R.T. Neary
Candidates waiting in the wings
By R.T. Neary
September 2, 2015

The country's First Family's annual late-summer vacation on Martha's Vineyard was consuming a great deal of the local media's interest. Yet, the serenity reported was, as usual, concealing much of the political intrigue in the Bay State.

Harvard's summer look was classic with sculling very much in evidence on the Charles River. Although not evident, their 30.7 billion dollar endowment still ranked this "institution of higher learning" with a net worth rivaling the wealth of many top tier countries on the planet. A $100 million contribution to Harvard would merit only a short story, ranking with a fire in an early 20th century tenement in Cambridge.

John Paulson's 400 million dollar donation to the institution in 2015 could not escape more extensive coverage, but it soon faded from view, as Harvard knew it would. The news outlets know their place in the interlocking educational – political – business – media – religious world.

Barack Obama's golf swing was featured, and to many locals, the surprise was his companion duffer being none other than Bill Clinton. Meanwhile, the call for investigation of Hillary Rodham Clinton's e-mail server was still meriting only the back page of the Nation section of the Boston Globe.

The former Secretary of State's response to alleged e-mail misuse was an obviously rehearsed attempt to make light of any substance to charges of wrongdoing. Any student of politics and history had to see the undercurrents swirling.

Knowing the extent of the Chinese and Russian KGB operations, as well as the assortment of hackers in this cyber universe, few could be naive enough not to be aware the e-mails are on record somewhere – and will return. Despite attempts to present her puffed-cheeks countenance, Madame Hillary was clearly in melt-down. Bill Clinton's expression while with Barack Obama, however, did clearly give away his concern. What is going to come to the fore about Benghazi and the Clinton influence peddling are major – and criminal. They all occurred on Hillary's State Department watch.

Bill Clinton's career of walking the edge, being convinced that he could maneuver out of anything , however, was clearly facing the greatest challenge ever. Even with the mass media's gingerly treatment of his multiple scandals, the Clintons surely knew what conceivably and invariably will become transparent. Hillary is not Bill, and she could very well be in need of medical care, as the transparency of what transpired on an international level becomes totally visible. On a human level, this could be a very sad sequence of events. But surely, all of it will be forthcoming – at some point.

As the questions started to arise relative to the possibility of Hillary Clinton not being coronated as the nation's first reigning Queen, the secular "progressives" started to elevate another of their favorites. They felt Senator Elizabeth Warren was now ready to be the first female President, and one with native-American bloodlines no less.

Billed as an erudite Harvard Law School professor from Oklahoma, she was elected to the U.S. Senate from Massachusetts, although having been in the state for just two decades. In reality, she was without any real accomplishment.

Publicized as a bankruptcy law expert, yet despite all the billing as somewhat of a Goddess – all she really demonstrates is the living lie and moral bankruptcy of the Boston area, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and sadly the entire nation. Her gasping way of talking, waving hands and fingers as though she was leading the Boston Pops, observing this woman would remind you of your child's first elementary school recital.

When the expose of Planned Parenthood's involvement in harvesting baby parts, with a nauseating video of PP's medical director, Dr. Deborah Nucatola, relishing a gourmet salad while imbibing a large glass of red wine, Sen. Warren went into hiding. Her phone line for constituents became inaccessible.

When she emerged publicly to address this gruesome revelation, her presentation resembled those past attempts to justify her alleged l/32nd Cherokee heritage. It was insulting word spin. This time it was strictly hard-wired to Planned Parenthood's talking points, and specifically failed to address the over 300,000 preborn humans they annually destroy. Once again, we were asked to accept the lie that this half-billion dollar enterprise, operating with over 500 million dollars of our tax dollars, is engaged in "health care" – for men as well as women.

With this narrative, on August 3 Sen. Warren opposed S1881, which would have cut off our tax dollars to PP. Completely ignoring the fungible nature of these tax dollars, on the Senate floor Sen.Warren totally avoided the horrific baby parts business which was completely unveiled. She chose to say, "I stand with Planned Parenthood."

With haughty disregard for any constituent's moral revulsion of this use of his or her tax dollars to fund this heinous activity, Warren self-righteously stated, "The Republican plan to defund Planned Parenthood is just one more piece of a deliberate, methodical, orchestrated, right-wing attack on women's rights, and I'm sick and tired of it." Such a distorted, euphemistic and starkly political skewing of a national tragedy! Elizabeth Warren is a perfect example of politically correct America, and it is a transparent malignancy – long visible on the surface of the body politic. It has been spread by the shallow thinking processes cultivated by the mass media. The Warren image was easily shaped to fit the interlocked establishment's pre-set standards.

Senator Elizabeth Warren's lack of any true backbone guarantees her a long political life – unless the Massachusetts voters suddenly emerge from their lethargy. Ensconced in her Cambridge mansion in Harvard's shadow, while she rails about the unfairness of students being over-burdened with college loans, she'll duck the real world. In Washington, D.C., with feigned indignation, she will condemn the absolutely evil manipulations of Wall Street and the banking establishment. As with the Presidency of Barack Obama, however, the tycoons would only become richer and more powerful.

Nationally, Elizabeth Warren is highly vulnerable when promoted as Presidential timbre. She has heretofore been free of the bombardment and pointed questions that a Presidential run would entail. Donald Trump's denouncing the use of teleprompters will reveal who she really is. The woman is truly hollow, in reality created by limousine liberals, buoyed by Harvard, Planned Parenthood, and the Boston Globe – while being given the new label of Progressive. On substance, she falls far short!

While on the Vineyard, Barack Obama was visibly pleased with the success of the Iran agreement negotiated by Secretary of State John Kerry. He was phoning Democrat members of Congress to guarantee he firmly had their votes. In typical Obama style, he had out-maneuvered the GOP leadership. He flipped the need to get 2/3rds approval of the Senate for a treaty, to requiring only 1/3 of either the Senate or the House. Thus, he would uphold the Presidential veto of a GOP congressional rejection of the pact negotiated by Kerry.

Unbeknownst to most low-information voters, the Ayatollah of Iran, who agreed with the chants of "Death to America" right up to the finalization of the preliminary agreement, has the favor of the United States Council of Catholic Bishops. Bishop Richard E. Peters of Des Moines, IA, the chairman of their committee, said that this interim agreement will allow the U.S. and Iran to build "mutual confidence and trust." On November 27 of 2014 he had cited Sec. John Kerry's work and "applauded his efforts."

Also, on August 8th of this year, to many conservative's surprise, an organization called AMENEINU supported the agreement in writing and signed by 340 rabbis. There were 23 of them from Massachusetts. Whatever happened to the historic chant of the Jewish community, " Never again!"? This has got to be one of the saddest tales in contemporary America – and the world. Limousine liberal "white guilt," "choice" and "diversity" were so embraced by secular Jewry that it helped give us Barrack Hussein Obama. Now his betrayal of both Christians and Jews has mesmerized nominal adherents to these professed religions – in a truly unbelievable fashion.

The Boston Globe, with the N. Y. Times absorbing a billion dollar loss during its ownership in the sale to billionaire John Henry, provided him with another plaything. Despite the loss of any journalistic integrity, he still saw the paper's value in shaping the public scene, not only on the local level but also on the world stage.

Henry's bland image conceals his vision of viewing society as a giant chessboard. Now as both the owner of the Red Sox and the Globe, with sports as a diversion, he can disguise somewhat his vision of pulling off one of the major chess moves ever on the world stage.

Observing the decline in the power of the largest religious population in the Boston area, and clearly viewing the malleable nominal leader, he decided he could become a kingmaker using his recently acquired pawn, the Boston Globe.

One John L. Allen Jr, schooled by Capuchin Franciscans in Kansas, was a full-time reporter in Rome for a publication officially named the National Catholic Reporter. To those loyal to orthodox Catholicism, the Catholic in the name should have been small "c." Orthodox Roman Catholics viewed the Reporter's editorial posture to be in contradiction to the Church's strong stand in favor of the right to life, traditional marriage, the male priesthood, and a host of positions of the Magisterium. .

John Henry sought out Allen to offer him a post as an associate editor of the Boston Globe. It was a giant step for Allen, but there were good reasons for the move by Henry, who made his fortune with shrewd moves in the soybean and corn markets. The commodity trader based his offer on Allen's record of past performance, and his being the person best able to help accomplish John Henry's ultimate goal.

In 2012 John Allen was the self-appointed campaign manager in the effort to raise Cardinal Sean Patrick O'Malley into the papal chair, after the decision of Pope Benedict XIV to be the first Pope ever to step down. The campaign was quite visible to anyone who followed the Roman Catholic world scene. Secular news outlets, cable TV, PBS, and every media possible were used by Allen to promote O'Malley. The far-from-photogenic Allen seemed omni-present on TV screens.

The Archdiocese responded by sending its news and chancery staff, supplemented by others from Fall River where the Cardinal had served as a bishop. Allen's many Vatican connections were obviously approached, and no outlet or influence was left untouched. The campaign did fall short, but not for lack of effort.

Allen's first mission at the Globe was to set up a website with the title of Crux, a misnomer if there ever was one. It has nothing to do with the crucifixion and ultimate Resurrection of the Messiah, but rather the promotion of a list of dissident views within Roman Catholicism. Essentially, it is political, and John Allen's Crux writings are no different in slant than what he turned out for over a decade and a half for the Reporter.

More interesting' for study at least, are the words of long-time Boston Herald Writer, Margery Eagan. She's listed as being "a spirituality columnist" and is the quintessential bleeding heart Leftist, while still professing to be a practicing Roman Catholic. Her output is just so transparently juvenile in content, it doesn't even present good fare for sharpening one's critical thinking skills.

When the revelation of Planned Parenthood's harvesting and sale of preborn baby parts shocked the unaware public, Crux was focused on other matters. With the release of the video of Dr. Deborah Nucatola's smarmy manner while partaking of a gourmet salad and imbibing her red wine, Crux failed to roundly condemn the organization and these barbaric practices

They could only be likened to the Germans reportedly holding their noses, while walking by Dachau. Numerous Catholic and Right to Life outlets mentioned Dr. Josef Mengele, Adolf Eichmann and other experimenters on the victims of the Nazis. Crux was clearly more interested in Pope Francis' Laudato si and the global warming threat.

Margery Eagan, however, had clearly viewed the video. On July 29 she wrote an article about an invitation and the witnessing of a 30-year old woman aborting her third child at a Beacon St. facility. The woman's boyfriend was worried about financial pressures. Of abortion, Eagan said, "I hate it, but what I hate even more is the idea of the government out-lawing abortion."

Eagan told the story, "because the firestorm surrounding these undercover videos of Planned Parenthood physicians negotiating the cost of fetal body parts shows no signs of abating." She said she believes most abortionists "are very different from Dr. Nucatola. They are deeply committed to women's reproductive rights. They are also heroic."

At this point the Archdiocese should have denounced the Globe and its "Catholic" website for this fare. Instead but not surprisingly, total silence.

Vice President Joe Biden's recent announcement about exploring the possibility of a run for the Presidential nomination is no surprise. His phone-in and video to Boston's St Patrick's Day Dinner raised local speculation. He has to be seen, however, only as a stalking horse.

The V.P. is well-known to be gaffe-prone, and he is another Washington long- time politician without any history of real accomplishment. While stories are leaked about President Obama's favorable view about affable "Uncle Joe" entering the race, that is really just to cover for the visceral disdain he has for the Clintons. B.O. would like nothing better than a "doer" to continue his "legacy" and be an Obama third term. Given their sure success in their getting an eventual agreement with Iran, John Forbes Kerry is the one who fills the bill. Kerry now has the other participating countries and the UN on board He has proven to be a doer. Joe Biden just isn't.

Kerry has never thought of retiring after leaving this current position. His entire life has been connected with the world scene, from youth with his diplomat father through being a U.S. Senator. While his Presidential run fell short, the man's ego is monumental, and he knows how to touch every base. He still wants the top job.

Although his voting record totally supports abortion, the state's largest Roman Catholic institution, Boston College, selected John Kerry as their main graduation speaker in 2014. He was highly acclaimed and awarded an honorary doctorate.

John Forbes Kerry will be more than waiting in the wings for the next call. He'll be doing much more than staying idle in 2016. His ego is in constant political motion.

The second laid-back candidate for another of the highest offices in the world was on the stage with John Kerry, when he was awarded the highest honors at Boston College. He gave the Benediction for all in attendance. His current title is Cardinal Archbishop of Boston, and prefers to be known as "Cardinal Sean."

Patrick O'Malley's roots go back to Ohio and western Pennsylvania, and he has a long history in the religious life. He has been associated with the Capuchin Franciscans since early adolescence, and his handlers envision him sometime in the future appearing on the balcony in the Vatican as Pope Francis II.

The Cardinal is one of the inner 8 in the Vatican, and he has been building connections worldwide, especially since the elevation of the current Pontiff. Trained in the theatre, he loves the world stage and the media outlets. Having been appointed to the visible position of Chairman of the U.S. bishops Pro-Life activities, he enjoys addressing assemblies such as the Annual March For Life and the Knights of Columbus. Conversely, the Cardinal is careful to avoid any confrontation with those involved in or promoting abortion. While being AWOL when it comes to engage directly in the battle to end the American Holocaust, he is obviously right at home with the likes of John Kerry – and Barack Obama. They read his cues quite easily.

The Cardinal has been in something of a cat-and-mouse game with regard to protests of Planned Parenthood after the heinous revelations in the videos of the Center for Medical Progress. Not unexpectedly, he has been visibly absent from this scene. To no surprise so has high ranking cleric Rev. J. Bryan Hehir, who has his hand on the tiller of the Archdiocese of Boston, while on the payroll of Harvard University.

The O'Malley letter to U.S. Senators on S1881, which would have cut off the federal funding of PP, was sent on Aug.3, the day of the vote. The attempt to defund lost, as it was strictly too little and too late. Not surprisingly, Massachusetts Senators Warren and Markey both voted against the cutoff of our tax dollars.

Noticeably, there was no mention from the Archdiocesan pulpits about the issue, the upcoming vote, or the need for phone calls from constituents. A second collection, however, was being pushed for the controversial Catholic Relief Services drive. Recent outside publicity has revealed that a high official of the organization was married to another man. He subsequently resigned.

There are really two Cardinal Sean Patrick O'Malleys. Beyond Boston, his image has been shaped by having supposedly corrected the homosexual predator priest scandal, which became public in 2002. He never did anything more than make huge payouts, let it play itself out, and acquiesce to letting it be labeled as pedophilia. Many of the homosexuals are still powerful, and the Cardinal is careful how he treads.

While the newspaper published by the Cardinal, the Pilot, ran a couple of articles from outside news sources after the breakout of the baby parts harvesting videos, there has been a suspicious blackout of Letters to the Editor. Not only have the pulpits been totally silent about taking action to end these horrific practices by PP, but there has been a month of silence imposed on the voice of readers of the oldest Catholic newspaper in the country. Yet, it still finds space to review x-rated movies.

Awaiting the September . visit of Pope Francis to the U.S. as the summer ends, jockeying for political positions will not be taking a back seat.

John Forbes Kerry, has gained stature on the world stage as Secretary Of State because of the Iran nuclear negotiations. Mustering the votes needed to thwart any override of the Obama veto is his next marker. He feels secure but will remain in view, as the Beacon Hill resident is a visceral politician. They both are visibly confident.

Barack Hussein Obama is the one holding all the cards, including those marked FBI. Bill Clinton knows that – with his wife's candidacy tethered to the current occupant of the Oval Office. B.O.'s gummy grin has been very much in evidence of late, and nothing tells more of this man's psyche than this does.

The Cardinal Archbishop of Boston coddles the media, and his staff is planning several weeks of image-burnishing. His handlers are still basking in his Nov. 16, 2014 segment on 60 minutes, when much was made of his garb and preference for sandals. Despite his schtick, however, he threw CBS's Norah O'Donnell the morsel she really sought.

When pressed on women's ordination, "Cardinal Sean" answered: "If I were founding a church, you know, I'd love to have women priests. But Christ founded it, and He has given us something different." CBS spoke glowingly of Cardinal O'Malley, and said, "He's made an extraordinary impact on the Church."

Together with the "Who am I to judge?" clip extracted from Pope Francis comments on a flight back from Rio de Janeiro, it will be quoted often in the media.

Pope Francis II and JFK II are waiting in the wings – and not concealed from view.

© R.T. Neary


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