Stephen Stone, RenewAmerica President
January 14, 2014

A new website calling for the impeachment of Barack Hussein Obama and his inner circle, including Vice President Biden, has taken initial steps to launch.

The new site,, is based on the premise that impeachment is the constitutional remedy for tyranny and dereliction by high public officials of the sort we've seen perpetrated repeatedly by Obama and his collaborators.

The site is also based on the necessity to organize a nationwide movement to stop these Constitution-destroying criminals before it's too late:
    Impeachment is America's last remaining hope of blocking the dictatorial reign of the imposter and usurper in the White House, Barack Hussein Obama. And the window for doing so is closing fast upon us. The longer we wait, the more the man will continue to dismantle our constitutional republic, our national security, our electoral system, our economic strength, our rights and liberties — and we may be left to see the foolishness of our inaction from the hindsight of harsh reality.

    We will wish then that we had acted when it was timely to do so.
The all-important "how"

Irate Americans are increasingly calling for impeachment, but are unclear how to proceed. Pledge to Impeach offers a practical way to do so. In view of the fact Congress has refused to initiate impeachment against Mr. Obama — despite his many impeachable offenses — the obvious solution is to elect new and better representatives of the people.

Hence the site's emphasis on electing an "impeachment Congress" in 2014 —
one whose members have the courage and integrity to fulfill their solemn oath to defend America from those in high office who threaten our nation's liberty, security, and continuance.

Visitors to the site are therefore invited to sign a petition that not only calls for impeaching and removing Obama and his inner circle of collaborators, but declares that signers are "determined to vote only for those House and Senate candidates in 2014 who are willing to support impeachment and conviction of these corrupt, usurping, derelict individuals upon sufficient evidence."

Candidates themselves
are invited to sign a "Candidate Pledge to Impeach," by which they affirm their support for impeaching and removing the president and his associates, if the evidence warrants, and vow to support for leadership in the House and Senate only those likewise committed.


As some point out, the greatest threat to our country is not actually Obama and his minions, but those who profess to be conservative yet are unwilling to stand up against such traitorous usurpers — timid, self-styled, "summer" patriots who, by their own inaction and capitulation, serve to facilitate the demise of our country at the hands of these corrupt individuals.

Rather than fight back with the only remedy specifically provided in the Constitution for countering large-scale tyranny — impeachment and removal — they pretend that the Constitution's remedy is inadequate to counter the evil agenda they see unfolding. So they do nothing of any consequence, out of fear of failure.

Such self-fulfilling defeatism will guarantee the demise of our nation!

The solution, the website says, is to BECOME INFORMED — and the site therefore invites visitors to examine its persuasive Case for Impeachment, and its News & Commentary page, so they can better defend their sense that impeachment is urgently needed, explain how it can be achieved, and persuade others to join with them in supporting only those candidates for House and Senate in 2014 who are willing to impeach.

Among the site's powerful offerings are twenty-plus videos of patriotic citizens and activists calling for removing Obama.

Assessment is a much-needed, carefully-crafted resource for all those who would like to have a direct say in lawfully removing Obama and his associates.

Let's elect a Congress that is willing to initiate impeachment, and let's press the Senate to follow through and convict. If we succeed only with impeachment — and not removal — we will still have succeeded in exposing the media-suppressed truth about Obama and his anti-American agenda, and the citizenry will rise up, pitchforks in hand, and hold him in check.

We can't lose if we proceed with impeachment, after electing good conservatives to Congress. Can we count you in?

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They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength. —Isaiah 40:31