R.T. Neary
Culture Warriors – gird your loins
By R.T. Neary
October 15, 2018

The sharp division in American society is not really in evidence until we come into contact with the products by media outlets. Yes, they produce products as real as the groceries we bring home weekly.

Every issue in our society today is also politicized, not with nuanced views but with a clear evidence of this sharp social divide. The first dichotomy is the split toward Democrat or Republican political views. It is easy to see by their wording which party is deemed by the media to be holding the correct views.

Right or Left, based on the traditional seating divisions of the French political parties, are other labels for the divide. Conservative or Liberal is yet another set generally understood, and the latter group is now fond of being referred to as Progressives. This newer label has a much more positive connotation, although to traditionalists the views they hold are the complete opposite of this newer title's true meaning. Their "Progressive" views are clearly REgressive. For example, they use the term "reproductive rights" to describe abortion, which is clearly "DEstructive" of a newly-reproduced member of our human species.

Pro- and anti- prefixes commonly describe different positions, "anti-" being more often now used by LGBTQ, ANTIFA and other Left-wing groups. It often requires another level of thought to sort things out – and the bulk of society sadly is not into multi-level thinking. In fact, this is the most important societal problem today. Not only has it allowed the medium to become the message, but above and beyond this, the mainstream media (MSM) want to do all the thinking for us. They are succeeding.

The real divide in contemporary America is now mainly between those who follow the MSM presentation of everyday human events, and those individuals using their own multi-level thinking. In other words, rational people.

The most devious aspect of this current social/political war is that the power brokers driving the MSM want the public to believe that individuals have arrived at the MSM thinking on their own. The average individual, however, is totally unaware of how subliminal messaging works. New York City's Madison Ave multi-billion-dollar daily activities are unknown to them.

In reality, much of the censorship is far less than subtle. Twitter has now decided to eliminate the use of the term "illegal alien" as they have determined it to be "hate speech." A person from another country enters this U.S.A. illegally, or stays here by illegal means, but cannot be identified by his or her illegal status – in the eyes of this MSM business enterprise.

Certainly not just Twitter with their usurpation of word power, but Facebook, Google, Amazon and other media have enormous impact on our lives. More ridiculously, an organization known as the Southern Poverty Law Center or SPLC is presented as the one that decides which are the "Hate Groups" in this country. They concentrate on conservative groups, however, when most of these groups are on the Left.

We are constantly deluged with BREAKING NEWS, designed to keep the public on edge. Obviously, something is severely wrong in today's America. There is now a mandate to look at how we ever got to this state of affairs – and correct it in a rational but thorough manner. November 6, 2018 is a very important upcoming date to help do that.

The divide-and-conquer tactic has since its Macedonian origins helped to produce empires which fill the pages of history. Yet, not one of the empires is recognizable on this planet today. Certainly, this tactic is a very successful means to an end, but history has shown it also has a built-in self-destruct.

One would have to be blind not to see that America's sharp divide was not created by natural forces. It is a manufactured product, and Donald J. Trump is a perfect catalyst. The mainstream media (MSM) are really in the manufacturing business – a far cry from the reporting they profess to be doing. They are not reflecting views arising from natural forces in the everyday lives of humans – or society. No, they create the story and then present it as having evolved naturally. Obviously, it's outright dishonesty.

There is a Culture War very much in evidence in society, and it has been raging long before Pat Buchanan was accused of declaring it in 1992 at the Republican National Convention. This Presidential aspirant rightfully said he was only identifying what was being much-ignored – and not declaring the war. This erudite pundit, while he never won the GOP nomination, had his finger at what so many so-called experts wanted to ignore. They too actually were a part of the Establishment, and it was to their material benefit to go along and get along. Journalism had been compromised – and still is.

As the November 6, 2018 mid-term elections are looming, there is a serious need to educate voters about the divisive forces at play daily here at home – and in their own lives. It is imperative that the American public start doing their own thinking and recognize the enormous deception being used between real daily events and all that is being distorted. Interwoven here is an existential clash between good and evil with material – and yes, spiritual implications.

As we proceed with eyes wide open toward these mid-terms, we are called to reflect on the words of Blaise Pascal:

"Once your soul is enlarged by truth, it can never return to its original size."

Election Day provides a therapeutic effect for voters, but election results are not as effective as voters would like them to be. They should and can be much better in this constitutional republic – once the public truly takes control of the reins.

Professional sports are much more honest – a surprise to many. Their rules, aside from an occasional missed infraction, have a built-in checks-and-balances leveler. That's by design. Fences, barriers and walls make it clear that we are completely in the role of spectators. Too often, however, in the political process, we find ourselves with that same status – unwillingly. Campaign promises become too often quickly forgotten, and barriers are constructed so we end up the outsiders – at an inside game.

As much as he has been despised by the MSM, President Donald J. Trump has displayed an honesty in living up to the promises he has made. His insulting comments and tweets during the primaries and Presidential run seem now to have been at least tolerated by his supporters, who are lauding his accomplishments. They are now more aware of his leadership and executive ability. Conversely his opponents are pulling out all stops to derail him. They started on Nov. 9, 2016.

While the MSM blames Donald J. Trump for lowering the bar of decency with his crude and misogynistic campaign language, their overt hypocrisy is exposed. Viewers can think back to media darling Katie Couric's display of her bowels on the TV screen. Katie, who sandbagged Sarah Palin with a meaningless Bush policy question, may have thought she had convinced the public that she was trying to promote colonoscopies, but, in reality, rational people did not take to it.

The leaders of the "me" generation have exposed themselves, as they powered a pelvic paradigm shift in setting new parameters for our cultural thought and talk. Now toppled by their own devices, MSM leaders such as Weinstein and CBS President Moonves are in therapy sessions after thinking their power was limitless. They were among the heroes of the "Progressives" and now look at them – rightly exposed as being rude, vile, sensuous and self-important. They were also blatantly anti- Christian, specifically anti-Catholic – in the fare they served up to the public.

Whichever way the MSM want to label its two main components, the Culture War is raging and heating up as the mid-term elections on Nov. 6, 2018 approaches. Even AP has used the term "conservative culture warriors," so they are willing at least to identity the nature of the ideological battle. Some have called it the impeachment election to clearly identify what Democrats have fixed in their crosshairs. An idealistic Democratic Socialism combined with LGBTQ rule is foremost in the minds of some radical elements. Bringing down Donald Trump from his Presidential position is foremost, however.

This upcoming election with its Democrat/MSM collusion is now all about Donald J. Trump, legally-elected to the office of President of these United States. The public must assess on which side of the "Trump divide" they fall. It should not be difficult. The country's governmental structure is being shaken and is calling for stabilization rods. These need to be fabricated by citizens – individually and collectively but methodically.

Surely in the area of language, Donald Trump has been caught up in the pelvic paradigm shift, but rising above this negative, his accomplishments after assuming the Presidential office are legion. Sean Hannity of Fox News does an admirable reporting job of bulleting them on screen often. Displaying himself as an impassioned supporter, he repeats the practice to offset the attacks on the President by CNN, CBS and a host of other alphabet outlets which are in constant attack mode against the President.

Even Harvard University admits through scientific studies that the MSM reporting is 90% anti-Trump.

AOL (America On Line) 's headlines are a study as a display of the antithesis of objectivity in what passes as news. Some samples:

Trump's Columbus Day tweet parks social media uproar

MSNBC host blasts Trump over his 'evil' lie about 9/11

Trump campaign aide sentenced for lying

(Note: this sentence was for only 14 days)

Planned Parenthood is still one of the icons of the Left in this raging Culture War, and they have finally announced a replacement for the President who was at the helm during their body parts harvesting scandal, Cecile Richards. They selected a Medical Doctor, an immigrant from China, where they have implemented a 1-child policy through forced abortions.

Dr. Carolyn Wen came to the U.S. at 8 years of age with her parents. She said her family survived here on "health care" from PP. That is baffling, but aside from that avoidance of any accent on PP's abortion business, she obviously knew their euphemisms. She stated her commitment was to "women's reproductive health care.." The natural retort to that comment is a question, "Who isn't?" Judie Brown, who leads the American Life League often reminds them, "Abortion is not health care- and pregnancy is not a disease.."

Obviously. there were no references to their harvesting and sale of baby body parts, but David Daleiden's videos of what has taken place in the abortion industry are real, and legal action is still pending. Planned Parenthood has pulled out all stops by getting David prosecuted for his methods, but many questions still remain about the timing of the Richards departure. Their sordid activities with baby parts are undeniable now. Viewing the content of Daleiden's videotapes is nauseating.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren playing to her base in August said that "the Republican plan to defund PP is just one more piece of a deliberate, methodical, orchestrated, Right-wing attack on women's rights." She plays the Culture War divide to the hilt, knowing well she is on safe ground with every major element in Boston's Axis of Evil lined up behind her re-election bid. Her sights in reality have always been on her run for the White House in 2020.

Warren cohort Robert Swan Mueller III is still involved in an investigation seeking a crime. Of course, the Senator would deny any connection to him. Any Bay State voter should be pinching him or herself while looking at this scenario. Elizabeth Warren is one of the foremost frauds ever to gain such high political office in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and there have been scores of them.

Sen. Warren, who admits to owning $400 shoes, has stated that she came from poverty, and also that her parents had to elope because of her father's family objections to her mother's "part-Cherokee and part Delaware" bloodlines. She claims that she never knew that Harvard had listed her as a Native American and the university refuses to reveal their records. One question the MSM carefully refrains from asking the Senator is, "Given your outspoken involvement in the border wall issue, how many 'undocumented immigrants' are you now giving shelter in your Cambridge mansion?."

The Warren hypocrisy is sheer, but Mueller's witch hunt is real – hardly a figment of Donald Trump's imagination. The fraudulent elements in his special counsel role are glaring from Rod Rosenstein's side door entrance as Asst. AG right up to the line-up of high-paid Democrat lawyer assistants for Mueller.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions' recusal from involvement in any special counsel investigation without first telling his superior, President Trump, of his intentions, leaves more than a host of questions. He was the first nominee for the Trump cabinet, and the act constituted an insult of the highest order. Is this another example of Clinton blackmail? That's a valid question. What unraveled is a complicated scenario. and it's an almost unbelievable challenge to Donald Trump's managerial skills and downright toughness.

The revelations of the power of the "Deep State," FBI corruption at the top level, and the machinations of the Clinton Crime Machine are still unraveling. The amount and extent of abuse of power with MSM/governmental collusion would never have become known, had it not been for the results of the Nov. 8, 2016 election. They must be rooted out totally. The culture war lines were never more evident

"All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing" – Abraham Lincoln

The Judiciary hearings on the Supreme Court nomination of Brett Kavanaugh initially went as expected. Gallery outbursts by well-prepared agitators with over 70 arrests, however, made a mockery of this aspect of our governmental proceedings.

The committee itself was split along party lines, with some Senators, most notably Senators Kamala Harris and Cory Booker, clearly displaying their Presidential ambitions. Both being of African-American heritage, it added a color divide for the MSM to exploit in pointing out the GOP members were all "old white men." Sen. Booker's negativity went as far as to say that Brett Kavanaugh was "complicit with evil."

The 11th-hour emergence of an alleged victim of a sexual assault 36 years earlier, Palo Cal. Psychology professor Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, was what threw the entire process into a tizzy. A sharper gender divide now was added to the race factor to further accent the Left/Right political split. None of the charges in her character assassination of Judge Kavanaugh were ever corroborated.

Add to this the Feinstein/Schumer/Blumenthal undisguised smearing of this Roman Catholic Sunday Mass reader, who also coaches his daughter's CYO Girls basketball team, and we had about every social/religious divide possible in these proceedings. Ct. Sen. Blumenthal's overt lie about Vietnam combat service while he was actually in Washington, D.C. was inexcusable, and served to make his accusations completely hypocritical.

The hearings hit a new low in viciousness and pettiness, including accusations of everything from gang rape to throwing ice cubes in a bar, to the writing of a comment about flatulence in a high school yearbook. The Democrat opposition to his nomination went as low as it could after they first displayed their true hand, fear that he would be a vote to overturn the Roe v Wade decision.

The most powerful division in our contemporary society, however, is what is controlled and manipulated by the humans behind the MSM. They essentially control how the public must perceive everyday events. Objectivity, which should be the goal of journalism, today seems never to be their goal. Incisive thinking is the antithesis of what the Establishment and their MSM elements want.

Beyond the Left/Right political standoff is the spiritual moral divide, the age-old clash of good versus evil. We citizens see ourselves in a moral abyss, as we view the stage known as the United States of America, but one far from United.

The so-called LGBTQ element has been relatively silent, willing to quietly marvel at the way the exposure of the priestly/hierarchical homosexual subculture in the Roman Catholic Church only increased the LGBTQ political power.

Lewd and lascivious behavior, always a crime, now is featured by the MSM with participants in pornography given "star" status. Filthy language and lascivious acts are now known as "Late-night comedy." A "porn lawyer" is also making overtures as a Democrat candidate to oppose President Trump in 2020. He has campaigned already in New Hampshire to test the waters. Boston TV covered his staged event.

The divide and conquer game plan of the Left has now found a way to feature the so-called "black female" as not only the foremost victim of society's historical wrongs, but also the savior. Skin pigmentation, which people should ignore in judging the worth of any human being, is placed front and center. Ocasio-Cortez and Ayanna Pressley are featured as goddesses. Unfortunately, the Obama syndrome is interjected, with the knee-jerk accusation of racism, if one disagrees with their political tenets. The entire design is to place opponents to their views on the defensive.

An interesting example of the sharp divide during the Kavanaugh hearings, was the rantings that the female Hawaiian senator of Asian-American heritage told the male element of our society, to just "shut up." She was exercised and serious about men in our society not accepting the Christine Ford uncorroborated allegations. A new spectrum had been constructed with darker-skinned females at one pole and married Anglo-Saxon males on the other. It seemed, however, that a happily-married male with wife and daughters was going to be especially vulnerable.

A great many women as well as men do accept Kavanaugh's unequivocal denial of the event in question as ever happening. Dr. Christine Blasey Ford's tale as "credible" however, resonated over and over again – ad nauseum.

This nation was established on the rule of law, which includes the presumption of innocence. Justice Clarence Thomas' nomination pointed out the law is supposed to be color-blind notwithstanding the "high-tech lynching of an uppity black" that was directed at him.

With the similar allegations leveled against Judge Roy Moore in the Alabama election to fill the vacant Senate seat, we were again subjected to claims of sexual assault as being "credible." The rendition of the Ford tale elicited the same "credible" response. The word continued to be used as a mantra when it was resurrected with these 11h hour uncorroborated charges being made against Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

Anyone who had made a career in the field of education dealing with the adolescent level would know that stories which might be deemed "credible" by those outside of daily involvement with this age level – are not. Introduce a span of 36 years and one has to do in-depth investigation of every aspect of what is being related.

Christine Ford's testimony about the alleged sexual assault, based on the facts she related, is simply not credible. It is best stated as being INcredible. And worse than that, it is incredible that a person with 3 college degrees would ever come forward and make the charges she did in the Fall of 2018.

First of all, the story had gaping holes in it as to place, time and persons involved, which make this specific tale very highly questionable – if not a complete falsehood. Above and beyond this were her voice, mannerisms and demeanor. All these were juvenile and told us a great deal about the maturity of this professional who holds a doctorate degree in psychology, no less. If one held something over his or her eyes, they could believe this was a teenager speaking.

Everyone seems anxious to give her the benefit of the doubt that something happened to her at some time in her life. That could be said of almost any adult's look back at their adolescent years – but it also could have a heavy mix of imagination added.

The Ford story to the bi-partisan Congressional committee is a perfect example of confabulation -not at all believable. In no way did she uncover a repressed memory. Childlike imagination has taken a piece of some personal event – or something read or related to her – and then added or mixed it with some fictional happening. .Confabulation is not uncommon among adolescents, and this woman has somehow slipped into a time warp. She needs counselling. No, not on an academic level – but just in everyday truth-telling.

Were it not for the harm Christine Ford did, we would pity her. A personal catharsis is needed to assuage her guilt with a public apology to Judge Kavanaugh's wife and daughters. His emotions on display internationally were miniscule in comparison to what most men would have displayed given the scurrilous attacks and outright vicious lies to which he has been subjected in Sept/Oct 2018. Not only was he bushwhacked, he was savaged mercilessly.

Surely, God answered the millions of prayers which were sent to produce the ultimate vote. It was Providence, also, which led to the emergence of Senators Graham and Collins, whose fearless reasoning produced Justice Kavanaugh's elevation to our highest judicial body.

With the election of President Donald Trump in 2016 one of the foremost losers was Harvard University. The Crimson Establishment had relished the 8 years of the Obama Presidency and their ties to the former Law Review Editor. They felt no obligation to make public any personal or academic records, and he was always at their beck and call.

Harvard's strongest ties to Washington then became former Law Professor Senator Elizabeth Warren, who was elected 6 years ago. From the outset it was clear that the White House was her real goal. The university made it known that neither her gender or alleged native American heritage played a part in her appointment to their Law School faculty.

Sen. Warren has been a strong opponent to the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh, who also has taught classes at Harvard Law School. What has gotten sparse coverage is that during the nomination hearings and before his vote of approval, Harvard announced that he had been informed no further teaching offers would be forthcoming. This certainly raised the question about whether he was being deemed guilty without proof of the Blasey Ford and other sordid sexual allegations. It was more than strange timing.

Also, in the fall of 2018 this bastion of liberalism has been deemed guilty of discrimination in their admission policies as regards qualified applicants of Asian descent. They are very embarrassed, but it has always been known that student selection is based on Harvard's own private criteria – with money and power foremost.

Warren has seemed to touch every base since July. This ardent supporter of Roe v Wade has even been to the Mexican border challenging what she called Trump's "zero tolerance" policy that "ripped babies away from their parents at the border." By September she said, "It's time for women to go to Washington to fix our broken government." During the Kavanaugh hearings she stated he was picked from a list "pre-screened by extreme right-wing groups" which were dedicated "to overturn Roe v Wade." Warren summed it up by asserting, "I am angry. Angry ...that powerful men have done everything they can to help a powerful man get an even more powerful position."

Donald Trump's Presidency has been enormously successful from Pyongyang to Teheran to Washington, D.C. He has not let his supporters down, and this is what the MSM despises. Now rather than firing missiles over Japan, Kim Jong-un is on a friendly basis with Donald J. Trump and of all things inviting the Pope to visit North Korea. Who in the world – or better still the MSM – ever predicted this happening. Nor did anyone ever believe that Kim would return the remains of over 50 American casualties of the Korean War (1950-53). Yet, Democrats and assorted never-Trumpers have done nothing but turn up the heat on our President.

Never before has the power of the "Deep State," those career government employees who stay in place notwithstanding election results, been exposed. They have been in the President's sights and stay there even though the likes of FBI higher officials felt they could break the law with impunity. Comey, McCabe, Strzok and Page saw themselves as above the law. They must be made to pay for their brazenness. But where is AG Jeff Sessions? Knowing the Clinton Machine's power, one has to question if blackmail isn't at play.

Steve Scalise was gunned down while playing softball for the GOP team by a Bernie Sanders campaign worker. It was reported nationally, and then the MSM moved on as quickly as they could. Fortunately, the stalwart Representative recovered to continue his stellar work, and he has been very thankful for all the support and prayers. We cannot help but reverse the political parties of the people involved and then contemplate what the MSM treatment would be. The Brett Kavanaugh hearings provided the answer.

The over 300 cases decided and written by Judge Kavanaugh were virtually ignored, with the MSM time devoted to beer, yearbooks and even an accusation of being involved in a Newport yacht incident, although he had never been in the state of Rhode Island in his lifetime Brett Kavanaugh was a typical American high-schooler of his day. Yes, he admits he drank beer and still likes a beer. That is hardly a felony. He was set up, blind-sided, however, during the hearings by Sen. Diane Feinstein and treated savagely by the Democrat opposition and the MSM. Because of a display of emotion while reading about his 10-year-old daughter's desire to pray for Mrs. Ford, he had to listen to accusations of having a temperament problem unbecoming a judge. This is ridiculous beyond discussion, except that it tells us a great deal about anyone making such a charge.

While it also exists nationwide, those in the Bay State have once again witnessed the lack of any 4th Estate to counter heavily-bankrolled politicians. The Boston Globe continues to be a disgrace in this regard.

In a lead editorial with no individual names, the Globe did a puff piece on GOP Gov. Baker who was contested for the GOP nomination by a Pro-Life, anti- Same Sex Marriage pastor, who has multiple degrees and is also a constitutional lawyer. References to him were scurrilous and labeled those who would vote for the pastor, "bigots and crackpots." Dr. Scott Lively received more than 36 % of the vote while spending $147,000 in donations, while RINO Governor Charles Baker, who voted against President Trump in 2016, spent over 7 million dollars to win

Fortunately, states like Massachusetts and California are not representative of this nation. The other states seem to be more important in these 2018 midterms, but each voter's ballot nation-wide must, on a moral plane, be on the right side of that fundamental good/evil divide.

As with all of our great heroes in the past, we take enormous pride in what this nation stands for.

Cast your vote on Nov. 6, 2018 in support of the Trump Presidency.

Let us never forget these words: One of the penalties for refusing to participate in government is that you end up being governed by your inferiors – PLATO

© R.T. Neary


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