Steve A. Stone
The debt bomb: Enemy of all freedom?
By Steve A. Stone
July 19, 2022

Dear Friends and Patriots,

I've written many times on the subject of debt and deficits. Even so, my efforts were not nearly as fact-rich as the video linked below. It's an examination of world debt that was broadcast on the WION (World is One News) program Gravitas Plus this week. WION is an English language, Indian based network. The reporter is Palki Sharma Upadhyay. I invite you to watch it first, then read on. That way you'll have no problem with any aspect of my simpleton's commentary.

Here's the link:

Assuming you did as I suggested, you should be shocked to see how many nations are in the "crisis zone" due to debt. I do hope you noted the financial numbers being mentioned in the video. In almost every case, they are talking about less than $100B. Gee, in our country we waste that much every day, don't we? How else could our debt increase by multi-trillions each year?

One thing is a constant debt to earnings ratios. By anyone's standard, the U.S. should be in the lead of the nations in crisis. Our debt to earnings ratio is worse than that of Greece when that nation was essentially forced to become a minion of the World Bank. What's implied when the U.S. isn't even mentioned?

The U.S. is not only the largest debtor nation, by far, but we also are the largest contributor to all those funds that "rescue" small countries in trouble. How can we have $30T+ in debt, yet still finance the IMF and World Bank? It's the greatest secret of money. It's all a myth! There is no true money today. There hasn't been for decades. It's ALL fiat currency. It's all just 1s and 0s now. Notice that no country in Europe is on the crisis watch list, nor is the U.S. or Canada. It should make you wonder exactly what the grand scheme is and who is pulling the strings that are making it work.

You should have noted the comments about China, and how their Belt and Road con is forcing nations to alter their domestic policies as part of their business dealings. It should be apparent that the Belt and Road projects in Sri Lanka are the biggest factors in that nation's economic collapse. They are far from the only ones in that regard. Most of the nations on the crisis list in Africa and Asia are financially beholden to China. The video appears to chastise China a bit for the way they've executed their programs, but that's just theater. Everyone who's been watching has known all along what would happen to those tiny economies once the Chinese succeeded in their sales pitches. It didn't take any financial or macroeconomic genius to understand the high potential for disasters to occur. And, now they are.

It's interesting that the collapse of the small economies are on the heels of the pandemic shutdowns and the Russian war in the Ukraine. What have we seen, and what are we now seeing? We first saw the First World lean on small countries around the world and tell them to close up shop. Think about that. The smallest and most fragile economies in the world were practically ordered to stop producing what was only giving them a subsistence economy. Who couldn't have predicted multiple disasters? Then, once the economic re-starts began, Russia got into the act in ways that were sure to guarantee food shortages in those very same countries. The entire world's food production and transportation systems are now in turmoil, and who is paying the biggest price—the weakest and most vulnerable nations on the planet.

Think about who is now "helping." You heard references to the International Money Fund and the World Bank. What exactly are they doing? They're loaning money to those poor nations, so they can purchase emergency food stocks and to service parts of their debt. So, where does that money go? A majority goes to China and Russia—the nation's most obviously responsible for the world's most obvious present crisis.

You should know there's a plot being executed?a con; a scam. You should understand that events of the magnitude we're now witnessing don't happen in a void. There is no accident involved in any respect. Those small and economically vulnerable nations were targeted. They were lined up in gun sights and are now being shot to pieces. By whom, you ask? By the very same people who are shooting at us.

The con, the scam, the plot is to take over those 70 or so bottom tier nations—to own them. We should expect a story line to trickle out over the coming months—those nations have only proven they aren't viable as free-standing states. To make them anywhere close to solvent again, they must be bound into a coalition and governed by an international body that can ensure they all manage their affairs in ways that will allow for their recovery. You'll have to listen to the conversations among United Nations affiliates very carefully to understand what's going on. You'll have to watch moves by the IMF and the World Bank, and listen to the conversations that will be held at the next convening of the World Economic Forum. If you do all that and pay attention, what you may perceive is the first actual roll-out of the full application of Agenda 2030. Those bottom tier nations have always been the first targets—the low hanging fruit. Now, conditions are right. Now the people behind the Great Reset are poised to strike. They're ready to execute the first part of their Phase I takeovers.

There is something else we need to pay attention to; something more near-term. We need to all pay attention to how many people die in the next six months. Pay attention to third world death rates. See if those rates don't climb. Then, look for the reasons given. Keep in mind two of the principal objectives of the globalists are depopulation and de-growth. Watch to see if "progress" is made toward achieving those two objectives. Know that such progress is necessary for Agenda 2030 to have any hopes of success. Remember that the unspoken mantra of globalists is the very same as that of avowed socialists: by any means necessary.

That's what I infer from the video. If you see something else, let me know.

In Liberty,


© Steve A. Stone


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Steve A. Stone

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