Barbara J. Stock
Who is funding and leading Black Lives Matter?
By Barbara J. Stock
September 2, 2015

President Obama is off to Alaska to re-name a mountain. Well, isn't that special. If the people of Alaska want it, I'm all for it. It is their mountain.

Of course, some rather important things have happened over the last few days. There was that Deputy that was executed last Friday. Deputy Darren H. Goforth was married, and the father of two, aged 5 and 12. Shannon J. Miles, thirty, has a wrap sheet of resisting arrest, trespassing and disorderly conduct with a firearm. Some minor infractions but nothing like what he allegedly did when he walked up behind Deputy Goforth and shot him in the back of the head and then stood over his dying body and shot him several more times. What was the motive?

The two had never met. The deputy had never arrested Mr. Miles. Why then, would he do such a thing? Perhaps the idea was put into his head by what he saw on television.

Which brings us to Black Lives Matter. In case there are people who don't know, Black Lives Matter is funded by George Soros. Soros supports Hillary and supported Obama as well. Soros also funded In fact, George Soros and the Clintons have a long and cozy history.

In a 1995 interview with Charlie Rose on PBS, Soros admitted how he controls politics in the this country...or tries to. "I like to influence policy. I was not able to get to George Bush (GHWB). But now I think I have succeeded with my influence...I do now have great access in the (Clinton) administration. There is no question about this. We actually work together as a team."

Isn't that grand! We, the American people had three presidents for the price of one: Bill, Hillary and the billionaire socialist George Soros directing policy.

Soros made it his life's work to defeat George W. Bush and said he would give up his entire fortune if someone could guarantee that Bush would not be elected. Almost sounds like he would pay someone to make sure Bush wasn't breathing long enough to take the oath of office. Of course he would have fought any Republican nominee. He can't control them like he does the progressive ones like Bill and Obama and Hillary.

But the Soros influence isn't the only reason Obama is saying nothing about the open-season on law enforcement that has been declared by Black Lives Matter. This group has been infiltrated and perhaps taken over by the Black Panthers, a radical Muslim group. It was the Black Panthers, the Nation of Islam and a man named Malik Zulu Shabazz, the head of Black Lawyers for Justice, who organized the protests in Ferguson. A man from the Nation of Islam was there directing all of them and teaching them "the art of war."

Two weeks prior to the execution of Deputy Goforth, the "New" Black Panther group held a rally in front of the Waller County jail where Sandra Bland committed suicide after being arrested for assaulting a police officer. She had been stopped for a simple traffic violation and became violent. Her family made no attempts to bail her out. She apparently hung herself with a garbage bag.

Believing foul play this Black Panther group, dressed in military garb and heavily armed began to shout, "The revolution is on... Off the pigs," Oink Oink... Bang Bang!" They also warned the watchful police that "You're gonna stop doing what you're doing, or we will start creeping up on you in the darkness."

Two weeks later perhaps that is exactly what Shannon Miles did. He walked up behind a man in a police uniform that he did not even know and killed him.

Now, in Minnesota, Black Lives Matter is chanting, "Pigs in a blanket, fry 'em like bacon...."

A few weeks ago, Black Lives Matter was chanting, "What do we want? Dead cops now!" in NYC.

What we have is a violent group, The New Black Panthers, who have joined forces with the Nation of Islam to control this group called Black Lives Matter who claims they are peaceful but their chants seem to say otherwise. Still, days later, there is no condemnation from anyone on the progressive side of aisle.

I have no doubt that Obama supports the Nation of Islam, so he will say nothing or will say something in passing that will be said with a wink and nod. Hillary won't say anything because she is owned by George Soros, who is funding Black Lives Matter.

So the open-season on our law enforcement officers will continue and if anyone claims it is a Black group behind all of it, they will be shouted down as racist. If anyone claims terrorism, because of the involvement of the Nation of Islam and the Black Panthers, they will be shouted down as hating peaceful Muslims.

Islam wants a race war and Black Lives Matter will be the vehicle they use.

Perhaps, just perhaps, every police officer in America should take the week off. Just stay home. Every state trooper, county deputy, city beat cop, small town constable and even meter maids should just not come to work. Within 24 hours, our society would be in chaos. People would fear for their lives and probably would not leave home to go to work. They could be robbed, murdered, raped, car-jacked and there would no one...NO ONE to call. 911 would just ring, unanswered. Just think about that.

Stores would stay shuttered. But they would be looted anyway. Maybe a few Governors in red states would call out the National Guard but if you live in a blue state, forget it, you're screwed. They wouldn't want to hurt anyone's feelings or have anyone bullied by those evil military type people. If you don't have food in your house, you will just go hungry because the stores will be empty if not burned down. Any unarmed home would be robbed, children kidnapped and there would joyous riots in the streets that would probably have ample gunfire, looting and death. Paramedics and firefighters aren't going out in that mess, so if you get shot, crawl to a hospital yourself. If they burn your house down, to bad. If your really lucky and live long enough to get to a hospital, there might be staff there that was brave enough to get to work. But there won't be any security guards there so the pharmacies would be stripped.

Anyone who has seen the television show "The Walking Dead" it would sort of be like that only it wouldn't be walkers or the undead killing people, it would be people like The New Black Panthers and the Nation of Islam and Black Lives Matter. It would be illegal aliens with long wrap sheets who continue to come here with the blessing of the administration. It would be gangs of kids roaming the streets settling scores with anyone they meet. It would be armed felons looking for anyone they could rob and kill and rape. Your only hope would be forming groups of people who have guns to defend yourselves and you better have a lot of ammo.

And for one week, there would be no one to control them. No one put themselves between you and them, which is what cops do every day of every week.

Our wonderful law enforcement men and women would never do this, however. They know what would happen and they don't want that on their conscience. These wonderful people – and 99.9% percent of them are wonderful people – would never leave the public defenseless and at the mercy of groups like the ones mentioned here. They will be there to protect the public, as they always are, even though four of their own have been murdered in the last two weeks. God protect them and keep them safe. Heaven knows our bought and paid for politically correct, soft on Islam progressive administration won't.

POST SCRIPT: The Democratic National Committee voted to endorse Black Lives Matter. "Pigs in a blanket, fry 'em like bacon...." "Pigs in a blanket, fry 'em like bacon...." "What do we want? Dead Cops now...What do we want? Dead Cops now..."


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Barbara J. Stock

Barbara is a retired Registered Nurse after over 35 years in the field. She is pro-life at both ends of life's journey. Mother of two, Grandmother of two, she is pro-America and anti-progressive. Absent from writing for too long, she is back and determined to make a difference.


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