R.T. Neary
Can Boston's axis of evil be wobbling?
By R.T. Neary
January 12, 2016

"ISIS," "Fitness" and "Francis" were 3 single-word titles of books at the very front of the Current Readings shelf in a Boston-area Town Library on the eve of the new year of 2016.

The horrific acts of ISIS were so anathema to the professed ideals of our Judeo- Christian governmental and social structure that it startled many who were perched on what now seemed a visionary plane – rather than being immersed in the real world. While certainly breaking the rhyme of sort "The Donald," if there is a book by this title, should have been included.. Donald Trump's swashbuckling, unapologetic style has been bolstered by death-dealing acts by illegal aliens, as well as the horrific terrorism perpetrated worldwide in the name of Islam.

After declaring for the GOP Presidential nomination, this crescendo of stories was a perfect fit for his rhetoric and propelled him to the front of the pack. The rise had been predicted by no one, let alone the media political pundits. And they didn't like it.

As the year came to a close, the legacy of 2015 seemed to be a loss of hope – in all of our institutions and even in the basic goodness of members of the human species. Faith in government also was in obvious decline – everywhere. It showed on the faces of people, seemingly at every turn. One would suspect that in their hearts love was absent, as well. This country was in a state of decline, and it would be difficult to make a case that the opposite was true.

Perhaps as an indication of the political fortunes of 2016, the year 2015 had seen weather conditions that defied predictions. New Year's Day 2015 had started with only 3/10ths of an inch of winter snow having fallen in Boston, and it ended with a new record of over 110 inches before welcoming spring in March. Correspondingly, the month of February had been 15 degrees colder than normal. Then after an extremely dry summer, a deficit of over 10 inches of water accrued, and as the year was ending, on Christmas Eve a record high 68 degrees was recorded at Logan Airport in Boston. The entire month of December set another record by averaging 10.6 degrees warmer than normal.

Globally, the stark barbarism of the ISIS movement, despite the juvenile "JV" characterization of it by the nation's Chief Executive has offended the entire population. It posed a task to parents, of course, but also for everyone to help our youth develop positive attitudes and a faith in essential human goodness.

The brutality of the death of foreign correspondent N.H. native James Foley struck home, as did the horrific picture of the 21 Egyptian "citizens," as the President labeled them, kneeling to await their brutal fate by ISIS.. It rekindled the photos of the Tsarnaev brothers in our psyches, as they displayed such a callous lack of concern for the value of each and every human life..

These 21 guest workers were killed because they were Coptic Christians, not because they were Egyptians, and this was essential to the story. President Obama's words once again showed his visceral disdain for the Christian faith.

James Foley, who certainly could have been rescued by the U.S.from captivity, had a deep religious faith and was said by others to have prayed the rosary while confined by using his knuckles. While he was not a member of the military, the handling of his situation was in stark contrast to what was accorded the army deserter, Pvt. (not Sgt.) Bowe Bergdahl. The two graduations in rank were awarded in absentia to him by the Army during his detention by the Taliban.

Harvard, with its 8th graduate having ascended to the Presidency in 2009, now ostensibly seems to be losing its hold on the top rung of power. The Clintons, Donald Trump and the other leading aspirants to the Oval Office do not have a direct link to this equivalent of a city-state across the Charles River. Harvard is constantly burnishing its image, however, and the media are always at its beck and call. Invariably, any major court decision leads to a public evaluation of it by one of the Law School's professors. Laurence Tribe and Alan Dershowitz are considered infallible and seem to be quoted incessantly. It is truly unbelievable how their views are never challenged.

Alan Dershowitz had even publicly injected himself into the last papal conclave, issuing a caveat to Roman Catholic prelates about giving any consideration to Cardinal Oscar Maradiaga of Honduras. In the professor's opinion the Cardinal's views are anti-Semitic. The man who assisted on the legal defense team to win the not guilty decision in the murder case that cleared O.J Simpson, calls himself a civil libertarian, but apparently also possesses wisdom without borders. The darling of the Left on national issues becomes hawkish when it comes to matters involving the state of Israel.

The June 26 Supreme Court's 5-4 decision in favor of the plaintiffs in Obergefell v Hodges constitutionally affirming Same Sex Marriage was easy to predict with Anthony Kennedy the swing vote. As expected all the TV and media outlets headlined the announcement with many including PBS and Al Jazeera doing gushing puff pieces.. This new major victory for Secular Fundamentalism literally had the stars and stripes being replaced by the rainbow flag.

As the year ended, The Boston Globe regurgitated the Spotlight Team stories from its expose of the "sexual abuse scandals" within the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Boston. Over a dozen years later, while the investigative reporting was of high quality, one has to wonder how it fits into this current time period. The answer had to be the release of a movie entitled "Spotlight." It was another example of self-glorification with the media – as is often done – reporting a story about other media.

The irony of the expose is why they still do not admit that it was a story about homosexuality within the priestly ranks – and not pedophilia. Labeling it as they do, is blatant journalistic dishonesty. After the early revelations of the perverted acts by John Geoghan, a cascade of stories emerged by the Globe Spotlight Team about other priests such as much-heralded "street priest" Paul Shanley acting as predators on post-adolescent males.

After the purchase of the Globe by John Henry and having started the Crux website to cover Roman Catholic issues, the Globe is determined to shape the religious thinking of the local population – and beyond. Their lack of journalistic integrity has been continued and readily apparent, but articles often lack substance as well. The depths of sophomoric "journalism," had to be reached by Crux "spiritual columnist" Margery Eagan with an article titled, "Jimmy Carter, full of grace." Sadly, it makes one wonder why she didn't start it with "Hail" Jimmy Carter, full of grace.

The accent of the Spotlight expose should have been that there is nothing in the teaching of the Founder of Christianity and the Roman Catholic Church that justified any of the scandalous activity.. On the contrary, it was disdain for the Church's age-old teaching on sexual morality and practices by homosexual predator priests. That is what led to the cancer which the Globe's Spotlight team revealed. The mishandling of the predators was a separate issue and worthy of a story, but they had to be divided – and truthfully.

The growth of the cancerous tumor was easy to trace, but the Globe editorial office in Boston made a sharp turn into the area of "pedophilia" – when the homosexual nature of the malady became quite evident..

There was a proprietary interest in making this sharp turn. The homosexual or lesbian orientation was easily perceptible in many of the Globe staff and leadership for years. A decade after Roe v Wade, when the abortion industry merged with the homosexual/lesbian rights movement, the Roman Catholic Church was the prime target.

The power that the Church exercised over their flock infuriated the Globe power structure.. Religion, politics, academia – and money – were clearly intertwined. The Globe obviously has been following the old axiom, "If you tell a lie often enough, the bulk of the people will eventually come to believe it.." While having long ago lost journalistic credibility, truth is of no consideration, as long as the Globe can be a vehicle for impacting the thinking of the masses.

While recent years have seen a marked decline of their readership, the Globe's "style manual" is clearly still maintained. Homosexuality is still considered "gay" and must be so labeled, but the homosexual/lesbian movement seems to be now accenting the transgender element in pushing legislation. Rep. Joseph P. Kennedy III legislatively is at the point position after succeeding Barney Frank in Washington. LGBT and LGBTQ are still in use, but LGBTQQ is more in vogue in some educational circles to include those "Questioning." At the adolescent level in schools, it gives the movement more inclusiveness, and this is obviously the most fertile ground.

With the year 2015 ending, the President was aglow as the First Family boarded the flight to Hawaii for a golfing vacation. His gummy grin was very much in evidence, having signed into law a 2100-page, l.1 trillion dollar budget, adding still more to the nation's astronomic deficit.

Two successive national election victories by the GOP "opposition" brought not a whit of change in the control by the Establishment which expands its power daily. Planned Parenthood's over $ 500 million tax flow remained intact. Replacement House Majority Leader Paul Ryan proved to be as fork-tongued as his weak-kneed emotionally-challenged predecessor, John Boehner.

The Massachusetts Congressional delegation were lockstep with the President, as usual, and with disdain ignored constituents who do not share the Leftist, now labeled "Progressive"positions. Right To Lifers and traditional values voters have never been as alienated in what should be re-named Monolithic Massachusetts.

The Massachusetts Establishment's support of Planned Parenthood's harvesting of baby body parts was a sickening display of moral cowardice. As did President Obama and Senator Warren, all mouthed PP's available talking points. Boston's Axis of Evil was first shocked into silence, and then retorted with these PP distortions, word spin and outright lies. Slowly, however, more of what Margaret Sanger started in this country was surfacing and revealing the sickness gnawing away at our moral fiber since Jan 22, 1973.

Stalwart conservative members of Congress voted no to the new $ 1.1 trillion budget, but it revealed the true colors of some others who have claimed this label. Florida's Marco Rubio chose to take cover, obviously trusting the Establishment to make note. The Senator, who is not running for re-election to the Senate, stayed in Iowa campaigning for the Presidential nomination. He made a convoluted attempt to justify his absence.by calling the vote a foregone conclusion. His voting record is abysmal.

The choice he said involved using his time to win his run for the Presidency, so this would not happen again. Fox News' Greta Van Susteren was dumbfounded by his words to say the least, pressed him, but obviously frustrated, was forced by time to move on.

The grin that Rubio sports constantly became more suspicious, and on top of his "group of 8" involvement with regard to amnesty for illegal aliens, raised one more question about his character.

Back on October 30, the New York Times reported that billionaire Paul E. Singer in a 3-page letter was urging others to back Rubio. Given their wealth, it could amount to millions of dollars for the Rubio campaign. Considered a "bundler" of political contributions, Singer had raised millions for the presidential run of Mitt Romney. A strong supporter of Israel as is the GOP, the wealthy and influential Singer also is a strong supporter of the LGBT movement and SSM. Singer's son Andrew is homosexual, When contacted, the President of the Log Cabin Republicans, a group seeking to swing conservatives "in support of LGBT rights," only claimed to have "had a relationship with Sen. Rubio for years." Marco Rubio is now surrounded by red flags.

Gov. Chris Christie also reportedly had been seeking Singer's financial support. As the list of GOP aspirants whittled down, Sen. Ted Cruz rose in the Right To Life ranks because of his forthright opposition to PP funding, and his support of solid conservative positions. With many within the GOP ranks longing for another Ronald Reagan, Cruz is forthright in his positions and obviously not only very bright, but able to communicate without mincing words. Even Harvard's Alan Dershowitz has stated that his former student, was not only "a man of principle" but also "off the charts, brilliant."

The gruesome acts in the Middle East with regard to opponents they label as "infidels" should have evoked no more horror than the revelation in the United States of baby body parts harvesting by Planned Parenthood. Their multi-million dollar public relations campaign to sanitize PP's billion dollar business as "women's health care" was completely exposed, catching them like the proverbial "deer in the headlights."

PP scurried to feed their fawning mass media and political supporters with contrived arguments against what the videos produced by the Center For Medical Progress were clearly revealing. From the point of the first release by David Daleiden's superb effort, it was nauseating to watch Drs. Deborah Nucatola and Mary Gatter with their smug, total disdain for the worth of each and every human life.

The revulsion only got worse as we observed more revelations of the gruesome baby body parts atrocities going on within this tax-subsidized 501 © (3) "charitable" organization. PP has been praised not only by President Obama, but by Hillary Clinton and all the leading Democrats for the work they do In their last reportable year, that work involved stopping the beating hearts of over 327,000 pre-born developing members of our human family.

Following the undercover work of Lila Rose, David Daleiden's phenomenal expose clearly was inspired. After listening to body parts prices being negotiated, and medical personnel discussing the sale of livers, lungs, brains and gonads from human subjects, we heard PP CEO Cecile Richards talk only about "tissue." And for her to say the videos were "doctored" as well as "edited" was mired in irony.

Needless to say, the babies were "doctored" not in a way called for by that age- old Hippocratic Oath. Richard's use of the word "doctored" has PP, in reality, caught in its own verbal "leg trap." The Medical Doctors in the videos should be doing some serious soul-searching. Rather, we've seen nothing but Madison Avenue wordspin.

The revelations by the Center For Medical Progress was Nazi Germany Redux. For any student of history, it brought to the fore Josef Mengele, Adolph Eichmann,, Ilse Koch and the gruesome acts of a host of individuals from that era of brutal disregard for human worth Needless to say, Planned Parenthood is still alive and well at 1055 Commonwealth Avenue as though their activity is "health care." Judie Brown, who heads the American Life League, says it best: "Pregnancy is not a disease."

Right To Life counselors and protesters are peacefully outside daily in small numbers, and 20 to 35 "clients" are met and quickly ushered inside by "escorts" or "volunteers" in PP's aprons. A guard, at times with gun in holster, will appear occasionally to survey the sidewalk. Food is delivered obviously for meetings – and cakes with candles and other decoration are often delivered, as well. One can only shake his or her head at the celebratory mood of these people gathering together in this death- dealing business.

While the U.S. mail truck and UPS drivers will respond cheerfully to a friendly greeting, no salutation is extended to armored car workers, who are obviously there to pick up the blood money in the satchels which they carry in and out. One naturally has to wonder however, as to the contents being removed by medical vehicles such as the daily stop made by Quest Diagnostics. Could that padded bag contain what PP designates as "medical waste" ? It's not a pleasant thought!

As 2015 was ending, stories appeared in the Globe such as incoming Senate President Stanley Rosenberg's male fiancée contemplating a run for an open Senate seat.. It would be more "firsts" for a state that relishes them,

The firing of Dr. Paul Church, a respected member of the Urology Dept. of a Harvard-affiliated hospital, for publicly voicing his concern for the unhealthy results of homosexual activity, gained little coverage..

Another year-end story of note was the National Catholic Reporter's deciding this year to select "Persons of the Year." This publication selected a married homosexual couple. The two male "practicing Catholics" from Kentucky who were chosen, were among the plaintiffs in the Obergefell case.

The papal visit in September had little lasting effect, and served mainly to give the secular media cover for the PP baby parts scandal. Pope Francis never addressed this Herodian slaughter of the innocents. Are we to sing praises for that omission?

Laudato Si, to the bulk of Catholics, could be a Mexican dish as they move forward in this new year. The "Francis Effect" with the accent on the environment, immigration, and a Year of Mercy does not register with most of the people.

To those in the RTL movement, the Francis visit was so orchestrated that it was as if the Pope took a trip to Germany in the 30's, but he was carefully directed so the route never came close to a "detention center." Public bloody be-headings of Christians, the rapes and slavery of Yazidis and fellow Muslims by this new nation or Caliphate, we know as ISIS is real – and a threat we have not seen since WWII. The willful destruction of our pre-born brothers and sisters in utero will just not go away on its own either. Legal personhood must be extended to the developing child in the womb to bring it to an end. This nation never uncovered such a Nazi-like practice as the harvesting and sale of baby body parts since its founding. The glitzy visit of the Pope served to catch public attention, while the Secular Fundamentalists undertook their plan to bury the harvesting scandal alive and further shield the deadly abortion industry from public view.

So far they would appear to have buried it alive, as their public money trough is still intact. It is no wonder fancifully frosted cakes and catered gourmet foods are still delivered to 1055 Commonwealth Ave in Boston The videos of the smarmy abortionists, such as Dr. Deborah Nucatola, exposed the thinking that goes on inside and mandates our unceasing, legal, peaceful opposition – until this Herodian slaughter ends. Just how different is ISIS from us?

What may be even more tragic than the silent pulpits in the churches is the lack of an outcry from any of those erudite scholars behind the ivy walls of America's oldest university with the Veritas motto. This is not to excuse the unwillingness of those in the synagogues, who refuse to see the similarity of Planned Parenthood's heinous "medical advancements" to the 20th century Holocaust and Nazi experimentation.

Clearly the Right To Life movement is holding the moral high ground, but with "Christian" leaders staying a safe distance from the fray, one individual has chosen to step forward as did the Founder two millennia ago. Franklin Graham, starting in N.H. this month is stepping forward peacefully to alert the public to the horrendous decline in this nation.. After Congress passed the $1.1 trillion budget with Planned Parenthood funding intact, he stated he will visit all 50 states with the Christian message.

The son of the famous Rev. Billy Graham says that "unless America experiences a spiritual revival, we will fail as a nation." Realistically as we enter 2016 we are already toppling and spiritually leaderless. Yet, there is a social/political call to address an environmental crisis – while the Establishment continues to pollute it with the toxic Secular Fundamentalism that is permeating every facet of our existence.

© R.T. Neary


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