R.T. Neary
Counterfeit government – This mediacracy is running wild
By R.T. Neary
January 10, 2021

Essentially within the nature of humankind there is an innate quest for the truth. Only the cynic thinks otherwise.

Human beings are like cut diamonds: multi-faceted. This quality allows each of us to reflect the best of our worldly existence – when exposed to the proper light. Yes, this beautiful human nature when immersed in certain environments is able to sparkle. This quality is edifying – and on a spiritual level.

Thank God for human creation. It is clearly the highest in this magnificent existence that we call reality.

Some in our human family, however, are quick to point out that there is often a dark side. Surely we experienced far too much of that in 2020. Too many in today’s fast-moving world have incorporated a basically negative view into the core of their worldly behavior. They act without any true reflection.

Unbeknownst to this large number of humans, their negative view has been cultivated by factions in our society in order to accomplish an array of devious goals, while exploiting them in the process. Goal attainment is what matters – period. The humans are merely pawns.

This last election turned out to be a perfect example of the incorporation of this latter way of thinking. Employing dark side tactics, a calculating cabal re-captured the highest political office in this nation – followed by the U.S. Senate. Stealth and fraud were heavily involved, and they were aided and protected by operatives within the FBI, the Department of Justice, and much more of the Deep State. It may have been best stated metaphorically that there was a heavy thumb on the scale.

These Deep State elements are taxpayer-financed, unelected governmental bodies established to support the citizens’ rights delineated in the United States Constitution. The Deep State's activities run totally counter to this end – and even when revealed to be subversive, the perpetrators are without apology.

They know prosecution will never come because the justice system is corrupt and two-tiered.

This result – unless the public awakes from its slumber – will lead to the destruction of what we have ardently fought to preserve for nearly 2 and one-half centuries. We are now in real danger.

This once-Christian nation, in the last 100 years, mustered its citizenry, particularly its youth, and crushed the most heinous forces imaginable in Godless Nazism and Communism, which caused over 100 million deaths. Now the country has visibly abandoned its basic principles. This did not happen by chance. Secular Fundamentalism has replaced the power of organized religion. At its essence is the rejection of God and Divine Power.

In today’s secularist milieu, youthful mobs took to the streets in 2020 and in essence were screaming, “Give us Barrabas,” rather than being followers of Yeshua, the Nazarene. On a broader scale this attack on our Judeo-Christian principles is multi-dimensional. Its core elements are easily identifiable – and observable in action each and every day – particularly in the political arena.

It would be unthinkable for decent people to allow this great heritage to be destroyed by forces which are clearly in play. Complete moral outrage is the only acceptable response to the physical assault and break-in of the Capitol Building by so-called Trump supporters during the official electoral vote certification. This type of rioting is totally inexcusable, regardless of what the nation experienced by left-wing radicals in 2020 across the breadth of the country in major U.S. cities. The 99 per cent, 50,000 or more, who peaceably assembled in protest were respectful of law and order on Jan 6. 2021.

The 1 per cent were in no way representative of 70 million-plus voters who cast their votes last November for the President.

The deaths which ensued should never have happened, and the nation must return to respect for human life and non-violence across the entire political spectrum. We were established as a nation under God, and this type of action is satanic. It must always be roundly condemned. A pause is mandated, though, before we initiate our collective response: a very thoughtful pause.

For the older, more worldly- experienced adult, the best place to orient oneself mentally, and chart his or her course is centered in this magnificent Godly nature itself. A late-day healthy walk is both mind-clearing and therapeutic, as we ponder actions that must be undertaken to save our nation.

As beautiful as viewing the sunset is, the feelings we derive from this experience, however, are relatively brief. Our positive nature, however, cannot help but ponder that while the sun sets from viewing daily, its brightness essentially is eternal. Our Creator-given rights are exactly the same.

As we come back thoughtfully to Planet Earth, the sun seems to have set now on the great American dream. All of us in this beautiful nation simply cannot allow it to be final.

The microscopic invader from Wuhan, China was not purely accidental. There are many, many questions still to be answered. What is crystal clear is that Covid-19, whatever its intent, revealed a great deal more about the structure of our national government than the mediacrats ever wanted exposed. Nonetheless, it is all visible now, and the power remains within this society to end it.

There is a clarion call for a major course correction. Then we can await a new dawn, replete with awareness of great gifts which we have received through God’s Providence.

The Democrat Party nominee for President said before Election Day that this campaign was for “the soul of America”. Our being fully aware of some of his many shallow campaign utterances, he surely was using these words only as a figure of speech. On this count, however, he was exactly correct – because for over a half-century we have been engaged in an intense spiritual war.

Fortunately, with the results of the voting tabulated after Nov. 3, 2020, we must reflect on the role that God’s Providence has played in the USA’s past. History has demonstrated countless times that our clocks are not in sync with The Creator’s. Once again, though, we have been given a wake-up call. A very loud one. The outcome of the 2 Georgia Senate races on January 5th were another jolt.

Any individual who has been living in the U.S.A. in this 3rd millennium A.D. and has not recognized that our government should best be labeled a mediacracy, rather than a democratic republic, is in need of both perceptive and cognitive assistance. The best therapy for this individual has no fee involved. Just look upward at this expanse that goes back to the beginning of time. In this vastness of creation, we must ask how could we have been given such marvelous gifts – and still find the nation so petty and divided? These reflective thoughts, in pondering the trillions of other creations above and around us, is awesome in its true meaning. Anyone who is not humbled by all of this beyond each of our individual selves has real problems.

Yes, at some point we must finish our reflections, and then get down to firm moves –without apology. Climate change itself has become a quasi-religious issue, exacerbated and exploited by the media and politicians both. It is not time to totally ignore it – but to place it in its proper perspective, historically and otherwise. Most level-headed people are actually doing just that.

The intense spiritual warfare now raging in this country has been essentially ignored in this mediacracy. Any serious discussion of the topic is avoided. The mediacrats in control could never even use the expression “Creator God”. They would be excoriated by peers within the various components. God Almighty, though, has never abandoned His human creation. We do have a purpose – and are possessed of enormous collective power, which ironically starts at the individual level.

This 2020 election campaign is historical in one significant respect by openly demonstrating the half-century-old movement to destroy every trace of our Godly underpinnings. It certainly should have reached Greco-Roman levels as a unit of study on an academic level. It hasn’t. Academia since the 1960s is a salt that has lost its flavor. It has not only morphed into being a major part of this devious effort, but has become a smug reflective body, passive mediacrats, rather than a distinguished body of high-minded scholars in pursuit of objective truth. Such utter hypocrisy!

That iconic ivy-covered institution of learning named after a Puritan Massachusetts preacher, now stretching far beyond the historic Charles River, has a nest egg worth over 40 billion dollars.

Yet, the word Veritas is remotely visible at various vantage points among the bricks and cover of ivy vines. The thought of having to adhere to Truth would force them to close up shop post haste.

The entire concept of morality very clearly is currently on a subjective level. The word “morality” itself now has a negative connotation in common parlance. While originally said in jest, the expression “I am the center of the universe,” is actually the practice. Truth is subjective in contemporary America, and tolerance is what should be the rule. A modern practice of tolerance says that my view of right and wrong and yours are both equal. It sounds good, but in practice ends in their empty words. In other domains, such as politics and religious tradition, the concept does a back-flip.

Notwithstanding the new approach in what is labeled as modernism, Truth and God are One.

They are inseparable and seeking out truth is a prayerful endeavor. What we are viewing in our country today is the opposite effort. This thrust is transparent, evil and destructive.

In this current internet-influenced world, this raging spiritual warfare is omnipresent. In every sphere of this contemporary existence, as with past history, light will ALWAYS extinguish darkness. That is if we are not finally nearing the Last Days. Yes, reading some of today’s signs make these next few years far less than optimistic ones.

What is perhaps the most earth-shaking concept to ponder as we pass by this 2-millennia, 2-decade marker on our calendars is that of a Last Judgement – more specifically an INDIVIDUAL final Judgement with NO ONE excluded. Any mention of this concept is anathema in all quarters today, but it is as real as every thought, word and action over which we, as individuals, have had control in our lifetimes. True believers are very much aware of its reality.

In this sexually-saturated, media-dominated society with females now even using incestuous crude expressions, it may surprise many of our citizenry that a 3-letter word is what essentially is the foremost malignancy slowly devouring our vital socio/political sphere. It is the lie.

Both practices are vile, but the lie is more widespread and now all-encompassing. The corona virus is microscopic, but the lie is not only perceptible without using any magnifying device – but it could be responsible for considerably more damage to humans. The lie has permeated every aspect of society.

President Joseph Robinette Biden is an inveterate liar. He is a model study of how, with the proper circumstances falling in place, the American political milieu allows total fabrication of the truth to assist a person’s ascent of the political ladder. Joe’s defense mechanisms. a very interesting study in themselves, demonstrate that it is virtually now in the Biden bone marrow. As we move into the year 2021, it will become more apparent in Joe, whose son Hunter is already at toxic levels, as well.

Mediacrats have given them a pass on their criminal multi-million-dollar Ukraine/China dealings.

The U.S, Constitution is relatively precise as regards its mechanical functioning. The concept of one man-one vote is not an abstruse one, nor is the near-sacred value of his or her vote to every citizen.

We should cherish it in this constitutionally-created Democratic Republic.

The metrics following the Fall 2020 national voting in this USA figuratively emit a stench from the polling and tallying locales in many of the key states in this 50-state country. We are referring to a nation which is exemplified as the purist form ever of this model of governmental structure.

Because of its being a proxy, many in the Judeo-Christian faith attach this sacred aspect to his or her Individual vote. The year 2020 saw votes desecrated by manipulation and even flipping – bought, sold and even created. We are referring to non-residents – as well as voters long-since deceased.

Mail-in voting is fraught with the danger of criminal behavior. If extended beyond the legitimate cases of shut-ins or some other legitimate inability to make it to the polls, it is an invitation to disaster.

Capitalizing on the pandemic situation, the Democrats exploited heavily-populated urban areas to pad the numbers tallied astronomically. There are sworn affidavits under penalty of perjury referring to truckloads of blank ballots delivered to Democrat officials at the polling places for vote processing.

Many citizens, including former President Jimmy Carter, have forewarned of the danger In expanding this privilege. On the totals alone, the overwhelming number of millions of votes cast for Joe Biden over those received by both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama is a clear indication of the down-right dishonesty involved in 2020. The total of Biden/Harris votes actually cast is ballooned.

While hardly mentioned in the MSM, is the fact that President Donald J. Trump was voted by the people after the election and before the New Year began to be the most popular man in the USA. He beat out all contenders including Barack Obama – while leaving Joe Biden in the dust.

The evidence that the 2020 Presidential election in the USA was hi-jacked would easily be proved by an honest, open investigation of the documents and equipment involved. From the Dominion voting machines employed to the type of programs and programming devices compatible with them, the counting and tallying processes wreak of criminal activity of various sorts.

The entire mail-in ballot process and early voting system was not only a radical change from the past, but it was designed to end the Trump/Pence administration. Much of it resembled techniques used by corrupt “banana republics”. Democrat Party officials and countless other self-serving individuals were involved. The malignancy they created is still in place – and will metastasize. It has to be excised.

Even analytical studies done by organizations such as Harvard showed that 90 per cent of the pre-election MSM stories on the race were anti-President Trump. The media were horrendously biased, and most analysts admit that votes for the winner of the 2020 election were clearly anti-Donald Trump, rather than for the Biden/Harris ticket. Mediacrats never did let go of the reins, nor will they until there is a complete expose – and the concept of morality is revived.

Facebook, Google, Apple, Twitter and Verizon sound relatively innocuous. The names were carefully chosen to project that image. They and a host of other so-called Hi-Tech giants are far from.

These corporations are run by billionaires – and given special legal privileges. Billionaire tycoons are currently involved in a gigantic chess game. Contemporary Americans are their pawns.

In the 2020 elections, Hi-Tech did finally see more voters start to become aware of the enormous unconstitutional power they had usurped through Section 230 of the Communications and Security Act of 1996. President Trump’s use of Twitter actually helped bring this to the fore.

Section 230 endowed Big Tech with this enormous special privilege, even in depriving us of the constitutionally-granted right of free speech. These Hi-Techs are granted broad protection from legal liability by Section 230 even to Facebook’s blocking some individuals in making Right To Life comments.

The Hi-Tech officials are unelected mediacrats, and not only hold enormous power over daily events and happenings, but government functioning itself. The image Zuckerberg. Dorsey, Gates, et al., project is of being respectable entrepreneurs, deserving of being paid homage by the public. Together with MSM tycoons such as Bezos and Bloomberg, they have to be placed under the spotlight. Soros and scores of others are openly buying massive political power with their huge personal wealth.

These mediacrats have given us this counterfeit government – with China, Iran, Russia and several other world powers relishing it. North Korea and Iran have made multiple overt threats of unleashing nuclear and biological weaponry. Covid-19 is just a glimpse of how they intend to crush us.

Much more is known to be under wraps. Donald J. Trump was the one man they really feared.

There is now a new leader of this country, notwithstanding the fact that each of the 2 top executives have already referred to themselves as President. After Jan. 20,2021, both are just the props for multiple power blocs in control of what is still officially known as the United States of America.

Joe Robinette Biden, the “Irish kid” as he calls himself, is currently the 46th President. He also calls himself a practicing Roman Catholic. He is not, but rather a “baptized” RC. There is a marked difference. This is clearly evidenced by his recently expressed positions and actions relative to the value of human life from conception to natural death, biblical marriage, and the 10 Commandments inherited from our Hebrew forbears. The man is sick and a blatant hypocrite with a little girl fetish and countless psychological disorders reported – but then quashed. The taped story of his loving the children who rub the summer-bleached hair on his legs, before he sits them on his lap is absolutely grotesque.

Joe’s bloodlines are predominantly English with some French heritage and he is around 1/5th Irish. This label he still uses, but it had more appeal a half-century ago. His juvenile tough guy stance could be best diagnosed as “reverse toxic masculinity,” with the role “Dr. Jill” plays. She is more of a “mommy” than his wife. Her fighting off a female attacker of Joe on a stage was tough to watch.

Calling their “romance” and courtship messy, would be charitable. Predictions are that his current cognitive deficiencies will shorten Joe’s elected term. The Harris camp is betting on it.

Vice-President Kamala Harris, who – no pun intended – has dropped the Vice on different occasions to refer to herself as President Harris. Harris has made a pitch to African-Americans by calling for reparations for the heirs of former slaves, while she is in reality a descendent not of slaves, but of Jamaican plantation-owners. On her mother’s side, the family was from the privileged Brahmin class in India. The route she took to rise politically in California involved her being the mistress of a powerful African-American politician. That would not seem to qualify her.

The reality of where we are now on the world stage, when the history of the last 4 years are truthfully written, will record Donald J. Trump’s Presidency as being one of amazing accomplishments.

The 45th President could very well rank as the greatest in our lifetime. What he inherited and where he has taken this nation is phenomenal. In fact, at times it is unbelievable, given the outright dishonesty of the mediacrats who joined forces to thwart and destroy his efforts at every turn.

The Trump accomplishments ranged the entire planet and were real, not fabricated by political operatives and wordsmiths. He not only was intellectually honest but also had alligator skin. The fact that mediacrats such as Facebook and Twitter, in the last fortnight of his elected term as U. S. President, would announce they would not allow him to use their social media platforms is Orwellian.

In January 2021 it is not the Constitution which is revered by those in power, but rather that Section 230 giving the High-Tech companies freedom from legal liability. The “26 words that created the internet” set up an automatic alliance with Wall St., Hollywood, the MSM, Academia and a slew of power brokers who last November 3rd showed the entire world how they work. Surprisingly, the world does not fear them. We must without reservation contest their power until these megalomaniacs are stripped of control over our individual and collective lives.

They exploited a virus created in a Wuhan, China, virology lab and used it to rig an election. In turn, they exploited a weak-kneed judicial system, which for decades now has refused to abide by its original purpose. Donald J. Trump may very well now have turned the Judiciary in the right direction.

The oligarch rulers of this mediacracy are gloating now that 202l has arrived, but they are hi-jackers, and we will not stand by idle. No, using law and order and our Constitutional rights in this Democratic Republic, the country will be returned to the people who are the real owners.

God’s way will be the one we must follow – as always has been the intent!

© R.T. Neary


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