R.T. Neary
PP -- one of Boston's educational institutions
Boston's Axis of Evil V of V
By R.T. Neary
November 16, 2013

Faith in God was the all-pervasive force in the lives of the early settlers of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. The family was the clearly identifiable cornerstone of the society which they built after they immigrated to these shores.

Education was the method by which this new society would be nourished, and the family bible was the mainstay in their homes. It was, understandably, also the first textbook used in the schools which they established to educate their youth.

The purpose of using the bible was manifold since it was written in their English language, and it also provided the historical background of their civilization.. Above all, however, the Judeo-Christian value system by which they were expected to live was woven throughout these pages. Some preachers even translated it into the tribal language, and these natives became a loyal group known as the "Praying Indians."

Praying Indians Plaque in Natick

School systems developed as the population expanded and the teaching reflected the society's biblical values. The Boston public school system is the oldest in the country, and it was once a proud jewel in this Athens of America. It produced many renowned members from those early beginnings on through the nation's history.

The Boston Latin School founded in 1636 was the first of the city's schools, and the stress on classical learning has always been much admired. Over the years since then, it produced distinguished graduates who ascended to positions ranging from the city's mayors to clergymen, architects, astronomers, cardiologists and a host of other fields. Benjamin Franklin, Sam Adams and John Hancock are just some of the graduates whose names are imprinted in our nation's Revolutionary history.

The school system in this "city set upon a hill" was a beacon, and a respected institution for centuries. Teachers and parents were proud of its many distinguished graduates. The Catholic parochial school system eventually paralleled the public offerings, and it provided excellent competition for quality education.

Beacon Hill Golden Dome

Health education was a part of the Phys Ed offered, and sports programs were designed to create wholesome competition, developing discipline and self-respect, as well. The products of this type of education included an Olympic gold medal winner, and a pitcher on a World's champion baseball team.

In the 1930s and 40s in Boston, neighborhoods in the city were ethnic concentrations. They were mostly Irish-Americans, but there were also large groupings of lst and 2nd generation Italians in the North End and East Boston, as well as Jewish immigrants and their families who settled in Roxbury, Dorchester and Brighton. The city's colored population was mainly in Roxbury

Adjoining towns, while having clearly identifiable neighborhood groupings, were more diverse. To Roman Catholics in the area, the parish was their first identification, and the Archdiocese of Boston, which included a much larger region than the city, was a very strong moral – and political force. The 1960s, however, would see erosion of the entire Judeo-Christian underpinnings of this socio-political structure.

The elected Boston School Committee became more of a political body than one dedicated to its original high ideals. While retaining fairly rigid exam requirements for teachers entering the system, dollar-saving teacher assignment practices started to leave faculty gaps in schools and a breakdown of the entire school discipline. 3.

Once-prized schools such as Brighton and English High School started to slide professionally, as did Jeremiah Burke H.S., an all-girls school which was a model of the very best in school administration and teaching. It eventually was closed.

While the breakdown in the urban schools had already started, the Supreme Court's decision to end bible reading or any prayer in public schools was a landmark in our socio-political history. It gave secularists and the atheist/agnostic element more than just a chance to gnaw at the roots. This was the green light to supplant Judeo-Christian morality in the education of youth. While most people would never have been able to identify the organization known as Planned Parenthood, it was a bugle call to PP, many of whose followers were housed within Harvard's ivy-covered walls.

The great pride that Catholics took in the election of JFK in 1960 provided the academic element from across the Charles with a smokescreen for the enormous progress they would make furthering PP's agenda. JFK's commitment to the Catholicism for which he was attacked on the campaign trail was questionable, as was his wife,Jackie's. Joseph P. Kennedy, the son of an East Boston saloonkeeper/politician, went to Boston Latin School and he was also a Harvard graduate. He had never been known to display the religious fervor of his wife, Rose. Without question, the New Frontier helped create fertile ground for the anti-Christian secularism which eventually came to reign in our contemporary social/political life.

Wall of Kennedy D.C. Office

In the 1960s, the post-WW II migration by young families to the suburbs mushroomed. By the 70s and 80s, aided by the disastrous forced busing edict, Boston schools had fallen from their once-great tradition. 4.

By the 1990s the abortion industry was building up a head of steam. Brookline, named the Abortion Capital of America with its several busy "clinics," tried to designate these as "medical services" facilities. It didn't wash, though, because it wasn't long before one could read a New York personnel agency advertising for an "Abortion Services Physician" in Massachusetts. For full-time work, 24 hours a week, the pay was 200 to 250K. The last line, however, was the give-away: "Part-time compensation is the highest in the industry." Today the abortion industry brings in close to a billion dollars in the U.S. annually.

The outbreak of AIDS was certainly not the first epidemic this country had faced, or the first requiring the mobilization of the nation's resources. It was the first, however, which would be combined with a radical overhaul of public morality – and ultimately public education.

The HIV/AIDS epidemic would lead to the poisoning of the minds of youth, and the usurpation of the power of parents to shape the moral values of their offspring. Targeting the minds of our youth, chronicled in history as an act employed by despots over the years, would become the focus of the secularists' agenda. The last months of existence on this planet for those suffering from AIDS could only be described as hideous, and it evoked great sympathy. Homosexuals and drug users were the two elements of our society affected by HIV/AIDS, and abstaining from the acts of sodomy and intravenous drug usage were unquestioned methods to avoid contracting the disease.

As female carriers started to emerge, although far less numerous than males, it was clearly sending out a clarion call for society to take a U-turn from the moral decline of the 1960s. This did not happen.

In the decades following Roe v Wade the mis-named Planned Parenthood had allied itself with the homosexual/lesbian element and they focused on school curricula.

The HIV/AIDS epidemic provided an opening in Health Education, which was a part of Physical Education, and it would be clear sailing from that point on. For fear of appearing to be callous, school committees and elected officials statewide buckled easily under the pressure. Health Education took on a completely new look from the past. Regarding the indoctrination of youth, the axiom is always the younger the better, and as the secularists made headway, their sights were set on the earliest school years. What would have to be considered totally inconceivable in the 1950s, an organization which was the leading player in the bloody destruction of over 1 million pre-born humans, was contracted to implement a "Health" curriculum in these schools. In pre- Roe days, it surely would have been entitled science-fiction., yet this curriculum was not from K through 12 – but pre-K through grade 12.

Thomas M. Menino's 20 years as the" leader" of the city is another sad tale of the urban moral decline in this nation. Carried away with imagined power, he even threatened to ban Chick-fil-A restaurants from opening in Boston, because of the founder's Christian-based support of traditional marriage.

With the school committee having become appointed, PP joined with homosexual/lesbian groups, and this alliance had clear sailing. It made enormous strides in the core city and across the entire Commonwealth. "Safe sex" was the by- word, and the condom became King with free distribution in schools. The background of PP is a well-kept secret. Its origins are in a total disdain for the underprivileged elements of our society. Southern Europeans and Blacks were singled out as being unfit. Margaret Sanger, considered the founder of the organization, called these elements "biological waste." In a May 1919 article in Birth Control Review, Sanger wrote, "more children from the fit, less from the unfit." PP had a "Negro Project" as a part of their eugenics aim to reduce the African- American population. Cynically, they wanted to get to the influential core elements, and they sought out compliant pastors of "Black churches" to assist them in their devious scheme. Tragically, today African-Americans are being aborted at twice the percentage they constitute of the population nationally, and here in the Bay State.

Dr. Mildred Fay Jefferson, the first black female to graduate from Harvard Medical School, was a thorn in its side. Firmly committed to the Hippocratic Oath, she diametrically opposed its involvement in the growth of the abortion industry. Reared in the segregated South, she became dedicated to the Right To Life movement.. A brilliant orator, she was often known to quote William Lloyd Garrison, whose statue is on the grassy divide of Commonwealth Avenue further down from PP's cathedral. His opposition to slavery, she would say, matched her views: "I am in earnest, I will not equivocate, I will not excuse, I will not retreat a single inch – and I WILL be heard." She was heard eloquently until her death in simple surroundings in Cambridge in 2010

PP proposed to train teachers as part of a new "wellness program." It was approved by Boston's mayor as a no-bid contract on the recommendation of Supt. Thomas Paysant who wrote "no public purpose would be served by public advertising."

They have made such gains in now being recognized as an "educational institution" that 5 years ago they said they had more than 2000 "educators" in a variety of settings "from pre-schools to universities." They stated it was all designed to administer, "comprehensive reproductive health care."

The most shocking revelation of PP's hubris had to be their offer of free abortions in 2001 after the 9/11 disaster to grieving widows of that horrible day.. They proved they had the same lack of respect for innocent human life, as did the Al Queda terrorists responsible for this despicable act..

As they assumed the posture of "health educators" rather than "abortion Providers," they went all-out to solidify their control of the Massachusetts Legislature. This takeover occurred with relative ease. PP has opposed parental consent for minors having abortions, mandatory waiting periods, sonogram viewing, and every restriction on the act. They want it not only to be unfettered, but for them to be in total control. Their tentacles connected with the NEA through the state affiliate, the Mass Teachers Association (MTA), and they also testified with the ACLU and the American Heart Association on panels to promote PP's offerings. The lobbyist for the teachers also doubled in the same role for the state's leading homosexual/lesbian group. In 2013, the NEA's quest for control reached a point of opposition to a bill in Congress for mandatory background checks of applicants for positions as teachers and other school personnel.

PP deems mainstream Christian parents to be their archenemies. . Their panels ardently oppose primary parental control and the requirement that parents approve in writing before their children are exposed to Sex Education and its activities.. The Opt-in bills, with a prior review and signed parental approval requirement, were always tabled after testimony, and they never made it to the Legislative floor for debate. Hidden in school history texts in recent years are the religious aspects of the early colonial days. No better example may be the purpose expressed in the Mayflower Compact, on the ship off Provincetown in 1620: "For the Glory of God, and Advancement of the Christian Faith." Often it's excluded or an ellipsis substituted. During the Bicentennial year 1976, the slogan was, "Where it all began."

Colonial sites abound here, and are a source of national pride. Who would have ever believed that David Parker, in 2005, would spend a night in jail in Lexington for objecting to the promotion of homosexuality in his son's kindergarten class.?

The breakdown of the barriers between our constitutionally representative government and public control is stark. The secular fundamentalist takeover through the Axis of Evil could not have been more evident than in PP's hiring of a new CEO in 2013. They hired the Chairman of the Massachusetts House Education Committee, whose open support for PP was blatant in the Legislature.

Marta Walz pushed through a bill called a "Comprehensive Health Framework" for the schools. At its hearing in 2006 she denied that it included the topic of abortion. An educator responded that abortion was specifically included, and she again denied it. After a personal approach to her following the hearing, an explanatory letter was sent to her with the exact wording and requesting a reply.

Under specific wording on "reproductive health problems," the following had been included: Grade 9 "Role play sexual situations," Grades 10–12 "the advantages and disadvantages of abortion." Additionally listed as a Community resource: "Guest Speaker from Planned Parenthood." Needless to say, no Right To Life or Traditional Family organizations were even mentioned as a resource.. Although a request was made in the letter, Ms Walz never replied.

Marta Walz holds a degree from Harvard's JFK School of Government, another link in what has produced America's Abortion Holocaust. It is certainly no coincidence that so many influential players on the local and national scene, who are active supporters and promoters of abortion, have been awarded degrees from Harvard.

Chicago-reared Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick, Oklahoma-bred U. S. Senator Elizabeth Warren, who claims 1/32nd Cherokee bloodlines, and Indonesian- schooled President Barack Obama, nee Barry Soetoro, are holders of Harvard degrees. While professing to be for openness and transparency – and Veritas – despite many background questions, the University has sealed this U.S. President's records.

Boston's Axis of Evil is not self-contained. There are many ancillary organizations which aid their cause, religiously. While PP's cathedral is in Boston at 1055 Commonwealth Avenue, there are branches around the state and the secularists' bloody liturgy is performed in many hospitals, as well.

Protesting Hospital Killing BWH

PP, interestingly, chose to comment on a Globe front-page story about a doctor who was the Director of the late-term abortion program at Boston's Brigham and Women's Hospital. Having received an award as one of the top 10 hospitals in America, BWH flies a banner proclaiming this above its entrance.

The doctor was accused of trying to murder his staff. The Globe wrote that on March 19, 2001, he allegedly told his staff," I'm going to execute you Texas-style," The article, paradoxically, tells us that the alleged threat apparently had nothing to do with abortion.

The best quote, however, had to be the one in the article by a spokeswoman from Planned Parenthood, "We know about at least one person who fell through the cracks. She had to go through with the pregnancy." For those who support the God-given Right To Life our Founders delineated, the fact that at least one child's life was spared in the outrageous incident made the Globe story worth reading.

These practitioners of Secular Fundamentalism have many religious allies. They are very close to groups such as RCRC, the Religious Coalition of Reproductive Choice, made up of Protestant and Jewish congregations and organizations, which are openly supportive of all the same issues. With enormous wealth and political power, abortion advocates have made gigantic gains – enjoying the best of all worlds.

Billionaires, locally and nationally, who fund the Abortion Holocaust are too numerous to list. However, one locally-raised Harvard degree recipient does deserve mention, because former N.Y. mayor Michael Bloomberg is such a vigorous opponent of trans fats and sugar-sweetened soft drinks.. His hypocrisy is glaring.

Alveda King, niece of Boston University graduate, the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., in 2000 spoke at an Interfaith Assembly in historic Faneuil Hall. Her own personal story is moving as was her reminder to us that "no nation that was ever involved in child sacrifice has ever survived."

On Jan 22, 1973 an act which on the previous day was prosecutable as manslaughter in Massachusetts – with the announcement of the Roe v Wade decision – was now held to be legal. The change to our social fabric since then has been devastating.

Aside from the fact that since Roe the lives of over a million of our children in this state have been aborted before they could ever see the light of day, the principal organization involved in their destruction is now being projected by the media quite differently The bellwether Boston Globe and its docile followers refer to PLFM, the Planned Parenthood Federation of Massachusetts, as "health care providers" and "wellness educators."

On April 26, 2013 for the first time ever, a President of these United States addressed a national conference of this country's foremost destroyer of innocent human beings, Barack Hussein Obama ended his remarks with: "Thank you Planned Parenthood. God Bless You."

As we reflect on what we have seen happening in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and to the nation, the evil forces now shaping the culture and especially young people are evident.. President Ronald Reagan's reminder is still vivid, "Freedom is never more than a generation from extinction." The title of the surviving book of the 400 donated by John Harvard to the University named after him, is surely prophetic. Published in 1634 by John Downame, it is entitled: "The Christian Warfare Against The Devil, The World and The Flesh."

We would do well to ponder these words – and heed them!

© R.T. Neary


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