R.T. Neary
Alabama's Judge Roy Moore -- in truth more of a national story
By R.T. Neary
December 6, 2017

Gadsden, Alabama, is in no way linked to Wappingers Falls, N.Y., geographically, but there is now a stark historical parallel as we view a major battle raging in the national Culture War.

Evangelical Christian Roy Moore's surprise victory in his home state GOP Senatorial primary produced an invasion of movers and shakers to the bible belt. They descended from points north including Washington, D.C. and as far west as California – Hollywood no less. The Washington Post started by publishing a story of an alleged sexual assault 4 decades ago on a 14-year old girl by now Judge Roy Moore back when he was in his early 30s. This was followed with similar allegations by other women.

As the nation was being deluged with sickening tales of a" movie mogul," whose lack of morals would make a pig sty look as clean as a hospital O/R, well-known Hollywood attorney Gloria Allred appeared to the local press in Alabama. She showed up with additional sexual allegations beyond those in the Washington Post against Roy Moore in these earlier years. This long-time patron to the Glitterati had one victim perfectly scripted, and her public presentation for the press was complete with tears and tissue.

Gloria Allred's "evidence" included the alleged victim's yearbook signed by Roy Moore when he worked in the District Attorney's office. It was in longhand with "Love" above the signature. The emotionally-charged story raised the obvious questions of handwriting authenticity. There were many other discrepancies, however, but the "Lawyer of the Stars" refused to allow the yearbook to be subjected to a handwriting expert for examination. Numerous other questions arose about these allegations going back 4 decades – and which had never been leveled previously in the Judge's multiple runs for political office.

Allred's motivation was readily apparent. Irrespective of the gaping time gap, Judge Roy Moore could be tarnished so severely in a national atmosphere of Media/Hollywood sexual scandals that the Republican control of the U.S. Senate would be teetering. The script was similar to that used against candidate Donald Trump back in the fall of 2016

The MSM immediately circulated the stories, as they would with allegations surrounding events of recent origin, and as though they were made by women of impeccable reputations. There was, however, real evidence of drug, alcohol and other mental problems of the alleged victims and others involved – but that was ignored. The Hollywood touch was so fine-tuned that no one issued a call for a thorough investigation of the circumstances before accepting this real character assassination of Roy Moore. Even Fox News got on board, again displaying its movement to the Left.

Fox's Judge Jeanine Pirro, Laura Ingraham, and their frequent guest constitutional scholar, Jonathan Turley, were labeling the stories "highly credible." They were so in unison on these tales that there was no panelist to ask these "Foxy lawyers" if "highly credible" and the truth were synonymous. . At least Sean Hannity, after looking foolish by giving the Judge a 24-hour ultimatum to refute the accusations, backed away by accepting the obvious: Alabama voters would decide who should be the Senator representing the State of Alabama.

Beyond even the disproved Duke lacrosse team's alleged sexual assault accusations, the MSM chose to totally Ignore the Tawana Brawley story. This tale of sexual assault had national headlines back in 1987-88 much closer in time to the current accusations, which are now aimed to bring down this respected West Point graduate and war veteran.

Wappingers Falls, N.Y. is a small town a couple of hours north of N.Y.C., nestled in the Hudson River Valley, and it always prided itself in reflecting traditional American values. Tawana Brawley's sexual assault story shook the town and the entire nation. Many accepted it as a credible tale, as did the MSM, and it was what catapulted a man by the name of Al Sharpton on to the national stage. This street activist, who assumed the title of Reverend, took full advantage of the 15-year old's sickening story, and today's obsequious white-guilt MSM still gives him prominence.

Tawana was found stuffed in a plastic bag covered with feces with the N-word, KKK and other writing in charcoal smeared on her chest and abdomen. According to the N.Y. Times, she was so "traumatized" after this sexual assault, she had to respond to questions by blinking an answer of "yes" or "no." There was a national outcry. Over 1000 supporters of Louis Farrakhan marched in her support across the Hudson River in Newburgh, N.Y.

Tawana Brawley asserted that she had been sexually assaulted by 4 men in authority, including an Assistant D.A. and a state police officer. The charges were nauseating and elicited national outrage, leading to the convening of a Grand Jury to examine all of the evidence.

The Grand Jury found the story to be totally false. It was a hoax. Yet, multiple law enforcement authorities, on the state and local levels had already been roundly condemned.

The MSM had more than egg on its face. In reality, it had charcoal and feces. The "victim" had done the smearing (upside down, no less), and the feces turned out to be of the dog species. Forensic tests showed that there had been no evidence of any sexual assault. Repeat: There was no evidence of ANY sexual assault on the "victim."

Of course, the accusations of Tawana Brawley were "credible" – "highly credible," many would say. Yes, but were they true? No, no, no. And yet, versions of the same screenplay are what we have been seeing and hearing from Alabama today. Even Sen. Ted Cruz and AG Jeff Sessions joined the "highly credible" crowd early regarding the Moore accusations. The Senator should have known better, given the accusations leveled at his own father by the MSM. And AG Sessions just continues to disappoint, saying he "had no reason to deny the women's allegations." President Trump himself has been disappointed in the new AG, who is sounding more like a kitten, rather than the tough-minded tiger he was supposed to be. Senate President Mitch McConnell and a host of other GOP leaders responded in a similar fashion, and are only slightly behind as GOP disappointments in this new government.

Judge Roy Moore will win the election on December 12 and head to the U.S. Senate in Washington, D.C. to represent the State of Alabama. He has campaigned unabashedly with bible in hand, pledged to uphold the Judeo- Christian principles on which this nation has been founded. The Judge has pledged without apology to represent all of his constituents free of any bias – but based on the nation's principles of equality for all. It is his clarity which has shaken all the elements of the opposition – not the least of which is the Republican Establishment. The political swamp is still stagnant.

As happened after Nov. 8 2016, more will be revealed about these recent allegations in opposition to Judge Roy Moore. They came out of nowhere. Aside from their 4-decade vintage, they are flimsy and will crumble under sound scrutiny, showing once again the extremes to which the Secular Fundamentalists will go in the Culture War. The Judge's unswerving defense of traditional marriage, the fundamental right to life, and the Constitution without biblical principles bleached from it, will have won in a major battle.

President Donald Trump will realize he has an ally and a true conservative in pursuing the original principles that the new President has espoused, and he will have a clearer view of what now can be accomplished.

And the nation, as well as the entire world, will once again know the meaning of Divine Providence.

(The author took his marriage vows in St Mary's Church, Wappingers Falls, N.Y.)

© R.T. Neary


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