R.T. Neary
Massachusetts Commonwealth's all-pervasive hypocrisy – growing exponentially
By R.T. Neary
August 20, 2018

The one undeniable truth in this great historic Land of the Pilgrims today is that we live by the lie.

Disseminating untruths is not only acceptable but applauded, if they are phrased not to offend certain selected elements in our social structure. Ironically, the one exception is if one's utterances seem to be echoing the bedrock principles which led to the founding of the Bay State and ultimately these United States. To some it may sound strange, but just referring to our nation as a Republic will set off alarm bells in numerous circles.

The word democratic is interspersed in all kinds of political discussion, and it is a license for advocating almost any position which reflects those of the socio/political Left. The new icons for the acceptable thought patterns are Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, who have nudged the Clintons off-stage – temporarily. Tolerance, diversity, multiculturism and a host of buzzwords are commonplace, and being "pro-choice" easily slides off the lips of those labeled "Progressive" thinkers.

"Pro-choice" is never expected to require any follow-up as regards the abortion issue. One is really never expected to question any rationale for this stance. If you are ever able to do so, the response received is something such as "It's the woman's body," "I'm liberal," or a newer one, "I tend to be a Libertarian." The latter even gives a Cantabrigian ring to your answer.

What is very difficult to locate is anyone with this stance on abortion who ever ponders that the Boston area was also "pro-choice" on slavery back in pre-Civil War days. Yet William Lloyd Garrison, whose statue is on the grassy center of Commonwealth Avenue in Boston, was dragged through the streets of the city for his unpopular abolitionist views against slavery as editor of his newspaper, the Guardian. He denounced those who owned black slaves, as well as those who claimed they were just in favor of continuing the status quo. Garrison wanted to abolish the practice, and his views are aligned with people today in the Right To Life effort.

One has to be blocking out an indefensible part of our history with the current acceptance of this "pro-choice" right to stop the beating heart of a newly developing preborn of whatever skin color, while he or she is still in the womb. This right is paramount to them displaying no concern, whatsoever, that the new member of our human race only needs to stay in the same place and be given sufficient time to survive independently – to be emancipated. This wording is too direct.

The late Dr. Mildred Faye Jefferson, the first African-American woman to graduate from Harvard Medical School, would often repeat William Lloyd Garrison's words, when asked about her commitment to restore the constitutional right to life in this nation. Overturning the Roe v Wade decision was her target, as in 1973 it opened the floodgates by making feticide legal with the 7 to 2 Supreme Court vote. She spent her entire life in a monumental effort to restore the fundamental right to life for all humans from conception to natural death. As was Garrison, her own life was threatened for doing so.

The words of William Lloyd Garrison, which Dr. Mildred Jefferson knew by heart, and which she would recite slowly, were:
    I am in earnest, I will not equivocate, I will not excuse

    I will not retreat a single inch – and I will be heard.

Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy's retirement from the bench had been rumored for several years., When this did occur in June, concern was mainly focused on the possibility of Roe v. Wade being overturned by a right-to-life justice becoming his replacement. As one of several GOP appointees who basically upheld the core of the Roe decision in deciding Planned Parenthood v. Casey in 1992, Kennedy was applauded by the political Left and the MSM (mainstream media). Now in 2018 with Kennedy's his June announcement to step down, the abortion industry and its allies see Roe v. Wade as highly vulnerable. Planned Parenthood, still receiving over a half-million of our tax dollars annually to subsidize their activities, continues to roll out all its euphemisms about being in the health care field.

In recent years, Kennedy had become the swing vote on many 5-to-4 high court decisions. In Obergefell v. Hodges a year ago, after outwardly pondering its effect of overturning the millenia-old institution of marriage being only between one man and one woman, Kennedy was the deciding vote in establishing the legality of marriage between two individuals of the same sex (SSM). The post-Civil War 14th Amendment, which was originally passed to support the rights of emancipated slaves, was now seen as applying to this same-sex coupling.

In other swing votes by Kennedy this past June, the court curtailed unions from forcing employees into membership. This legal thinking aligned itself with the efforts of Project REFORM decades earlier here in Massachusetts, which won a membership vote in the 1970s to prevent teachers from being forced to join the National Teachers Association (NEA). The NEA used its dues money and political power to force another vote, which it won. Now once again, this time by a Supreme Court ruling, the NEA can no longer impose forced national membership. The ruling is a monumental gain for teachers who resent being required to join the country's largest labor union with its all-out support of Leftist causes and Democrat politicians.

The vindication of Project REFORM's views and efforts seemed to escape the pens and lenses of the MSM. No surprise, as the MSM and the NEA ideologically are joined at the hip. The NEA did take a monstrous hit here, however, and it's a proud victory for those who believe in individual freedom. Project REFORM's teachers firmly believing in collective bargaining for wages and conditions of employment and having a positive effect in producing quality education, but not being forced to support and subsidize with their wages the whole array of NEA's radical positions.

Hillary Rodham Clinton came out of a virtual hibernation after her humiliating defeat on Nov. 8, 2016, for the U.S. Presidency, as the featured speaker at the Wellesley College commencement in May of 2017.

Displaying once again an example of someone living out a lie – and being totally immersed in this effort through self-delusion, she admonished the graduating students to insist on "truth and integrity, right now and every day." Benghazi should have struck everyone's response chords rather than applause, but this was not the case on that plush green landscape in one of Boston's wealthy suburbs. To add to her verbal onslaught, the Wellesley graduate, who had maneuvered her way in 1969 into becoming the first student at Wellesley to become a commencement speaker, now had another GOP target to attack. It was none other than one Donald J. Trump.

Hillary told the audience that new President Trump was showing an "unimaginable level of cruelty" and "disdain for the struggles of millions of Americans." Just to think that these words and feigned concern could emanate from this woman who promised the loved ones of the four Benghazi victims OVER THEIR CASKETS that she would "get to the bottom of what caused their deaths" should be a topic of study for future Wellesley College undergrads. No chance. Not in Massachusetts, anyway. The Benghazi story wreaks with hypocrisy, abject cruelty, and outright deception. Integrity is so lacking in the Clintons that they would be pitied were it not for these innocent deaths and the millions of dollars they have amassed in living by the lie. Former President Barack Obama also played a vital role in the distorted story of the Benghazi tragedy. They all fit well into the new Bay State mold.

The most all-encompassing falsehood, however, may be the failure of Harvard University to make fully available the records of Barack Obama while he attended their Law School. His early school records in Indonesia from age 6 to 11 show that he was an Indonesian citizen, as was his mother in Jakarta. She remained an Indonesian citizen until her death. Still known then as Barry Soetoro, he had an Indonesian passport, which he continued to use at age 20 when making a trip to Pakistan. It appears that he was an exchange student when he came to attend Occidental College in California. There was a great advantage to having this status. At some point he morphed back permanently to the original Barack Hussein Obama, and this was his name at Columbia University and Harvard. The entire birth certificate question, which has been played to the hilt, could indeed have just been a red herring.

The questions, however, about former U.S. President Obama and his dedication to this nation and our founding principles are still extensive, the first of which must be: What is being hidden which keeps these records from being completely open? These questions are limitless when one ponders the qualifications necessary constitutionally to serve as president of these United States.

The Boston Globe continues to lose credibility daily. The publication has a long history of weaving its strong Leftist political views through every section of what they still like to be referred to as a newspaper. Journalism has been dead for decades within its pages, but they still are an engine for social and political change. As expected, the attacks on Judge Kavanaugh, President Trump's nominee to replace Justice Kennedy, started to surface immediately. Their stance epitomizes the core of Secular Fundamentalism, a label they avoid totally. None other than South African-born Rabbi Daniel Lapin, however, identified it on a visit here many years ago. These secularists despise the views of both conservative Jews and Christians, and are on a mission to uproot these traditional values from our public life.

Their label is not as important as their tactics, and the harm they are doing to future generations. Youth have to know that the Bible was the book whose tenets underlie our founding document and the bedrock of our legal system, our U.S. Constitution. The Globe wants to avoid this premise. Roe v. Wade has been so enshrined by them that they strongly rejected a letter to the editor which contained quotes from two prominent Right To Life leaders, one being the Plaintiff herself, the late Norma McCorvey.

They despised Dr. Joseph Stanton because of his professional credentials and extensive involvement in opposition to what he often said was a landmark legal decision "cut out of whole cloth." Dr. Joe had delivered thousands of babies and predicted the coming of a Roe-type of decision years earlier, when he formed the Value of Life Committee. The pro-abortion protagonists used a hop, skip, and a jump from other decisions, especially Griswald v. Connecticut (1965), which dealt with birth control and contraceptives.

Announced on Jan. 22, 1973, the Supreme Court by a 7 to 2 vote found the right to abortion, reaching into the "penumbras" and "emanations" of constitutional Law. As the Plaintiff, the abortion lawyers used "Miss Norma" McCorvey under the "Jane Roe" pseudonym. She announced countless times afterwards her regret and desire to see it overturned. Obviously, the Globe wanted to hear none of that. In fact, when she spoke to an overflow crowd of 800 on her first and only trip to the Boston area, they never even dispatched a reporter to cover the event.

July 3, 2018, on the eve of our nation's 242nd birthday, the Globe printed five letters expressing concern relative to the replacement of Justice Kennedy. Two of the five took direct aim at the need to uphold the 45-year-old Roe v. Wade decision. Aside from the fact that one letter they accepted came all the way from Laguna Beach, California, what followed afterwards revealed more about the organization's modus operandi. The Globe then refused to accept a letter which was written in response to those which they had printed. The response letter was written and sent on July 4th in order to relate some of Plaintiff Norma McCorvey's feelings about Roe – feelings expressed in Washington on the 25th anniversary of the decision. She repeated them here in Massachusetts.

"Miss Norma," as she liked being called because of her Cajun roots, had vowed to fight the rest of her life to overturn the decision of which she was the "Roe." She did so until she left earthly existence on Feb 18, 2017.

What "Miss Norma" McCorvey, the Plaintiff in Roe v. Wade. said relative to the Roe decision to the writer of this letter, while dining in his home here In Massachusetts, were not worthy of being printed in the Globe's letters section – but the views of a writer across the country in California were. The Boston Globe simply has no credibility as an instrument to present socio/political issues in an objective manner.

There is still no greater example of the sheer hypocrisy now prevailing in this part of the country than Elizabeth Ann Warren, who holds the office of U.S. Senator and purports to represent the people of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. This transplant from Oklahoma gained political office based solely on a carefully honed academic background and the political power attached to it. Her constant quotes are far from what we could ever label as wisdom.

Aside from her affirmative action appointment to the Harvard Law School faculty, coupled with her never substantiated assertions of a Cherokee tribal heritage, her almost daily statements lack any depth and have become totally predictable. They echo the daily MSM anti-Trump drivel, and could be coming from a Schumer, a Schiff, or a Maxine Waters. Alan Dershowitz, et al., at Harvard Law School should be embarrassed. They are usually relatively silent during the summer, but her colleague attorney Dershowitz is in the news, reportedly being snubbed by the elitist summer residents on Martha's Vineyard. Alan's recent assertions of support for the civil liberties of those who are considered conservative or "Right-wingers" has raised the ire of the "Progressives." Heaven forbid that individuals in any way connected with the Trump campaign or Presidency could assert they have the rights the Left pre-empted eons ago.

Sen. Warren immediately rejected the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh, who also had taught a course at Harvard Law School. She dismissed him quickly, stating that he came from a list of candidates "pre-screened by right-wing extremists." In typical Warren style at the hearing for White House Office of Management nominee Kathy Kraninger, the Senator asked her, "Do you think it is immoral to set up a plan whose intent is to inflict harm on children?" Not only is the question loaded, but there has got to be a severe case of intellectual dishonesty at play as she visibly strains to express a passionate concern for children. Always a strong supporter of abortion, in June she also seemed to borrow the Globe's lexicon relative to the immigration issue in stating that "children are being torn from their parents' arms and sent to mass detention centers." She even travelled to Texas in opposition to what she called "Trump's zero-tolerance policy that ripped babies from their parents at the border." All this from a woman who would not outlaw even partial-birth abortion. Where are the MSM in letting all her rhetoric fly – without some pointed questions to her by them? This is just another example of Bay State hypocrisy. Elizabeth Warren echoes the views of those in power – and she is determined for the White House to be the last stop.

Considerably less national publicity has been focused on the other member of the state's senatorial representation, Edward J. Markey. In a long span of holding national political office starting in 1976, Markey represents the ability to sidestep, whirl, and stay low. Above and beyond that, however, under his carefully coiffured hair, he reads the cards well and stays clear of being charged with rocking the proverbial boat.

A so-called "Triple Eagle," meaning that he has behind him three levels of Jesuit Catholic education, Markey started in a district where he could rely on a big majority of Catholic voters, many of whom in past years used religion as the foremost criterion. He even tried to assume a Kennedy look and always enjoyed camera appearances when hearings were taking place. In reality, he toes the Democrat Party line and is rarely engaged in any kerfuffle which would tarnish his political position.

Many of the older Catholic voters he has courted over his political career would be surprised at his top ratings with Planned Parenthood, NARAL, and the so-called LGBTQ community. Their voting, however, is mechanical. Straight Democrat.

The best example of a will-o-the-wisp answer was at a citizens' gathering at the Framingham library when a member who had been in the audience approached him among a few others, as he was exiting the building heading toward a car and departure. The man thanked him for his concern for keeping the media honest. Markey nodded approval, but what followed, needless to say left a head shaking. When the man calmly expressed his concern as to why, with the senator's background, his votes were always in opposition to the pro-life stance, he curled his lips somewhat, nodded, and answered, "I Know what you're saying, but my wife's Jewish." And off he went. His wife is Susan Blumenthal, a medical doctor who is Jewish, but the answer made zero sense. Sen. Ed Markey, however, has the Senate seat as long as he wants it, however, as his voting will always be aligned with the ruling powers in this mis-named Commonwealth. He is also obviously fast on his feet.

The foremost falsehood in the Bay State is that there are distinct political parties. There is just one. This is a fairly well-educated society in a formal sense, but that does not mean that they are deep thinkers. They are overwhelmingly not fixed on any of our age-old principles in their voting patterns. What benefits me materially is foremost. Most would say the following: I am spiritual, not religious. That suffices for me in my life and what works, as I perceive it, is truth.

A half-century ago, the Boston area was largely practicing Roman Catholics, and politicians reflected that demographic. With 20 years of formal Catholic education, Sen. Ed Markey is more focused on climate change than the willful annual destruction of a million of our progeny who are housed in the womb. Rep. Joseph P. Kennedy III has concentrated more on the rights of transgenders and given none to babies in utero. He has been very outspoken on the T of the LGBTQ movement, perhaps influenced by his homosexual roommate while at Stanford. The irony of the JPK III position is that he made sure to inform us in July 2015 of the carrying by his wife of their first offspring to be born in December. In full loyalty to his political cohorts, however, he voted against a bill which would cut off funding of our hard-earned taxpayer dollars to Planned Parenthood, which had been secretly videotaped discussing their harvesting and sale of aborted baby parts. Wasn't that a child his wife was carrying in her womb?

Bay State officeholders in what they still like to call the Democrat(ic) Party, Super delegates notwithstanding, vote essentially one way on any issue – the Party line.

Constituents exist in name only, and for Traditionalists, you are counter-cultural and entitled only to a sideline view of the game. For those who watched it, they even saw the word "God" voted out of the Party platform at the 2016 convention, although by the chair's gavel it remained in to avoid a real embarrassment.

God no longer belongs in the public square. Sloganeering is now the rule, even replacing Bible references – unless you can easily give them spin as in the illegal Immigration controversy. Pragmatism rules, and the whole political vocabulary revolves around a lie, namely that it is immigration which is opposed by conservatives and not the illegal aspect of it. It should never be forgotten that Hillary Rodham's graduation thesis was on the writings of Saul Alinsky. They are a far cry from biblical teaching – just pragmatism.

On the Bay State political stage, the game plan is not an abstract science. The first rule is to get onto the political stage at the right time and play by the insider rules.

Morality is not even in their dictionary. If you are a male, please the female voter base by not looking threatening – or acting that way. Be agreeable, never use anything resembling a harsh voice – and keep your hair fluffy, certainly not slick. As a Catholic State Representative from a safe district, Ed Markey won 27 % of the vote among seven candidates for the open U.S. seat vacated by the death of Rep. Torbert MacDonald. That was back in 1976, and he is still safely in Washington D.C. In fact, his wife, Dr. Susan Blumenthal, gained a position as Deputy Asst. Secretary of HHS, and she held the rank of Rear Admiral. It just shows what you can get by being politically connected.

The cultural shift in the Bay State had churches and schools calling for "safe spaces" and "support systems" on Nov. 8th in 2016. Basically, they should have been calling for introspection and truth-seeking. They never did and Donald Trump is still denounced by all and sundry. If anyone could sit back and objectively analyze the misinformation, spin, and outright deceit being foisted on the public by the MSM, they would do themselves a tremendous service. It is still a mystery why they can't, and at times becomes scary.

Planned Parenthood has issued a Manifesto aimed directly at the mid-term elections, and their language is much clearer than usual. "We must have the freedom to decide for ourselves when to have children." Not even disguised in that language is what they do to babies in utero on entering their so-called "Women's Health Centers."

How can the MSM view the PP welcoming signs outside 1055 Commonwealth Avenue in Boston and not do some visualizing above and beyond their verbiage. What is going to be the fate of a new sister or brother in what we still call our human family when a pregnant woman enters that facility?

The Venerable Bishop Fulton J. Sheen, the King of black and white TV, admonished us best, "Moral principles do not rely on a majority. Wrong is wrong, even if everybody Is wrong. Right is right even is if nobody is right." The MSM may be surprised but the Right To Life movement is actually getting stronger. More young people are starting to see through the lies and language of PP and their media allies.

"News is what I tell you is news," William Randolph Hearst said way back when he was the power. Today's MSM goes even beyond. They start with spin and on to misinformation and then outright lies. Kevin Cullen, a Boston Globe long-time reporter, did exactly that with fabricated personal gory tales of the Boston Marathon bombing and he was given only a suspension. Long-time readers know of the Globe's hypocrisy, but it is still getting worse. If it is any solace to them, they can point to AOL's (America On Line's) four lead boxed-in picture stories daily which almost always have at least two of them blatantly anti-Trump attack pieces. Trump Derangement Syndrome is a study in itself.

The Democrat opposition to Brett Kavanaugh's nomination has them reaching back to a Sen. Ted Kennedy quote on his earlier appointment to the D.C. Circuit Court when Teddy called it "the most partisan appointment to the court in decades." This was mild for the man who caused the term "Borked" to be coined. Sen. EMK had delivered the most brutal treatment ever accorded to a S/C nominee, lashing out by saying Robert Bork would even force women "into back-alley abortions." Police also "would break down doors in midnight raids." All this because Robert Bork happened to be a strict constructionist and one of the most distinguished constitutional scholars in our history. The irony of this 2018 nomination is that this could be called "the Bork seat." Sen. Ted Kennedy succeeded in blocking the nomination, and we did not gain that great Bork judicial wisdom on this nation's highest court. Justice Anthony Kennedy eventually was the one seated.

Sen. Edward Kennedy's success, however, assured the Boston Globe that he was living up to his agreement to echo their editorial page positions in exchange for Globe Chappaquiddick silence. A lie is generally thought of as something that is said, but in our current existence, far more often it is in what is not said – intentionally. The political world pays enormous dividends for the latter.

Judge Kavanaugh, true to the campaign promises of President Donald Trump, is an originalist. He has stated that the judge's role is to interpret, not make law. With over 300 decisions and tens of thousands of written words, there is plenty for the opponents to study. He has a stellar background, and his introduction of his wife, daughters, and parents displayed classic 50s America. The political timing, the careful vetting, and the downright integrity of the nomination will win the day. Vitriol from some on the Left is inevitable, but President Donald Trump is not only solidifying his base, but gaining more believers from the middle, as well.

The foremost lie thus far in this new millennium is what was supposedly uncovered among Catholic clergy by the Boston Globe Spotlight Team's focus on pedophilia. That word itself raises hackles among citizenry, and the Globe's dishonest editors continue to milk it for all it is worth. Yet, at least 80% of the acts perpetrated by Catholic priests were homosexual in nature, and perpetrated against postpubescent males.

The Globe won a much-publicized Pulitzer prize for promoting a lie – something they knew well was not the case. They still never ever refer to it as homosexual, but rather as a "sex" scandal. Boston's Cardinal O'Malley is currently involved in explaining the continued homosexual presence and activity among some of the clergy, most notably in the seminary. The Globe accommodated the number of homosexual and lesbian members of their news staff with their labels, so this latest coverage promises to be interesting. We can fully expect at every level to see all the references being to new revelations of "sexual scandals" in the Roman Catholic Church. The word "homosexual" we might say is closeted, as far as usage goes.

Another outright deception is that Harvard University is focused primarily in the field of academics. The Crimson's power is actually enormous in shaping this nation's direction – and in world affairs, as well. On any power grid, Harvard could be listed as a country located on the Charles River in North America. As the Vatican is located within the Italian peninsula, Harvard's boundaries are within another country, the United States of America.

Aside from educating the majority of those justices on the Supreme court, Harvard has sent eight Presidents to Washington. As they are exhibiting with past President Obama, they are very guarded in regard to information about inner activities and ventures. The Harvard endowment alone by their 2017 figures is 37.1 billion dollars. Without including all their other assets, this figure actually exceeds the wealth of a great many of the world's countries. Their endowment alone is greater than the net worth of countries such as the Ivory Coast, Cambodia, and Bolivia.

The CEO of this Commonwealth is Governor Charles Baker, who wants to be called "Charlie." He ran under the GOP label and is listed as a Republican, but ideologically he is eons apart from the Conservative traditionalists who swept to power in most states and nationally in 2016. Gov. Baker, admittedly, did not vote for President Donald Trump.

Massachusetts Gov. "Charlie" Baker is proud of his married brother Alex and his husband. Needless to say, Gov. Baker is the darling of the LGBTQ community, which discouraged lesbian Democrat Attorney General Maura Healey and her domestic partner from mounting a campaign to unseat him. Former Senate President Stan Rosenberg's forced resignation, when his husband was charged with sexual harassment of other males and influence peddling, did not help the image of same-sex relationships.

The Globe, showing confidence in Baker's re-election, is still revealing to him that they are well aware of the false picture he is painting in his campaign ads. In a surprisingly truthful lead article in an Aug 14th Metro section article, they wrote, "Despite pledging not to raise taxes when he campaigned in 2014, Baker has signed into law new taxes, fees, and assessments totaling more than a billion dollars."

Dr. Scott Lively, the GOP challenger of Baker in the Sept 4 Primary for the Gubernatorial nomination, is a much more interesting individual than the narcissistic "Charlie." Dr. Lively is not only a pastor in Springfield with a fairly broad following, but he is a lawyer and a constitutional scholar with a worldwide reputation. He is a very bright man, and with his positions on the major issues, he has been excoriated in an editorial by the Boston Globe.

The Lively Ministries asserts they are champions of the Biblical Worldview, and Dr. Scott supports this with his wife of 36 years, Anne. In addition to their four sons and eight grandchildren, the Livelys reflect proudly on the missionary work which has taken them to over 50 countries. Although quickly dismissed by Gov. Baker, Dr. Lively garnered just under 28% of the delegate convention vote, qualifying him for the ballot. The vote raised many eyebrows, as well as the ire of the pro-LGBTQ editorial staff of the Boston Globe. The paper on May 7 ran a page-wide lead editorial entitled "A bigot gets a warm hug from the Mass GOP."

Dr. Scott Lively states that he and his wife Anne are Bible-based missionaries who work in defense of biblical sexuality and marriage, and against the LGBT agenda and abortion.

They assert that their ministry is Holy Spirit guided. The Globe editorial was scorching. It called the GOP to "shame" for Lively voters who "gave a vehement 'homophobe' the ballot blessing of their party."

Saying he went silent on "his anti-gay hate-mongering" and "instead cast himself as the real conservative in the race, declaring himself '100 per cent pro-life,' '100 per cent Second Amendment,' and '100 percent pro-Trump,'" the Globe editorial added "virulently anti-gay" and "an especially poisonous breed" as descriptions of Dr. Lively. This Boston Globe piece can best be described as scurrilous, and it brings forth that famous Shakespeare quote, "The lady doth protest too much, methinks."

Gov. Baker has refused to give even a single debate to Dr. Scott Lively, whose chances of winning the GOP nomination on Sept. 4 are the longest of long shots because of the lack of press coverage. Lively has vowed, however, to run as an independent, and one never knows what could happen in November. After all, Donald J. Trump too was an overwhelming underdog at the start of his run in 2016.

Scott Lively is not running as a saint, but rather as a sinner – reformed by following the teachings of the Bible. While moderate in tone and very articulate in expressing his views on all the issues of the day, Lively is a far cry in his personal life from the Left's depiction of him. He and Anne took a homeless man dying of AIDS into their home and cared for him right up to his death. The virulent left, including the Globe editorial, conveniently avoids this and the Livelys' numerous other good works.

The Boston Globe has certainly shown evidence of feeling the heat from Pres. Trump's accusations of "fake news" being spewed out by the MSM. They are involved and a leader In the effort to regain respect for what they call "the free press." It is obviously another attempt to generate more opposition to the duly-elected President of the U.S. The first question they should ask each other is: How many valid votes were cast on Nov. 8, 2016, for Robert Swan Mueller III, Rod Rosenstein, James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, James Brennan, and on and on...? The answer is clear, and it carries a corollary for all of them to start becoming journalists by presenting an objective picture of our world's issues.

Chelsea Clinton may have topped all the expected hyperbole surrounding the possible overturning of Roe v. Wade by the Brett Kavanaugh nomination, when she asserted Roe was good for the country. Legalizing the aborting of their children freed millions of women to get back into the work place, she said, and this poured 3½ trillion dollars into the economy since it was handed down in 1973. The "free press" is according her commentary ample circulation. How absolutely callous of her to forget the over 60 million beating human hearts which have been intentionally stopped by Roe v. Wade – legally.

It was G.K. Chesterton who said, "The greatest heresy is when part of the truth is elevated to the whole." Bill and Hillary Clinton are very familiar with part of the truth, and are now denouncing President Donald Trump for espousing some of the same concepts they themselves once claimed to hold. There is no evidence, however, that any of the Clintons could ever deal with the whole truth.

© R.T. Neary


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