Louie Verrecchio
The Epoch Times defends WEF transhumanist agenda
By Louie Verrecchio
October 31, 2021

Have you ever taken the time to consider what the “brave new world” that lies just ahead might look like if powerful globalists and technocrats have their way?

Chilling though that picture may be, it’s important to know what the enemies of mankind are planning. So, with this in mind, let’s take a look into the future—our future and our children’s future—as envisioned by one of their own, a true “insider” to whom I will introduce readers momentarily:

    We are becoming transhuman. Transhuman means that we are going to be enhanced, we are going to be accelerated. Our organs are going to be replaced. Implants are going to be ‘spinning’ or thinking.[1]

    What's going to happen is that the humanity is going to become transhumanity, in the good sense of the transhumanity, in the sense that we are going to be transcending from where we are now, as a human with all the limitations we have, to that superhuman.[2]

According to our insider, humankind is superior now, but there is a great deal of room for improvement, and we have the technological tools at our disposal to cross the divide between mere “human” and “superhuman.”

    The human itself, we are the most perfect, so far, piece of whatever we're going to call it, what is a biological technology, that now is going to be enhanced with electronic technology which is exactly the plan that we are doing now. Our biology is going to be enhanced by hardware, and chips, and artificial intelligent code, that the only thing they are going to do is to expand our potential to places that that potential has not been able to reach yet.[3]

Note very well the language: The human is a piece of biological technology. As I said, chilling.

I can just imagine your reaction to this would-be world to come as described so far.

Please tell me this stuff is science fiction! Surely those who dream of so manipulating human nature as God created it are just that, diabolical dreamers, right? Certainly they and their nefarious plans can and must be halted in their tracks!

Unfortunately, if our insider is correct, it’s already too late.

“So, that is an unstoppable process,” he insists. “I mean, China is taking the lead, but you have now [Elon] Musk and others that are coming and implanting things in your brain so you can articulate yourself in a better way, or you can improve your mental capabilities, which is OK, provided that it is done ethically.”[4]

If so, he reassures those leery of such things as thinking implants, “Then, we're going to be maintaining our humanity characteristics."[5]

If you’re wondering how the quest for “superhumanity” via the technological invasion of the human body—this “temple of the Holy Spirit”—can possibly be carried out in an ethical way, congratulations, you just may be imbued with sensus Catholicus.

Analogies fail, but suggesting that “ethical transhumanism” is possible is like insisting that the conception of a human life in a laboratory dish, only for the tiny human to be frozen and implanted later, or not, can also be “done ethically.” Clearly, the operations themselves are unethical, a violation of human dignity, and an affront to the Creator.

So, who exactly is this insider and just how far inside is he?

His name is Carlos Creus Moreira, the Founder and CEO of WISeKey, a large multinational cybersecurity firm specializing in digital identity ecosystems, blockchain, artificial intelligence, and Internet of Things.[6] He’s also co-author of the book, The TransHuman Code.[7]

Moreira’s name may be familiar to some readers thanks to his keynote speaking role at a session of the Elite Global Leaders Conference, under the title, The Code: Programming Our Future for Good, held at the Vatican’s Collegio Teutonico on October 23, 2021. This, incidentally, is not Moreira’s fist rodeo; he took part in a similar Vatican exercise in 2019 as well.[8]

According to a WISeKey International press release, the 2021 event was held, “In collaboration with the Pontifical Lateran University at the Vatican and Humanity 2.0.”[9]

As for the latter organization, its website states:

    Developed in collaboration with the Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development at the Holy See and a consortium of leaders and luminaries, Humanity 2.0 seeks to unite humanity in the common cause of realizing a better world for our children.[10]

As news of Moreira’s keynote speaking role became public, a number of Catholic commentators understandably expressed indignation.

And then the “fact checks” began rolling in, but we’ll return to them in a moment.

Outrage over Moreira’s most recent invitation to speak on the topic of transhumanism at the Vatican, while noteworthy, was tempered only by the fact that “New World Order” types have long been embraced in Bergoglian Rome.

Just this past Monday, for example, Jorge Bergoglio (stage name Francis) appointed notorious eugenicist and population control advocate Jeffrey Sachs to the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences. In addition to being the Director of the Center for Sustainable Development at Columbia University, Sach’s also serves as President of the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network, Commissioner of the UN Broadband Commission for Development, and SDG Advocate for UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres.[11]

Impressed? Don’t be. That resumé is nothing compared to Carlos Moreira’s NWO credentials:

    MEMBER: UN Global Compact

    MEMBER: Global Clinton Initiative

    MEMBER: World Economic Forum Global Agenda Council [12]

Moreira proudly boasts that he’s been “going to Davos for 20 years.” As his LinkedIn profile indicates, he has been steadily ascending the ranks at the World Economic Forum from day one:

    Founding Member WEF Global Growth Companies 2007. WEF New Champion 2007 to 2016, Vice-Chair WEF Agenda Council on Illicit Trade 12/15, Member of the Selection Committee for the WEF Growth Companies. Founder of the Geneva Security Forum. Member of the WEF Global Agenda Council on the Future of IT. [13]

Carlos Moreira is New World Order to the bone, his allegiance to Klaus Schwab and the Great Reset (aka the Fourth Industrial Revolution) is beyond question:

    I am very positive about the consequences of this Fourth Industrial Revolution, or the transhuman code, which is the platform for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. [14]

Moreira is a busy man, telling listeners during a recent podcast, “We are helping some companies create Co2 crypto currencies to offset the footprint, your carbon footprint, where you’re traveling by plane and things like that.”[15]

This, he offered while also boasting about having gone to Davos for two decades running, and how he “traveled all over the world with the UN” during his fifteen-year tenure with the organization—typical hypocrisy from an elitist global warming alarmist. [16]

Now that you’ve been properly introduced to Carlos Moreira and have had an opportunity to consider his affiliations (the UN, the Clintons, the WEF, Klaus Schwab), as well as his enthusiastic support for so-called “ethical” transhumanism, tell me, dear reader, do you consider him a credible defender of human dignity? Do you believe that the Vatican has done well to invite him?

No, of course you don’t, but you may be surprised (or not) who does.

Shortly after word of the Vatican’s involvement in a transhumanist conference began spreading on social media, the “fact checkers” showed up. Reuters, for example, ran a blatantly duplicitous piece entitled:

Event in Italy sparking transhumanism conspiracy theories is not organized by the Vatican [17]

Despite the Vatican’s knee-deep role in the event as documented above, Reuters “fact check” declared, “This event, however, is organized by private company, Jaboy Productions, not the Vatican.

Jaboy Productions bills itself as an “event planner,” i.e., they plan, they handle details, they secure lodging, they process registrations, etc., that’s their role. Reuters would have you believe that the Vatican and its various operations (Humanity 2.0, the Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development, the Pontifical Lateran University), which hosted a similar event featuring Moreira in 2019, is just an innocent bystander that somehow got caught in the crossfire.

Reuters wasn’t finished insulting the intelligence of its dwindling audience as they turned to that authoritative bastion of unadulterated truth, the Anti-Defamation League, which assured all concerned that “transhumanism” is merely “referenced in conspiracy theories.”

While some may find it odd that Reuters, a media operation as deeply entrenched in leftwing politics as any, would run cover for the Vatican, one need only be mindful of the fact that Bergoglian Rome is presently home, not to the Holy Catholic Church, but rather to a counterfeit church that is fully on board with the UN, the WEF, and their globalist agenda. In other words, Reuters’ fraudulent “fact check” should come as no surprise at all.

What may come as a surprise to readers is that one of the most unhinged defenders of Carlos Moreira is the Rome correspondent for The Epoch Times, Bree Dail, who has been on a social media mission for more than a week insisting that Moreira, his book, and the Vatican conference at which he spoke are actually aligned against transhumanism. (Yes, you read that correctly.)

My first direct interaction with Dail came on Oct. 27 after I encountered a Facebook post wherein she reprimanded author and attorney David Wemhoff, a writer and researcher whose pencil she is unworthy to sharpen, after he criticized the event, stating, “The whole idea of transhumanism is to remake God's creation.” On this note, he is most certainly correct.

Dail, however, condescendingly chastised Wemhoff, writing, “This conference [which at the time had yet to take place] and book is fighting TransHumanism. Please don’t be confused—educate yourself by going to the source.” She concluded by providing a link to the book’s promotional website, which plainly states among other things:

"What the authors [Carlos Moreira and co-author, David Fergusson] propose is that if we start the design of the transHuman future from a human perspective..."

As I pointed out in response, it is quite obvious from this statement alone that, as Moreira sees it, “the starting point for the conversation is that transhumansim is good, or at least can be good, if only it is designed and implemented in a way that safeguards human dignity.”

Dail, however, swiftly replied, “You’re wrong.”

Evidently, it seemed, Dail had failed to educate herself, so I shared with her certain statements made on video by Moreira, the source, as quoted above, including:

    Our biology is going to be enhanced by hardware, and chips, and artificial intelligent code, that the only thing they are going to do is to expand our potential to places that that potential has not been able to reach yet … What's going to happen is that the humanity is going to become transhumanity, in the good sense of the transhumanity, in the sense that we are going to be transcending from where we are now, as a human with all the limitations we have, to that superhuman.

Despite the unambiguous nature of these statements, which clearly demonstrate Moreira’s enthusiastic support for biological enhancement / transhumanity, Dail doubled down, insisting, “Moreira isn’t promoting transhumanism or their promotion of enhancement at all.”

In other words, don’t believe your lying eyes and ears.

I later discovered that Dail had already gone on record in an October 24th Facebook post:

ROME—TransHumanism Conference at the Vatican?

WISeKey CEO directly addresses disinformation, speaking exclusively with The Epoch Times this morning.

“We are against TransHumanism—this is one of the reasons we wrote the book.”[18]

Given that Moreira is a longtime UN, WEF, Clinton Initiative, Klaus Schwab associate and global warming fearmonger, it’s not difficult to imagine him looking a journalist square in the eye while swearing emphatically that black is white, even though he knows damned well that it isn’t.

But what can one say of Dail? Is she just a traitor, or is she perhaps an infiltrator who is being compensated for deliberately deceiving her readers?

If, in fact, she is what she claims to be—a faithful Catholic journalist with integrity – one wonders if she is digging her heels in because she is embarrassed for having been so grossly disinformed by Moreira and then, worse, dutifully passing the disinformation on to her readers.

If she’s not embarrassed, she should be, especially in light of her public pledge to defend the “professional standards of journalism that have been lost in the last few decades.” In a July 16th Facebook post, Dail wrote:

    I maintain that in a time of real disinformation, it is a grave thing to report accurately and hold one another accountable to the full, factual Truth. I will not cease to encourage discernment … These standards are not of my own making, but are taught at every j-school. I pray and hope that you all continue to hold me accountable to them. It is worth repeating this:

    90% Truth is not the Fullness of It.

    I will continue to endeavour to inform, and not form your opinions, and to serve the Truth in doing so.[19]

OK, then, accountability.

A well-informed, diligent journalist who did her homework in pursuit of the “full, factual Truth” would have challenged Moreira, in full view of her readers, to reconcile his claim of being “against transhumanism” with his numerous contrary statements in favor of transhumanism, some made as recently as August 2021 (e.g., with regard to biology enhanced by hardware, brain implants, making “superhumans”).

Had Dail actually done the job of a journalist in this case, it’s not difficult to imagine how Moreira would have responded; he likely would have repeated the same strawman arguments that he’s made in the past.

For example, in the context of touting the benefit of expanding man’s potential by having his biology enhanced via technology, he added:

    We're not creating a robot with a human brain that is going to be better than ours, this is science fiction. This is actually not going to happen … [we must consider] empathy for another person and try to code that in a way that we can transfer that into machines of the future.[20]

Did you see what he did there? The unethical nature of transhumanism, that which makes the entire project condemnable, has nothing to do with building machines or robot brains, rather, it concerns replacing organs, implanting hardware, and chips, and artificial intelligent code into human brain—something that Moreira insists is “OK provided that it is done ethically.”

To be clear, I’m not especially interested in what make a Bree Dail tick. The world is full of sloppy, self-righteous journalists who peddle disinformation while accusing others of lacking integrity. I am, however, moved to wonder what this bizarre affair says about her employer, The Epoch Times. While the publication appears to lean “conservative,” prudence would suggest reading their pages, regardless of authorship, with a highly skeptical eye moving forward, if at all.

As for Moreira, the totality of his commentary paints the picture of an elitist con man, an agent of the World Economic Forum whose role is to sell a kinder, gentler version of the transhumanist agenda, one that will allegedly be “done ethically.” It is the Hegelian dialectic with which we are all too familiar:

Thesis: Transhumanism, making superhumans via biologic technology, is good for humanity.

Antithesis: Transhumanism is evil, a condemnable attempt to remake God's creation.

Synthesis: Transhumanism is “OK, provided it is done ethically.”

In conclusion, I’ll give The Epoch Times’ Bree Dail the last word:

“Please be wary of agent provocateurs, and keep being skeptical of ideological narratives (both left or right). Critical thinking is essential.”


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© Louie Verrecchio


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