Steve A. Stone
Letter to President Trump
By Steve A. Stone
November 18, 2022

President Donald J. Trump
c/o Mar-a-Lago Club
1100 Ocean Blvd.
Palm Beach, FL 33480

Dear President Trump,

I watched your speech on the evening of the 15th. It was compelling, though there were no real surprises in it. Now, it’s done and you are “out there” again. Be very careful. Your enemies have no limits in the weapons they can use against you.

Immediately after election returns began on the evening of 8 November, I began hearing about “Trump’s loss.” That’s continued ever since. Everything is “DeSantis won; Trump lost.” It’s certain that DeSantis won, but comments regarding you are mostly wishful thinking and hyperbole.

The so-called “left” is afraid of the ones they call “MAGA People.” They fear every aspect of the movement. They understand exactly what it is. They want us put into a closet, just as they did the Tea Parties. I say “us” because I am one.

I hope you’ve come to understand a few things that are working against you. The Democrats and their allies have always been 100% against you. The globalists have as well. You’ve always understood establishment Republicans aren’t in your corner. Even so, I think you may have not quite understood all who were and are your enemies. The entire time you were in the White House, you had saboteurs there. You had others on the Republican National Committee, and many throughout the Republican Party establishment. There were some who were benign actors, who cherished their invitations to the White House at Christmas and the photo ops they had with you. That didn’t make them your friends; at best it stalled any personal actions some would take against you. They were never “your” people. They are the ones I refer to as “Country Club Republicans.” You know exactly who I’m talking about. You’ve always been surrounded by them. They’re happy to congratulate you and pat you on the back, but they’ll never stand up for you when it’s most meaningful. They take, but rarely give. The best you can expect from them when things get tough – silence.

It’s easy for your adversaries to point to people like me and the others who believe in the concepts of MAGA and call us “Trump’s Fan Boys,” or accuse us of being members of a “Trump cult.” It’s not that they don’t know better, but they try to unsettle us; to keep us off balance. Their slurs are hurled because of their deep fear. They don’t want their agenda perturbed and they understand we are the most likely ones who might do it.

One thing the mid-year election bears out clearly to me is the true state of conservatism today. There is a reluctance on the part of conservatives to participate. There seems to be a belief that being conservative is enough. Far too many avoid politics as much as they can. Far too many have stopped voting. I think that reflects a great mistrust in politics and politicians. My belief is their distrust is justified, even though I also believe they’ve made a grievous error in the way they’ve chosen to drop out of the political process. Our country depends on the participation of its citizens. When less than 50% of those who can vote bother to show up the contests depend on which party is the most ideologically motivated. We’ve seen over and over again the Democrats are the stronger ideologues, but that lesson seems to be lost.

This letter is meant to convey my thoughts on what may be needed going forward. If you’re to win the Presidency again you’ll have a huge hill to climb. You have only a few staunch allies on Congress, so I don’t think it’s all that valuable to look there for help. The people are your resource and your mainstay. Your speech indicates you understand that. The 2024 election is up to us, even more than you. We’re ready to do our part. We trust that you are as well.

Your enemies may try to prevent you from running at all. They’ll put everything on the table and try to take you out of the game. You know that. Nothing is beyond their consideration. I might expect the establishment Republicans to covertly ally with Democrats if the Democratic Party nominates someone likable who can fool the people into thinking they’re somewhat moderate.

There are some around you now who may not be fully in your corner. They have to be dealt with. They have to be pushed away. You do have friends who are 100% with you, and will be. Make sure to acknowledge them. If one of them does something that you find irritating, counsel them in private. If they make another mistake, put distance between you and them, but don’t make a public issue of it. Nudge them off your stage.

I always recommend high road campaigns. Most people recoil at mud-slinging politics. It unsettles them. They want to deal with real issues and real policies. They don’t mind being reminded of the legal transgressions of others, but they don’t like it much when the conversation regards things that aren’t all the fault of an intended target. We are possibly too forgiving as a nation. Sometimes that willingness to forgive manifests as anger at the one who would point out the inadequacies of another. To that end, I implore you to keep your campaign focused on facts as much as possible. Even with such a limitation, you’re entering a target-rich environment. The Biden administration gives you all you need to win. The rest is all packaging and pitch. It’s Marketing 101.

No one I know is happy about the evolution of our government into a police state. We don’t like the fact that virtually every part of government has badged and armed agents who are now seen everywhere. We don’t like to see every agency with their own agents dressed in tactical gear, bearing special weapons, employing SWAT tactics. We don’t understand why our government seems to want the people to be afraid. It wasn’t always this way. It shouldn’t be now.

No one I know likes the concept of civil confiscation. It has a presumption of guilt built in to it that is adversarial to the Constitution. Our government is ruining countless lives now, solely because it can. Civil confiscation may be a useful tool in a racketeering or narcotics prosecution, but it never should be used on average people. It’s an unconscionable injustice.

No one I know wants our borders to be totally open to anyone who wants to make the trip across it to claim rights that natural born citizens don’t have. Legal, controlled immigration isn’t our issue at all; what we’ve been seeing for the past 40 years is. President Reagan tried to stop it and failed. No one has succeeded since. This is something that can’t continue, or the United States will become a second-world nation within 20 years and a third-world nation within 50.

No one I know believes in a “free lunch.” We’re all people who believe that “fairness” is a false goal, and that justice should involve objective merit, not something as insubstantial as emotion or feelings.

No one I know likes having a two-tiered justice system. We don’t like seeing one person escape all legal ramifications for breaking serious laws while another goes to prison for years for the very same or lesser offenses.

No one I know likes the seeming unbridled growth in the numbers of government employees and the concomitant increase in power, either at the state or federal levels. We believe the government that governs least governs best, and we know that hasn’t been the prevailing philosophy since any of us has been alive. It needs to be brought to heel.

No one I know likes the idea of a world government or giving up any of our nation’s sovereignty to the United Nations or any of the world government apparatus. We believe no nation can guarantee its citizens anything at all as long as they are subservient to the whims of such extra-national constructs.

No one I know likes any aspect of the surveillance state. We understand it as the mechanism that’s being used to strip us of all privacy today and all freedom tomorrow. We understand what’s going on. We know we’re being set up to become the subjects of those who control the surveillance state. But, we can’t do anything about it as long as governments either willingly or unwittingly participate in it.

No one I know wants another war. We see no benefit to the people in such undertakings. We see death and destruction, but no worthwhile principles being upheld. We are tired of seeing fortunes made over the bodies of our own people, not to mention the bodies of those who die at our hands. We honor our military people, but believe our nation was established to have them protect us, not be the world’s police force or to be the weapons of political adventurists.

No one I know is happy about the current characterizations given in national politics. We don’t like the leadership of Congress. We don’t like unfulfilled promises of needed action. We don’t like it when the media attempts to make our choices for us. Today we see the media promoting a “Trump v. DeSantis” grudge match. They want to see blood; mostly yours. I tell my friends that they need to discount media reports that DeSantis is being swayed by the “sweet nothings” being whispered in his ear by the establishment. I tell them you and DeSantis are playing 4-dimension chess and know better than to allow the media and other adversaries run a divide-and-conquer con on you. It’s up to the two of you to determine your fate. I trust that you’ve been debating strategies and tactics for a couple of years now, and know where you want to lead the rest of us. We would all be more comfortable if we could see some hint of the reality of the situation. We need to know you and DeSantis are of like mind regarding the future of the country and how to secure it.

No one I know wants to see our currency disappear. We understand the control measures that will accompany any transition to Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC). We know that such a transition will allow governments to know virtually everything about us, and will also open the door to the same Social Credit Scoring system in use today in China. CBDC is one of the quickest paths to totalitarianism ever thought of. If we go down that road our days of freedom are few.

No one I know wants the government deciding on how or whether any of us has the independent means to protect ourselves or our families. We understand that governments that confiscate personal weapons almost always become authoritarian or totalitarian. Our Constitution cannot stand if Americans are disarmed.

No one I know is happy with the state of crime in America. We understand the highest crime rates are concentrated in the large Democrat-controlled cities, but that that fact doesn’t make us happier. The message has to be sent, loud, clear, and often, that controlling local crime is a local responsibility and as long as people keep voting as they do they can’t expect things to improve. No President can lower the murder rate of any city. Only the city itself can do that.

No one I know is happy with the state of education in America today. We know the focus of the progressives and the globalists is now on our youngest and most vulnerable – our children. We want education to be the process to gain sound academic knowledge, not political and ideological socialization. We want our boys to know they’re boys; our girls to know they’re girls. We want all the insanity that involves our schools to cease. We want to be able to trust that our children are safe and being trained to be truly useful citizens while at school, not being coerced into becoming social activists who aren’t sure which bathroom they should use or which pronoun they should be addressed by. We want government to take its hands off our kids.

No one I know is happy with the energy policies now in place. Thinking people understand that market forces should play a role in how we spend the nation’s wealth. We understand that we should always look for better, more efficient and more effective ways of doing anything. We also understand the lunacy of purposefully shutting down the energy sector of this nation. It’s our gold mine! To shut it down for purely ideological reasons is insane. That leads to a greater truth – the Great Reset is a totally insane undertaking. Our energy independence was sacrificed to further the interests of those who push the Great Reset. All of that has to be reversed. If it’s not, by 2035 no gasoline powered cars will be made. None will be on the road. Not that electric cars will be; the plan is for no private cars at all. That’s the truth of the future planned for us by the globalists. You know it and we know it, too. We want all of Agenda 2030 stopped, once and for all.

No one I know was happy with the COVID pandemic scam. We understand you found yourself in a box that you didn’t construct and you tried to get out of it. We understood all along that the COVID scam was part of larger initiatives. Most of us now believe the vaccines were the reason for COVID, not the other way around. Countless people died unnecessarily, while great new fortunes were made. We hope to never again see lock-downs, shut-downs, and mandatory shots. We hope to never again see governors abuse emergency powers and impose draconian and unconstitutional measures on their people. We all understand it may happen again unless measures are put into place to prevent it.

I’m a conservationist. All my friends are conservationists. We don’t like pollution of any kind and we try hard to be good citizens in that regard. Many of us are hunters who believe in animal conservation. We are not what we’re made out to be by the radical “leftist,” tree-hugging, animal rights activists. You understand that. We shouldn’t have to hear insults from anyone because we like to eat beef or pork. We shouldn’t be assailed because we kill a deer during hunting season. Surely everyone knows there are more deer in America today than there were when Columbus arrived. It’s just true. Humans and deer seem to have a symbiotic relationship that goes unacknowledged. We need more conservationism. We don’t need radical environmentalism of any kind – at all.

You were always right about the Deep State and the swamp. I think you learned just how right you were very soon after taking office. The Deep State has to be fought. Average citizens can’t do that. The only power that can take it apart is the power that lies within the government. Deep Staters will fight every step of the way. The thing that has to be reinforced is – they fight for them, not for the people. The people pay the salaries of each of those Deep Staters, yet we’re looked down upon by them. They are not civil servants. They see themselves as our masters. That’s not what our government was set up to be. It all has to be brought to heel.

You were also right about our intelligence agencies. President Truman once said his greatest mistake was in allowing the creation of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). President Eisenhower once said the one thing he wished he’d done in his own time was to disestablish the CIA. President Kennedy was fairly open about his opinions regarding the CIA. He believed they set him up in the Bay of Pigs debacle. Many believe the CIA was complicit in Kennedy’s death because he was quietly advocating for the destruction of that agency. Today we supposedly have 17 intelligence agencies. Isn’t that about 16 too many? What’s intelligent about having 17 agencies that all have the power to hide anything they do from any oversight? The intelligence state has to be dealt with. The question I pose is – is that even possible?

We need to find ways to get our nation back to the place where truth is told and understood. Today the only real truth is – no one knows the real truth about anything. We used to have pride in the myth of America’s moral superiority. We were “the good guys.” There is myth, then there is reality. The reality is we were never the good guys we pretended to be. We were just better than the herd. Today, even that claim can’t be made. If we have one goal as a nation it should be to become “the good guys” we always pretended to be. It can be done. But, not with many of the people we have in our government today.

We need a new American Revolution. It doesn’t have to be a violent, bloody revolution. It needs to be a bottoms-up examination and re-positioning of everything we think and do. It needs to begin at the beginning – with a complete understanding of the nation we were intended to be. We have libraries full of information to guide us. Why is America being led down a road that diverges completely from our founding? Why do we tolerate it? The new revolution needs to be fought to take us back in time so we can re-learn what it was that made us unique in all of history, and to appreciate the great gifts our existence has given to all other nations of the world . We need to begin our revolution now. If not, we may run out of time.

I ask you now, on behalf of my friends and fellow patriots, to consider my concerns and to let us know if you’ll continue to fight for us all. If you agree, we will do our parts. You need only tell us what we can do to help.

America needs a champion if we’re to survive. We need a survival plan. We’re out of time. The enemy is not at our gates. The enemy is in charge. We cannot last much longer if we don’t completely reverse course.

I stand ready to help you in any way possible.

In Liberty,

Steve Stone

© Steve A. Stone


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Steve A. Stone

Steve A. Stone is and always will be a Texan, though he's lived outside that great state for all but 3 years since 1970, remembering it as it was, not as it is. He currently resides in Lower Alabama with a large herd of furry dependents, who all appear to be registered Democrats. Steve retired from the U.S. Coast Guard reserves in 2011, after serving over 22 years in uniform over the span of four decades. His service included duty on two U.S. Navy attack submarines, and one Navy and two U.S. Coast Guard Reserve Units. He is now retired after working as a senior civil servant for the U.S. Navy for over 31 years. Steve is a member of the Alabama Minority GOP and Common Sense Campaign. He is also a life member of SUBVETS, Inc., the Submarine League, and the NRA. In 2018, Steve has written and published 10 books.


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