R.T. Neary
Media-ocracy – Our alien federal government
By R.T. Neary
January 5, 2020

America's Constitutional Republic is unique because of its two basic principles: the division of the governmental structure into three equal and distinct branches with specific powers, and the checks-and-balances principle. The latter was essentially established to keep each of the three branches within its own constitutionally established authority.

Our U.S. Constitution was superbly written to delineate how our government would function. It contained fixed parts, and its Preamble starts by beautifully establishing that "We the people" were speaking.

No longer are WE the real voices! A perceptive change has taken place.

Sadly, this longest-lasting constitution in world history has been co-opted by a new governing body outside of the careful wording. A conglomerate of different factions, now increasingly more organized and often with high-sounding names, has assumed governmental control. These powerful entities are openly directing our individual and collective behaviors daily. Not only have we been made aliens in our own country, but ironically in an undocumented fashion.

The ultimate irony, though, is that Merriam-Webster does not even list this governing body as a definable word. Yet, we are indeed living in a Media-ocracy.

There is no Greek derivative such as "Demo" within this title because it is not "of, by and for the PEOPLE," but only benefiting those individuals in control of this array of powerful elements. The concept of this nation being a Democratic Republic, as was established originally, has been usurped under the veneer of pursuing a noble cause. It is far from this intent now, and worse still, has the power to destroy us from within.

A "medium" is easily understood as anything which comes between any two objects – certainly not an esoteric concept. The "media" plural of medium is when the concept multiplies and/or diversifies, and it is here that it becomes more manipulatable. We have overlooked this glaring reality far too long.

These "mediacrats" who are controlling this once United States of America are not just those Involved in the dissemination of what is still referred to as "news." Rather they are multifarious, although most individuals would think of media as only those identifying themselves as being in the newspaper, television, radio, or allied fields.

From Silicon Valley, California, to Cambridge, Massachusetts, across the nation's breadth, however, there is a multitude of other organizations that produce not only verbal, digital, and internet products, but are in the process of manufacturing "news." What is most important is to know that many people in diverse fields and professions are in reality "spin doctors," far removed from pursuing truth. They even reject the essential objectivity of the concept of truth.

Beyond those heretofore identified are numerous elements and entities which come between the average citizen and real daily happenings, which have or will have an impact on their lives. Some of these media can be downright nefarious.

In recent years, our nation's oft-stated belief in the rule of law, as built into the Constitution, has been made a mockery. We are now ruled by power blocs, with the law approached from the angle of how the entire legal structure can be manipulated or subverted.

The FBI, traditionally thought of as the most effective police force in the world, is an outright disgrace. While the average citizen once would never have thought of them as such, the top echelon of the FBI, without ever receiving a single vote nationwide, has assumed a powerful role in the Media-ocracy. This undocumented form of government now rules these United States of America.

Constitutionally, the FBI is under the Executive branch and subject to the orders of the U.S. President, currently one Donald J. Trump. The FBI top echelon, along with many other federal bureaucrats, despise President Trump, and his removal from office has been their prime goal, rather than protecting our national integrity. Former FBI head James Comey may have been the most open in his disdain for protecting classified information and his repeated displays of hubris.

With the expansion of the government bureaucracy starting with FDR and the New Deal in the 1930s, internal governmental structures were built and many grew exponentially. With individuals escaping the need for ballot box affirmation required of elected officials, these burgeoning governmental structures attracted many who sought to use this avenue to gain power. Often known by the label of bureaucrats, which they now eschew, it was for them the best of all worlds. Now by their acts, and the new structure which has evolved, a large number are more accurately identifiable as mediacrats.

In recent years, as the usurpation of powers and abuse of their true roles became more evident, the label "Deep State" started to gain usage in describing them. It was appropriate as evidence of more of their downright shenanigans, misdeeds, and outright crimes emerged.

An adulterous relationship with the worst of foul-language communications between FBI lawyers Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, combined with outright disdain for protocol, made this usurpation of power more evident. Some higher-ups, such as FBI chief Robert Mueller and his successor, the cavalier James Comey, acted as though they could operate and, in reality, govern without restriction.

Unfortunately, Comey, Andrew McCabe and others were giving us the equivalent of another Executive branch, sanctioned only by the power blocs which operated through the governmental bureaucracy. They maintained direct links with leading members of the news media to the point of openly leaking classified data to them. New York Times and Washington Post mediacrats, especially, had a direct line to them. This is in diametric opposition to the way this Constitutional Republic was designed to serve the citizenry. In fact, many of their actions were criminal and they should be prosecuted.

This Deep State has been in close collaboration with the mainstream media (MSM) top ranks composed of the Associated Press, Washington Post, New York Times, and the host of alphabet soup TV/radio networks from ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, PBS, and politically Leftist outlets. Fox News, although showing signs of much slippage this last year, at least generally presents the views of the political Right.

One America News (OAN), although lesser-known, presents conservative news programming and some fine documentaries. Their investigative reporting is incisive, often exposing the MSM's total omissions.

They must, however, never be confused with America On Line (AOL), which is obsessed with defaming President Trump. AOL lead stories rank with the supermarket tabloids.

The people behind these "news" organizations are not in view, from Washington Post owner billionaire Jeff Bezos, considered America's wealthiest individual, to the positively scary billionaire and internationalist George Soros. There are many others, however, not as well publicized, with enormous wealth and deeply involved in manipulating our government machinery. Mediacrats abound today. The Founding Fathers would certainly be more than astounded by the amount of power they are wielding in our times within the governmental structure the Founders designed in 1787.

Trade union power to influence legislators has been amply publicized for years by its own leaders in order to pacify the membership. What has not been widely known, however, is the union power held by those employed by the government itself. Their wages are all paid for with the taxpayers' money and in turn then funneled to other causes, often far afield from their reputed governmental area. In many instances, such as with the National Education Association, which is the nation's largest union, curtailment has been long overdue. NEA's Deep State power is multiplied to the highest degree, when one thinks of the effect the individuals running schools have over the minds of America's youth. It is enormous, and much of it under subtle wraps.

Astonishingly, it actually took the Weinstein expose to open some eyes, but Hollywood's power over the U.S. government, as well as in the development of adverse youthful values, is a longstanding festering malignancy. The anti-social thinking that was introduced by the Hollywood element, combined with the Warren Court's permissive jurisprudence, accelerated this country's downward turn in the 60s.

Public recognition that we are being governed by mediacrats, not "The People," is fundamental to doing a 180-degree course correction. This is a mandate in order to firm up our national roots and get our beloved country back to its intended course. There is no other option.

The permanence of this nation was established on the fundamental belief that all our rights are given to us by our Creator. To abandon this belief is to trash our cherished Declaration of Independence. Mediacrats do not care. Their goals are paramount and tradition means nothing.

The effort to supplant our traditions with the new "identity politics," generated by power blocs which seek to further divide us, is transparent. Labels abound within the socio/political domain – mostly denigrating. Accusations of racism, sexism, and a host of phobias are bandied – ad nauseum. Transphobia is the latest in vogue. It appears, however, that one much lesser-known phobia called veritaphobia, the fear of the truth, is TRULY widespread.

As the societal polarization increases, the public must become aware that the Leftist plan is, by design, not just evolving naturally. Leftists are framing the argument in a way to place anyone differing from their litany of views in a defensive position. In reality, it is child-like, but the power brokers are deeply committed to their goal of taking over the reins – from the Presidency on down. These tactics are obviously working. Saul Alinsky would be proud.

The political Left in America is comprised of so many diverse elements that it amazes one to think that they have not yet turned on each other, but the common enemy controlling the White House is the only reason they have not. Listening to the incestuous, foul-mouthed ranting of a member of "the Squad," however, is a stark revelation of the sickness from which they are suffering.

To divert attention from the various factions emerging and avoid cannibalism, the head of the Democratic National Committee referred to one of "the Squad," Alexandria Ocasio-Cortes, as "the future of our party." With a major in economics after graduating from Boston University, she was only able to get a job as a bartender. She then re-set her sights, however, and got herself elected to the U.S. House of Representatives from NYC. The MSM gives her top billing, regardless of any outlandish statement she makes – as she radiates divisive positions. Polarization is the MSM's life blood.

So-called "Progressives" have labeled our beloved U.S. Constitution "amorphous," and this is as far as one can get from the "original intent" views held by those at the core of Conservatism, such as the late Justice Antonin Scalia. The vicious attacks they launched against now-Justice Brett Kavanaugh were surreal and exposed the venomous nature of the tactics they will employ in stopping anyone they believe holds to the originalist view of our founding document.

This historical episode was an outright attack on all that the Founding Fathers sought to create at the Constitutional Convention. This time these "Progressives" failed, but the next Supreme Court vacancy promises to be even more of a bloodbath with outright defamatory lies abounding.

This Media-ocracy is far more extensive than all the MSM outlets one could list. It is layered and compartmentalized with segments such as academia and Wall St. exerting enormous monetary power. Less well known but possessed of wealth and access to inner governmental circles are foundations, PACs, think tanks, hedge funds, the Chamber of Commerce, Planned Parenthood, and countless others with high-sounding names such as the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). Anyone who has sought its backing soon realizes that the ACLU is not true to its name, but selective as to which of our civil liberties they will assist in defending. Worse still, they are now more attuned to raw politics.

The ACLU has already pledged over 20 million dollars for direct involvement in the 2020 elections. None other than former Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz, a former ACLU board member, is now persona non grata with them. He has stated that "after Trump took office, the ACLU has never become so cash rich, yet principle poor."

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), at one time a legitimate civil rights group, has transformed itself into a left-wing bugle to which the media appropriated the power of determining which other organizations are in reality "hate groups." They target and specifically go out to destroy conservative and Christian organizations, applying this label to them. The MSM have anointed them with having infallible insight and amplify their "hate group" labels extensively through "news outlets."

Essentially within the concept of being able to transmit a message is the ability to skew that message. At the epicenter of our metamorphosis from the Constitutional Republic established by the Founding Fathers is this denial by mediacrats of the objectivity of truth. With this premise cast aside, wordsmiths reign, and are much sought after in the political realm as in newsrooms and ad agencies.

The impeachment fiasco was a sham from Schiff, Nadler, and Pelosi on through the MSM. This was literally an investigation in search of a crime. After forcing the public to the dictionary for the meaning of "quid pro quo," they bandied bribery and a host of charges, until they came up with a vote of the House charging the President with two non-crimes. The removal of this duly-elected U. S. President, which started with his inauguration, has seemed to set a precedent for the future when a political party loses the Presidency, yet wins a majority of the House of Representatives. Some Democrats in the House have said as much. This is antithetical to the purpose of Article II Sec. 4 of the U. S. Constitution, dealing with removal for "Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors."

Nov. 3, 2020, is a dim and seemingly distant beacon on the horizon now, but in the months ahead, it will be blinking brighter and brighter. Election Day's importance cannot be underestimated. In the interim, every mode of communication must be utilized to educate the public about the mediacrats who are now actually in control of our nation – AND ITS FUTURE.

"Advocacy journalism" is an oxymoron and heavily slanted to the left. Authentic journalism must be revived with all the obvious impurities removed. A truly-informed electorate is the ultimate goal. It is still the one indispensable core element for the survival of our great nation.

The checks and balances concept remains as the great stabilizer, but we have got to assure it is functioning as intended. We owe this to each and every one who made the ultimate sacrifice by giving his life for the principles on which this nation was built.

The voting public must be guaranteed that we collectively are in charge – not those mediacrats who ARE now in control and who have to be sent scurrying. These are usurpers, as well as outright liars – and a large number of them are white-collar criminals who must be made to pay for their crimes.

The Framers gave us a Democratic Republic. We have to take it back!

© R.T. Neary


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