R.T. Neary
Cardinal sins -- history repeats itself!
By R.T. Neary
October 12, 2015

The silence from church pulpits regarding the harvesting and sale of baby parts in this country has a recent historical parallel. This inaction provides us with the 21st century equivalent of the thumb and forefinger clamp over the noses of those Germans of the 1930s and 40s – as they smelled the stench of burning human flesh in the air around Buchenwald, Bergen-Belsen, Dachau and other "detention centers" in their fatherland.

Baby Body Parts For Sale

The videos released by the Center for Medical Progress have displayed the utter depravity to which our own nation has now descended. This year, as we celebrated the 70th anniversary of the end of WW II and the defeat of Nazi Germany in 1945, no one would have predicted that we would 7 decades later lower ourselves to this same level of barbarism. Human beings in our own country are literally being butchered.

Now as we enter our churches for Mass or other religious services, the scent of roses and the flowers placed around altars provide a much different aroma. It is one designed to enhance sensually the ease in reception of the cherished Word by which we are expected to live our lives – but this scent is serving another purpose.

Sadly that sacred Word and the directions it has for us has been watered down and replaced with a feel-good, soothing message – often sprinkled with an attempt at humor. This is exactly the equivalent of holding our noses, because it serves, unfortunately, to block out the truth of the atrocities going on daily in the broader society outside the church walls.

These heinous acts, which terminate the lives of our brothers and sisters, are also being financed with our tax dollars. They are simply funneled differently from how we pass along a collection basket to give the church our monetary support..

Avoiding any action to stop this barbarism clearly makes us personally complicit, but the church is more culpable as it commands a pulpit from which to shape Godly actions by the flock in the broader society. The hierarchy and pastors are simply not performing the Church's true mission – and theirs. They must be called on it.

Often it is necessary to go from the simple to the complex – starting at the core – to determine how we erase an evil in our lives – one which has achieved acceptability through subtlety and carefully-shaped word play. Obviously, this thinking process is necessary now, if we are truly interested in bringing the current slaughter to an end.

Here in America an organization involved with babies has gained 65 per cent acceptability by the public in recent national polls. We are not referring to a McDonald's which caters to families, but one predominantly involved in ending the parental status of a mother with regards to a developing child which she is carrying in her womb. It does the same for the father who contributed one-half of the child's genetic inheritance. After a "procedure," both the mother and the father are no longer parents of that child. Evidence has now been clearly revealed that the organs and tissue of the child are being removed and sold.

This organization, in its last reportable year, performed 327,623 of these procedures. They also received $528,400,000 of our taxpayer dollars to sustain its activities, which it officially refers to as "health care." Pregnancy is not medically considered a disease. On the contrary, in civilized society the abundance of joy that results from allowing this new creation to retain his or her location in this uterine environment, remains the reason for the world's foremost celebration – a birth day.

This organization's President, Cecile Richards, under oath at a Congressional hearing on Sept 29, 2015 reiterated the statement that "health care" is their prime activity and these de-parenting procedures constitute only 3 per cent of their work. Yet, under questioning, she admitted that they actually don't even do mammograms – just make referrals. One need not be an MIT mathematician to juxtapose their required government accounting figures in order to reveal the utter falsity of her claims. Still, the mass media refuses to present the true picture.

The sad truth

To paraphrase Winston Churchill's description of a "riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma," we are dealing with a falsehood wrapped in lies and outright deception. Inversely named Planned Parenthood, they plan to continue in the billion- dollar business of de-parenting and derive the maximum in wealth and power while doing so. Yet, despite these sickening video revelations about their baby body parts harvesting, they are succeeding!

Protestant churches have for years remained mostly silent about the willful destruction of pre-born babies in utero. Synagogues – with a few Orthodox exceptions – too have willfully refused to see the stark similarity of what the Roe v Wade decision has done to America, and what the rise of Aryan thinking did to produce Nazi Germany less than a century ago. While they profess the Holocaust of the 1930s and 40s must never be forgotten, they blind themselves to this present-day holocaust. With their existential power in the financial world – and especially in the mass media – American Jewry is sadly remiss.

The Left-wing creation of a fictional "War on Women" in recent years, mandates that any thinking person do some reflecting on this "War" while viewing the sickening conversations with Drs Mary Gatter and Deborah Nicatola, as well as the other female medical personnel in the videos. Their complete lack of empathy – let alone sympathy – as they discussed the harvesting of baby body parts was on a level that today's youth should certainly label as "gross." As females, they were on a par with Ilse Koch, the infamous Commandant's Nazi wife at Buchenwald who reportedly had lampshades made from the tattoed human skin for which prison camp detainees were killed.

On liberation of the concentration camps, Allied authorities and American troops forced the German neighbors to view the bodies of those murdered by the Nazis, as well as the horrific trophies of the likes of Ilse Koch.

There was some speculation and hope as to what the first visit of Pope Francis to the United States and his address to a joint session of Congress would produce with regard to ending the baby parts harvesting and sale. His words left a complete void! The billion-dollar tax-supported business known as Planned Parenthood was elated. The Argentina-born descendent of Italian immigrant parents spent considerable time in his much-anticipated address to a joint session of Congress concentrating on the vast global problem of migration, concern for protecting the earthly environment, dealing with poverty and ending the death penalty for criminals. The protection of human life in utero did not rank anywhere near these issues, being limited to a few words.

With two professed Roman Catholics seated behind him, the leader of the Roman Catholic Church never used the word "abortion" and referred only to protecting human life "at every stage of its development." The Democrat Party members quite visibly refrained from joining in the applause which followed that reference. Tragically, the baby parts harvesting and sale never received a word before the one audience with the power to bring it to an end. Given the scenario, it should have been foremost!

The only allusion to this horrific practice came later at the United Nations where the Pontiff called for an end as soon as possible to "the marketing of human organs and tissues." It was not difficult to conclude why such a heinous practice, recently exposed in our supposedly advanced American society, did not receive the prime attention by the leader of over one billion Roman Catholics. The American hierarchy's current ruling Cardinals did not want to offend President Barack Hussein Obama, the most pro-abortion President in our history, the pro-abortion "Catholic" members of Congress, and the bi- partisan Political Establishment

The address by Pope Francis to Congress obviously was written and carefully vetted by someone very close to the American political environment. The author of these words was intent on not doing anything to pique the sensibilities – and conscience – of the audience. Sadly, when the full extent of the truth should have been foremost, it was inexcusably dealt a severe blow by its omission.

This avoidance could only bring us back in memory to the dinner in which Mother Teresa caused then-President Bill Clinton to reach for and nervously juggle the ice cubes in his water glass, as in her talk she called for a final world-wide end to abortion.

Dr. Deborah Nicatola, PP Medical Director

The slaughter of pre-born children continues at a rate of 3000 a day in the United States of America, and their body parts are still marketed, as the "non-profit" organization mis-named Planned "Parenthood" nets 127 million dollars a year over expenses. Among their expenses, they are able to pay Cecile Richards, the President, over $600,000 annually to repeat power points incessantly about the "health care" they provide. She has never apologized for the activities of PP, only the "tone" of Dr. Deborah Nicatola's words as she sipped red wine and partook of a gourmet salad in the video.

The Pontiff's love for the human family and the leadership role of the Church was displayed in his demeanor. He came across well and certainly the reverential ceremonies helped the City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia, live up to its name. Surely, without a grassroots grasp of the division and intensity on the contemporary U.S. political scene, the leader of the world's largest organized religion on worldwide TV took the heart of the Faith to "the peripheries." The Pope personally could not have been aware how he had been used politically. His approach was such a far cry from the direct messages about existential evil conveyed by his two immediate predecessors. The U.S. Roman Catholic Cardinals in power did not conceal their satisfaction.,

President Obama in Washington called the Pope a "transformative leader," and AP wrote that "the pope and the president had common cause on social issues." The political Left was relatively silent. This was not surprising since, in addition to the Pontiff's lack of a reference to Planned Parenthood's baby parts harvesting scandal, he avoided the Supreme Court's June nullification by a 5 to 4 vote of constitutional marriage as being only between one man and one woman.

Those who called themselves both Catholic and "Progressive" gushed over "the Francis effect." Crux Editor John L. Allen Jr. labeled the visit, "a massive short-term triumph." "The People's Pope," he said "received overwhelmingly positive media coverage." That statement told us a great deal about their value system. . Margery Eagan, Crux "spiritual columnist," wrote that the Catholic Church "must shake off an obsession with abortion, contraception and homosexuality.." The Pope's words she said, "had to be uncomfortable for Catholic Republicans, especially those running for President."

Soon after the Pope's departure, fresh from having wiped away tears during the address to the joint session of Congress, John Boehner announced his resignation as the House Majority Leader, as well as from Congress at the end of October. He also Announced the submission of the new budget with the funding intact for Planned Parenthood.

One of the personalities on the expose videos was Cate Dyer, the CEO of Stem Express, which the media have featured as a "rising bio-tech company." She stated that they were conducting business with PP and that liver tissue was "an area of demand for us." Her greatest wish was to be able to obtain "50 fetal livers a week." Among the revelations surrounding the entire baby parts harvesting scandal was that John Boehner's Health Policy Director turned out to be an older sister of Cate Dyer.

Nazi human carnage

The specter of Nazi Germany's atrocities has now been resurrected to hang over this great nation which was the bulwark in the defeat of the Axis powers. It has put a horrible stain on our escutcheon, and it is calling our citizens to bring this horrific butchery to an end. How often must we look at these WW ll photos to see that baby parts harvesting places us on the same level as the Nazis with respect to producing human carnage.

How different is the baby seen in the middle of a pile of bones and human remains outside the concentration camps and the "medical waste" taken away from Planned Parenthood. It is one and the same crime.

GI's liberating the Nazi camps admitted to being distraught and physically nauseated by what they saw remaining of once vibrant humans. We should be suffering the identical shame – and stop child killing and baby parts harvesting ipso facto. Yet, the status quo remains and the Papal visit never even addressed the horror of an existential condition in this land. Instead he chose only to praise our founding ideals and past historical figures. There is a culpability in our hierarchy.

Lila Rose and Dan Daleiden of the Center for Medical Progress have done monumental work in recent years to reveal the actual horror of the multi-billion dollar abortion business. They have raised the screen on what, however sickening it is, the public must be aware of – and act upon. Do the body parts have to be required public viewing, as our GI's felt was the case with the Germans at WW II's end?

While the Cardinals who counseled the Pope had placed climate change as the priority without directly attacking the U.S. baby body parts harvesting scandal, armored trucks of every working day still pull away from abortion "clinics" after filling the leather bags with the blood money their activities produce. On the side of the vehicle ironically the slogan is written, "Protecting your valuables."

What's valuable to the organization known as Planned Parenthood is not every human life – our progeny – but dollars. The fact that they have been soaked in blood is of no importance, only that they represent wealth and power.

Just when will the leaders of this country's religious bodies step forward, cut way back with the ceremonial activities and fancy religious garb, admit of their obvious sins of omission, and face up to the truth? They are not leading in the way of the Founder whom they claim to represent. The dissimilarity is glaring!

The silence from our pulpits, and now from the Pope himself while addressing Congress, has presented the Roman Catholic Church as a body of people in our society with little real impact.

The void serves as a powerful tool of devious politicians to continue the worst type of barbarism in a nation of such high professed ideals. All of this is done essentially in our name – and with our tacit approval. The lesson learned from the Papal visit goes beyond the pomp and ceremony. . Its true value is in what it did not do. Sadly!

Christian families in the Middle East, the birthplace and early home of their religion, continue to be butchered as infidels by some radical Islamists in the name of Allah. Pre-born children receive the same fate in the U.S. in our governmental structure, which developed historically within Judeo-Christian morality. Yet, those in the mosques and church pulpits wear blinders as this barbarism continues.

All the other religions are culpable, as well. It is only that this much-publicized Papal visit put the spotlight on the Roman Catholic Church, which sadly has a multitude of disconnects from the Vatican to the pulpits. Unfortunately, that was not helped by the Pope's address to Congress. Not addressing the harvesting and sale of baby body parts was inexcusable.

A message to the splendidly garbed Cardinals and bishops: baby parts are for sale. Now take your true leadership role by shouting out the mea culpas! Starting from the pulpits – to the streets in front of the "clinics" – and to the halls of government. We go beyond the Pope's petitions for mercy and call for a peaceful uprising to end a horrendous blight in which this nation is currently mired.

Another Great Awakening is long overdue!

© R.T. Neary


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