R.T. Neary
Who stole the alphabet soup? - Not the TMRTLQ community!
By R.T. Neary
January 9, 2017

FDR, and his New Deal programs such as the CCC, WPA ,NRA, NLRB and the FDIC could have been the incubator of alphabet government, back in the 1930s but in the 1960s another New Deal was in the offing that would produce an alphabet soup with even more implications. Moving into the new millennium, however, would accelerate a much greater uprooting and re-shaping of our most basic cultural underpinnings.

"Traditional Marriage" (TM) was supplanted in 2015 as the societal norm by Justice Anthony Kennedy's swing vote in the U.S. Supreme Court's 5-4 Obergefell v Hodges decision, and marriage joined in oblivion our most fundamental "Right To Life" (RTL), which had been essentially nullified by the US Supreme Court in Roe v Wade in 1973. The Right to Life had been taken for granted for two centuries, as it was listed as first of those enumerated in the Preamble of the Declaration of Independence, followed by the right to liberty and the pursuit of happiness The question naturally arose: How could any human being – developing or matured – seek to enjoy the latter two rights without having the protection of the first: human life itself?

Massachusetts legalized Same-Sex Marriage (SSM) in the state in 2004 by a 4-3 vote of the state's Supreme Judicial Court. Then in 2015 it certainly was another call for reflection about the impact of a single judge, especially in light of Justice Kennedy's ruminations about the millennia-old nature of traditional marriage. It was public knowledge that Massachusetts Chief Justice Margaret Marshall had to exert pressure to obtain a swing vote in the delayed Goodridge v Dept. of Public Health decision. Clearly a test case, a few years afterwards it was quietly reported that the Goodridges had amicably separated and then divorced. The vast implications of individuals. especially judges, having such enormous power over societal patterns in situations such as these goes far beyond the pale. No individual should ever be acknowledged to have such authority. In each case the court was legislating, and that is Constitutionally the role of the Legislature – pure and simple.

Our civil, academic, political and religious lives are now firmly under the control of LGBTQ thinking – a Newer Deal – and this power over the entire culture has become much stronger in the 8 years of the Obama Presidency. This newer alphabetic jumble never came into existence until the latter half of the 20th century, but now is presented as a label for what is, in reality, religious dogma. Legally, one must tread carefully in Massachusetts when criticizing the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Queer tenets. Yet, traditional Judeo-Christian beliefs are under open attack. Secular Fundamentalism rules – Supremely.

Republican Gov. Charles Baker, whose brother is married to another male, stated he did not vote for incoming President Donald Trump, but he has indicated he wants to move the GOP nationally into more LGBTQ positions. The Senate President in the Commonwealth is 65-yr old Stan Rosenberg, whose marriage partner is a man who started a half-dozen years ago as a 21-yr old intern in Rosenberg's Senate office. The Attorney General, Democrat Maura Healey, a lesbian and an active supporter of the LGBTQ movement when challenged, relented to allow a Christmas Nativity scene to be displayed at the State House. Unborn babies are just not welcome or legally protected in the Bay State – nor are newborns in any traditional Christian theme. Healey is politically ambitious. and she does not rule out opposing Baker fur the governorship in 2018.

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh won the office, after getting the solid support of the LGBTQ community. His opponent had stated he would fight to get "the Gay Games" to come to Boston. After his election, Walsh, while certainly not the first Irish-American elected to political office, received a JFK-style reception across the Atlantic in his parents' ancestral Galway. The Boston Globe has headlined his long-time, live-in female partner as Boston's "first girl-friend." The mayor and his partner are given preferential seating at prominent church events. Walsh recently was in the news in proposing that Boston become a sanctuary city for abortion facilities to attract more of them, should the new GOP administration remove Planned Parenthood's federal funding. They are currently aborting the lives of about 7000 pre-born children a year at their fortress headquarters at 1055 Commonwealth Avenue.

After the Obergefell decision was announced nationally legalizing Same Sex Marriage (SSM), President Obama had the White House lit up with the rainbow colors symbolic of the LGBTQ credo. This was clear evidence on the national stage that there now is a preferential class – based on a behavior which they label as an orientation. For the People who still philosophically or religiously maintain their thinking in the TMRTL mold, however, it affirmed that they can now also accept the traditional label Queer – of being an odd or different type. Unless they haven't heard about Goodridge, or Obergefell, or Roe! Yes, we suspect that there are essentially more than a million TMRTLQs in the Bay State who are totally unware of their status – but do accept the concept. This situation exists because the mass media acts as though this TMRTLQ element of society doesn't exist. LGBTQs are the ruling class. and people of all ages, from elementary school on up are expected to fall in line. A wake-up call is long overdue!

Marriage in these United States had its finest hour from the summer of 1945 through those subsequent years after V-J Day into the 50s. The ending of wartime service for millions of servicemen, and the return to the sweethearts left behind set the scene for countless weddings with all the splendor and joy of long-separated family and friends. There were so many weddings that the preachers, priests, and rabbis were over-booked. Churches of all the ethnic and racial groups were so busy on a Saturday that passersby stopped to observe the exiting of the bride and groom, bouquets being tossed to the bridesmaids, and all those in the smartly-groomed wedding party. Some of the grooms were still attired in military uniform. The dousing with confetti punctuated an idyllic scene that produced a great many joyful faces from white-topped grandparents to toddlers.

This could have been America at its best, but there still was an enormous amount of work to be done in order to implement fully the post-Civil War amendments to our Constitution designed to guarantee the descendants of African slaves full citizenship in all aspects of society. It would be pastors and the members of black churches who would employ Mahatma Gandhi's successful methods toward this end. African-American families were bonded with their churches, and together they made strong communities in this domestic struggle.

Above and beyond everything, however, was the feeling that these United States had emerged victorious in a conflict which had defeated horrific ideologies that had caused the death of close to 100 million people world-wide. As a respite from lingering existential problems though, the many marriages occurring were still the highlights. Viewing a man and a woman committed to each other – for better or for worse, in sickness and in health – until death do them part was not only true spirit, but also biology. Children would follow, building solid families, and maybe they would eventually be housed in a quaint home – with the proverbial white picket fence- as the family grew. This was still the era of the Great Generation – maybe even the Greatest one of all. And we were looking at TM: a marriage bond which was millennia-old. One man, one woman – and DREAMS.

Whatever changed it all?

It requires a historical look back first. In the late 1800s, America experienced what was referred to as "The Gay 90s." It was basically a rebellion against the biblical norms which were the roots of our society. While as a nation we had religious freedom, Judeo-Christian thinking permeated our laws, lives – and ideals. The word "gay" was used with its core meaning and basically had nothing to do with homosexuality. In fact, It was still often used through the post-WWII years to describe the frivolity at ethnic wedding receptions.

While the transformation of what was America's historical culture can be attributed to a multitude of forces, some humans had alternate plans for its social construction – and destruction. On a darker side, still simmering from the 30s and 40s in Nazi Germany was the Eugenics movement. This thinking was held with religious fever by some in all parts of the globe. One such in the U.S., was Margaret Sanger, the founder of an organization, which later assumed the misnomer, Planned Parenthood. Sanger wrote of the poor and negroes as "human weeds."

The father of the RTL movement in Massachusetts and nationally was Dr. Joseph Stanton, a monumental figure. Partially disabled from a childhood attack of infantile paralysis, Joseph Stanton entered the medical field and was very dedicated to medicine, with a strong moral component quite evident in his endeavors. He not only testified at different government levels, but he was active in battling to keep the Ancient Greek Hippocratic Oath and its principles of medical protection of all human life at the fore. Dr. Stanton was the founder of the Value of Life Committee several years before the Roe v Wade decision was handed down by the U. S. Supreme Court on Jan. 22, 1973. He knew the individuals and forces at work charting this plan to legalize abortion in all these United States. Another ally in taking up the cudgel was the eloquent Dr. Mildred Fay Jefferson, who raised in the segregated South by a preacher and his schoolteacher wife, was the first African-American woman to graduate from Harvard Medical School. She was a stalwart and a brilliant orator who brought many into the RTL struggle.

Now with 60,000,000 developing humans legally destroyed in the womb since Roe, RTL organizations have become stronger, with a special attraction to youth. To a great degree this has been attributed to the technology which has been improved so much in recent decades. Heartbeats of the new creations are detectable at 22 days' gestation, and sonograms give clear pictures of the pre-born child moving about in the mother's womb in the early months of pregnancy. The few thousand "partial-birth abortions" performed annually- even though now prohibited by law – have served to generate more revulsion and opposition. Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton refused in the last televised debate to express opposition to this grisly procedure. She had voted against the procedure being made illegal.

Lila Rose and David Daleiden are among the younger RTL adherents. They proved to be as wise as serpents as they revealed the nefarious deeds of the abortion industry. Daleiden's undercover Center For Medical Progress in 2015 released video evidence of the harvesting and sale of baby body parts by Planned Parenthood and others. It could only bring back memories of Nazi Germany in the 1930s and 40s. The words of Planned Parenthood doctors involved clearly convey in the visuals their clinical. business-like approach to the worth of developing human life. Viewers were able to get a first-hand look at the people and philosophy behind the American Holocaust, which Roe v Wade initiated on Jan. 22, 1973.

While the media scurried to find alternate stories, and so-called Progressive politicians such as Sen. Elizabeth Warren recited PP's talking points, these revelations just made the euphemistic labeling more transparent. Their claim to be providers of "health care" for both men and women, was a far cry from harvesting kidneys, lungs and other saleable organs from a developing human extracted from his or her mother's womb. As American Life League's Judie Brown aptly said, "Pregnancy is not a disease." Yes, it is the way we all started our existence! And "choice" is not an option when one of the choices is the termination of the life of an innocent developing human being. And a baby is still life's most beautiful sight – because God planned it that way.

The false premises underlying the status quo includes fallacious buzz words, one such being "diverse." By its very definition SSM is not diverse. Both participants are of the same gender. Yet, this concept of diversity is at the very essence of TM. Above and beyond this, the essential ingredient of millennia-old Traditional Marriage is complementarity. After the marriage vows, this complementarity results in a conjugal act which seals these marriage vows – and provides the traditional cornerstones of a strong society. It is no wonder that the word "complementarity" is nowhere evident in the media's stories about the breakdown of our social structure. Is it even in their dictionary?

TMRTLQ is most certainly not in their dictionary. However, another sub-group which is a natural outgrowth of TMRTLQ is. And it's beautiful – and truly an acronym.

FAMILY: Father And Mother I Love You.

© R.T. Neary


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