Cherie Zaslawsky
Midnight in America
By Cherie Zaslawsky
March 29, 2020

It is a sad commentary on American journalism that virtually no one in the media is talking about the unconstitutional violations of our rights in states like California that have nearly placed us under martial law. The mayor of L.A. is even threatening to turn off the power and water of desperate small business owners trying to keep afloat. A friend of mine in the SF Bay Area already lost his business due to the panic over a flu strain that has killed far fewer people than the ordinary seasonal flu. Even Dr. Fauci has recently changed his dire predictions, as he states in an article published on March 26th in the New England Journal of Medicine, that the death rate of the Chinese coronavirus now appears to be on a par with a bad flu. No worse. Does this merit shutting down the country?

People need to have accurate information, not fear-mongering, and to receive sound advice from doctors and health departments. But we should be free to make our own decisions. This is America, right? The frail elderly are ALWAYS at risk of serious complications from the flu and even from the common cold, which can also result in pneumonia. It makes sense for them to stay home until this coronavirus dies down. But let's not forget that 99% or more of people who catch this Chinese flu completely recover, just as from the seasonal flu. So why is it being portrayed as a modern day version of the Black Death? Why terrify the public? It isn't too hard to figure that out. This way it can be used to trigger the end of Trump's America: the end of our booming economy; the end of our soaring stock market; the end of our great jobs numbers; the end of our expanding consumer confidence; the end of our historically low unemployment; the end of the hugely popular Trump rallies; and the end of the optimism fueled by the historic accomplishments of this administration.

And while this is transpiring and our economy's in freefall, all we hear about on the news is virus virus virus! It's the Left's "the sky is falling" meme – they've turned their fear-mongering into a fine art. Of course they couldn't do this without their corporate media shills who keep throwing gasoline on the fire to make sure the panic doesn't let up. They breathlessly announce every new case, as if getting the flu is national and even international news – knowing that only a tiny percentage of people, mostly in their 80s and 90s, will die of this virus.

They remind me of a magician when he keeps your attention on his right hand while left his hand works unseen to pull the rabbit out of his hat – or a pickpocket who beguiles you with his "poor me" story while he quietly relieves you of your wallet.

Like its kissing cousin "global warming," the "Covid-19 pandemic" appears to be a global con-game in service of a dark agenda – the literal takedown of America. You can bet the globalists and the rest of the godless Left – including, of course, the Democrats, the NeverTrumpers and the corporate media – are laughing at President Trump behind his back. Their #1 enemy – our beloved America-First, anti-socialist, anti-globalist President, just signed on to the biggest dose of socialist welfare ever seen in America. Nor has he attempted to rein in draconian measures on the part of many states and counties that are busily usurping the Constitutional and God-given rights of Americans on a scale that even Obama never attempted. The President needs to stop the dangerous insanity of locking down America now. Why even wait till Easter? So America may rise from the dead? Let's prevent her death instead!

Although clearly workers and small business owners do need some relief since much damage has already been done to our economy, rather than focusing on Big Government to "take care of us," I'd like to see Trump give us a green light to get back to work pronto, and to tell those states and counties that persist in lockdowns that they will get NO federal funds until they open for business. For now we know that: 1. the death rates of the Chinese coronavirus have been grossly exaggerated and are actually in line with those from seasonal flu; 2. we have a cure in hydroxychlorquine, and possibly other readily available therapies; 3. "containment" of a virus only works in the very beginning – China could have contained it, but didn't – therefore all these lockdowns are practically pointless; 4. America is not a totalitarian one-size-fits-all society and must not engage in tyrannical usurpations of people's rights for their "own good" or their "protection"; 5. we are setting a dangerous precedent for coping with future emergencies; and 6. the longer we keep our small businesses shut down and cause our workers to lose their jobs and livelihoods, the more likely it becomes that America will emerge sadly unrecognizable as the great, prosperous and free nation it once was.

This potential bleak consequence is, of course, actually the dream of the globalists who've been seeking a One World Government for many decades. America is the bulwark preventing the completion of their plan. Take her down and the free world goes down with her. This is why they want to oust Trump – much to their consternation, he's made America stronger and they want her weak and incapacitated. They despise Trump because he's thwarting their agenda. America is in their crosshairs.

President Trump needs to act quickly to counteract their scheme which is already crippling our nation, before we find ourselves in a downward spiral that can lead to a catastrophic depression and socialist totalitarianism. We need that Trumpian magic to get American roaring back and winning again. MAGA!

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Cherie Zaslawsky

Cherie Zaslawsky is a writer, freelance editor, and private educator/teacher/writing coach for high school students, as well as a confirmed Constitutionalist who nevertheless lives in California. You can find her work in her Substack: Cherie Z’s Truth Be Told, News with Views, Lew Rockwell, American Thinker, Canada Free Press, WND, The Post & Email, and more.

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