Stone Washington
The Manchurian Deep State
By Stone Washington
October 1, 2019

"Raymond Shaw is the kindest, warmest, bravest, most wonderful human being I've ever known in my life, and even now I feel that way – this minute. And yet, somewhere in the back of my mind, something tells me it's not true."

Major Bennett "Ben" Marco, The Manchurian Candidate (1962)

Having been relieved of those uniquely American qualities – guilt and fear – he has nothing to worry about.

~ Dr. Yen Lo, Director of The Pavlov Institute, The Manchurian Candidate (1962)


The Manchurian Candidate, a 1962 neo-noir thriller movie, as literature and later cinema was presented as fiction. Yet in the Age of Trump and QAnon, fiction becomes existential tragedy as America witnesses the weaponization of the CIA against Public Enemy #1 = We the People. The movie is set in the midst of the Korean War, involving the struggle between the United States and South Korea vs. the encroaching Communist influences in North Korea allied with China. The narrative of the film revolves around a complex plot of mind-control and betrayal involving a group of loyal American soldiers, most notably Korean War veteran Raymond Shaw, the progeny of a powerful political family. Shaw and his platoon were betrayed by their fellow superiors in the army and given away to the enemy North Koreans to be used as guinea pigs. After being brainwashed while a prisoner of war through a revolutionary series of mind-control techniques, Shaw was released back into the United States, where he was lauded as a hero.

With little to no memory of what had transpired during his imprisonment, Shaw unwittingly becomes an assassin in a shadowy conspiracy headed by sinister Communist party forces. Under the employ of both Chinese and Soviet military officials, Shaw is reengineered into a calculated, ruthless sleeper-agent – activated at the whim of his handlers. During the height of the Cold War, Shaw would become the central piece on the chess board for global Communist domination in a plot to destabilize American society and to ultimately take control of the United States government. Thus, the ultimate weapon of controlled chaos and manipulation, the "perfect killer" who has no guilt or fear when killing has come to its democidal apotheosis... The Manchurian Candidate. This article will examine the timeless classic and peal back the many layers of prophetic political intrigue, symbolizing many of the sinister practices of Deep State intelligence agencies, power crazed politicians, Globalist/Socialist psychopaths, and the legions of Manchurian Candidates, "Stay-behind" networks of today.

Analyzing the Manchurian Candidate

During the Korean War, Soviet and Chinese allied forces subdue and kidnap an American platoon, transporting them to Manchuria in Communist China. Several days later, Staff Sergeant Raymond Shaw, Captain Bennet Marco, and most of the platoon manage to cross UN lines, strangely unaware of their previous kidnapping. By Marco's recommendation, Shaw is awarded the Medal of Honor for saving the lives of his comrades in combat. Shaw arrives to the United States greeted by a large welcome home ceremony, commemorating his bravery in the war. Shaw is disgusted to find that his mother, Eleanor Iselin, has exploited his courageous celebration to promote her husband, (Shaw's despised stepfather) United States Senator John Yerkes Iselin's political career. When interviewed about Shaw's personality, Marco instantly responds, "Raymond Shaw is the kindest, bravest, warmest, most wonderful human being I've ever known in my life," when in reality Shaw is a sad, detached, and insensitive loner.

As the years pass, now promoted Major of Army Intelligence, Marco, along with another soldier from his platoon, Allen Melvin, suffer from a series of reoccurring nightmares, displaying with brutal vividness torturous events they suffered from their Communist captors years earlier. The nightmare reveals an instance where Shaw casually and mercilessly murders the two missing soldiers in their platoon after being ordered to do so by a mysterious Chinese military doctor. Shaw does so before an assembly of military leaders from the Communist nations during a practical demonstration that he is under the influence of a revolutionary brainwashing technique. Each of the other soldiers, also under the spell, are unfazed by the killings and happily acquiesce to the instructions by the Chinese doctor.
    "Having been relieved of those uniquely American qualities – guilt and fear – he has nothing to worry about."

    ~ Dr. Yen Lo, Director of the Pavlov Institute
When Marco feels compelled to investigate what in essence are War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity, he struggles to gain support from others in Army Intelligence due to hearsay and lack of evidence. However, Marco later finds that Melvin experienced the same reoccurring dream. When Melvin and Marco are able to separately identify two men from their dreams as leading figures in Communist governments, Army Intelligence becomes finally convinced to aid Marco's investigation. Elsewhere, Eleanor Iselin is busy promoting the success of her husband's political career. One glaring historical and political flaw in this movie is that the Senator Iselin character is betrayed as a buffoonish drunk in a misguided attempt to slander the bona fide American anti-Communist hero, Senator Joseph "Tailgunner" McCarthy – a truly iconic figure, all but forgotten today, his name ("McCarthyism") a vile epithet, yet he was famous for claims of exposing hundreds Communist spies in the Department of Defense, the Department of Treasury, the State Department and many other federal agencies.

As time transpires, it becomes more apparent that Shaw was in reality programmed by Russian and Chinese Communists to work as a sleeper agent-assassin for the Communists. With his mind activated by the Queen of Diamonds card while playing solitaire, Shaw will blindly obey orders from his handlers without any memory of his actions. His supposed heroism was in reality a false memory implanted into his platoon's demented Freudian figure, Dr. Yen Lo, the Chinese doctor who instigated the brainwashing in Marco and Melvin's nightmares.

Years later, Shaw rekindles a romance with Jocelyn Jordan, daughter of liberal Senator Thomas Jordan, who is one of Senator Yerkes political enemies. Despite being previously against the relationship, Iselin encourages the relationship to begin anew in order to gain an endorsement from Senator Jordan to assist with Yerkes's bid for the Vice Presidency. While approving of the relationship, Jordan stresses that he is opposed to Yerkes's incompetence and will block Iselin's efforts to seek their party's nomination. To enact revenge, Iselin convinces Jocelyn to wear a Queen of Diamonds costume at a party for her and Shaw thrown by the Iselins. This inadvertently triggers Shaw's programming as the two elope, all part of Iselin's sinister plot as Shaw's American handler. Iselin triggers Shaw to kill Senator Jordan at his home, causing him to shoot Jocelyn as well after she witnesses the murder of her father. After the shootings, Shaw is unable to recollect any of his actions and is grief-stricken when he learns of the murders, including of his former boss and others on his targeted list – some for no tactical reasons other than the amusement of the sadistic Dr. Lo.

Finally cracking the code behind Shaw's conditioning, Marco unveils a forced deck made entirely of Queen of Diamond cards before Shaw. Marco deprograms and reprograms Shaw to break his conditioning once and for all. Shaw is then called for his next assignment by Mrs. Iselin, who orders him to assassinate their own party's presidential nominee at the height of the ongoing political convention. This so that Senator Iselin, the vice-presidential candidate, would claim the nomination by default. And through the uproar of the assassination, Senator Iselin will assume emergency powers so as to "make martial law seem like anarchy." Mrs. Iselin also admits (disingenuously in my view) that she knew nothing of the Communists selecting Shaw as their puppet, noting that it was made to tie her more closely to their cause. This Hillary Clinton figure lusted after power above all else in life.

At the convention, Shaw passes through the crowds disguised as a priest and takes up a sniper's position high in the farthest reaches of an unmanned building. Shocked by Shaw's failure to call Marco at the agreed upon time, he and Col. Milt rush to the convention in order to prevent Shaw from harming anyone (since he is apparently acting not on his previous Communist conditioning, but on his own orders). Thus, when the moment of truth comes for Shaw to assassinate the President near the beginning of his speech, he instead fires at his mother and Senator Iselin, killing them both before the world and causing a cataclysmic panic among the crowds. As Marco arrives seconds after the shots were fired, Shaw tells him that he purposively failed to call in order to prevent anyone from interfering with his modified plans. Shaw then turns the rifle on himself and commits suicide.

Mourning his loss, Marco would later deliver a special eulogy and Medal of Honor commemoration for Shaw. He proclaims:
    "Made to commit acts too unspeakable to be cited here by an enemy who had captured his mind and his soul, he freed himself at last and in the end, heroically and unhesitatingly gave his life to save his country: Raymond Shaw."

The Manchurian Deep State of Today

The Manchurian Candidate was undoubtedly a smash-hit success and film that continues to bear great historic, political and moral significance even today. Like so many major movies, Hollywood (essentially owned and controlled by the CIA) cannot help but expose many of the dark secrets that actually transpire in the highest echelons of America's intelligence agencies (most notably the CIA). While dressed as pure fiction, the techniques and sinister schemes portrayed in The Manchurian Candidate bear many profound political similarities to modern day people and ideologies. The grand betrayal of traitors in the American army turning over Shaw and his platoon to the Communist Chinese and Russians was reminiscent of the many Communist spies imbedded in the highest levels of government amid the Cold War. This reference is made even clearer with the Senator Iselin and Mrs. Iselin characters. Senator Iselin was Hollywood's way of defacing the respectable and honorable Senator Joseph McCarthy, who bravely exposed many Communist agents embedded in the United States federal government, universities, military, and film industry. Senator Iselin is purposively portrayed as a buffoon to belittle the profound impact Senator McCarthy made in weeding out Socialist and Communist influences, the traces of which are still present in America today with the advent of the modern Communist Chinese takeover of Apple, Google, Facebook, Hollywood, and much of academia.

To add insult to injury against McCarthy, Senator Iselin is wedded to Mrs. Iselin, a conniving, incestuous, power hungry witch and member of the Communist party in America. While Senator Iselin serves as a mindless political face, it is Mrs. Iselin who represents the real power behind their devious schemes to usurp the sitting President. Mrs. Iselin is the perfect representation of Hillary Rodham Clinton for today, matching her maniacal quest for power, grotesque disregard for the rule of law and masterful cover-up tactics. Iselin's manipulation of Shaw as her mindless weapon in the shadows is sinisterly similar to Hillary's manipulation of many of her loyal apparatchiks embedded deep within the State Department (hence the term "Deep State"). Many of these Deep State "sleeper-agent" hold-overs from Obama's Administration are still reaping havoc in the Trump Administration at the behest of their "civilian" handlers (the Clintons, Obama, Holder, Clapper, Comey, Brennan, etc.).

Shaw is a perfect representation of the Manchurian Candidate, up until the very end when he is deprogrammed by Marco and freed from his mental enslavement. Marco represents the wave of woke freedom fighters constantly at work to expose Deep State officials and quell the flames of their calculated political discord. At the helm of this wave is President Donald Trump, who is daily surrounded by an army of embedded traitors, socialist sympathizers, leakers/whistleblowers and various Deep State operatives constantly seeking to usurp his every move. All the while, President Trump endures the constant abuse and continues to fight for his country with the assistance of a growing wave of woke political followers, stemming the tide against the mind-controlling, manipulative Manchurian Left and Mocking-bird Mainstream Media.

It is in America's best interest not to fall for the false narratives of impeachment constantly pushed by House Democrats and politically perverse pundits in MSM, all pushing a brainwashing narrative to shift power and legitimacy away from President Trump and toward one of the hapless Democratic nominees in time to steal the 2020 election, by any means necessary. Just as in the final scenes of The Manchurian Candidate, Communist-backed Deep State forces seek to bend an election to their indomitable will and overthrow a duly elected President all in the name of maintaining power. Do not be fooled by their "good intentions," political charm, and false narratives, just as Marco was skeptical of the Manchurian Candidate traitor that his ally had become, even from the very beginning:

"Raymond Shaw is the kindest, warmest, bravest, most wonderful human being I've ever known in my life,' and even now I feel that way – this minute. And yet, somewhere in the back of my mind, something tells me it's not true."

© Stone Washington


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Stone Washington

Stone Washington is a PhD student in the Trachtenberg School at George Washington University. Stone is employed as a Research Fellow for the Competitive Enterprise Institute, focusing on economic policy as part of the Center for Advancing Capitalism. Previously, he completed a traineeship with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. He was also a Research Assistant at the Manhattan Institute, serving as an extension from his time in the Collegiate Associate Program. During this time, he worked as a Graduate Teaching Assistant in Clemson's Department of Political Science and served as a WAC Practicum Fellow for the Pearce Center for Professional Communication. Stone is also a member of the Steamboat Institute's Emerging Leaders Council.

Stone possesses a Graduate Certificate in Public Administration from Clemson University, a Juris Master from Emory University School of Law, and a Bachelor of Arts in History from Clemson University. While studying at Emory Law, Stone was featured in an exclusive JM Student Spotlight, highlighting his most memorable law school experience. He has completed a journalism fellowship at The Daily Caller, is an alumnus of the Young Leader's Program at The Heritage Foundation, and served as a former student intern/Editor for Decipher Magazine. Some of Stone's articles can be found at, which often provide a critical analysis of prominent works of classical literature and its correlations to American history and politics. Stone is a member of the Project 21 Black Leadership Network, and has written a number of policy-related op-eds for the Wall Street Journal, The Washington Times, The College Fix, Real Clear Policy, and City Journal. In addition, Stone is listed in the Marquis Who's Who in America and is a member of the Golden Key International Honour Society. Friend him on his Facebook page, also his Twitter handle: @StoneZone47 and Instagram. Email him at


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