R.T. Neary
Forgotten man in the presidential race - and not even under wraps
By R.T. Neary
October 30, 2015

The Presidential sweepstakes has been dominated in 2015 by Hillary Clinton, the nation's yet-to-be-crowned first Empress.

The challenge for the dominant coverage, however, has come from billionaire Donald Trump – on the GOP side. He has defied odds to become the major surprise of the 2015 campaign.

While Madame Hillary is the undisputed darling of the media, their concentration has been on her orchestrated style, even to displaying disdain for substance. While always totally supportive of abortion, she hasn't echoed her husband's expressed desire to see the act of terminating the life of a developing human in utero "safe, legal and rare." In the wake of the video expose of body parts harvesting and sale, she quickly affirmed her total support of Planned Parenthood and their $500,000,000 taxpayer funding.

Much as she would like, the accent in the race has not been on these so-called "social issues," which include the Clintons' switch from support of the Defense of Marriage Act to approval of Same Sex Marriage. Rather, it is the death of 4 Americans on Sept 11, 2012 at the compound at Benghazi, Libya, which has severely tarnished her reputation as Secretary of State. The discrepancies relative to the Clinton and Obama Administration's narrative relating to this event, increase daily with discovery of e-mails relating to the tragedy.

The media seems to be so embarrassed by her "What difference, at this point, does it make?" comment at a hearing on Benghazi, they avoid it as well as the true facts involved. PBS commentators such as David Brooks are typically now complimentary of her "composure" at the Oct. 22nd hearing, and he also remarked that "she looked Presidential" – without defining what constitutes that look.

The Brooklyn-born-and-raised son of Polish Jewish immigrants, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders is challenging Hillary with niceties towards her, while he presents an array of freebies. The Wall St. Journal estimates their price tag to be at $ 18 billion.

Free college education, socialized medicine, publicly-funded elections and massive infrastructure improvements do have great appeal, especially to youth. Broader appeal, however, comes from his attacks on the Wall St. bankers, who after the government bail-out have filled their pockets with bonuses. He points out that 3 out of 4 of the largest banks have grown considerably since that infusion of our money, but not one executive has served a day of jail time for questionable activities which created the credit bubble.

While attacking the political system as being corrupt mainly because it's being run by wealthy donors, he will not extend the accusation to Hillary's husband Bill and Barack Obama, whom he admits were also backed by large contributors. At the Democrat's lone debate so far, he also emotionally – and obviously rehearsed – gave his main opponent a pass on those "damned e-mails." It was followed by a hug.

On the GOP side, the rise of non-officeholders is an expression of the backlash against their leaders in Congress who are letting Barack Obama rule as an Emperor, while he himself disavows that role.

Despite his brash style, Donald Trump has asserted himself as being outside the Establishment and beholden to no one. To the utter dismay of the pundits, he is gaining support among different demographics. Hard-core Left-wing Democrats are ignored by him, as he has presented himself as one who does not double-talk – or present fuzzy answers. While trashing illegal aliens, he maintains he will win a majority of Hispanics.

Unmentioned by the media – quite naturally – is that "the Donald" smartly has yet to issue an apology for anything he has said, including a scathing verbal lashing of Fox News Megyn Kelly for her loaded opening question in the first GOP debate.He is obviously well aware that even the smallest apology would become the lead-in to any subsequent story, as they cover his campaign. Donald Trump knows he would rue the day he apologizes for anything.

While it doesn't show yet statistically in the polling, the Trump swashbuckling style has shown appeal to middle America. Citizens of this nation feel they have been on a treadmill during the Obama years, and vicariously they identify with the Trump emotions – if not his sweeping blonde top.

A billionaire, who does not need to appeal to the wishes of wealthy donors, Trump curiously appeals to middle class Americans who still feel they are struggling to make ends meet – while the system caters to other segments of the population.

While the spotlight has been focused on the Hillary and Donald campaigns, on the GOP side Jeb Bush has faltered, seeming to lack strength on any one issue that resonates. Newcomer Dr Ben Carson, with a classic closing in the first debate relating his surgical experiences of separating Siamese twins and operating on a child in utero, catapulted himself into public view. With a quiet professional manner, and quite different from Donald Trump, the distinguished Johns Hopkins brain surgeon commanded instant attention.

Carly Fiorina did very well also with her clarity, focus, and articulation of issues. The way she zeroed in on the baby parts harvesting scandal, involving Planned Parenthood, elicited strong attacks on her by "women"s groups. With Dr. Carson later stating that he does not sanction abortion even in the event of the pregnancy being a result of rape or incest, Carly Fiorina and the Doctor have particularly raised the ire of feminists. Being the only other woman in the quest of the White House, she has also been willing to put Hillary Clinton directly in her sights as she attacks her on a variety of issues on the political scene.

Senators Cruz, Rubio and Sanders are the current office-holders who come in on the high end in the polling. While the other candidates of both parties try to get some traction, these three still have a way to go to the top – but they are in it for the long haul. Holding the ace in the hole, though, is one John Forbes Kerry, United States Secretary of State. He has been visible on the world and national stage, and even the overwhelming opposition by Republicans to the Iran nuclear deal has not diminished his stature in the Democratic party. He has displayed vigor, and while carefully positioning himself, is not far from the center of the political scene.

President Barack Hussein Obama is pleased with Kerry's dogged pursuit of the agreement with Iran, as is influential adviser Valerie Jarrett, who many are unaware was born in Iran. These two are ready and waiting – as the ducks start falling – to give their blessing on one more attempt by a man with politics in his DNA to make a run for the White House. They know the failed attempt in 2004 still plagues John Forbes Kerry and both feel a win by him would represent a third Obama term.. The Clintons are also anathema to them.

The stalking horse, VP Joe Biden, has paved the way and tested the soft side of the Hillary campaign. Without Joe having even tossed his hat in the ring, it's obvious that the degree of dissatisfaction with Lady Hillary is high. Also, the Socialist transplant from Brooklyn to Vermont affirms the distrust that resulted from the Benghazi tragedy. Its genesis springs from the verbal gymnastics and outright lies about a video that are contained in her explanation of why it actually happened.

The entirely false narrative about the video, mouthed by Susan Rice and Hillary as well as the President himself, was a major reason for Obama's re-election. With that behind him, both Obama and Valerie Jarrett are determined to have a surrogate third term. These two and John Kerry know exactly what is eventually going to become known and Hillary Clinton will be at the center of it. The messages to both her daughter Chelsea and President El-Sisi of Eygpt, admitting that Benghazi was a terrorist attack, have accented her dishonesty and untrustworthiness in placing the blame on the video.

At this point Kerry's advisors are not concerned with the timeline. An all-out effort has been underway to get him a Nobel Peace Prize, with the same political mechanism in place that "earned" one for Barack Obama. Acclaim of this nature would be a major boost to his resume, and allow the leaks about a possible Presidential run to be released. Following that would come an announcement of the forming of an exploratory committee – triggering endorsements for Kerry . From there on, it will be just "Go!"

Currently, we are in a "waiting for the first shoe to drop" mode with a planted question in the media, or an interview opening the curtain slightly. With appropriately orchestrated suspense, the run for the nomination and the Presidency will unravel with aplomb.

Those who have followed Kerry's political start in Massachusetts would be very much surprised if a scenario does not unravel which begins to see the media picking up tidbits of information relative to the robust health of John Kerry. Unlike Hillary Clinton's medical problems, which have been moved away from her campaigning scenes, Kerry is seen with a bounce in his step.

On May 31 John Kerry broke his right leg, underwent a 4-hour surgery and emerged with the leg in a cast. As is his wont, his activities as Secretary of State hardly missed a beat. Hillary, to the contrary, has been carefully choreographed, and at times has appeared to be lacking in energy. Despite all the acclaim by the sycophantic media as to her Oct. 22nd 11-hour performance before the Benghazi committee, the jury is still out on her stamina. She is known for disappearing acts.

A somewhat less composed Bill Clinton has emerged to bolster his spouse's candidacy. The irony of it all is that his character ratings are now exceeding Hillary's. Given the famous Monica Lewinski episode during his Presidency, this is a fact we never imagined we would witness.

Should FBI head James Comey prove to be apolitical unlike his predecessor, Robert Mueller, Hillary has real problems. The FBI now possesses a multitude of communications from Hillary Clinton's tenure as Secretary of State. Surely, John Kerry is well aware of what they are – and their potential damage. Anything negative would certainly drive her "trustworthiness" ratings down further and sorely impact her chances for winning in November 2016. Should there be any indictable offenses for possible felonies – as former N.Y. Gov. Rudy Giulliani believes there may very well be – then the curtain drops completely on any political ambitions.

Hillary Clinton would then reach for the medical records with one hand and President Barack Hussein Obama's private phone number with the other. Plans for a retirement from all public activities for medical reasons would be underway post haste. The power of his pen relative to any legal action also will be displayed. Hillary then becomes totally "dedicated" to enjoying her grandmotherly status and all that she and Bill have deprived themselves of over "their decades of public service." The networks and PBS will all fall in line, as usual – with glowing stories of the Clintons' illustrious accomplishments for this country.

Regardless of whether the FBI probe turns into the worst-case scenario, the specter of the e-mails "wiped" from her server turning up within her Presidency threatens the functioning of the entire U.S. government. President Barack Hussein Obama knows a presidency of Hillary Rodham Clinton still has the potential to do irreparable damage to U.S. international relations. Worse still in his eyes, what would it do to the President Barack Hussein Obama legacy? Just the thought of that lifts the upper lip above those often-displayed gums, the hallmark of BO in defensive mode.

We can look for the curtain to soon start being pulled back on the new act. The ideal would be to have it begin with a Nobel Peace prize, even if shared with Mohammed Javad Zarif, his Iranian counterpart. The worldwide resume polishing game has already been initiated. John Kerry's prominent front seat during Pope Francis' address to the joint session of Congress was an omen of the future.

Whether it will be through skiing down the slopes or even windsurfing in warmer climates, the vigor of John Kerry will be on display. JFK II is alive, well and still living out the ambitions of his days at St. Paul's School in Concord, N.H. when he first formally started to pursue his JFK political ambitions. Daily walks on Beacon Hill are far from his intent, but getting back to N.H. is. He is as ambitious as ever and has absolutely no interest in fading away into the sunset in early 2017.

The real question is: Where have all the so-called pundits been?

© R.T. Neary


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