Steve A. Stone
This stuff really tires me
By Steve A. Stone
March 15, 2022

Dear Friends and Patriots,

There are times when I just want to quit and walk away. I get so tired of the same old “stuff” that I want to puke.

The old Sailor in me is not happy. The old Sailor in me wants to swear and fight. Not fight with words, either. I’m talking about actual combat-type fighting. I’m to the point of realization that I know all may be lost if that’s not the prevailing attitude among the majority of Americans.

I’ve been paying casual attention to that Ukraine situation. It’s not pretty is it? But, to be clear, I know enough of the history of the region to have a different take on all that’s going on. I understand Ukraine and Ukrainians and am pretty close to Vlad Putin’s position that there’s not a dime’s worth of difference between Ukrainians and Russians. To me, it’s sort of a fight between cousins. But, there’s something important going on that we better pay attention to. A lesson is being taught us and we better sit up and heed.

We yammer on a lot about our “precious” liberty and freedoms, don’t we? We write about them, sing about them, make movies about them, and we get really upset about anything that appear to threaten those things. But, get real, people. What do we do about it? I know someone is going to point to the Freedom Convoy and shout, “THERE! We’re doing something!” But, who exactly is we? Are you driving a truck in that convoy? No, I didn’t think so. Are you even gathering up at a patriotic event to sing songs of freedom and liberty? Are you marching around in your town carrying a sign that describes your anger, your pain, your fright, or even just your confusion? Are you personally doing anything except bitching? If you aren’t, then you’re wasting your time and the time of those who are already doing more. You aren’t choosing. You’re still sitting with a picket fence spike in your rear end. You need to get off that fence and do something real.

Here we sit; here in the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave. We have it all. We have everything the rest of the world wants. All of Africa envies us. The poorest of our poor are equal to the upper middle class in most African nations. All of Asian envies us. Yes, the Chinese do, too. They know they built their societies by modeling themselves after us, and some know they couldn’t have what they do today without stealing from us. Every single country south of our border envies us. That is without question, but if you should doubt it, spend a couple of days in Laredo and ask those people who are illegally crossing our border why they’re here. Australians envy us. They didn’t a few years ago, during those few decades when Australia was more like America’s myth than we were. I won’t talk about the Middle and Near East. I just won’t. I don’t give a rat’s behind who they envy. Now … the Canadians! Do they envy us? Maybe they didn’t up until the last couple of years, but I’ll guarantee you they do now that they’ve realized their PM is a totalitarian and a fool. Even those snotty Europeans envy us. They know we are wild and crazy people in ways they only wish to be. They all understand us better than we understand ourselves – all of them. And, that’s really the point, isn’t it? They understand us, while we don’t understand ourselves at all.

We’ve been patient, haven’t we? We’ve waited things out. We’ve bided our time and twiddled our thumbs. We’ve trusted that our bad days are just a temporary downturn and things are certain to get better, because … well, they always have, haven’t they?

There are two things we should pay attention to in Ukraine today. We should pay attention to the fact that a country that’s rarely existed throughout history and is only 30 years old is now battling for its existence. We should pay attention to what we see – old men, boys, women of all ages – voluntarily taking up arms and willing to fight and die for their country. Ukraine! Just think of that, willing to die for Ukraine! I’m pretty sure there aren’t 1,000 Americans who aren’t of Ukrainian descent who would think of going there to join those patriots in defense of their homeland. If Ukraine falls and is re-subsumed into a revitalized version of the old Soviet Empire, who cares? What’s new? It’s just history repeating itself, isn’t it? Yes, it is. But, which history? And, which history are the Ukrainians fighting for?

If you think I’m advocating in behalf of Ukraine or Ukrainians, think again. What happens there is whatever is going to happen. I can’t stop the march of history, nor change its course by one degree. But, I see something there; something great and wonderful, yet terrifying and terrible at the same time. I see people who intuitively understand more about America’s revolution and founding than most Americans do. I see people who understand the truth that a chance of eventually being a free and prosperous nation is worth infinitely more than becoming a minion state once again. I see countless Ukrainian patriots who refuse to be sheeple. They refuse to yield. They refuse to give up on their freedom. They may lose, but they intend to give it their all. The pundits who prate on about “David vs. Goliath” aren’t far from the truth. Except this time the battle won’t be over with just one rock hitting one forehead. This time the battle may rage for months or even years. That remains to be seen. It may end up depending on what the average Russian citizen thinks of it all. If enough of them turn on their leadership over the Ukrainian incursion, it may just cease one day. It appears the Ukrainians know the truth of that, too. They understand there may be only one way to end their misery – gut it out and fight on. They seem to believe their nation is worth it.

Here we sit, now. Americans, the envy of the world. Doesn’t that truth make you happy? No? You aren’t happy? Well, when are you going to do something about it?

Understand, I’m not advocating for any violence. We aren’t facing any armed external threat. But, we are facing very real and very dangerous threats that we aren’t dealing with at all. It’s true that we’ve been sold out. Our political class has been involved in unimaginable thievery for years. Our military is mainly led by self-interested political wannabes who will follow orders blindly if they think it may promote their personal causes. Most of our media has become a coordinated and overtly Marxist propaganda mill. Almost all major corporations seem to care more about their overseas operations than they do any of us or our concerns. It’s as if there’s a giant fire sale auction about to happen. America is soon to be up for grabs and the vultures of all the world’s stock exchanges are teaming up with all the world’s central banks, just waiting for a whistle to blow so the bidding will start.

All that is true. Know it. Contemplate it. DEAL with it. If you don’t, one day in the near future you’ll wake up and realize it’s possible to lose your nation without an invasion. It’s possible to have it sold out from under you. You’ll understand that you lost everything and have no idea who to blame. If you do decide to do something, pay attention – I want to tell you how to start, where to go, what to do.

Find a group of like-minded patriots. Surround yourself with them. Talk about all the issues of the day. Feed off each other’s knowledge, experience, and anger. Bind your group to similar groups. Create coalitions. Pool your knowledge and material resources. Learn. Plan. Set yourself up for worst-case scenarios. Get your head wrapped around those scenarios and steel yourself so you won’t be surprised by any eventuality.

Find outlets for your anger. Let your politicians know of it. Make sure they understand precisely what drives your anger and what you think they can and should do about it. Demand that they acknowledge it and extract promises of assistance. Let them know you’ll actively campaign against their re-election if they break their promises. Tell them to their faces you’ll publicly brand them for the liars they are. Bring on the heat!

Learn how to communicate on the basis of principles. That’s where our strength is. It’s hard for any politician to withstand honorable citizens who are only demanding they do their jobs and act in our interests – not theirs. It’s difficult for them to demur when you’re making a good, sound, Constitution-based argument. Know the founding principles. Learn to articulate with them as the basis of your arguments. Make sure politicians understand the threat of booting them out of office isn’t idle. Make sure they understand they will be held accountable and the principles we all stand for will prevail – with them or without them.

Be visible. We’ve been in the shadows for far too long. We’re called “The Silent Majority” for good reasons, but we need to learn how to be “The LOUD Majority” now. We’ve suffered for decades under the tyranny of various boutique minority groups cynically created specifically to make us suffer. It’s time to come out, shout out – to be seen and heard. Make signs on anything in the public sphere you find objectionable. Take those signs onto the public streets to wave at passers-by. You’ll be demonstrating your own personal accountability by doing so. If some people object to your signs – let them. That provides opportunities for you to engage them in civil discourse. Make sure you know your principled positions and don’t fear engaging anyone who wishes to disagree – as long as such engagements are kept civil. You won’t be out on the street to be injured, nor to injure another. You’ll be there to be seen and heard. It’s your First Amendment right. Exercise it to the fullest!

Show up. When you hear of any patriotic-themed rallies or demonstrations in your area – GO! It doesn’t matter if it’s your group or even a member of your coalition. If their cause is worthy and principled, just show up and help out. The more the merrier. Look at it as a good opportunity to make new friends and enlarge your personal sphere of influence. Think of all those people on overpasses all over America who came out to show their support for the Freedom Convoy. They showed up. Were you among them? Think of the statement that would have been made if we all were.

If you learn of a regional, state-wide, or even broader-based gathering and you think you can arrange your schedule to participate – don’t hesitate. Keep in mind –we’re all trying to save our nation. Remember the triumvirate of priorities – God, Country, Family. The family is the foundation of this nation, but without this nation all except God is uncertain. Save the nation and secure your family’s legacy.

Lastly, speak out. Look for opportunities to speak your mind in print, on the radio, and on TV. Don’t be like Lindsey Graham and chase the cameras and microphones, but ensure that if you see such an opportunity you grab it. Whenever you’re out in a public setting, whether in a rally or at a demonstration, make sure you have at least a sound-byte worth of words ready to repeat into any microphone or camera that comes your way. The message needs to be short, principle-based, and pertinent to the surrounding event. And, make sure you smile. Nothing sells a message better than a smiling face.

America is not Ukraine. Our attackers come at us through legislation, regulation, and destructive fiscal policies. They are the enemy within. We can’t fight them the way the Ukrainians are fighting Russian invaders. We can’t take to the streets with our guns and Molotov Cocktails and duke it out. We have to use the tools we have. Learn how to use those tools effectively and don’t back down. Learn from the resolve of the Ukrainians. Don’t shirk your duty to our nation.

I admit it – I’m feeling my age these days. All the demands on my time are wearing me out. I’d like nothing better than to lounge in my hammock on nice afternoons and to gather with friends in the evenings for food, drink, and sea stories. I’d like time to learn what “retirement” is supposed to mean. But, now is not the time. Instead, I write, I prepare, I think about tomorrow, and I watch everything. I don’t know if it’s tiring because of my age or because it’s just tiring. I guess I just won’t know about that. I do what I think is right. I do what the situation seems to demand. If it’s to march, then I march. If it’s to be present, then I present myself. If later on a different situation arises and it requires me to stand in the street with gun in hand, then that’s where you’ll find me. Where you won’t find me is cowering in my house trying to wish this nightmare away.

If there’s any part of this message you think is unclear, contact me. I’ll take the time to listen to your critique.

In Liberty,


© Steve A. Stone


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Steve A. Stone

Steve A. Stone is and always will be a Texan, though he's lived outside that great state for all but 3 years since 1970, remembering it as it was, not as it is. He currently resides in Lower Alabama with a large herd of furry dependents, who all appear to be registered Democrats. Steve retired from the U.S. Coast Guard reserves in 2011, after serving over 22 years in uniform over the span of four decades. His service included duty on two U.S. Navy attack submarines, and one Navy and two U.S. Coast Guard Reserve Units. He is now retired after working as a senior civil servant for the U.S. Navy for over 31 years. Steve is a member of the Alabama Minority GOP and Common Sense Campaign. He is also a life member of SUBVETS, Inc., the Submarine League, and the NRA. In 2018, Steve has written and published 10 books.


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