Victor Sharpe
We must prevent America following Britain's fate
By Victor Sharpe
December 27, 2017

In my previous articles I have argued that the unholy trinity of multiculturalism, diversity and political correctness is the cause of the destruction of freedom everywhere its malevolent infestation is allowed to take root and metastasize.

Tragically, it is rampant in the nation that gave us the Magna Carta and the Mother of Parliaments. A friend of mine who lives in the North of England, which has become home to large populations of Muslim immigrants, mostly from Pakistan and Bangladesh, wrote to me recently with the following stark words:

"The UK is finished! Islam will have changed the landscape and the mindscape within not 50 years, but fifteen years. Our civilization, heritage and culture was born from our Judeo-Christian heritage. I don't know how it has been lost so quickly. After all, there are more than physical borders, but cultural borders. It's who we are, or were.

"We are following Europe into this demise. None of the EU treaties mention Judeo-Christian culture anymore. Much of Europe murdered its Jews in the Holocaust or stood by and did nothing to stop it. Now its replacing them with Muslims who – unlike the millions of Jewish souls who perished – hate us and will never assimilate, but are here to convert, dominate or kill us.

"There is no voice for Judeo-Christian values, and our culture is only invoked to demand more tolerance more unitedness, more subjugation with nothing in return. Much as our values are mentioned in these demands, such as individual liberties, freedom of expression, separation of church and state, equal justice under the law, they are never referred to as Judeo-Christian values. We never see clips of European leaders attending church even for commemoration services. All we hear from our leaders, and especially the Prime Minister here in Britain, is that Islam is a religion of peace; even as its followers commit brutal terror against us."

My friend, who also laments the desperate fate of Brexit, went on to warn America what may be coming, "if measures are not taken to control your borders and way of life." As she added: "America is just a few years behind what is happening to Britain."

The will of the British people in voting for Brexit appears to be increasingly dismissed by the globalist elites in the corridors of power: Britain's own swamp. Instead, what is taking place is an indelible stain upon the face of what is left of British democratic values or the will of the people. Nigel Farage, Member of the European Parliament, and staunch promoter of Brexit, recently pleaded with the words: "We Want Our Country Back."

Political Correctness and diversity are just two of the causes of the demise of Judeo-Christian values and beliefs. In Britain, Jewish schools and synagogues are now forced to have armed guards protecting them, as they do throughout much of an increasingly Islamized Europe. The endless influx of Muslims brings with it their hatreds – including vicious anti-Semitism – and this is the failure of European and British Christianity to stand up for itself and against it.

How could British voters have almost given the premiership to a man such as Jeremy Corbin, who is now head of the extreme leftwing opposition Labour party and who may yet defeat the weak Conservative Prime Minister, Theresa May in a parliamentary vote of no confidence? Part of the answer is the electoral landscape with Muslims overwhelmingly voting for the Left in yet another unholy alliance, and Labor candidates taking extreme pro-Islamic postures in order to garner their votes. And so the destructive slide continues apace.

According to the eminent British daily newspaper, The Daily Telegraph: "Corbyn has taken thousands of pounds in gifts from Islamist organizations closely linked to the terror group Hamas, whose terrorists he described as friends.

"He has travelled to Iran at the expense of a secretive British-Iranian multi-millionaire who employed a number of other British parliamentarians as consultants to build business links with the terror enabling country. He has allegedly hosted, promoted and vigorously defended vicious anti-Semites and racists. These days it is Islamist causes that claim more of Mr. Corbyn's attention. Others on the Left may support negotiating with Hamas, whose aim remains the complete destruction of Israel and which continues to bombard Israeli civilians from Gaza with lethal missiles; but no other MP supports Islamists with quite the frequency and fervor of Mr. Corbyn."

The PC nonsense here and in Britain allows for situations to now exist which would have been laughed at and considered the stuff of fantasy not so many years ago. For instance, in Britain there awaits a case in court where a respected teacher was dismissed because he referred to a girl as a female. Transgender nonsense has been allowed to become law. Freedom of speech is withering.

The Anglican church has distinguished itself by what passes as leadership – weak, irrelevant and out of touch. It has bowed to every trendy thing – usually at the cost of any principles or Judeo-Christian dogma:

- altering procedures to accord with secular society.

- increasingly following Left-wing dogma – anti-Semitism, hatred of Israel, ad nauseam.

- ignoring the plight of their co-religionists throughout the Islamic world.

The Church has simply walked away – and the people have also walked away with it.

My correspondent from the north of England ended her letter with these chilling words:

"Prime Minister May is rumoured to be favourable to Islam and sharia law. A policeman told me that many in the so called elite have already sold out."

© Victor Sharpe


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