Steve A. Stone
Awareness – it’s only the first step
By Steve A. Stone
October 31, 2022

Dear Friends and Patriots,

Happy Halloween! That’s all I’m willing to say on the subject of today’s date.

Being retired affords me liberties working people have difficulties with. One is any decision regarding how I spend my time. I have no swords over my head in that regard. Nothing compels me to get up in the morning or retire at night. To a greater or lesser degree, my time is my own—what I have left, anyway.

Being the majority master of my time means I can spend a significant amount looking into things that interest me. Today is a great example. I was looking at new videos about Brown’s Gas generators. I find them fascinating. There are good videos out now that detail how to make very cheap and effective Brown’s Gas generators out of readily available materials. Almost anyone can make one now. Figuring out how to make one that is actually beneficial—that’s the difficult part. I’ll get to that stage eventually. Today, I’m still in the pre-experimental stage; still trying to figure out the best way to construct the Brown’s Gas generator that’s going to be of some practical use to me. I’ll get there, by and by.

I wanted you to know about my poking into Brown’s Gas because I’m certain many think I just delve into conspiracy facts and spend all day watching obscure videos and reading reports about vaccines, boosters, weird diseases and their effects, digital currencies, globalism in all its manifestations, and the countless plots afoot to steal away all the remnants of our freedom. Well, I do all that, too, but I still have time for other stuff that interests me; things I want to know just in case I’m allowed to live on for a few more years in relative peace.

One thing I’ve been pleased to observe is the obvious increase in public awareness of things once considered obscure plots or even fiction. More and more people I encounter are aware of the World Economic Forum and its grand designs to control us all. More and more are aware there’s something very, very wrong with any government that insists on jabbing needles into the arms of toddlers to inject them with experimental substances. More and more are aware that our government’s police and investigative actions have taken a dark turn and now one only has to be in the wrong place at the wrong time to get thrown into a dungeon and denied all Constitutional rights. Yes, it seems there is a true growth in the awareness of average people—the beginnings of a national awakening. That’s good news!

While I’m happy to make that report, I have to caution everyone that the increase in awareness isn’t something measurable. Noticeable and obvious aren’t the same thing as measurable. Don’t start thinking of polling as a way to measure, either. Far too many people today refuse to participate in any poll for them to be reliable. That’s not a bad thing, but it does make it difficult to understand the extent of the current growth in awareness. Don’t be fooled into thinking a new dawn is breaking. If I were to characterize the current dark period we’re in according to a clock reference, I’d say we aren’t even at midnight yet, much less nearing any dawn.

To get to a true dawn, we need far more people to wake up than are. That may end up requiring a truly cataclysmic occurrence, like the actual collapse of a national government we think of as strong. The truth of governments today is—there are only four or five that are truly strong. The rest vary in their weakness, but none are beyond the possibility of collapse in the coming year. The cause of such a collapse isn’t important. The fact that it could happen is all anyone needs to contemplate. Many will begin such a contemplation only after the fact. That could just be the way humans are, or the way most of us have been indoctrinated. You can decide which it is; to me that’s inconsequential when compared to the state of reality I perceive. I’m not hopeful that a critical mass of humanity will be awake until after we have a major world calamity to consider. Then, perhaps the awakening will be substantial enough to alter the course we’re presently on. The jury is out on all of that. It’s in the future. I’m no seer. There’s the other possibility that most people remain in their current state of consciousness and don’t wake up at all. It could be that the Cabal has us all figured out, knows their time is coming, and there’s nothing that’s going to stop them now. We have to wait and see.

I’m not one to passively await my intended fate. The Cabal’s plans are theirs. I have my own plans, and none of them include becoming a vassal subject of a vassal state. To me, the correct thing to do is to keep people informed to the best of my ability—to explain, to interpret, and to beg on my knees if I have to. To me, the best thing any of us who are awake can do now is keep telling everyone we encounter that a great storm is coming soon, and they need to wake up too, if they want to survive it. To me, the first priority is to wake up enough people to where we have a chance to thwart the plans of the Cabal. But, that’s only the first step. Awareness must be followed up. Awareness alone does little but surround us with people who understand the conversation. That offers zero protection.

Awareness is not action. It has to lead to something substantive before it does any good. Awareness won’t save anyone. In a way, I think if I have to die tomorrow, I’d much rather not know that’s going to happen. If my awareness was accompanied by understanding of actions I could take, that might allow me to live on, then I’d want to know all I can. Actions are positive steps we can take to ensure our futures. They are the necessary follow-on to awareness. But, how do we know what actions are useful and which are merely illusory. Which are just warm, cuddly blankets and which might offer real substantive protection? That’s where we all need to help each other.

I’m now accustomed to telling people a couple of specific things. I say, “Now is the time for your choosing!” That statement is meant to condition people to understand they need to consider waking up instead of sitting idly by and not committing. People have to choose to either be free or be a slave in The Great Reset. It’s a mental and emotional commitment that has to occur before anyone can say they’ve truly woken up. The other thing I say now is, “I WILL NOT COMPLY!” I tell everyone the greatest obstacle the Cabal faces in the world is getting people to line up. They’ve spent many decades conditioning us to line up and do as we’re told. After all, it’s for our own good, isn’t it? Or is it for “the GREATER good”? You do understand the difference, don’t you? Pay close attention to the messaging coming from governments today. Whose good are they imploring you to serve by getting vaccinations and boosters? Whose good is served when anyone unthinkingly complies?

Non-compliance is passive resistance. Don’t confuse it with action. Non-compliance sends the message to governments that you are awake and aware. It tells the authorities that you have needs and expectations that you believe aren’t being met. Those needs are for truthful information—not propaganda and indoctrination. They’re also for a relationship of trust, not one where every action by government has to be questioned because that trust relationship has been destroyed. Non-compliance is the first stepping-stone on a path to reclaiming our rights. It’s the first indication of an awareness of tyranny—of being fully awake.

Non-compliance is not likely to deter our adversaries. They fully expect some degree of resistance. There’s always some. They bake it into their cake of considerations before they make every move. They know some initiatives will encounter token resistance, while others have the potential of becoming seismic. Telling us the government is studying questions related to all-digital currencies, CBDCs, is something they understand will cause token resistance and a minor stir. Proceeding to full implementation of CBDCs when a few too many people are aware of the huge losses of personal freedom that will accompany such a move—that’s going to be seismic. It doesn’t mean it won’t happen; it just means the government has to prepare carefully. It means they need to expect a more active resistance instead of a passive one.

Active resistance measures take many forms. The minimum is characterized as entirely peaceful. They are ad campaigns in media that offer contrary points of view. They are meetings held in the community where the government’s actions are openly discussed and plans are formulated to resist them. They are peaceful demonstrations, signs, protest marches, sit-ins, public prayer vigils, and other public displays of rejection intended to raise the consciousness of those who are still not aware or awake. Those are all active measures, but unless the participation is tens or hundreds of thousands of people, they usually have little tangible effect. The purpose of all that activity is to create anxiety in the minds of politicians—those who might be able to help stop the government actions in progress. It’s also to encourage more and more people to come out of their homes and join in. If done right, small groups fighting a good cause may evolve into huge groups fighting a lot of good causes. It’s organized chaos—but meant to exercise and protect the peoples’ rights.

Peaceful resistance alone may do little. If it’s done right, and it instills some measure of fear in the political class, then something good could come of it. But, usually the politicians want to bargain. They’ll ask, “What do you want? What will it take to make you go away?” Such questions are clues. The politicians just want you to leave, so they’re willing to make a show of bowing to the demands you may make on them, but all too often their only objective is to push you away. They win just by getting resisters to disband, even if it’s only for a day. It’s important to understand—don’t trust words. Words are the cheapest of all currency used by politicians. Trust positive actions, but even then, only actions that clearly result in the ends being sought.

Peaceful resistance can often end up being a transitory thing. That depends on two factors—the will of the political class and the will of the resisters. If the politicians decide they don’t want to bargain or to tolerate resistance, they may turn their dogs loose. That’s when the riot police and SWAT teams appear. That’s when peaceful resistance is on the edge of transition. Things are about to get kinetic. If the will of the resisters is weak, they will withdraw in the face of armed opposition from their government. If the will is stronger, then sooner or later there will be action. This is the point where being awake really hits home. This is the point where “I WILL NOT COMPLY!” becomes far more than a catchy slogan or a T-shirt proclamation. When a policeman in tactical gear is swinging a truncheon at your head, only then will you know for sure if you mean it.

If you look back in history and try to comprehend the times when the voices of average citizens caused a major shift in the course of a government, you won’t find all that many examples. Not when you consider the span of time that is involved. Rome didn’t fall from such things, nor did Greece. The Egyptian Empires didn’t collapse due to internal discontent. Nor did the great empires of the Mongol Khans, the Huns, or the Tartars. Most of the great empires fell due to internal corruption that led to military weakness, or because they became tamer versions of their former selves and were conquered by others not nearly so tame. Political revolutions are a relatively new phenomenon. Of them, the five most significant are: 1. Our own American Revolution. 2. The French Revolution. 3. The Haitian Revolution. 4. The Chinese Revolution, and 5. The Russian Revolution.

I’m not going to delve into each one of those much. I just want to point out that our own revolution was the most significant in the history of the world—by far. The reasons may not seem obvious, but if you spend time thinking of the near-term and eventual results of those five revolutions you come to a singular understanding —only one of them provided long-term benefits to the people. The French struggled over and over after their revolution. I’m not at all sure they’ll ever get it right. The Haitians won in the sense that they threw out their slave masters, but Haiti has never been more than the most poverty-ridden country in the entire hemisphere, and has always suffered from massive governmental corruption. The Chinese Revolution set the stage for the eventual domination of today’s Chinese Communist Party. Even today, when China is arguably a much more modern and powerful country, the average Chinese citizen might question the success of its revolution. Then there are the Russians. We all know that story, don’t we?

All those revolutions were “popular” in the sense that masses of people were involved, and there was a lot of fighting and dying, often for years on end. The incumbent regimes were tossed out in each case. That was the definition of their success on the day success could be claimed. But, long-term success can’t be claimed so easily. The record on that question is perfectly clear.

Revolution is the ultimate action for people who are awake to the tyrannies of their government, but history indicates it’s not the best or most reliable, regardless of any immediate success. There are no guarantees. The American Revolution stands out as the one singular exception. It was a just cause led by intelligent and just people. The motivation behind our revolution was to restore freedom and rights to the people, not for the leaders to grab power and wealth for themselves. If ever there was a violent undertaking that was done for almost purely selfless reasons, the American Revolution was it. Is that remotely possible today?

My answer to the question posed is a resounding “NO!” I don’t think it’s possible. I think the idea of a revolution today is lunacy. We’d see a bloodbath, but we’d never be able to recreate what we had. It wouldn’t be a revolution, but a variation on a theme—a new Civil War. The main problem is ideological enemies aren’t readily identifiable. Some people look like friends, but aren’t. Others seem to be enemies, but aren’t. The thought of such an internal war is terrible to contemplate. It would result in a state of permanent chaos. There would be no agreeable end state, no matter what objectives might be pursued. It would be the greatest tragedy in the planet’s history. It just can’t be allowed to happen.

There are lesser actions that might achieve tangible and acceptable results. There are countless considerations that can be made. Some will work to some degree, while others may work better. Right thinking people who are awake need to start working on those considerations. We need to understand that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution to any of our problems. They work best when tailored. I understand it sounds very unsubstantial, but we all need to understand that change is a very difficult process. To make good changes requires time, intellect, knowledge, and a lot of trial and error. The secret to maximizing the potential of success requires careful thought and deliberation. It requires the same degree of careful thought and deliberation our ancestors gave to the same kinds of questions when they were posed in the late 1700s.

The situation we’re in today has remarkable parallels to that of the late 1700’s, but also many differing circumstances. The major difference is in how we define our common enemy. In 1776, it was easy to point at King George III as our chief enemy. Who is it today? Who would we need to battle to ensure the nation lives on? How do we fight enemies if we can’t name them? How does a nation of people fight its enemies when they understand their own government is a functioning part of a secretive Cabal that intends to enslave them? Who would be the defined enemy of any future revolution?

Today, we’re forced to adopt a one-step-at-a-time resistance. Today, we might agree on “I WILL NOT COMPLY!” but can we agree on anything more? Will we come to some agreement on other passive measures intended to unsettle the political class? Would that work? What about the administrative state that actually wields more power than the politicians? How do we fight them? They have their own enforcement capabilities today. They all have badges, guns, and SWAT teams. How do we back them down? Then, what about the external threats posed by overarching initiatives being coordinated today from Davos? Don’t we need anything we’re doing to be coordinated with actions of countless others abroad? We’re not in this fight alone, are we?

Americans need a rally point. We need some central planning. In 1776, there were groups such as those all over the colonies, groups that were in constant communication with each other by mail. Isn’t that hard to imagine? We need groups such as that, all communicating via secure means, all working toward solutions to the real problems we face today. We have to work around our government. It’s a very large part of our problem today and not at all part of any solution we’re looking for.

We once had what we need today. At least, we were almost there. We had Tea Party organizations everywhere. We need them again. We need them now. But, this time we need them to be networked and organized differently. We don’t need a national Tea Party. We don’t need a Tea Party organized to produce political candidates. We need Tea Parties who all understand the many enemies that face us today and are pledged to offer the kind of resistance that might make a difference. We need Tea Parties who can work as part of larger coalitions in order to combine efforts whenever necessary. We need those coalitions to define short and long-term goals and to define strategies to accomplish them. We need those coalitions to help create tactics that work at local and state levels. Lastly, we need those coalitions to ensure commonality in communications so all organizations are working together to achieve common objectives.

Not too many years back, politicians were afraid of the Tea Parties. They reacted to their fear in two ways. They either attacked the Tea Parties, or appeared to join them. I say “appeared” because those people were opportunists who used the popularity of the Tea Parties to their advantage, while giving virtually nothing in return. Eventually, those politicians who used the Tea Parties to gain office turned on them. Today, you won’t find a single “Tea Party Candidate” in office anywhere. That was always true. Today, even the pretense is gone. In the future, if Tea Parties are wise, they’ll take a different approach to politicians. They will only endorse ideas, not people. We could adopt a new slogan to that effect “Good ideas don’t lie; people do. “

If you’re awake now, you may have a sense of what you need to do. You understand that being awake isn’t enough. You understand that non-compliance is a start, but isn’t enough. You know that you must take some kind of action. You understand you have to stand up, be heard and seen, and be willing to suffer a bit for it if that’s a result. You also know that this is a numbers game. Ten people united for a single purpose is great. But, what if it’s not ten, but 100 or even 1,000? How much greater would that be? How much influence can be exerted then? It’s not a revolution. It’s not a civil war. But, it may still be a solution that saves us. It’s still better than being awake, yet still a target for unseen enemies. At least, that’s the way I see it.

What do politicians fear? They fear the uncertainty of elections. If our actions can instill doubts in their minds—if they can be convinced they’re going to be sent home—many will be a lot more pliable. Many will react in ways that will help. If they won’t hold themselves accountable to their constituents without us using coercive measures, then we have no choice. We do that by being visible, irritating, and by exposing their inadequacies. We do that by forcing them into action in efforts to shut us up. We make some noise!

Now, get up; go out; go forward; get organized; and MAKE SOME NOISE!

In Liberty,


© Steve A. Stone


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Steve A. Stone

Steve A. Stone is and always will be a Texan, though he's lived outside that great state for all but 3 years since 1970, remembering it as it was, not as it is. He currently resides in Lower Alabama with a large herd of furry dependents, who all appear to be registered Democrats. Steve retired from the U.S. Coast Guard reserves in 2011, after serving over 22 years in uniform over the span of four decades. His service included duty on two U.S. Navy attack submarines, and one Navy and two U.S. Coast Guard Reserve Units. He is now retired after working as a senior civil servant for the U.S. Navy for over 31 years. Steve is a member of the Alabama Minority GOP and Common Sense Campaign. He is also a life member of SUBVETS, Inc., the Submarine League, and the NRA. In 2018, Steve has written and published 10 books.


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