Steve A. Stone
To jab, or not to jab?
Is that a real question?
By Steve A. Stone
December 10, 2021

Dear Friends and Patriots,

To begin, I need to divulge a personal conflict of interest. I’ve worked for the US government in one capacity or another all but three years since joining the Navy in 1970. I retired from civil service on 31 December 2020.

You might think my 50 year span of exposure to our government’s ways would bias me toward official points of view, regardless of the subject. If you do think that, you’re absolutely wrong. I’ve always kept my eyes and ears open and have seen far more abuses of power by politicians, the military services, and civil servants than I could recount – even assuming recounting was all I did with my conscious time remaining on this planet.

Anyone who deals with governments and who understands their life principles, has half a brain, and pays a modicum of attention will encounter one or more instances of official abuse of power on a daily basis. Our government is a bottomless sea of such goings on. That bottomless sea – that’s the swamp Donald Trump was always going on about. He talked about the Deep State, too. All you need to understand there is – the Deep State runs the swamp.

The main subject today is vaccines. I led off with my declaration because it informs you of the main reason you won’t find me lining up for a COVID vaccine, and perhaps no other vaccine again. My 50 year exposure taught me our government is rarely an entity to trust entirely; most of the time it’s not to be trusted at all. That goes for small things as well as the big ones. You all know the Internal Revenue Service has a “Help Line,” don’t you? You should already know nothing any IRS person on that Help-Line tells you is officially conveyed. It doesn’t matter what they tell you, if the agent who reviews your taxes determines the very thing you called for help about is done wrong – it doesn’t matter what you were told on the IRS Help-Line – you’re still liable. I learned that over 40 years ago and realized we have a “no fault” government. No matter what is going on and no matter what the issue is – if the federal government is party to it, whatever position they take is the one that usually prevails. If you have really deep pockets you may fight them to a standstill in a courtroom, but their tactic is always to make you bleed through your eyes in the process. After all, it costs them nothing.

Just think about it – countless thousands of people have negative interactions with our government on an almost daily basis, yet those in power seem confused as to why we – the citizens who are supposedly being served – won’t just line up whenever they tell us to and willingly submit to whatever their instructions are. If you take the Biden administration as being sincere, they appear totally confused by the resistance of so many people. Because they can’t rationalize it any other way they’ve decided anyone who won’t willingly take a COVID vaccine is a right-wing nutjob and Trump supporter.

People are constantly asking me about my “vaccine status.” It’s no one’s business but mine. But, they still ask. If I decide to tell them I’m not vaxxed I always get asked “Why not?” It’s time for me to spell out my case as clearly as I can. Here goes!

THE CONSPIRACIES – Theories or Facts?

Why do we even have such things as conspiracy theories? The conventional wisdom is that such theorizing is the result of a lack of trust in government. When a narrative is told by any government that’s not trusted, people will often cast about and determine their own notion of the truth of it. The entire COVID saga is rife with theories. I consider that evidence enough of a very low level of trust in the government’s COVID narratives.

The COVID vaccines have their own library of theories attached to them. It’s very hard to corroborate many aspects of them. There’s the story of nanoparticles, which are officially dismissed as “only nanolipids.” The official story is the mRNA molecules in the vaccine are wrapped in nanolipids, which are actually liken to grease, to help them penetrate cell membranes. Conspiracy theorists speak of graphene oxide and other mysterious nanoparticles that independent lab analysis has reported. The difficulty in researching it all is finding actual documentation of those reported lab analyses. They might exist. They might not. I can’t find them. But there are intriguing possibilities if graphene oxide is present.

Graphene oxide is a truly mysterious nanoparticle. It exists in nature and is found in minute quantities in graphite deposits. Its form is what’s called a planar molecule and has been likened to a microscopic postage stamp in shape. The molecules align and link up in teeny-tiny sheets only one molecule thick. The fascinating thing about the stuff is that it has properties of metals under certain conditions, and can be used in some applications as a “payload” particle to transport other material.

One of those metallic properties of graphene oxide is how it reacts when in an electromagnetic flux, like a microwave field. Think of what happens whenever you’re not paying attention and stick something in a microwave oven with some aluminum foil still on it. Yeah, graphene oxide does sort of the same thing – it becomes extremely hot and may fragment. But, because it’s so tiny – who notices? Who cares? Think about it this way – if enough graphene oxide is present in your body, or is concentrated in certain tissues, exposure to an electromagnetic field of sufficient strength could create a combustion reaction that would do sufficient damage to a person to either incapacitate them or possibly even kill them. It could theoretically cause blood clots or brain hemorrhages.

So, where would such an electromagnetic field be found? Your own microwave! Or, if that doesn’t do it, it’s quite possible the 5G cell phone signals that are now being bounced around everywhere could do it. 5G is in the same frequency bandwidth as that oven in your kitchen. Think about that next time you nuke something for a snack. Maybe … stand a bit farther back from now on. And, be careful when you get a new cell phone. Under the right circumstances that thing might just cook you.

If any of that is true – then why? The theorists point to the Georgia Guide Stones and say, “Your answer is in stone, man. Just read the plan. It’s been in plain sight since 1978. We’re just seeing an effort to achieve a goal on the way to 2030.”

Let’s go a bit more mundane for a few minutes and talk about some less wild theories.

You do know all the animals in the trials for mRNA vaccines for H1N1 died, don’t you? Yeah, they did. It’s true. Not from the vaccine, though. They died in the second phase of the trial where the animals were re-infected. Yep, all dead. A bunch of dead ferrets. Does that make you wonder why the vaccines being hawked today never went through animal trials? Those who are vaxxed – they’re the animal trial. It’s just true. But, because people aren’t just dropping dead in their tracks, it’s an element of a conspiracy theory.

COVID is a bio-weapon. No, wait! The vax is a bio-weapon. No, wait! It’s not COVID and it’s not the vax, it’s the booster that’s the bio-weapon. Well … what are we supposed to do now? One or more of those is, or is not, a bio-weapon. Which one is it, or is it any? I give up. You know the FDA has asked a federal court for 50 years to produce all the data it has that describes the vaccine. That number is based on the sheer number of documents that mention the vaccine divided by the 500 pages they say they can review and release each month. 50 years! Ooops! I spoke too soon. Just today I see the FDA has gone to court, asking for 75 years. It seems there’s more mentions of the vaccine out there than they first estimated. Are you comforted by that scenario? It’s worse than Nancy Pelosi’s “We have to pass it before we can find out what’s in it” remark about ObamaCare. Whoever wrote the FOIA request for COVID vaccine information did a mighty poor job – or did they? Is what we’re getting from the FDA the intended result? My common sense says it is. But, no, there’s nothing about this that should make people think a conspiracy is afoot. Nothing at all.

One more. I promise you it’s the last. This entire saga, from COVID to the vaccines, to the boosters, is all being done to demonstrate the power and control of governments. COVID is about as lethal as an average flu variant. The numbers for the infected and dead are all inflated just to make people afraid and willing to get vaccinated. The governments know the vaccines don’t really work, but they’re great ways to gage the willingness of a population to line up and comply. It allows a government to clearly see who their problem-children are – the ones they need to watch and deal with. Because (drum-roll, please) it’s all about the Great Reset and the coming New World Order. Yes, indeed. As we get closer to 2030 governments need to know who they should deal with first in order to have a smoother transition to the new global life paradigms that will be presented to the people. The vaxxed – they’re not a problem. They’ve already proven they’ll follow along with whatever is presented to them. But, those anti-vaxxers, those radical, Trump-loving malcontents who keep yammering about their precious freedom – they’ll need to go. And, they will.


Our government made a huge mistake when it created a policy that allows engineers and scientists who create something new in the course of their work to secure patents and copyrights and reap the financial benefits. The official line is the policy ensures some of the “best and brightest” remain in government service instead of going into the private sector to get rich off their ideas. Now they can stay with the government and get just as rich. Somehow that’s a bargain for We, the People. Do you buy that?

Scientists at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) are allowed to secure patents on their work. What do they patent? Diseases they create. Vaccine technologies. All kinds of similar things. Dr. Anthony Fauci is reported to be just such a patent holder, along with many others in the various parts of the NIH. He’s been at it for decades, too. Do you see the potential for huge conflicts of interest?

Follow the money. Always, always, always follow the money when you’re looking for truth.

FOLLOW THE SCIENCE – Whatever That Means.

It’s fascinating to hear government people talk about following science. What exactly does that mean? Science isn’t a static thing. A scientific theory can be generally accepted to be true for decades, then in the blink of an eye, can be proven untrue. A new theory takes the place of the old and new paradigms concerning that new truth are created.

Start with the “6 foot rule.” Do you know its history? Do you know it’s not based on anything but a social assumption? Scientists believe a virus expelled due to a cough or sneeze will travel up to 10 feet. Yes – 10 feet. That’s been the advertised truth for at least a couple of generations. But, when deliberating the imposition of mandatory social distancing rules the “scientists” were advised 10 feet of space between individuals just wouldn’t do. People won’t do that. After extensive debates and consultations with behaviorists the “scientists” agreed to advertise our distancing needs as 6 feet, even though they all know that rule is based on nothing at all. Imagine that, even the “scientists” don’t follow the science.

In the early days of the COVID saga the CDC didn’t promote masking. Dr. Fauci himself once published an extensive study of the conduct of the fight against the Spanish Flu and concluded most of the millions who died during that great pandemic were victims of bacterial pneumonia, not the flu. How’d that happen? Dr. Fauci’s conclusion was the emphasis on wearing masks set people up for pneumonia. Now, ask yourself, why Dr. Fauci could know that and initially warn against wearing masks because “… they do little to no good …” and then change to not only become a mask advocate, but a double and triple mask advocate. What science changed?

Today the pro-maskers are at it again, insisting everyone wear them, even though we don’t see many mandates. Why? Omicron, don’t you know. Omicron?

So far Omicron hasn’t claimed its first victim. People who’ve had it compare it to a common cold. It’s nothing to worry about. But, just to be sure … Everyone mask up, stay masked, keep social distancing, and get your vaccines and boosters!

No one wants to tell us the vaccines and boosters out now have no potency against Omicron. It’s true. But, who cares? Omicron doesn’t kill, so just follow the science and do what you’re told.

Which science?

Oh, you must mean the science that keeps comparing COVID vaccines to the small pox vaccine – that science! Yeah, but the small pox vaccine – that worked, didn’t it? And it lasted pretty much a lifetime, too. The COVID vaccine lasts … weeks, perhaps a few months. As vaccines go, this one is lame. But, wait! The boosters will get us where we need to be. Just take the boosters. And, the virus variants can be coped with by tailoring those boosters. Yes! It’s true! Or so the governments say. But, riddle me this, Batman:

  • Why is Israel, which has compulsory vaccinations and has a national vaccination rate over 90%, contemplating issuing a mandatory vaccination order for the fourth booster? Do any of them actually work?

  • If the vaccines protect against anything, why would we need boosters?

  • If the boosters add layers of protection, when will we ever reach a state of – enough?

  • If I’m taking a vaccine to prevent getting COVID, and it doesn’t. Then, I take a booster, and it still doesn’t. And, then I’m told even though it doesn’t prevent an infection or even a reinfection, at least it will allow me to avoid going into the hospital, but … it doesn’t. And I’m told “the unvaccinated are the spreaders; the real problem” and “all the hospitals are clogged with patients who are still unvaccinated” and all that turns out to be untrue – why bother? Where is the gain?

  • Why was natural immunity good enough in all the years past, and the concept of herd immunity was a standard medical belief, but all of a sudden for COVID natural immunity was reported to be non-existent at first, then to offer only limited protection for a very short time, and herd immunity seems impossible to achieve? Why does the entire country have lifetime immunities to pretty much everything, but not to COVID? Is it me, or is there something extra-special about COVID that makes that “party line” narrative true?

Just what is “the science?” It’s whatever the bureaucrats in Washington say it is. You either accept what they tell us, or be branded “anti-science.” The expectation is – we all either line up, or shut up.

THE GOVERNMENTAL PARTY LINE – An Ever-Shifting Narrative

Listening to government people on COVID is like trying to follow a golf ball hit off the tee without looking down the fairway. You just never know where things are going next, with one caveat – it never gets better. First we didn’t need to worry. COVID wasn’t here, and if it does get here it can be contained. Then it was something easily mitigated by the usual sanitation practices we exercised during flu season – wash your hands often, cough into your elbow, don’t go to work sick, stay away from people who seem ill, etc. We didn’t need to mask, because masks are pretty much useless. Then it was MASK UP EVERYONE! And, COMMENCE SOCIAL DISTANCING! Then it was mandatory shutdowns of everything in the country, except for big box stores and selected other giant companies, which remained open even while their small business competitors were ordered to close.

School closures were the worst. Even though people under 30 rarely have anything to worry about from COVID the schools were ordered to shut down. Who were they protecting from what? Were NEA member being protected from working? It wasn’t the children being protected. Our government has almost zero concern about the welfare of children except during election-times. Now, all of a sudden the focus is on the kids. I don’t know about you, but when someone has their eyes on someone else’s kids, something isn’t right. Is there a difference between an individual pervert and an official government pervert? Something is very, very wrong there. And, now there’s a huge push to vaccinate all kids ages 5-11. Someone explain that. Why vaccinate a population that’s not at risk? When it comes to COVID, death is extremely rare in those under 20. Of those who have died from it 90% had underlying issues and it didn’t take much extra to cause their demise. Our government went from assuring us COVID is not a disease that the young need to worry about to an almost maniacal focus on sticking needles in all the nation’s kids anyway. Is it just me?

In the earliest days of the so-called pandemic there were reports of effective treatments by hydrochloroquine (HCQ) and, a bit later, later by Ivermectin. Officials of the NIH and World Health Organization (WHO) went to battle stations. They have effectively banned any treatment using either HCQ or Ivermectin, or any one of half-a-dozen other treatments reported by doctors in the field as effective in combating COVID. The medical bureaucracies would have nothing of it. They threatened doctors and hospitals and took control of the supplies of both HCQ and Ivermectin. Today both are extremely difficult to get, even though both are handed out like candy in most third world countries. We know why. We do. Others might not, but we do. We know standard medical policy had always been to develop vaccines only for deadly diseases with no effective treatment – something like Ebola. This is where we have to put our thinking hats on, because COVID is provably not any deadlier than the seasonal flu (which, by the way, has been totally eradicated somehow) and doctors have already proven many treatments are effective in minimizing its severity and duration. Think about that, then just think about one word only – MONEY.

Today I’m supposed to be afraid of Omicron. It’s Omicron, OMYGOD! Except that no one has died from Omicron – anywhere. But, if things take the same course they’ve taken before we’ll soon hear of deaths, then more and more deaths, supposedly from Omicron. Assigning cause of death – that’s just a few letters on a piece of paper. If it helps push the right narrative, what’s the problem? As my favorite Civil War General, Nathan Bedford Forrest, was quoted as saying, “Boys, we gotta keep up the skeer!

What will tomorrow bring? Another variant? Yet another booster? Perhaps an entirely new virus? Anything is possible when the stakes are high enough. And, to me, the stakes appear to be higher than they’ve ever been. Everything is at stake; freedom throughout the world, and even the continuance of America as a sovereign nation.


If you monitor news on COVID and vaccines from around the world you should be aware that much of what we’re told by the NIH is not borne out by facts. We’re told all our so-called protective measures work, yet countries that employed no such protective measures have had at least as good an experience combatting COVID as our own. We’re now told the unvaxxed are clogging up the hospitals everywhere, but with an acknowledged population vaccination rate over 70% in America and as high as 90% in Ireland and Israel, yet still with high hospitalization rates, that simply can’t be true. Where are all those unvaxxed people coming from? Then again, if all the unvaxxed are now getting sick from COVID, then isn’t that sort of a good thing? Won’t all who survive acquire natural immunities? With reportedly just at 50 million cases of COVID in our country to date and supposedly 792,000 deaths, the case rate in America is 0.014, or 1.4% and the death rate is 0.0002, or .02%, using a population estimate of 335 million. If you look at the numbers you arrive at a death rate for the infected of 0.0156 or 1.56%. That doesn’t sound like an epidemic to me. It doesn’t even sound scary. That’s just the numbers.

A lot has been made of the testing program. Focus for a moment on the tests themselves. The inventor of the polymerase chain reaction testing (PCR) went on record regarding the proper use of the methodology. He stated that if the tests are misused they aren’t accurate for their stated purpose. He was talking about LOD – limits of detection. That is the threshold at which a test can confirm a positive diagnosis. The higher the limit is set, the more false negatives will be experienced. Conversely, the lower the limit is set, the more false positives will be experienced. If the LOD is set too low it’s conceivable the test will return almost 100% positive results because humans always have some viruses in their nasal cavities – most of which are harmless to us. One thing most people don’t know about PCR tests is it tests positive for dead viruses as well as live, since it’s actually testing for the presence of genetic material typical of the virus being sought, not for the virus itself. What’s the concern in this regard? The NIH has lowered the LOD for PCR testing for COVID at least twice in the past two years, leading some virologists to conclude testing is almost useless as a gage of whether or not an individual has COVID. Why were the LOD limits lowered? In the first few months of testing it became apparent the tests were extremely unreliable, with some reports indicating a test error rate of around 90%. The thought at the time was the LOD threshold was too high, so it was lowered to improve accuracy. Then, it was lowered once again, and now some of those same virologists complain that the tests have an excessively high false positive rate. What’s the truth? I can’t tell you. To me, there’s a likelihood the PCR tests are just plain worthless. They may work fine in a controlled lab setting, but it may be something out in nature perturbs it when used in the field. Who knows? I just don’t recommend placing a lot of faith in the tests. Instead – know the symptoms.

Back in the middle of last summer the concern for COVID shifted to the Delta variant. I heard stories from doctors about emergency rooms being clogged with patients and ICUs full of unvaccinated people who had COVID. I looked into those stories and found something a bit startling. Reports of those clogged ERs were true, but they were not just COVID patients, but all kinds of people with all kinds of problems – just as always. And the ICUs – there was only one hospital I looked at that had an ICU full of COVID patients – only one. Most of the rest were full, but they had the usual mix of patients. It seemed to me the stories were planted to create fear and uncertainty. One doctor I know became so afraid he went ahead and took the J&J vaccine – something he said he’d never do. He’s a surgeon and was told by his hospital they were canceling all surgeries for two weeks to cope with the influx of COVID patients. It has since been revealed the curtailment of surgeries was real, but the reason wasn’t. It wasn’t because of COVID, but because the extra income of COVID diagnoses made it financially advantageous for the hospital to curtail surgeries and concentrate on those who tested positive for COVID. There’s that money thing again.

We keep hearing from officials in Washington and from WHO that we have to keep getting vaccinations and boosters, yet something just doesn’t seem right. Vaccinated people are getting COVID. Vaccinated people are still ending up in the ICU. Hospital COVID cases are now dominated by the vaxxed, not the unvaxxed, yet the unvaxxed are still singled out as “the problem” with the continuance of the pandemic. No consideration is made for natural immunity of any kind. People are increasingly required to produce a shot record – a Vax Passport – to travel in anything other than their personal car, to go to restaurants or movies, or to gather for events. In Australia they now hunt down anyone who tests positive for COVID and put them in isolation camps in the very middle of the island continent. Yes, they’ve established concentration camps in Australia. I recently saw an annual event put on by the US Navy submarine community that now requires a Vax Passport and continuous masking to attend. And, yet, when you look at world-wide data you see the vaccinations and boosters have made no discernible difference in infection rates. Today we see an increasing official concern over Omicron – a variant with no vaccine or booster. The party line story is the current vaccines and boosters will offer “some” immunity to Omicron. But, when they only offer “some” immunity from the original COVID and Delta Variant, you should be asking, “What exactly is “some” of “some”? “

CONCLUSION – Wrapping Up

My conclusion is very simple. I see no compelling reason to take a COVID vaccine. I know people die from COVID. People die from the common cold (another coronavirus). They die from the flu (or at least they used to). But, they also die in far greater numbers from tuberculosis, and I have seen zero evidence of any kind of panic over that untidy little fact.

Everything I have seen and heard regarding the COVID saga, since January of 2020, has convinced me there is something of a grand game being played. We are all being victimized. I won’t elaborate on why beyond my statements early in this text. I’m not one to adhere to conspiracy theories, but when the facts are more in line with those theories I do tend to gravitate in their direction. Whenever I contemplate how all aspects of the medical end of COVID are incentivized by acts of Congress and the fact that the families of those who have COVID listed as their cause of death on their death certificates are eligible for government compensation “to defer funeral costs,” I can’t help but believe our government is managing this saga, but not as a crisis. It appears to me to be a concerted initiative. Why else would our government pony up billions of dollars in incentives for positive diagnoses, hospital admissions, ICU admissions, and death certificates – all stating people have COVID and have died from it. I’ve stated in print many, many times my belief that you always get the behavior you incentivize. Our government wants the highest COVID infection rate it can create – whether it’s real or manufactured. Why else would it pay for it?

Some may not mind being scammed. I’m not one of them. Unless I’m hog-tied and have no means of resistance I won’t take the government’s jab. I advise all of you to do likewise.

In Liberty,


© Steve A. Stone


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Steve A. Stone

Steve A. Stone is and always will be a Texan, though he's lived outside that great state for all but 3 years since 1970, remembering it as it was, not as it is. He currently resides in Lower Alabama with a large herd of furry dependents, who all appear to be registered Democrats. Steve retired from the U.S. Coast Guard reserves in 2011, after serving over 22 years in uniform over the span of four decades. His service included duty on two U.S. Navy attack submarines, and one Navy and two U.S. Coast Guard Reserve Units. He is now retired after working as a senior civil servant for the U.S. Navy for over 31 years. Steve is a member of the Mobile County Republican Executive Committee and Common Sense Campaign, South Alabama's largest Tea Party. He is also a member of SUBVETS, Inc., and a life member of both the NRA and the Submarine League. In 2018, Steve created 671 Press LLC as his own marquee to publish his books under—he does it his way.


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