Wes Vernon
'In the name of God, go': The D.C. guest who won't go home
By Wes Vernon
December 30, 2016

Having been soundly rejected by the American people for his seeming determination to "transform" America into a Marxist socialist state, President Obama's tin ear is adding to his self-delusion.

Mr. Obama plans to rent an office in Washington, as history repeats itself, sort of. It was Woodrow Wilson who became the last president to remain in Washington after his term was up. Americans were not sold on Wilson's advocacy of U.S. membership in the League of Nations. Moreover, our World War I president's long illness had unofficially made his First Lady the de facto President during the last two years of her husband's term.

But Obama

In our day – since the Constitution barred Mr. Obama from a third term on top of his ruinous and lawless eight years – our current president used as an excuse to hang around Washington the fact that one of his daughters wanted to finish her schooling.

Yeah, right. His real aim is clear. The mainstream media will treat him as the fountainhead of all wisdom, as of course he knew they would, and he will now be in a perfect position to second guess (by then) President Trump, who can't get to that White House soon enough to rescue America.


Since Mr. Obama disregarded the Constitution while in office, what makes anyone think he will respect that precious freedom-preserving, tyrant-unfriendly document now that he is safely beyond the wrath of the mere voters? Many of them are steaming because of the uncountable illegal aliens who may have given Hillary Clinton her edge in the popular vote, as he openly urged them to do.

This situation is precisely the ultimate example of why the Founding Fathers gave us the Electoral College. We don't know whether illegals tipped the scales to enable Hillary to carry the heavy vote count in California and New York.


Supposedly "on his way out the door," Mr.Obama has stabbed Israel, our reliable ally in the Middle East, by making it even easier for the terrorists there to inflict permanent damage on that lone democracy in the neighborhood.

Even though the settlements have been built, for which Israel is roundly criticized, what really does it matter? Many of those objecting the loudest do not believe Israel has a right to exist. So what are we talking about here? Stop hitting my fist with your face (again)?


But don't worry. On January, the betrayal of an ally will mean even less to our outgoing president who imitates a whiny autocrat when he's not only beyond the voters, but also beyond the reach of impeachment. Somewhere, there is a need to make an official "on the record" statement about him. Dereliction of duty? Failure to "take care that the laws be faithfully executed"? Even worse? Does anyone dare utter the "t" word (as in traitor)?

What's more...

Our friends at Judicial Watch have issued a report that "Islamic terrorists operate [and] raise cash in Latin America to attack [the] U.S."

Chris Farrell's report from Judicial Watch is based on a document released by Spain's Defense Ministry, which informs us that Latin America "is a hotbed of terrorism where groups like ISIS and Hezbollah operate freely and raise large sums of money to finance terrorism in other countries, mainly the United States."

Judicial Watch cites cooperation between Islamic terrorists and Mexican drug cartels, and the Spanish Intel report says, "The ignorance involving the threat of jihadist terrorism in Latin America has been such that some governments have refused to cooperate with U.S. authorities."

Millions of Muslims, including some from nations that are rife with terrorist activity, have flooded nations south of the U.S. border.

This column has previously reported that we in the U.S. are surrounded – literally, politically, militarily, and ideologically.

This peril to our nation comes at a time when our lame duck Commander-in-Chief is giddy exhibiting the swagger that has sometimes characterized bullies. He betrays not only the people who twice elected him, but, as with his betrayal of Israel, has no compunction about abandoning allies.

It requires no genius to be concerned that all this threat and danger can lead to war on our own soil. 9/11 may have been a prelude.

Again we are reminded of the tongue-lashing delivered bluntly on the floor of the British Parliament to the hapless Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain, who had appeased Hitler – "In the name of God, go." But Chamberlain was a dupe. Obama shows every sign of knowing exactly what he is doing.

© Wes Vernon


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