Steve A. Stone
Letter to President Trump
By Steve A. Stone
March 14, 2024

President Donald J. Trump
c/o Mar-a-Lago Club
1100 Ocean Blvd.
Palm Beach, FL 33480

Dear President Trump,

I’ve watched with some fascination as the prosecutions against you proceed. I see that “lawfare” is now a reality in Great Britain, too. It appears there is a well-organized international conspiracy to force you to divest of all your holdings and withdraw from public life. The fines levied by the court in Britain and by New York’s Judge Engeron are staggering. The judgments against you in the trials brought in the name of E. Jean Carroll defy the imagination. There is an obvious zeal in your political adversary camp to demolish you before this fall. Yet, despite the cases lost so far your team seems to have your adversaries on the run. They understand fully that an appellate court that follows laws and rules of evidence will almost certainly toss the convictions for lack of merit, judicial and/or prosecutorial misconduct, evidence tampering, and a few other things that escape my memory.

I read that Rudy Guiliani may be forced to sell his home to deal with the results of his own conviction and fines in Georgia. Once a national hero, he’s now being forced into corners he may not be able to get out of. The thought of it all makes me sad indeed.

The most fascinating venue today seems to be Fulton County, Georgia. What a soap opera that’s turning out to be! If things go as they should every charge against you in Georgia will soon be dropped; not just six. Of course, we’ve become used to things going in very odd directions instead of how they should. I have that situation marked as “ … wait and see.

The Department of Justice no longer appears to be interested in actual justice. The ideological tilt of their activities is so obvious that only the most zealous of the so-called “left” can’t perceive it. Even nobodies like me are feeling the oppressive gaze of the overlords of injustice. I now find myself stamped with a brand. I’m a “Christian Nationalist,” and in the current D.C. lexicon that makes me some kind of domestic “threat to democracy.” It’s all very irritating and tiring.

A lot of great work is being done to uncover all the various plots and plans in place by players involved behind the scenes. People like Tucker Carlson, Glen Beck, Alex Jones, and, of course, Mike Lindell are doggedly pursuing and exposing truth on a daily basis. In a more rational age there would be a national outcry over the obvious truth that the federal government has positioned itself in opposition to the very people who pay for its existence. But, we are not in a rational age, are we?

I was happy to see that you’ve pledged to pardon virtually all of the J-6 people now in detention and in prison once you’re re-elected and sworn in. That action would go a long way to remedy that situation, but there are many other things that need to be done to prevent any recurrence. The Deep State, which has recently been reidentified as “The Blob, has to be brought to heel. I’m not sure how that can be done. The problem is systemic. Firing all the political appointees is routine, and expected. Replacing them with true and capable patriots is doable, but not as certain as it seems to some. Taking out the entire corps of Senior Executive Service managers is easy, since they have no job protections whatsoever. The biggest problem area is in the most senior ranks of Civil Service, where most employees enjoy some degree of job protections. That’s where you’ll find your biggest ideological foes. Some have been in place for a decade or more. Many were former appointees who engineered the positions they now occupy – positions with the power to stop or greatly retard any meaningful reform efforts. Those people have to be identified and their power neutralized.

In the past I advocated for the establishment of a special department within each agency, which I refer to as “The Department of Doing Nothing.” That department could be given a lengthy, but mainly impossible overarching mission statement, then be staffed by the people confirmed as Deep Staters from within the agency. It would create a virtual corral, which could be made controllable until each person within that corral could be effectively dealt with. Today, because all the Deep State operatives are scattered throughout government they are able to disrupt any meaningful initiative from behind the scenes and remain undetected. The good employees rarely figure out who is disrupting things – they’re task oriented people who aren’t looking for subversives. If the “problem children” can be identified and isolated they can be effectively controlled, and possibly even fired.

You have a different problem with the military. It’s a problem that had its genesis in the late 1970s and is now fully evolved. Our military leadership – indeed the entire officer corps of all uniformed services – has been ideologically corrupted. There are some officers who are true patriots, but they have to keep a low profile and “play the game” if they hope to survive and be promoted. The majority in senior ranks are not people who can be trusted. They will kiss rings to curry favor, but behind the scenes they are just as venal as the worst politician in Congress. They crave power, money, and notoriety. Today they are busy reshaping the military services into ever-more “woke” institutions that can’t be relied upon to defend this nation. Instead of focusing on their defense missions, they are concentrating on ideological propaganda campaigns to control the mindsets of the enlisted forces.

I take note of the revision of the U.S. Military Academy’s core values statement, which causes me to wonder. No longer is “Duty, Honor, and Country” good enough. Now it’s “Army Values,” though there are no values inferred at all. Instead of “Be All You Can Be” today’s statement might be reframed as “Be All You’re Told To Be.” The solution to these problems will require two paths. One is to attempt to identify the real patriots within each service – the people who comprehend what their Constitutional oath truly means and try every day to live up to it – and fast track them into positions of leadership. The other is to reshape the curricula at all the service academies and the ROTC units to focus once again on military sciences and leadership. All the liberal arts and “basket weaving” curricula need to be purged from military educations. Our nation needs warriors, not more leftist ideologues. Military education must be purged of all but one ideology – the one bequeathed to us by our founders.

Last night I found myself engaged in a conversation with a woman who has a bad case of TDS. I’ve known her for almost four years now and have known of her TDS the entire time. Last night she began the conversation with, “I’m not sure I know who to vote for this fall.” I thought that was an odd statement, so I replied, “That’s easy. You either vote for the communists or you vote against them.” Perhaps that was a bit of a blunt object. She finally got to her problem – which she identifies as … You. Her arguments were never about policy. They were 100% focused on things she believes she knows about You. She even brought up the statement you made about John McCain as evidence of the kind of vile and childish person you are. I knew she didn’t know a thing about John McCain and would never defend him other than to cast you in a negative light.

When I began to speak about McCain to put some context into your own expression she replied, “I notice that no matter what I say you divert the topic to something else because you can’t defend what Trump does and says.” I knew immediately what was going on. I stated, “The problem in political discussions today has to do with what we’re looking at. If we focus only on individuals, then the political races are all about personality. But, governing isn’t about personality, but about policy. If you want to understand who to vote for you need to understand your own values and value system and ensure whoever you vote for is the one who is most likely to support your own beliefs. Everything else is just allowing outside influences to determine your future instead of you.”

We had earlier been talking about the open border and the coming chaos that’s almost certain to be the result. The woman I was talking to stated that we needed to figure out how to absorb all the people and use them to good advantage as assets in our society. My counter was “We don’t yet know who we have among us. Until we have a better understanding of that truth, we can’t go forward. I think it may take a decade or more, even if we sealed the border tomorrow, to understand who we allowed in among us. We have to know who the criminals are, who the spies are, and who the terrorists are. Until we understand and deal with those realities, any plans to integrate those millions of people into our society is just wishful thinking and doomed to failure. We have rotten apples in our barrel and we know it. If we can’t purge them, the whole barrel will soon begin to reek.”

In thinking about the conversation I realized the problem with people who exhibit TDS – they aren’t capable of depersonalizing their politics. They’re the people who vote for the candidate who has the best smile, or who tells them the lies they want to hear. They are not people who ever read the full text of a bill in Congress to understand what’s actually there. They’re the people who didn’t blink when Nancy Pelosi said, “We have to vote for the bill before we can find out what’s in it.” Such people have been trained to think without the application of logic and reason. They are the true “useful idiots” and our public schools have been purposefully training them to be the way they are for the past 40 years.

Shifting gears a bit – I’ve read through your Project 2025. Many of the proposed strategies are worthy and should definitely be put into place. Some strike me as a bit too ideological and naïve to actually work. Everything within Project 2025 needs to be scrutinized carefully to determine the weaknesses in the implementation strategies. Every initiative will be openly and covertly fought. When any bureaucracy gets too large for its actual need it begins to take on every trait of a living being. When threatened, it reverts to a self-protection mode and will fight like a cornered rat. I would expect that response in every instance. Bureaucrats all know how to foot-drag and log-roll. If they can’t just shut their doors and ignore new policies they will begin to use delaying tactics, hoping to outlast you. If you don’t have Congress solidly behind you as an outcome of the upcoming elections my prediction is Project 2025 will ultimately fail and your Presidency will be likened to Don Quixote dueling with windmills. To me, that puts emphasis on ensuring a reliably conservative Republican majority in both houses of Congress. That’s a mighty heavy sled to pull.

In that vein I note your endorsement of Mike Rogers for Senate in Michigan. How did that come about? Are his competitors truly worse? Mike Rogers has never done a thing for you that I’m aware of. He was among the “Never Trumper” chorus when he was in the House. Why would you trust him to be any different now? I may not judge people based on their personalities, but I definitely do when it comes to their records. If their record is spotty I might think they can be rehabilitated, but when it comes to Congressmen and Senators, I’m not so kindly disposed. I look at their record of statements and voting. If those two things align, then I believe I understand the person’s values. If, however their statements aren’t in line with their voting record, I believe they’re either practicing outright deception or are self-deceiving. I always keep in mind that most in Congress are egomaniacs to some degree, but many are truly not very bright or insightful. In America today, as you noted way back when you were only 34, the best and brightest won’t go into politics because it’s too “mean.” That leaves us all too often picking the best from among lesser beings. My thought … be quick to recall the misdeeds of your enemies and be very, very slow to forgive any of them. A snake that’s bitten you once will not hesitate to bite again. Between bites, all overtures are just charms meant to lull you into dropping your guard.

On a happy note, I watched as your friend and true supporter, Barry Moore prevailed in the recent AL District 1 Congressional race. He’s someone who you know you can trust. I hope you can find people like Barry Moore, Jim Jordan, and Margorie Taylor Greene in many more districts and states and promote their candidacies. I’m not one who relies on the label of “Republican” to mean a thing. Every candidate has to prove they are who they say they are. That’s made far more difficult by the truth that many politicians are very bold liars. With hundreds of lies flying around in any given political race it’s sometimes nearly impossible to figure out who is the best of a fairly bad lot. I do look at their records of statements and any votes. I also look at their friends and associates. I pay absolutely no heed to who is a member of the NRA, who goes to what church every Sunday, and who is running “ … because God told me this is my time.” I look at people’s provable records and what is known to be fact and let that guide me. I would think that would be how everyone makes such judgments, but I seem to be in the minority. Too many today seem inclined to be swayed by political speech and the force of personality – both terrible things to put one’s faith in.

Now, allow me to echo a complaint made recently by Alex Jones. Please, PLEASE, change your dialog on the Great Covid Hoax. There are mountains of good information out that inform us the entire Covid saga was pre-planned and engineered as a gigantic experiment to determine the limits people could be controlled by fear, and that the vaxxes are death shots, not treatments for anything we suffer from. To make positive statements about the vaxxes and to say the mRNA technology is now being used to treat cancer is just not something that will benefit either your campaign or the people. The truth I believe is the applications of mRNA technology will prove to be a disaster of gigantic proportions, though the media will do everything it can to suppress that truth for as long as it can. I’ve had many friends who died as a result of the NIH Covid Treatment Protocol and many others who died or have been permanently handicapped from taking those mRNA vaxx shots. Appearing to brag about your role in promoting those events does not serve you well at all.

I’ve made several donations to your cause, and will be mailing another one soon. I have to tell you the truth that I don’t look at any of the two dozen or so E-mails I get from parts of your campaign organizations. I keep up. They only tend to irritate me. I don’t need a metal ID card that says you love me. I don’t need a special, new-design campaign ball cap. I don’t need anything but a great country once again. I still wear my original 2016 MAGA hat and campaign shirts. I personally want all my donated money to go to actual needs, so I don’t try to accumulate a bunch of campaign souvenirs. My personal opinion is – one E-mail solicitation per day is more than enough. Two-dozen is just a waste of time and resources, and may be seen by some as an intrusion.

Very soon I’ll be engaged in a very personal way in your campaign. It will be at the local level, and will concentrate on trying to flip undecided voters to your column. I know it’s a waste of time to deal with those who exhibit obvious signs of TDS – those people have illogical thought processes and rational input is wasted on them. Many of the so-called independents are people who believe neither the Democratic nor the Republican parties are to be trusted. They are looking for only one compelling argument to help them make their decision for the election. I can think of no more compelling argument than to point to all the various initiatives put in place in the past 3+ years that have decremented every citizen’s personal freedom. I think it’s possible to flip many by just pointing to the Department of Justice and pointing to how obvious and abusive the two-tiered justice system has become. Many people are confused about how that whole thing works. I believe it’s effective to just lay it all out in very simple terms and demonstrate that there’s a war going on inside the country today; that the war is being waged against anyone who believes that rule of law under our Constitution is not just our past – it’s our only hope for the future.

I will close with an admonition – don’t turn your back on anyone, ever again. You’ve made yourself the catalyst for all hopes for a future in our country. The future your adversaries are promoting is for a lesser America, not a great one. Your plans are to see our nation become what it has always pretended to be, not what it truly is. Your adversaries prefer a world governmental structure where there’s no individualism and no individual responsibility. Their preference is for a world ruled by a cabal of unidentifiable elites – to serve their needs alone. Their world doesn’t need most of us, and it seems their plans are to oversee a dramatic decrease in the population of the planet – one way or another. Their plans certainly don’t include Donald Trump. Whenever I see you in public I visualize dozens of red dots painting you. Whenever I see a photo of you at a dinner table, I pray your food was prepared by someone who actually loves you. To say you’re a “marked man” is a gross understatement. In the words of military pilots everywhere, “Watch your 6!”

In Liberty,


© Steve A. Stone


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Steve A. Stone

Steve A. Stone is and always will be a Texan, though he's lived outside that great state for all but 3 years since 1970, remembering it as it was, not as it is. He currently resides in Lower Alabama with a large herd of furry dependents, who all appear to be registered Democrats. Steve retired from the U.S. Coast Guard reserves in 2011, after serving over 22 years in uniform over the span of four decades. His service included duty on two U.S. Navy attack submarines, and one Navy and two U.S. Coast Guard Reserve Units. He is now retired after working as a senior civil servant for the U.S. Navy for over 31 years. Steve is a member of the Alabama Minority GOP and Common Sense Campaign. He is also a life member of SUBVETS, Inc., the Submarine League, and the NRA. In 2018, Steve has written and published 10 books.


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