R.T. Neary
Sacramental secularism: de-parenting
Boston's Axis of Evil IV
By R.T. Neary
October 23, 2013

Planned Parenthood is the perfect example of a living lie. The organization derives millions of dollars annually, not from planning parenthood, but by assisting a mother to de-parent – and doing the same to the father of a new member of our human family..

They are word manipulators far beyond their inverted title. Their services are described as reproductive, while they provide a service that destroys something already reproduced – a fellow human being. The act of annually destroying a member of any species 330,000 times, is the exact opposite of reproducing it, Madison Avenue notwithstanding.

All that any of these destroyed humans needed for a chance to live for another 75 years, was to be allowed to remain in his or her present locale for another half-year. Instead, PP makes that locale, the mother's womb, into the new creation's tomb. Within the walls of a fortress-like edifice at 1055 Commonwealth Avenue in Boston, 20 to 35 beating hearts are intentionally stopped in developing members of our human species every working day – stopped once and forever!

These are human beings, not dogs, cats, gerbils or others of the animal kingdom. In our current society the humans have no legal protection whatsoever, but if this was happening to any of the other species, the sounds of the opposition would be deafening. In fact, these actions would never be allowed. The outcry would resound far and wide, and Commonwealth Avenue would be packed with protesters in every direction until the practice ceased – permanently.

How ironic it is that the organization performing this bloody heart-stopping act would have their representative testify to a joint committee of the State Legislature, side by side on a panel with a representative of the American Heart Association. The latter's testimony was promoting the goal of heart health. Yes, heart health! With the Golden dome as a backdrop, The American Heart Association owes society a public apology for ever associating in any way with such a despicable organization, and with their main money-making heart-stopping activity.

How will history, with our contemporary society the most highly educated ever, be able to explain that a newly conceived member of the human species could have had absolutely no legal protection. And how could this milieu have evolved from the Judeo- Christian base on which it was built. If we are destined to survive today's moral blight, history will look back as it does on the horrible days of African-American slavery in this nation. Surely they will have to say that we were educated beyond our intelligence.

Aside from all the euphemisms and attempts to justify the killing of innocents as a constitutional 'right," it is a "wrong" and it should be declared so constitutionally. As the late Dr. Joseph Stanton, the Founding Father of the Right To Life movement in Massachusetts has said, "Roe v Wade was manufactured out of whole cloth." Roe, with its "penumbras" and "emanations," stands on no solid constitutional foundation and belongs in our history's scrap heap together with the infamous Dred Scott decision.

Boston's Axis of Evil is exactly that. It revolves around self-centered thinking to the exclusion of natural law. This secularism they espouse professes to be liberalizing, and for years they called themselves liberals. In recent years though, they have been trying to assume a "Progressive" label after an attempt to be called "Humanists."

Abortion and humanism just did not fit. Ad agency language, however, cannot disguise the fact that their embrace of abortion as progressive is just re-labeling a "regressive" act, one which for millennia has been considered barbaric.

Secular Fundamentalism is now the main religion of this "Hub of the Universe," and the population has embraced it unsuspectingly, even though most could not even identify its tenets. For more than the last half-century, these adherents have been in the midst of a culture war, without even being aware of it. Yet, they are following it blindly, including acceptance of its sacramental practices.

Practicing Roman Catholics describe their main liturgical ceremony as the bloody sacrifice of the Mass, but ironically this new secular religion avoids any reference to blood. In fact, their central sacramental act has been raised to an abstract level. The adherents try to avoid the mention of blood or the act of abortion, stressing that their devotion is centered in "choice," and they are "pro-choice." End of discussion.

But any thinking person must ask, "What are the "choices?" Therein lies the moral issue at the essence of the sacrament performed in their cathedral. One of those choices involves the willful destruction of an innocent human being, and that negates the acceptability of the entire proposition. Rarely however, does a discussion of "choice" with them get that far.

The cathedral at 1055 Commonwealth has no spires or fancy adornments. In fact, the window glass on the front is not for their clients to view the outside. Whatever the original design purpose, its symbolism today is that within those walls each year over 7000 humans will be denied ever seeing the light of day. Womb to tomb without any intervening stops on the way. Auschwitz Boston is an apt label for these premises.

The Planned Parenthood Federation, while they call themselves a charitable institution, is a business and a very profitable one. They have the best of all worlds. PP receives over 300 million dollars annually from our taxes to assist them in ending the existence of over 330 thousand of our human family.

Viewing the human traffic entering and exiting the cathedral gives one an opportunity to observe PP's sheer hypocrisy. Abby Johnson, a former director in a Planned Parenthood "clinic," told protesters here recently that PP employees were under orders never to use the word "baby" to clients. The implications were obvious. One can observe in front of 1055 Commonwealth Avenue however, that not only is the term excluded, but so are babies themselves.

It is an interesting sight when anyone enters PP's doors with an infant. Within a very short period of time, they are escorted from the building by an armed guard. They have a rule that all babies remain outside their doors – babies ex-utero – that is!

Massachusetts legislators enacted a buffer zone law, which keeps peaceful protesters beyond a yellow line on a 35-foot radius from the PP entrance. The arguments were that it is necessary to keep those exercising their First Amendment rights that distance from the main entrance for the protection of the clientele. It actually extends beyond the sidewalk and is painted out onto the street itself.

It is far from being content neutral. In reality, it provides a safe harbor for those who threaten the lives of these peaceful protesters. As an example, in one instance a male exited the front door of PP to confront an individual holding a poster with a picture of a 19-week-old child in the womb. He threatened, using the vilest of language, to take the life of the Right To Life protester unless the protester left the area.

The perpetrator of this threat was inside the buffer zone, while face-to-face with the Right To Life protester, who was standing outside of the painted yellow line. The victim of the threat to his life stepped back a couple of paces onto the street to avoid physical violence, and the perpetrator re-entered 1055 Commonwealth Avenue.

The Boston Police were called, arrived within several minutes and then entered the premises. After 5 to 10 minutes, the officers exited and said they did not find the male perpetrator inside . He had obviously been hiding somewhere, as within another 5 to 10 minutes, he came out and quickly started scurrying down the side street. At this sighting, the protester alerted the police, and the offender was apprehended, frisked, and then written up by the officers.

In Boston Municipal Court several months later the victim rendered an Impact Statement to the judge. The defendant stood mute – gave no testimony – only having his lawyer confer with the judge during the proceedings. The victim, having been given time by the judge, asked openly if any representative of Planned Parenthood was present, and there was none. Not even PP's armed guard was there, and he had been on duty the day of the incident.

The victim, who wanted to see PP's video of the incident, was told by police that PP stated they had none. PP had asserted that their surveillance cameras located on the front of the building did not extend the 35 feet to the yellow buffer zone line. The statement was patently absurd, but typical of their modus operandi..

The perpetrator of the death threat on the peaceful Pro-Life protester was placed on probation by the court as a result of the plea bargain with the judge by his lawyer. This whole affair is just another example of the lies and disregard for human life which form the core of this organization.

PP's armed guard was quite visible earlier this year in physically removing a Spanish-speaking grandmother from the building, as she was trying to prevent her grandchild in the womb from being destroyed within those walls. With a gun visible in his holster, she was escorted by the arm out of the building and told not to re-enter. It was notable that he did not tell her to clear the buffer zone, only not to enter their doors again.

A Right To Life protester called police for her, but the officer who came said it was a private business and he had no authority in the matter. In tears, she remained for a long period of time, but eventually left the buffer zone and the area. Sadly, she lost a new grandchild – another sacrificial lamb on PP's altar.

The U.S. Supreme Court will rule again this term on narrow constitutional issues involved in "buffer zones," specifically the 35' radius in front of 1055 Commonwealth Avenue. Eleanor McCullen, who has saved countless babies from destruction as a sidewalk counselor outside of PP, is the plaintiff and AG Martha Coakley the defendant. Coakley, who has announced her campaign for Governor, has close ties to the Axis. The Boston Globe has already weighed in, and on Oct. 12, 2013 ran a piece designed to put a shine on PP's tarnished escutcheon. It was standard Axis of Evil methodology

PP has spent millions attempting to sanitize their bloody business. From originally changing the act of aborting a human existence to "terminating a pregnancy," they have also elevated "choice" to a religious commitment, Roe v Wade to "settled law," destructive rights to "reproductive" rights, and abortuaries to "women's health centers."

Much has been spent on solidifying their ties with all of the media. Axis partner, the Boston Globe, has always been lock-step with them and are only a click away whenever needed. As expected, the Opinion piece by Renee Loth, a long-time member of the Secular Fundamentalist Curia, tried to combine vinegar and honey in an article entitled, without capitals, "A zone that should be left alone."

Loth referred to "past decades when anti-abortion zealots screamed, chanted, blocked doors, screamed at women trying to enter, and photographed license plates. It was a time when women's health centers offering abortions, were routinely bombed or doused with butyric acid." This was typical Globe venom aimed at the Right To Life movement. Loth then writes that PP President Martha Walz is pleased with the current 35' radius status quo, and she is quoted as saying, "The law is working for everybody."

As Right To Lifers could expect, absolutely no mention is made that the buffer zone and their building are used as safe harbors for wrongdoers, including perpetrators of death threats directed at peaceful protesters. Nor does she mention that the zone is selectively used as a holding area for anyone with a baby in their arms, or someone trying to protect their own progeny from destruction within their walls.

Notwithstanding Loth's lies, distortions and generalizations of "past decades," these yellow radius lines are designed to punish peaceful protesters and those taxpayers and citizens who disagree with their tax-free, death-dealing very lucrative business – which they identify in their fundraising as a 501 (c) (3) tax-deductible charity.

The introduction of a "Choose Life" license plate in 2010 was a result of 7 years of persistence by Merry Nordeen. It certainly would make Governor John Winthrop proud, as on the Arbella in 1630 in his famous sermon he cited Deuteronomy 30:19, "I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Choose life that you and your children may live."

PP did not go to court over the license plate, obviously because of the lack of success of legal challenges by their counterparts in other states. Florida has had them for well over a decade, and they have raised millions of dollars for crisis pregnancy centers Battling the Secular Fundamentalists in this once proud Commonwealth becomes more difficult with each passing day. Our society is clearly suffering from a malignancy. Having glorified "choice" at the abstract level, and with the bloody sacrifice of a new human the central celebration of this new religion, the conversion of the inhabitants of this Commonwealth can now be called a fait accompli..

Complete with rituals, sacraments and other practices, secular fundamentalism is the prevailing religion locally, and the drift from its Judeo-Christian origins has more than started to take root. It is firmly in place.

The word manipulation used to power the change also has to bring to mind the words of Isaiah 5:20 with which the settlers were familiar, "Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil."

Children are being proselytized into its practice starting from kindergarten, and the public school systems are now bowing to the Axis powers. The colleges and universities have for decades been promoting its practices to the almost total exclusion of millennia of biblical thinking.. But the proponents know that "As the twig is bent, so grows the tree," and the youngest developing minds now are their target.

A population of once God-fearing people has descended to Roman Empire practices: feticide, infanticide, sexual perversion, and a pleasure principle powered by the Axis of Evil. These practices are elevated to be a part of the ideal way of life to which we should aspire – religiously.

But beyond recalling the days of ancient Rome, closer to our present time in the 1930s and 40s, across the Atlantic similar patterns of thinking brutally shed the blood of tens of millions of innocents. Proudly, the great United States of America led the fight to bring an end to that human slaughter..

The words of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, a German pastor later executed in a concentration camp for speaking out publicly against Nazism, cannot help but come to mind as we ponder today's scene in this country::

"Silence in the face of evil is evil itself, and we will not be held guiltless."


NEXT: PP – One Of Boston's Educational Institutions

Boston's Axis of Evil V

© R.T. Neary


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