Barbara J. Stock
Should you ever argue with a troll?
By Barbara J. Stock
August 8, 2015

One day last week my younger son walked in the door and saw me furiously typing away at the computer. "Are you arguing with trolls again?" he asked. He quoted the late George Carlin when he said, "Never argue with an idiot. He will bring you down to his level and then you will lose because he has more experience." Both my son and George are right of course, but sometimes, it's just fun.

Perhaps one of the easiest ways to irritate a progressive troll is continually tell them to stay on topic. They hate that.

With all the columns and articles about the videos released by the Center for Medical Progress the progressive trolls have been out in force. They never want to actually talk about the videos, which they insist are faked and "heavily edited." No, they want to talk about how "Re-thug-licans" want to make slaves out of women forcing them to be pregnant nine months out of every year. How the "bible-thumping-Jesus-lovers" don't care about the babies once they are born but will leave them to starve to death in dire poverty abused by mothers who never wanted them in the first place! Or how "Repub-tards" want women to die of cancer, die in childbirth, and be burned at the stake for having an abortion!

The female progressives seem to hate men in general and feel that because they have no uterus, they have no rights. Not just on the abortion issue, but that men should have NO rights, period. Just saying I am female, have a uterus and I'm a pro-life Republican makes them go spastic. I tell them my new slogan is: I am a pro-life conservative and I have a uterus. They are dumbstruck and begin treating me like I'm a Black conservative.

One woman, being very dramatic, announced solemnly that "750 women almost died today in childbirth....and two didn't make it." What? She said her source was the Center for Disease Control. Progresives piled on like it was a fumble on the goal line in the Super Bowl. See, see...Republicans want women to die in childbirth! Thank goodness it wasn't the Planned Parenthood site, which is still down from their self-inflicted hack-job with the exception of their give us money pages. A quick dash to the CDC site showed quite a different story.

The latest year listed with easy access was 2013. First, there was no mention of the 750 women she said "almost died today" and who knows where she got that number. The CDC stats showed that there were 3,932,181 births in America. It also stated that there were 650 deaths contributed to pregnancy or childbirth for the entire year. Based on those numbers I would have a 0.000165% chance of dying in childbirth. Personally, I like those odds. In fact, in my life, I actually survived giving birth twice! I'm just lucky I guess. I probably have a better chance being killed driving to the store than dying having a baby.

Her bottom line was that no woman should have a baby because it's far to dangerous and babies are just parisites anyway. When her drama-queen postings was shot down by pointing out the number of births that occurred with no problems and no deaths, they fell back on their list of reasons to hate the right. The original poster remained silent. Then some brilliant guy came back with, "You made that up." You have to laugh at that. You just have to. It's better than crying over how stupid Americans have become.

The very definition of a progressive, who used to be called democrats in America, is that they don't think, they follow. They do as they are told to do and indepenent thought is highly discouraged. They are given talking points to follow and they do, to the letter. If they are forced off that list, they get confused and angry.

First, they are taught that Republicans are evil, vile people who hate African Americans, illegal aliens, gay people, women and honestly, I'm surprised they haven't linked the man who killed Cecil the lion to the Republican Party. Obama himself just linked the Republicans to Iranian terrorists. Republicans want to keep everyone poor and indeed, people are poor because of the rich Republicans. Republicans hate women so much they have "declared war" on them. That is one of their main mantras even though probably half of the registered Republicans in America are in fact, women. Did you know there is a group called the Democrats for Life in America? Yes, and many are women! Imagine, democrats that are pro-life! Don't get to hear from them very often. The progressives must be so ashamed.

Make no mistake here, our children are being taught this in public schools by the liberal teachers. From kindergarten forward, this is what they are being told. If parents don't notice or don't care, these kids leave school totally indoctrinated in the progressive way of life which explains why so many can't even read or write.

Perhaps the funniest thing I have seen in days was a video done by Mark Dice, who took to a pier in San Diago to ask random passersby if they supported Hillary Clinton for president. Those that said they did, he went on to ask them if they supported her in her pledge to overturn the Bill of Rights to move America along in the new world order. This is total fiction of course as Hillary has NO plans to overturn these rights. Well, I don't think so. Anyway, the respondents eagerly agreed. Yes, they said. Absolutely. The Bill of Rights is outdated and needs to be thrown out. All those old documents need to go. Without question, they agreed with anything they THOUGHT Hillary wanted to do.

The only person that looked puzzled and then said he wanted to think about that was an African American man. Three cheers for him! It was obvious that those people who were cheering Hillary on had no clue what the Bill of Rights even was about. But, this is today's progressive – uninformed, stupid and easily led. Speaking of stupid, that makes me think of all the women who told me years ago that they only voted for Bill Clinton because "he is cute." Well, no accounting for taste and isn't that on the top of your list of reasons to vote for the next president of the United States? Abe Lincoln wouldn't have a chance in today's world. Admittedly, he just wasn't an attractive man.

So, do I feed the trolls? You bet I do. I have become more selective and zeroed in on the ones who try to spout off blatently incorrect information they have been force fed like one that has come out recently. Progressives are saying that the polio vaccine developed by Jonas Salk was developed from fetal kidney tissue. It was not. He used monkey kidneys, not human baby kidneys. In fact, many of their claims about vaccines in America are wrong. Today's MMR vaccine uses replicated fetal cells obtained over 40 years ago. There are no new fetal cells used in todays vaccines.

Sometimes, I even get the few intelligent ones out there thinking. They will say, I never realized that, or maybe you're right, I'll have to check on that. There is a small glimmer of hope.

Sometimes you just gotta do it. Try it all you conservatives out there. It's educational, informative and sometimes, it's just plain fun.

Link to Hillary and the Bill of Rights

© Barbara J. Stock


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Barbara J. Stock

Barbara is a retired Registered Nurse after over 35 years in the field. She is pro-life at both ends of life's journey. Mother of two, Grandmother of two, she is pro-America and anti-progressive. Absent from writing for too long, she is back and determined to make a difference.


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