R.T. Neary
Lies, more lies and potty talk – a new "pelvic paradigm shift"
By R.T. Neary
April 3, 2018

The concept of Truth – or Veritas, if you want to sound like another Harvard import from Johannesburg, Oklahoma, or Brooklyn – has dissolved into oblivion. The lie is now supreme. This has been the case for a half-century – or more.

How well you embellish any lie has long been in vogue, but curly cues had seemed to be running out, until Donald J. Trump got into the run and then won the 2016 GOP Presidential nomination. A self-described "news organization" named NBC reached to the shelf for a stored open-mike "Billy Bush" video clip, featuring a "locker room" comment by Mr. Trump. NBC had it stashed away since 2005, and in the heat of the Presidential race timed it strategically for release just 3 weeks prior to the last Trump/Clinton debate.

For a more refined discussion of its significance, we should best refer to it as the PY comment, which quickly assumed a life of its own, competing even in the haberdashery fashion world. It has also, however, given a significantly big boost to "Potty Talk," which is de jour from Boston talk radio to national politics.

In running for re-election in 2018, Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren also is posturing for the Democrat Party nomination slot to oppose President Trump in 2020. The Senator in a "constituent" conference call to kick-off 2018 took a new twist with a "potty talk" approach. Warren started by referring to her raggedy- -s upbringing. She went on from there to applaud all those who participated in the new Women's March with their "Pink p – y caps." In using the full expression, she obviously showed how she wants to be a full-fledged member of the "potty talk" movement.

The surprise was that the Senator must not have heard much opposition had arisen about the shape of the caps by transgenders who were also participants in the march, and for another reason by African-American women. The latter objected to the pink color as being discriminatory.

The telephone calls that Elizabeth Warren accepted for airing on the conference call were obviously carefully selected, and almost totally from out of state. One Massachusetts voter who sought to get the Senator's reason for voting against the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act (S-2311) was heard by an aide, left on hold, and then allowed to drift into space – terminated. The Warren response was clear. S-2311 had been approved with 51 votes in the Senate after passing in the House. It lacked the total of 60 votes to prevent a Democrat filibuster, however. The Democrats had already announced that they planned to kill the bill in this manner. This bill would have legally outlawed the destruction of a developing pre-born human being in the womb after 20 weeks gestation, a point at which he or she is capable of feeling pain.

This import from Oklahoma, who now represents the Bay State in Washington as a U.S. Senator, has done nothing but grandstand since capturing the seat by touting her Harvard Law background and pseudo-Cherokee heritage. She has reacted to increased criticism by stating, "My mother's family was part Native American." She then qualifies it somewhat by adding that "I'm not enrolled in any tribe." Challenges to clarify her lineage by taking a DNA test are summarily rejected.

Senator Warren enthusiastically did respond to a conference caller identified as Noah from Tennessee who with a soft, plaintive voice thanked the Senator for supporting the funding of Planned Parenthood, whom he said had been very helpful for the healthcare of the LGBTQ community. Anyone holding on the line waiting to be heard on S-2311 had to shake his or her head on that Q and A content. No calls were aired on abortion or the Right To Life issue per se, but Planned Parenthood was praised by Noah as an organization "that fights for people." The Senator vowed to increase the money for PP by linking them with what she called "community health centers." Ironically, the Senator strongly stated, "We believe in an America that invests in its children."

Senator Warren's words in her boiler-plate verbal or written responses for rejecting any bill protecting the developing human in the womb, are carbon copies of Planned Parenthood's retiring $500,000 a year CEO Cecile Richards. One would think these two had been separated at birth. If only all pre-born children could be included under DACA. That's the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival program which provides legal protection for 800,000 children of illegal non-citizens.

It brings to mind George Orwell's words. "In an age of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act."

It's difficult to remember any reference to a "paradigm shift" in the Bay State, until the expression was used by another Harvard Law product, South African import Margaret Marshall. The former Harvard General Counsel applied the expression in her well-orchestrated introduction of Same -Sex Marriage (SSM). The 4-3 decision Goodridge v Mass DPH in 2003 was exactly that – a major paradigm shift. The term has now come back in usage to current U.S. political trends. As regards contemporary language, however, it seems safe to say that the present trends we have been witnessing indicate that "a pelvic paradigm shift" has taken over as part of the degradation of our everyday political discourse.

While Rush Limbaugh nationally and Howie Carr locally had been labeled "potty mouths" on the airways in the past, many hi-level pro athletes did resent this type of language being referred to as "locker room talk."

Although most athletes in general are well-spoken and careful about the types of quotes attributed to them, sports reporters doing interviews sometimes attempt to goad something salty from the athlete. By design it then would metastasize through multiple media outlets and stir up listener discussion.

The foremost exception to responsibility and downright civility in this regard was by baseball slugger David Ortiz of the Red Sox, who was selected to represent Boston by Red Sox billionaire owner John Henry. Affectionately named "Big Papi," Ortiz was given the mike to address a family-packed Fenway Park on April 20, 2013, at the first home game after the infamous Boston Marathon bombing. He was also on worldwide TV. The crowd cheered as he walked from the dugout onto the infield. After thanking the politicians, he belched out "This is our xxxxING city," using a foul verbal "bomb" – without apology. It was totally out of line, and sadly crushed the City's historically proud image!

Not only was there no fine imposed by the FCC, we were told by news outlets that "it drew immediate praise and appreciation from Boston media and celebrities." There was a clear attempt by the MSM to sanitize his crude expression, however possible. Major Boston TV outlet Channel 5 later in December 2013 said Big Papi's words were "being hailed as the top quote of the year." Boston Strong? How insulting this obscene utterance by Ortiz was to the slogan which arose from the heroism displayed by so many on that Patriots Day 2015.

Many parents said they were deeply disappointed that the character-building nature of sports had now hit such a low point. There were few outlets for them to express themselves, however, in order to elevate any general discourse about restoring civility. Big Papi was an outright disgrace. This pelvic paradigm shift is now very evident on WRKO radio in Boston where Jeff Kuhner, who precedes Howie Carr in their prime slot, can at times sound like he's holding the lid of a sewer that's overflowing.

Politically knowledgeable and well-versed historically, why he feels he has to lower himself to the language level he does is a mystery. While professing the highest of family values, including profound concern for his adopted children's view of contemporary culture, he descends to the gutter.

Before long, when discussing almost any topic, the word "friggin" or "freakin" will start being interjected in adjectival form. As unnecessary and degrading as that is, he starts using the term "blank" before the personal objective pronoun. Sometimes he substitutes the pronoun with "off." At times he will not only repeat it but do so as many as three times successively.

It's difficult to determine if the past revelations about Pres. Bill Clinton's sexual escapades while in office, and the new ones about Harvey Weinstein from Hollywood didn't just give the on-air dirty talkers a boost. Some also may say that listeners who don't switch the dial at some point deserve what they get. They do forget that we own the airways. At least we think we do, Deep State notwithstanding.

Obviously, the word "blank" is not on the FCC's objectionable list, but it goes a long way to illustrate the decline of our social values. Its use is schoolyard at its worst. Perhaps WRKO, the so-called Voice of Boston 's program sponsors, gives us some of the answer. One such is an ad for a "free bottle" of a liquid male potion. A female compares it to a certain pill for men, among her other seductive comments. Nuf said!

President Trump's alleged derogatory description of third-world countries gave much fare to his opponents on CNN, MSNBC and the other lesser networks. They all used the story not only incrementally but excrementally – ad nauseum.

Sean Hannity of Fox did a very entertaining "expletive deleted" collage of these competitors' repeated actual use of the curse word for outdoor lavatories.

On the national level for the last couple of decades, Fox News out-distanced all these major media in supporting what we would call traditional values, but they are declining. Fox has for years been suffering on a moral level from a bi-polar disease.

One has to question how much entrapment may have been involved in the rather sudden departure and huge settlement of alleged sexual improprieties by mainstay Bill O'Reilly. The legal panel on his popular prime time show bared much more than the facts in any case they discussed. Cleavage cable might have been more honest as a company name than Fox News. One of these legal panelists was a recipient of a multi-million-dollar settlement as the top-rated O'Reilly departed the Fox News scene.

Sean Hannity is another legitimate celebrity on Fox, who should guard the fine journalistic reputation he rightfully earned. He's smart and has a good sense of the political scene. Why he is not staying clear of the "potty mouth" trap is bewildering. Yet, he's now introduced selected viewers' tweets with naughty comments by viewers to end his show. It's called Hannity Hotline. Many have multiple partially-blanked out profanities.

One woman accused him of, ln effect, suffering from some sort of lactation depravation, and he read it and then sported a goofy grin – as if he was not the one who chose to air this comment.

The one individual who makes "potty talk" sound almost like music is named Anthony Scaramucci. Even the Mafia are said to be embarrassed by his language.

Harvard University was thought to have had their connections with the White House severed by the Nov. 8, 2016 election results. Donald Trump was not tethered to them in any direct way. They seemed to get a new life, however, when Scaramucci, a Tufts University and Harvard Law School graduate, was appointed the White House Director of Communications.

The guarded Harvard stereotype came to a quick halt, however, when a profanity-laced interview he did for the New Yorker emerged. This multi-millionaire's language would have made a drunken sailor in Boston's old Scollay Square burlesque district sound like a choir boy.

Scaramucci then actually tried to use the limp excuse that the interview was "supposed to be off the record." Calling it filthy is to upgrade it.

The nuns who taught Boston native and new White House Chief of Staff John F. Kelly would have been proud of him, as without much time elapsing, he asked for and received Scaramucci's resignation. Anthony's 10-day stint was certainly one of the shortest ever as a Presidential spokesman. A true American, whose own son gave his life in the military for this nation's values, General Kelly characterized the new Communication Director's use of words as "abhorrent and an embarrassment to the President." The General, who himself was despised for his high values by the media especially those at MSNBC, went far beyond being kind. It was easy to see that the highly-respected Gen. John Kelly, on reading these ugly words had given the President of the U.S. an "Either he goes or I go" ultimatum. The White House beacon was flashing once again, and President Donald J. Trump knew he had been severely damaged once again. General Kelly was the one who plugged the dike rather quickly.

The New Yorker rant was as sick as one can get. Referring to his mouth as a sewer is fitting. It would literally take linguistic gymnastics, however, to attempt even a somewhat refined description of what lewd Anglo-Saxon language Scaramucci spewed out.

While Trump voters said "good riddance" to this foul-mouthed newcomer, the Leftist media displayed no great surprise. They knew "the Mooch"s real self well, as it was an overlay of their own Hollywood Weinstein model. In fact, Scaramucci's 2nd wife had just filed for divorce in her 9th month of pregnancy, while carrying their 2nd child.

The word "salacious" has been bandied in the media considerably of late, mostly with regard to the now famous "dossier" submitted to the FISA courts in order to surveil American citizens. Calling it the "Golden Showers dossier" allows us to avoid the more "colorful" details. Some might say, however, that we have been taken "to a higher level" within the new "pelvic paradigm syndrome" by a female going by the name of Stormy Daniels. She bares all - and more.

The pseudonym is not what should raise eyebrows, but the identification given her. This woman is literally given luminary status. She is called "a star." Preceded by her being involved in pornography, however, she is in addition labeled as a "porn star." Worse still, because she willingly is involved in pornographic acts, which are filmed for viewing by others, she receives added fame by the MSM as an "adult film star."

To have her name preceded by "star" status because of behavior that is identified as "adult" certainly sends a message. The concept of maturity has certainly been re-defined in these United States of America. And to think that her allegations of sexual improprieties by the President of this nation ranks as frontpage news reveals limitless speculation about the nation's future.

March 25 was Palm Sunday, and the great family sports entertainment known as "March Madness" filled the airways. It is wholesome entertainment at every age level. Yet, over a score of promos during the exciting afternoon contest involved the upcoming "60 minutes" program featuring this much-publicized "Stormy Daniels.." MSM goals and lack of standards were very much in evidence.

This "60 minutes" interview WAS pornography – not ABOUT pornography. This publicized "porn star" was questioned by a so-called "gay" reporter, who is mated with another "gay" male in a publicized sexual relationship. In a somewhat clipped fashion, the tight-lipped interviewer asked questions centered on a past alleged pelvic encounter with none other than the current U.S. President. These questions were specific, more like a courtroom interrogation, and most calling for yes or no responses.

Once again, pornography – Prime Time. How much more do we have to learn about the "pelvic paradigm shift" which is characterizing the contemporary American scene.

One could not conceive of anybody exceeding the scatological language of the sleazy New Yorker interview. Yet, a couple of FBI employees, both of whom are lawyers, seemed too have made a good try at it in their text messaging. Married to other spouses, Peter Strzok and Lisa Page are in an openly adulterous relationship.

Their in-house FBI memos use 4-letter derivative expressions freely and displayed a visceral hatred of the current President. Her use of these 4-letter expletives was as plentiful as his, maybe more so. Not the salacious language, but the clear outright hatred of the President was what had both removed from Special Counsel Mueller's team. Both of these lawyers were transferred to other positions in the FBI, but they are at some point going to have to answer for their highly questionable political activity – on legal grounds. They should have been fired.

Meanwhile the MSM does not refer to them as adulterers, but as paramours. Sounds much nicer. If these two FBI agents haven't been enough for de-basing our governmental scene, in March none other than Anthony Scaramucci re-appeared, being interviewed on CNN, and as the sole guest expert in one-on-ones with the likes of Laura Ingraham on Fox News. Of no surprise, he refrained from his profane utterances, and he was treated extremely cordially. Above all, however, he was accepted as an expert on the inner workings of the Trump White House. This "10-day White House Wonder" apparently is expected to pay no price by MSM standards. How politically naïve are these people whom we call the American public? Obviously, that is still an open question. He should be in the hinterlands.

Laura Ingraham, on her new Fox show has been awkward, seemingly trying to re-cast herself and find a niche that blends in. She recently tried to do so by stating that Rex Tillerson received the news of his firing as U.S. Secretary of State while "on the toilet." Another reason to question what ever happened to journalism.

As we approached Easter, however, the chronology of events in 2018 so far seemed to give way to those uplifting happenings – ones which literally raised the spirits. The spirit can still be uplifted by everyday events – sports included. Tom Brady, arguably the greatest quarterback ever to play the game, seems inexplicably to fall into a media trap. When asked about some situation that is obviously a media lure, he generally has been adept at a diplomatic response. If something was an irritant to him, however, rather than saying he was aggravated or ticked off, he would use an expression, indicating he was suffering from a leaky bladder. And he'll repeat it. It always drops him a notch in class. His profanity, however, backfired on him when a novice sports reporter aspirant used a variety of the term to describe Tom's daughter, who was tugging at him during an interview. Tom Brady without resorting to any profane language expressed high indignation. Maybe it was a lesson learned. Let's hope so.

The Patriots, who hold the record for the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history in their 2017 SB classic, are a disciplined, well-oiled machine, a model on the gridiron. That is why they are winners. The Eagles, however, took a page out of the Pats playbook and came from behind in the late stages, drove downfield to score, and they emerged as the 41-33 victors.

The victory by the Philadelphia Eagles over N.E., however, had to be poetic justice. A team spirit, that won it for the Patriots back in 2017 was switched to their opponents, the Philadelphia Eagles, on Feb 4, 2018 in SB LII,

And by players from The City of Brotherly Love – no less! The Boston area's self-abused Puritanical heritage, and this nation's decline in word usage, took a good hit by the manner with which the Eagle's coach and their team's stars responded to the SB victory and the media questions immediately post-game.

Amid the emotion and jubilation immediately after their first-ever Super Bowl victory, a microphone was raised to Eagles head coach Don Pederson, who less than a decade earlier had been coaching a high school team. When asked about this change in his fortunes, Pederson's words were. "I can only give the praise to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ for giving me this opportunity."

It seemed almost an embarrassment to the reporter who shortly got the mike to Zack Ernst, who had scored the winning touchdown. His response to how it felt was, "Glory to God, first and foremost." Then finally catching up with and lifting the mike to Nick Foles, Eagles Quarterback and MVP of the game, the hero's response was, "Unbelievable – all to God." All the while, wrapped under his prodigious passing arm close to that shoulder-padded uniform, he was proudly holding his infant daughter! She looked so unaffected amid the excitement. Foles' subsequent tribute to his wife and family at his side, told a beautiful story.

If that wasn't so surprisingly uplifting at the post-game on-field celebration, the cameras switched to the locker room to show the entire team assembled. They took to their knees – as Coach Pederson led them in the Lord's Prayer. Yes – the Lord's Prayer. ESPN's later renditions of the post-game deleted this scene from their coverage.

This series of responses to a sports victory in Feb 2018 certainly carried some message to the American public as we face problems on multiple fronts, collectively and individually. The post-game was something of a religious celebration. Yet we have to admit this was only a sporting event, but It still does provoke related thoughts.

Evil does exist, but there is a message here. And It's about a battle on a much higher level.

One can never say there is no hope of curing the current paradigm shift that's spreading throughout the nation. There has got to be a ray of hope – so literally uplifting that the cerebral will start to rule the nation's socio-political sphere. The swamp, that even a President with his own less than admirable past knows exists in our government and society, still cannot stamp out the aroma of the flowers that Easter brings.

Obscenity and vulgarity have strong roots in Hollywood. They are quite visible. Weinstein's anti-religious movie productions were not subtle and were designed to make his vulgarity acceptable. His filmed desecration of the Christian Messiah and the sainted ones were as ugly and perverted as can be found. This was intentional.

And this blight is still alive. Sadly! Late-night so-called "comedians" have exploited it and churned up their output to a volume beyond their pre-Weinstein days. They deserve only to be ignored.

As we celebrate Resurrection Sunday 2018 we can now trust that the culture itself will also reach back to resurrect the language and decorum from the low level to which it has descended, and we can gain true respect for all of creation – and the Creator.

With the year 2018 now one-third over, the purple and yellow crocuses are popping through patches of the snow-covered turf. A March which gave some of us the wrath of four nor'easters could not defeat the rock-ribbed inhabitants of this land with a great history -despite multiple attempts to paint this negatively. As the bright yellow hue of forsythia begins to signal the start of an array of beautiful colors as Spring unfolds, we have to maintain a realistic sense of nature. Manure over centuries has always produced a nutritious feed for flower and vegetable both. Maybe we can leave it to its natural processes, and verbally let it stay there. Variations of the word are too commonly heard hither and yon today.

As we start the rise to the intellectual level, we are fully cognizant, as well, that we are not single dimensioned – but composites, and this includes having a God-given spiritual nature.

The "swear words" we use must be on another plane, devoid of today's crass utterances. Instead we can swear daily to reflect on the true beauty of God's creation, and its real purpose. Some major changes in our behavior are very much in order.

© R.T. Neary


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