Dan Popp
By Dan Popp
November 1, 2014

Erasist: A person who thinks he can erase your argument by calling you names.

If you think that voting to tax your neighbor is different than robbing him with a gun, for the love of your soul please don't vote.

Just say "No" to contrarianism.

In the fantasy-world of the left, corporations force you to work for them, then force you to buy from them; but the government only coerces you because it loves you.

"God is Too Big To Fit Into Any One Religion" – but apparently small enough to fit on your bumper sticker. Sweet.

A tattoo is a personal statement. That statement is: "I'm never going to be any wiser than I am today."

The left's god is crippled and deformed. S/he has a list of "Do's," but no "Don'ts" – prescriptions, but no proscriptions. Real morality requires both.

You can't prevent a disease outbreak by saying "There can never be an outbreak here." Question: Is that self-evident, or just patently obvious?

It's an axiom of the left that the "village" trumps the individual. Except when the individual can infect the village with disease.

Including moral disease.

Don't like your job? Hey, buck up; you could be quilting toilet paper.

How can everyone be responsible for everyone else, if no one is responsible to anyone else?

Politicians can't "forgive" student debt. They can only shift that debt to someone who didn't contract it in the first place.

Isn't an endoscope the most aptly-named instrument ever?

One reason campaign polls are unreliable is that they don't sample the dead, who tend to break heavily Democrat.

If Democrats are so proud of the popularity of their programs, why won't they ever let anyone opt out?

If you're only courteous to people who can help you, you're not showing courtesy; you're waitressing.

Why is it that Federal and State authority can overlap when it's something unconstitutional like Medicaid, but not in constitutional duties like securing the border?

If we required a mental health screening to hold public office, how many functional branches of government would we have? (A) Fewer than one. (B) Look, a duck!

Congressional committees thinking about taxing internet sales are like the guy who shot himself in the foot and said, "Oops. Now they're unequal," and took aim at his other foot.

How does "gay marriage" harm my "traditional marriage"? Oh, gosh, I dunno. How does my counterfeit money harm your real money?

Our Constitution is simply too long to be what some people think it is. A document forming an unlimited government could be written in two words: "We surrender."

Someone who has no shame will never have any honor.

Most people agree that it's wrong to tax the winnings of Olympic athletes. Of course it is. But can someone explain to me how their earnings are different than mine?

A "progressive" is a person filled with righteous indignation while denying the existence of righteousness.

Why is there a fence around the White House but no fence around the country?

Technically, they do call these appliances "dish washers," not "dish cleaners." So, covered.

A shamanist is someone who admits he's not smart enough to understand an issue, but believes he is smart enough to judge which experts are right about that issue.

If leftists were consistent in applying their standard of "settled science," they'd be trying to silence those who say that some people are born gay. Or is some science not settled until they get the result they want?

Why do politicians imagine that rich people got rich by taking money from someone else? Just because that's the only way politicians know how to do it?

Hypocrite: A socialist who locks his doors.

Putin is Obama's Obama. Apparently Obama doesn't like it when big shots do whatever they want, with no regard for the rules.

You're either with the Tea Party or the Teat Party.

One consolation of seeing burger flippers protesting their market wages outside McDonalds is that at least we know there are no economists flipping burgers at McDonalds.

Mine is a household name, if you survey the right 7 or 8 households.

I love this phrase, "the right side of history." Leftists are always certain about future history, while knowing zero about actual history.

An election-day reminder: "Cool and candid people will at once reflect, that the purest of human blessings must have a portion of alloy in them; that the choice must always be made, if not of the lesser evil, at least of the GREATER, not the PERFECT, good." – James Madison, Federalist 41, emphasis in the original

© Dan Popp


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