Steve A. Stone
Taking it from the top
By Steve A. Stone
June 21, 2020

Dear Friends and Patriots,

I’m going to use an analogy to help you better understand this argument. The subject of this offering regards all that’s happening in the streets of our county as well as its ultimate objective. Now, I want you to think of Chicago. I picked Chicago only for its physical and topographical aspects, nothing else. You all know it’s a very big city that has one quadrant bordered by Lake Michigan, and it spreads pretty much straight west, straight south, and southwest from the city’s lakefront area in a rather large and rectangular fashion. It also has a lot of railroad tracks running into it. Chicago is one of our nation’s greatest rail hub cities. The rail lines run into the city from all possible directions, in sort of a spider web fashion. For this analogy, Chicago represents the principal objective of all those rails and all we’re seeing and experiencing on the streets of America today. The efforts to achieve that principal objective, Chicago, are very like the rail lines. They come from all directions, but they all end up at the same point. Each rail line has its own origination, designation, and its own characteristics. Each has its own story, and each contributes to the principal objective, but they never cross. They may run parallel at times, and sometimes one rail line has a spur that acts as a feeder to another rail line, but the main rail lines don’t intersect. They don’t need to. They only exist to serve the objective. Each has its own assigned role to play.

Do you have that picture in your mind now, a picture of a map of the U.S. with Chicago on Lake Michigan’s south-western tip, spread out over many square miles southward and westward? Chicago, with an entire network of railroad lines running from the East Coast, West Coast, and Gulf Coast and points in between, all running right into its heart. That picture is important. It’s the same structure as the plan for all you see. There’s one element of that structure that’s not apparent in that picture in your head—time. To consider time, I want you to imagine trains on each of those railroad tracks, heading to Chicago. Each train left its point of origin on its own schedule, sometime in the past, moving inexorably toward its principal objective. Part of the plan is for all of them to arrive at the same time. I know, you think that would be a giant mess, don’t you? You don’t know the half of it! But, that’s the plan. I’m just explaining, not trying to rationalize it.

Now allow me to rename some things. This is where the analogy gets translated into the reality. Chicago is Agenda 2030. I could embellish that with a couple of pages of dialog on the Agenda, but that might dilute the focus I want you to have. For this mental exercise, just think of Chicago as Agenda 2030. The objective is for all those trains to arrive at Agenda 2030 at the same time. When? Sometime near the year 2030. Got it? Good!

The rail lines all have names. Not Union Pacific, AMTRACK, CSX, or Norfolk Southern. Not those names. The rail lines of this analogy are named for the principal activities they represent, activities aimed at the achievement of the ultimate objective – Agenda 2030. There are many of them. They aren’t named for the titles of the Agenda’s sections, which anyone can find on the United Nation’s website. Instead, they're named for enabling activities; things that must happen to make Agenda 2030 a reality. Here are some of their names:

    1. Infiltrate Colleges and Universities

    2. Infiltrate K-12

    3. Change the Language

    4. Implement Social Reorganization

    5. Create New Interest/Rights Movements

    6. Infiltrate Governments

    7. Infiltrate America’s Finance System

    8. Infiltrate All Mass Media

    9. Infiltrate Professional Sports

    10. Infiltrate the Film Industry

    11. Create Fear

    12. Create Chaos

    13. Promote Anarchy

    14. Create Division

    15. Etc.

I’ll give a very brief summary of each of the activities above. Each of them is worthy of a book-length examination, but none of us has time for that. We only have time to grasp the high points and understand the fields of play. Here goes:

    1. Infiltrate Colleges and Universities—this is the longest and most complex rail line. It started before 1930 and continues to this day. This is not only one of the longest-running of the progressive activities, but also their most successful agenda item. Most large colleges and universities in the country were successfully infiltrated during the decade of the 1930s. Indeed, the Great Depression and the neo-socialist constructs of the FDR administration served to facilitate the penetration of those campuses. Today, we all understand the truth that almost all public and most private colleges and universities are staffed by ideological progressives. There are a few prominent conservative voices on campus here and there across the country, but their percentage is truly low and their voices are decidedly muted. Progressives rule all aspects of the modern American higher education experience. The effort to penetrate the institutions of higher learning was understood as a pivotal enabling activity. It made the successful accomplishment of most of the other activities possible.

    2. Infiltrate K-12—was not one of the earliest rails. In fact, that activity didn’t begin until 1951. It was forced to wait until there were sufficient numbers of progressive-indoctrinated teachers graduating from the various feeder-colleges to make a substantive difference. Since 1951, the various education degree programs have churned out countless thousands of K-12 teachers who believed in “modern” educational theory and were also advocates for progressive causes. Today, all public education is in the hands of ideologues who promote progressive social agenda items and advocate for educational methodologies that guarantee the phenomenon we’ve long called “dumbing down.” Even though our high school graduates are unquestionably less capable than just three generations before, they go to colleges and universities in ever-increasing percentages to continue their indoctrination.

    3. Change the Language—this is very significant progressive effort. If you compare a dictionary published before 1950 with one published in the past decade, you need only walk through them page by page, comparing the definitions of the same words in each. If you did, it would amaze you how the language has changed. The most amazing part is how certain key words used today have the exact opposite definitions from those once in common use. While it’s true language does naturally evolve over time, it’s also true that media and political speech and the effects of TV programming have accelerated the phenomenon. When language change emanates from those two sources, it’s easy to confuse conversations. It’s purposeful. For some time, until people grasp the meaning of new uses for old words, conversations are easy to misconstrue. If you’ve watched TV news very closely over the past two decades, you should be aware of a very odd, purposeful phenomenon. You have seen many examples where a conservative-oriented speaker debates a progressive and they appear to be in perfect alignment. To the casual observer, they appear to agree on all but nuance. That’s exactly why the purposeful perversion of the language is done. It creates false appearances that even the participants may be oblivious to. It’s an example of how progressives achieve their near-term objectives without raising an eyebrow. When up is now down, backward is now forward, left is now right, and right is now wrong, but one participant in a conversation isn’t aware of those changes, it’s often easy to gain agreements to proposals one party is adamantly against.

    4. Implement Social Reorganization—this activity is a hydra. Using our railroad track analogy, this is a main rail line with countless feeders and spurs from all over the nation. Social reorganization encompasses many distinct activities. Among them are new family paradigms that redefine the very concept of “family;” the general acceptance of the use of welfare programs; the purposeful diminution of the role of religion in society; increasing reliance on federal activities in lieu of state and local; a continuous increase in the number, scope, and influence of special interest groups; an emphasis in all levels of our society to adhere to very fluid rules of political correctness; the ever-increasing emphasis on acceptance of political thought that was widely discredited 100 years ago while concurrently promoting negative viewpoints of traditional American values and habits. The social reorganization of America has established a new climate of acceptance of all the progressive enabling activities, those trains now on the move toward Chicago. Now there is an established and solid base of support for that ultimate objective, even though as many as 90% of those who support it are doing so without any awareness of the Agenda at all. Our social reorganization has been so complete it’s relatively safe to say almost half of all Americans are emotionally and intellectually attuned to accept the major initiatives of Agenda 2030 without question. This is where our main danger lies—unquestioning acceptance of the kind of society proposed by Agenda 2030 means the total demise of The American Experiment.

    5. Create New Interest/Rights Movements—although seeming to be a sub-part of Item 4. this activity deserves unique mention. Progressives have always practiced the strategy of social division. Early progressive initiatives like the old eugenics movement and the promotion of abortion as a means of controlling target population growth have expanded and evolved in ways that now dominate the political conversations of the nation. Progressive initiatives are the main tool used to divide our society on the basis of race, sex, ethnic attributes, religion, economic status, sexual orientation and behavior, and many other aspects of humanity. They continue to parse our society and create new interest groups. The intent is to promote division and discord, and to generate sufficient noise and energy to allow them to make strides in their other activities without being noticed. Division and discord are “cover” for the progressives, meant mainly to divert us from paying attention to their works.

    6. Infiltrate Governments—another of the oldest activities. The Great Depression created a golden opportunity for progressives. They had the advantage of our country electing a president who was so oblivious to their intrigues that he became their unknowingly greatest champion, at least in the first half of the 20th Century. FDR may or may not have been an ideological progressive, while it’s without question the First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt was. Many, many people who became career civil servants and politicians during the long reign of FDR were indoctrinated in progressive ideology by first-hand experience in implementing progressive agenda items. Keep in mind also that our federal government has been the major promoter of the United Nations ever since its post-WWII inception. The United Nations was infested by progressives from its first day. It has always presented a danger to the American way of life, but the media has always worked hard to obscure that truth. The infiltration of governments continued apace in the succeeding decades at all levels and gave rise to the ultimate progressive, Lyndon Baines Johnson. LBJ’s administration greatly accelerated and broadened the various activities of the progressive agenda. At the federal level there are two operative terms that reference the people being discussed—the “swamp” and “deep state.” At the state and local levels, progressives are almost universally identified with the Democratic Party, though it’s absolutely true there are many, many members of the Republican Party who are also in the progressive ideological camp.

    7. Infiltrate America’s Finance System—the Federal Reserve (Fed) has a fascinating history, which most of us are familiar with. Most comprehend its creation as one of President Wilson’s more egregiously harmful progressive initiatives. (Perhaps second, when you stop to consider that the Income Tax was initiated under Wilson, too.) It was done years before the progressive movement was subsumed into the sphere of the Communist Party of America and the American Socialist Worker’s Party. The Fed’s creation was a notion of the original progressives; those who organized the Progressive Party in Wisconsin, headed by Robert LaFollette and later by his son, Robert LaFollette, Jr. The Fed was supposedly formed in order to prevent wild swings in the financial system that resulted in economic recessions and depressions. How did that work out? The Fed couldn’t prevent the Great Depression and hasn’t appeared to do much to prevent any subsequent recession. Its main function seems to be to maintain the financial health of the major New York banks regardless of how the economy at large performs. Today, the Fed continues to hold the reins of our financial system and the major banks continue to be its main beneficiaries. That is evidence of an alliance between ideological progressives and those who truly run the banks and Wall Street. We continue to see progressive financial theories of John Maynard Keynes in play. The most recent manifestation of Keynes’ progressive influence is the adoption of New Monetary Theory by the Democrats in Congress and the concomitant rise in our national debt. To one extent or another we are all affected by the control progressives have on our nation’s financial undertakings.

    8. Infiltrate All Mass Media—this is an activity enabled by the infiltration of the colleges and universities, as described in 1., above. The major schools of journalism were special targets from the earliest days of that enabling activity. We can all see and hear the results. Those who were trained early on were taught to conceal their own ideology and to present news events in a factual manner. Most of the earlier progressive-indoctrinated journalists were pretty good at hiding their own opinions and beliefs, but as time has passed, especially since the great social upheavals of the 1960s, journalists have become less and less objective in their presentations. Today, there is an obvious schism in journalism. There are a number who ply that trade who appear to be predominately conservative in their reporting and opinionating, while the field is overwhelmingly dominated by those who now promote the various aspects of progressive initiatives. When we hear the term “mainstream media” we all understand who’s being referenced—progressive activist journalist and lapdogs. There is precious little evidence of objective journalism today. Perhaps that’s a good thing, too. With the domination of progressive ideology in most media it may not be prudent to attempt to be even-handed any longer. It may just be that the only rational course left is to choose one side or another so the dumbed-down public can see the bright dividing lines between advocates of freedom and liberty and…those who are trying to end all that.

    9. Infiltrate Professional Sports—this is a recent initiative. Progressives have now decided it’s time to exercise more control over our thoughts. If you’re a fan of any major sport and choose to sit in front of your TV and watch hours of contests and commentary, you’re going to be subjected to both subtle and blatant progressive propagandizing and indoctrination. The major sports corporations are yielding, one after another. Make no mistake about it, they’re yielding to blackmail in attempts to save their business operations and protect their own gilded lifestyles. They are now conduits for progressives’ activities, but not the targets. The targets? That’s US!

    10. Infiltrate the Film Industry—this activity is one of very long standing and has its roots in the earliest days of Vladimir Lenin’s time as the leader of the Soviet Union. He recognized the newly born Russian film industry as a great means of implementing propaganda and indoctrination. Our American film industry was targeted during the 1930s and most studios employed ideological communists as script writers and directors. The union movements in Hollywood ensured the majority of those who worked in the tradecraft of the movie industry were sympathetic to the positive presentation of communist and socialist themes. Keep in mind that communist ideology was not suppressed in that age. It wasn’t until the post-war anti-American intent of the Soviets under Stalin became too apparent to ignore that America began to wake up. In the meantime, the film industry churned out countless ideologically progressive messages in the form of dramatic expression. Whether or not any actor or actress was a knowing promoter of progressivism is not a useful question to pursue. It’s unquestionably true that too many screen writers and directors were card-carrying members of the American Communist Party and willing shills for Soviet intrigues. Today, we see major “stars” in the Hollywood film industry openly supportive of progressive ideology and initiatives. They are only increasing their volume and active participation over time, as their industry increases the level of sophistication and subtlety of their progressive oriented messaging.

    11. Create Fear—a fundamental aspect of all progressive activities. There are many aspects of fear the progressives have always promoted: fear of authority, fear of hunger, fear of being marginalized by a capitalist society, fear of discrimination of any kind, fear of “vast right-wing conspiracies,” fear of a lack of economic opportunity. If you want to understand the various permutations of fear, you need only consider the plethora of adjectives now appended to the word “justice.” That adjectival attribute is a formal characterization of fear, and is precisely what progressives promote as a control mechanism. Progressives have always operated on the basis of instilled or provoked fear. Just turn on your TV—watch and listen. The news, opinion programs, TV dramas, and even the so-called comedy programs we see today are all involved in fear-mongering. The intended purpose is to shape our perceptions of life in America; to ensure our perceptions are predominantly negative. If fear can be instilled as a major component of a person’s thoughts, it’s much easier to then instill hate.

    12. Create Chaos—this is an overarching activity that has always been part of progressive strategy. Whenever things aren’t going their way, the progressives will always resort to chaos. The type and level of chaos varies with the situation and the importance of the near-term objective, but whenever faced with a situation where one of their trains is delayed on its tracks the most reliable strategy they employ involves some form of chaos. It may be a labor strike. It may be a demonstration. It may be a riot. It may even be a purposeful gyration of stock market activity. Progressives are masters at creating chaos. To ensure their success, they will lie, cheat, and engineer phony situations as a means of facilitating the chaos they need to either further their ends or to purposely divert us from something they don’t want us observing. People who have caught on to the progressives’ habit of manufacturing chaos have created their own specific sub-category of conspiracy theory—the false flag event. Not all national events are false-flag, but as time goes by and we get nearer to the deadlines of Agenda 2030, we should question all we see and hear from the media. We’ve definitely seen false-flag events, and we will see more. The success of many progressive undertakings today depends almost entirely on chaos. More and more people are aware of them and their objectives. As that awareness grows more and more trains experience slow-downs and outright stoppages; as the frequency of those delays increases, we should all expect commensurate increases in frequency and the levels of violence. The progressives would prefer to achieve their ultimate objective without violence, but they understand that’s not going to happen. They’re already growing desperate. Expect that desperation to increase and the violence to continue to increase. Remember, people, we are at war!

    13. Promote Anarchy—this activity is akin to and accompanies chaos, but has characteristics that are distinct. Anyone can create chaos. Street thugs and gangs can be motivated to be instruments of chaos. But, anarchy is a specific kind of chaos. It’s aimed squarely at weakening or destroying governmental controls and any form of law enforcement. A truly committed ideological anarchist is the most dangerous kind of urban terrorist. Their mantra of “burn it all down” is something you need to understand. They’re now in the forefront of the progressive campaign to dominate the streets of America. It’s true they’re only useful idiots, but that truth offers no comfort to the people who have watched their livelihoods disappear as the anarchists busy themselves by destroying anything they choose. Anarchists believe they’re smart people and aren’t aware they’re little but fools and useful tools of the progressives. They aren’t smart enough to comprehend the nonsense of their own beliefs. We watched anarchists prevail in Seattle and set up an area of the city as their own. It seemed to be a totally lost message when they first established borders and checkpoints for their new zone, then posted armed guards at checkpoints, and went further by defining permissible activities in certain areas of their zone of control. Anarchists began creating control systems—a government—as soon as it was apparent they had achieved their objective. What does that tell you? It confirms all I’ve ever believed about the fiction of anarchism. It’s just what I said—a belief for fools and tools.

    14. Create Division—in a unified society there is peace, there is stability, there is order, and there is certainty. Progressive ideology cannot exist, much less thrive in such a society. Most activities of the various parts of the progressives’ undertakings, those rails leading to Chicago, are intended to create division. It’s a central enabling objective of all they do. Japan is a perfect example of a society that works overtime to preclude social division. They’re often assailed as xenophobes, but it’s hard to argue with the results of their social philosophy. America’s own founding would seem to argue against ever achieving the kind of unified society that would result in that level of peace, stability and order. We’ve always been a nation marked more by its wild and wooly personality than by calm. That’s the kind of dynamic social construct that helped make our nation great in the first place. But, there should be limits to any social division. We should be smarter as a society and work overtime to reveal the intrigues that promote division solely because it favors the overall progress of the progressives’ agendas. But, it appears we aren’t that smart as a nation. Most people today aren’t even aware of progressivism and have no clue of their principal objective. They believe it’s all conspiracy theory and hokum. If they’ve heard of Agenda 21 or Agenda 2030 they believe that also is just conspiracy theory. Far too many Americans have grown so intellectually lazy and politically apathetic they no longer tolerate any challenge to their beliefs. Laziness and apathy are precisely the traits that set them up to be willing participants in activities that lead to ever-greater social divisions. Many are now convinced their ignorance makes them “good” and “just” and “right.” They believe as they do because it feeds their undeserved need to feel superior.

I won’t bother you with #15. It’s a catch-all of many other activities that further enable the achievement of the main objectives of Agenda 2030. If you want to know more about them, do as I did and download the Agenda and study it. Go further and study the many progress reports the U.N. web site has in their archives. Learn what the agenda objectives mean; how they translate to tangible reality. Learn how other nations have re-engineered aspects of their societies to accommodate their own system of railroad tracks and trains. If you don’t learn you’ve willfully chosen ignorance over objective truth and knowledge. If you don’t learn, you won’t recognize when an Agenda initiative is at work in your own neighborhood or town. If you don’t learn, you may become an unknowing participant in an activity that moves one of those trains further down the tracks toward Chicago.

This discussion will not include the future if Agenda 2030 becomes a reality. I won’t tell you what America will be like once all those trains arrive. I’ll tell you this much only—it will be everything the best dystopian novelists predicted, and much worse. I will tell you that 99% of humanity will live in some degree of involuntary servitude. I will tell you that the very people the Agenda infers it will affect the most are its major benefactors and sponsors. I would tell you more, but we are all weary from this conversation. Let’s just end it here and save that for later.

In Liberty,

Steve A Stone

© Steve A. Stone


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Steve A. Stone

Steve A. Stone is and always will be a Texan, though he's lived outside that great state for all but 3 years since 1970, remembering it as it was, not as it is. He currently resides in Lower Alabama with a large herd of furry dependents, who all appear to be registered Democrats. Steve retired from the U.S. Coast Guard reserves in 2011, after serving over 22 years in uniform over the span of four decades. His service included duty on two U.S. Navy attack submarines, and one Navy and two U.S. Coast Guard Reserve Units. He is now retired after working as a senior civil servant for the U.S. Navy for over 31 years. Steve is a member of the Mobile County Republican Executive Committee and Common Sense Campaign, South Alabama's largest Tea Party. He is also a member of SUBVETS, Inc., and a life member of both the NRA and the Submarine League. In 2018, Steve created 671 Press LLC as his own marquee to publish his books under—he does it his way.


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