Wes Vernon
What you need to know about our murderous enemies
Crashing through the "political correctness" Iron Curtain?
By Wes Vernon
February 28, 2011

A highly interesting flow of information is making its way over the airwaves right under the noses of Washington's "political correctness" establishment. Are similar conversations going on with talk shows in your community? At the end of this column, we will ask you about that.

In the nation's capitol

Since last June, WMAL-AM's morning show The Grandy Group has featured a steady stream of facts as to names, dates, and places of plots against America by Radical Islam.

This happened before

Not for the first time in recent years have WMAL personalities sounded warnings about the threat of murderous ideologues whose ultimate aim is nothing short of the outright takeover of America.

Several years ago, another talkshow host on the same radio station dared to say:

"Because of the mix of Islamic ideology that — rightly or wrongly — is interpreted to promote violence, added to an organizational structure that allows violent radicals to operate openly in Islam's name with impunity, Islam has sadly become a terrorist organization. It pains me to say it. But the good news is it doesn't have to stay this way, if the vast majority of Muslims will step forward and reclaim their religion."

So what's the big deal?

That comment on WMAL was uttered by host Michael Graham and quoted in this space in 2005 — as part of the seventh installment of this column in its present incarnation. It was also the first of what would be a long intermittent series regarding offenses against the First Amendment (See "The Enemies of Free Speech are on the March" — August 22, 2005).

What made it a First Amendment issue was that Graham was ultimately fired from the station. The man who fired him (who had previously been my assignment editor at CBS Radio) said the reason for Graham's dismissal was that the controversial host had gone on the O'Reilly Factor on Fox News to tell his story of pressures being made on WMAL to give him the ax. Up until then, the station had stood behind Graham.

Nonetheless, the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) quickly claimed credit for the dismissal, saying it resulted from its own relentless pressure to get Graham off the air. CAIR is one of many offshoots of the 83-year-old Muslim Brotherhood, which has also spawned such terrorist groups as Hamas and Hezbollah.

Facts in 2005=facts in 2011

Comes now Fred Grandy (formerly nationally known as "Gopher" in the TV series Love Boat) who now has a show on the same Washington radio station that six years ago fired Graham. Since last June, Grandy's wife — known on the program as "Mrs. Fred" — has been imparting to her husband's listeners (usually on Fridays) the results of seminars she has attended and research she has been doing on the unbridled threat of Radical Islam in the United States.

Mrs. Fred has held nothing back, declaring for example that from Times Square to Mumbai to Fort Hood to Bali to London to Madrid to 9/11 to Gaza, "the murderous barbarians are radical Islamists."

Muslim Brotherhood ties

Fred Grandy's "better half" has dealt in some detail with the ties between the Muslim Brotherhood and the man who is now President of the United States.

Those ties — by the way — were evident from Day 1 of Mr. Obama's presidency.

— Ingrid Mattson offered a prayer at the National Cathedral on the day of Obama's inauguration. Mattson was then President of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA). Like CAIR, ISNA had been ruled in court as an "unindicted co-conspirator." CAIR came to public attention with that designation in the terrorist money-laundering Holy Land Foundation case. ISNA's request to be removed from that status was rejected by the court.

— Far from shying away from ISNA, President Obama sent a key White House advisor, Valerie Jarrett, to speak at its national convention.

— The president says he wants "democracy" in the Middle East, which Mrs. Fred says means "open doors for the Muslim Brotherhood." That group may make up a minority of the forces in the revolution that ousted Hosni Mubarak in Egypt, but the MB is by far the best-organized of the factions. "Democracy" by that standard means (at best) one man, one vote, one time.

Robert Spencer, an expert on Islamic terrorism, has said Egypt is not allowing enough time for other (truly democratic) factions to mature before Egypt holds its elections. Otherwise, the super-coordinated Muslim Brotherhood is likely to mow down the process to its advantage. Indeed, that was the Communist modus operandi in Eastern Europe in the Post World War II period.

On our soil

Radical Islamists have made inroads here and elsewhere by inserting "Shariah law" into various facets of societies throughout the world, including (in western countries) Germany, France, and Great Britain.

In laws pertaining to marriage, family relations, theft, and finance, Shariah law is — to put it mildly — way out of whack with our own American justice, sanctioning such punishments as stoning, 100 lashes, amputation of hands or feet for theft, and death for leaving Islam. "Shariah-compliant finance" is alleged by its critics to facilitate racketeering, anti-trust activity, consumer fraud, securities fraud, and material support for terror (a major issue in the Holy Lands Foundation case referenced above). The latter, according to Frank Gaffney — another expert in this area — has made notable gains in the U.S. finance and stock trading.

Shariah infiltrators

"With Shariah sympathizers running rampant throughout our government," according to Mrs. Fred, it is no wonder that you wake up to headlines like this: "From Dearborn, Michigan: Christians jailed for preaching to Muslims."

Note: Dearborn, Michigan, reportedly has one of the highest — if not the highest — per capita Muslim populations in the U.S. The unwritten rule there seems to be — Going to the Mall? It's "better to put your burka on or you will stand out."

The Dearborn case

Efforts to impose Shariah law on Americans is considered to be sufficiently threatening to prompt organized push-back, as the Dearborn case demonstrates. .

The Thomas More Law Center (TMLC) this past week has filed a 96-page civil rights lawsuit in the Federal District Court naming as defendants Dearborn's mayor, its chief of police, and two executives of the American Arab Chamber of Commerce. The legal action stems from two separate police actions in June 2010.

TMLC President and Chief Counsel Richard Thompson commented, "Muslims dominate the political and law enforcement process in Dearborn. It seems that police were more interested in placating the mayor and Muslims than obeying our Constitution. Shariah Law makes it a crime to preach [Christianity] to Muslims. This is a classic example of stealth jihad being waged right here in America."

As Mrs. Fred added on WMAL, the Christians were "peaceably discussing Christianity to Muslim youths."


Even efforts to maintain our own Constitution's place above Shariah law are not safe — not even when voters exercise their constitutional rights at the ballot box to protect it.

On November 2, the voters of Oklahoma — on a 70 percent vote — approved an amendment to the state constitution that would prohibit state courts from considering international or Islamic law when deciding cases. CAIR is fighting to have the courts overturn this will of the voters.

What does it tell you about the threat our nation faces when citizens have to play defense in court to prevent the Constitution from being effectively nullified?

Another case

Among the callers to the Grandy Show on Friday was a man with a degree in theology whose wife was accosted by a local Muslim in Washington's Virginia suburbs. The Muslim berated the woman for "not being dressed properly." The caller said his wife (who had arrived here from Israel) "looks Muslim" but is not. She has degrees in philosophy and history and in the discussion, "she turned him inside out," said the caller, who arrived on the scene just as the Islamist was about to strike her. He broke that up in a hurry.

This same caller — a professor — added, "My Muslim students...They [have told me they] were here to learn English and take over America." He added, "They don't have any qualms about why they're here, what they're doing."

As Fred Grandy added, "They understand us better than we understand them."

Help on the way?

There are worthy efforts to enhance our understanding" of them. One of the first rules of successful warfare (and we are in a war, albeit not a shooting one — yet) is "Know your enemy." And you can't know your enemy unless you can name it.

Toward that end, Grandy, WMAL, and the Heritage Foundation held a domestic terrorism panel discussion on Capitol Hill February 17. With Grandy as moderator, the panelists included James Carafano — Director of Foreign Policy Studies at Heritage; Joe diGenova, former U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia; Sebastian Gorka, Military Affairs Fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies; Cliff May, President, Foundation for Defense of Democracies; K.T. McFarland, FoxNews Military Analyst; and Charles "Cully" D. Stimson, former Deputy Assistant Defense Secretary for Detainee Affairs.

What we can do

Mrs. Fred received by far the most uproarious applause from the panel discussion attendees. But on last Friday's WMAL show, she acknowledged — as one would guess — that speaking out, as she does, comes with political, economic, and social heat.

"What is happening in this country?" she rhetorically asked on the radio. "And if I don't return next Friday to continue this discussion, you'll know that CAIR has successfully put pressure on WMAL and radical Muslims will have won. I'm not kidding." Brilliant pre-emptive strike. Good for her!

Naming the enemy

For the first time ever, this column is requesting some feedback: We would like to know if any local talk show hosts in your communities are speaking out against issues connected to Radical Islam. We would also like to know if any of them have been threatened, fired, or dismissed from their jobs for doing so. Please send along any verification you can.

Patriotic public figures who are willing to go up against the pressure to stifle all discussion about this issue deserve our support. Michael Graham, at the time of his firing here, was a young man who had a wife and four kids to support (I'm happy to report — last we heard — that he is now a very popular radio-host and newspaper columnist in Boston).

Fred Grandy is much further along in his career, and hopefully better positioned to resist the pressures. (Following the seminar, when told she was "a gutsy woman," Mrs. Fred said she married "a gutsy guy.")

We would like to hear of others — in your community — "gutsy" enough to resist pressures and who will not sit down and shut up.

Send feedback to www.renewamerica.com/contact.php

© Wes Vernon


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