) will not turn you away. He stands, waiting, calling and ready to bring you into the great love and redemption that he offers all men, to wit:

"And this is the Father's will which hath sent me, that of all which he hath given me I should lose nothing, but should raise it up again at the last day. And this is the will of him that sent me, that everyone which seeth the Son, and believeth on him, may have everlasting life: and I will raise him up at the last day." (John 6: 39-40)

© Michael Bresciani


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