R.T. Neary
Spring 2020 reflections
By R.T. Neary
April 19, 2020

2020 Reflections – Why not start with our natural surroundings?

Forecasts for a politically turbulent year 2020 have permeated every segment of our news for the last couple of years without let-up. In reality, however, the purveyors of the gloomy forecast were the designers of it, reflecting this mood in every story they transmitted.

Rational people, though, still do exist in this great land, and they could perceive that there is a natural beauty in just joining two decades to two millennia in our Christian calendar. The sound itself, twenty-twenty, has a symmetry to it.

Ironically, symmetry which we observe so much in our everyday lives often contrasts with that which we find in nature – such as a beautiful New England early spring sky. Asymmetrical, yes, but still breathtakingly beautiful! It is sure to give us pause.

While we spend much of our time ordering our surroundings in our daily endeavors, the mental processes still call for flexibility, as well.

Logical reasoning – in its essence – is an orderly process with truth necessarily being its goal. Truth is essential to living proper lives, but in today’s world it has lost priority. In fact, the goal of pursuing objective truth has been discarded in our society. Relativity now prevails. What’s in it for me? is foremost. Those we down-deep admire, however, rise above this shallow thinking. They are principled, and this quality is a pre-condition for genuine leadership.

Honorable people in any walk of life must start on a firm moral foundation. Flexibility is then what we employ to determine what can be accomplished, and in turn use logical thinking. That would seem basic, but It almost always involves rising above countervailing forces all around us. That is not new! Nor is the fact that these forces may be evil.

We live in a Judeo-Christian society, notwithstanding those who do not like it to be stated that way. Despite this nation’s oft-blemished façade, its basic constitutional core was built on biblical principles.

From the book of Genesis, given to us by the ancient Hebrews, to the book of Revelation composed by St. John during his last days on the Isle of Patmos, we have been given granite moral underpinnings from which to build on. Its truth can never become stale.

The purpose of the division of humankind into man and woman was clear from the beginning. We have all descended from that master plan, countless generations since Genesis was recorded. And nowhere in this master plan, all the way to the end of Revelation, does it promote the destruction of progeny while housed within his or her mother. In fact, the woman is unique, being endowed with a magnificent organ called a uterus, still the world’s greatest incubator.

Despite some absurd claims that Sodom and Gomorrah were laid waste because of practices of inhospitality, nowhere in the Good Book is there a call for the elevation of same-sex physical relations over a coital act as the first human step in reproducing our species.

Any objective reading of the Bible is fruitful because it affirms a clear dichotomy of good and evil in all of human history and societies. This is coupled with the individual and collective need to assure that goodness eventually prevails.

Our powers of rationality are in need of sharpening. Clearly, they have dulled, as we view this divided American society – with the lines so sharply drawn.

The current President of these United States of America is a biblical character. Is he slated for sainthood? Far from. Is his past clean? Bring in the censors! But first do some research on David, Solomon, and some other great figures in the Good Book many millennia ago. Compare their actions with the Mosaic rules of conduct. Then determine what kind of leaders they turned out to be, and how much good they accomplished in their lifetimes.

Our current resident in the Oval Office has done an outstanding job – under the worst of circumstances. He is truly a man for these times. The Providence of God is far from being easy to understand.

This nation’s serious split brings back thoughts of those mid-1800s – our never-to be-forgotten Civil War days. Then, however, there was a clearly-drawn Mason-Dixon line. Today’s gap is ideological – but just as recognizable. There is a mandate, however, to address major internal issues, if we are to return to the cherished ideals on which this great nation was founded.

Too much blood has been shed in the country’s wars to shirk from today’s call. We are not yet a year past the beautiful 75th celebration we had of D-day, when so much bravery was displayed to turn the tide on an evil encompassing most of the world. We must never forget!

In our constitutional republic, two major political parties now have now arisen from our history. Both of them, the Republicans and the Democrats, have stains that neither likes to admit. Some resulted from mistakes in judgment; others were flagrant misdeeds. At the current moment, though, on a moral plane the Republicans are in possession of the high ground – by far. One can assert that the current Democrat Party is pursuing an absolutely evil course.

On two major positions, the Democrat party allows for no dissent by forces within its ranks: the absolute right to destroy a newly developing human being in the womb at any stage of development, and the right to legally marry a member of one’s same biological sex. Both of these are legal rights, handed down by interpretation of the U.S. Supreme Court, and were never even alluded to at the 1787 Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia.

The legal right to willfully destroy a developing innocent member of our human family goes far beyond traditional Judeo-Christian values. Human life is supreme in God’s creation, and our founding documents were clear in listing first this supreme principle. Not only has the Democrat Party cast this concept aside, they now celebrate the legal destruction of newly-created humans.

Miniscule as we humans may have started at fertilization, now as full-grown members of planet earth’s most advanced society of living beings, we have now experienced an unforeseen microscopic threat to our species with its origins in Wuhan, China. Given our advanced human intellectual ability, in 2020 one would have expected a coalescence of the leaders of the various forces which are collectively in control of American society. Sadly, this didn’t occur.

President Donald Trump displayed his great leadership qualities from the outset, but the Democrat/mainstream media (MSM) coalition were anxious to find ways to cast blame on him. As he has done so often for three years, his perception skills and ability to respond came quickly to the fore. A relatively early order to stop any incoming flights from China turned out to be an enormous life-saver.

The blatant bias of the Democrats’ elected leaders, the White House press corps, and the MSM was not without expectation. Some of the headlines and captions are still beyond belief, however, with AOL distortions still leaving a reader’s head shaking in disbelief.

An unexpected irony emerged, though, right down at the people level. It was something we Americans have not been witnessing, especially during the last four years. The introduction of “social distancing” brought out many more walkers and joggers in suburban neighborhoods, escaping home confinement.

Waves, friendly greetings and genuine smiles were very much in evidence, and a really pleasant milieu permeated the spring air. The genuine respect displayed for the human family had to be likened to that concern and real affection people had for one another after Pearl Harbor and more recently 9/11/01.

This current happening has given many people a chance to display dignity, as well as respect and caring for humanity. Volunteers from town senior citizen centers and churches telephoned and ran errands for older residents. This kind of cultural jewel is native to our heritage and must be polished to sparkle long after spring 2020.

In the political arena, Sen. Bernie Sanders would follow his fellow New England aspirant to highest office by suspending his campaign in April. There is, of course, some irony here in that both of these “New Englanders” migrated to the area, Sanders from NYC and Elizabeth Warren from Oklahoma. While Bernie does not run from his Jewish roots – he rarely even alludes to them – Sen. Warren exploited hers until forced to abandon the outright lie of having a Cherokee bloodline by the now-famous 1024th DNA findings. Harvard University still avoids admitting of this non-fact, which is why she was elevated to the U.S. Senate – “representing” the Bay State. Dishonesty at its worst.

Former Vice President Joe Biden, with the MSM minimizing a plethora of gaffes and the egregious billion-dollar deals of son Hunter with Ukraine and China, has emerged as the front-runner to challenge the president. A woman with the first name Hillary has been conspicuously silent.

This man is clearly lacking cerebral health – to be kind in stating it. On the campaign trail, a short time back, he stated, “Let’s be clear. Transgender equality is the civil rights of our time. There is no room for compromise when it comes to basic human rights.”

With another statement that he will run on a ticket with a woman VP, at least we are now beyond the possible Buttigieg combination. Biden/Butt doesn’t ring well. Too many implications.

Pete Buttigieg, the former South Bend, Ind., mayor, did end up in a virtual tie in Iowa, but was the delegate winner of the nation’s first Democrat primary. He still had a full head of steam as he headed to New Hampshire, hoping to deflate some of Sen. Warren’s Leftist support. The ex-mayor kept his “husband” Chasten mostly off the national stage and still had aspirations of gaining the nomination, until he saw how the Evangelical Southern Baptists viewed the possibility of him in the Oval Office. Uncle Joe Biden then lured his support with a promise of a cabinet or other high government position.

With this scenario, Thomas Jefferson’s words come to the fore again: “I tremble for my country, when I reflect that God is just, that his justice cannot sleep forever.”

The start of Passover and its Seder meals coincided with Holy Week in 2020. Seder, which is derived from the Hebrew word for order, seemed to be pointing us to an orderly approach in the type of thinking we must apply to the existential social and political problems we all are facing. Religious Jews are as sickened by the actions of the Epsteins and Weinsteins as are other Americans, and many Jewish conservatives among them wish more attention was given to the likes of Mark Levin or Dennis Prager, whose views are more in concert with ancient Semitic teachings. Sadly, even media from Israel report that up to 80 per cent of those identifying as being Jews today support the right to abort a child in the womb. To a lesser degree, over 66 per cent of Jews in polls say they are in favor of same-sex marriage (SSM).

Evangelical Christians were perhaps the most effective voting bloc in assisting Donald Trump’s ascension to the Presidency Nov. 8, 2016, while they seemed to overlook the man’s morally tarnished past. This certainly caused much eyebrow lifting by the analysts. The Evangelicals still remain strong supporters, as they feel that he has followed through with his campaign promises.

An argument can also be made that he survival of the state if Israel in recent decades was because of Evangelical Christians, rather than Zionist Jews. Whatever the arguments, Evangelicals' religious zeal for the nation of Israel, although for different reasons than the Zionist Jews, is very strong.

At his time of year, Jerusalem has enormous implications for all calling themselves Christians. What happened in these surroundings nearly 2 millennia ago made Resurrection Sunday the corona of the Christian Faith. This happening in Jerusalem on Resurrection Sunday is the apex or crown of all that is believed about the Messiah, Jesus the Nazarene.

President Donald J. Trump not only displayed courage but exemplified that which was not shown by his predecessors by putting the U.S. on record in accepting Jerusalem as the country’s capital. He has also formally submitted a peace plan for a permanent two-state solution for the territory so contested since 1948.

Though the mediacrats control the dissemination of what our world and nation is experiencing during our difficult times, the sun continues to rise every day and it still reflects the beauty of nature and our American values. We intend to regain control of our lives by using the God-given power of rationality, which easily perceives the transparency and self-serving goals of the MSM, telecoms, academia, Wall Street, and the entire array of power blocs. The MSM modus operandi has been so exposed at White House briefings that some media outlets have decided to skip them all and just create stories Much of the media spin and contact distortion is entertainment in itself. Typical was the follow-up response of the media-savvy president to a PBS correspondent’s assertion that his previous reference to her as “you people” was racial. She showed such ineptitude that one should expect a re-assignment before November 3rd. No chance. PBS news has been in serious decline since MacNeil/Lehrer days and now reeks of political correctness and allied ailments. It could be said they are still in a freefall. Some of the newer female commentators are horrendously inept, and blatantly biased against heterosexual Caucasian males.

This year, 2020, with its worldwide invasion by a predatory invisible killer wearing a crown, may produce far more overall good in the end. Surely not the majority of the population, but a large number have started sorting out the value of life – and eternity. What is perceived as even the closest of calls with death will usually do exactly that.

The overwhelming number of churches were completely empty Resurrection Sunday when they are usually overflowing. When looking at their closed doors on April 12, 2020, however, a brief thought about the temporal nature of this earthly existence must have struck many individuals.

All of us would do well just to glance for a moment upward toward Heaven. There are an enormous amount of benefits in being a member of this Creator-endowed human family. And freedom both to worship and to practice our beliefs is still paramount.

This inheritance has been stolen from us, but we are going to take it back – constitutionally.

© R.T. Neary


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