R.T. Neary
Donald Trump's surprise
By R.T. Neary
October 27, 2012

The billionaire business tycoon with the hair sweep sometimes resembling an exotic bird is titillating the public with a pre-election October surprise that has gained little traction. No wonder, because of what it is concealing.

Stop your game-playing, Donald!

You know as I do that Barry Soetoro, aka Barack Obama, is not eligible to hold the office of President of the United States because he is not a citizen of these United States. He has perpetrated the most egregious deception ever foisted on the world's greatest and most powerful nation. An imposter occupies the White House.

When he traveled to Pakistan in 1981, his passport had to list him as an Indonesian, Barry Soetoro. Otherwise, with his checkered background, he never would have been allowed to set foot in this strict Muslim country.

After his birth mother's second divorce, he had returned to live with her mother in Hawaii. Madelyn Dunham was an astute woman, one capable enough to serve as a vice-president of Hawaii's second largest bank. She certainly knew the value of money and also the value of scholarships that were available to foreign students. Her grandson, listed as being an Indonesian citizen and adopted by her daughter's second husband, Lolo Soetoro, had the tracks greased for free higher education on the mainland.

Surely, Barry Soetoro, the Indonesian student, who morphed back to being called Barack Obama at some indefinite point during his Occidental College years in California, then proceeded with questionable assistance at several turns, on an Ivy League path into politics and a Presidential run some years later.

It sounds like a fairy tale, but this individual vetted less than a corporate CEO or maybe even a High School principal, gained the lease to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, and he could be on track to stay 4 more years unless the truth is finally told.

Donald Trump knows the truth. Why is he dangling 5 million dollars as a contribution to a charity of the current sitting President's choice?

Just come out and state your case, Donald.

Barry Soetoro's schooling from age 6 to 10 in Indonesia consisted of his trying to find out who he really was. Of mixed racial background and with a step-father of another racial strain, while schooled in both Franciscan and Muslim settings the stage was set for the narcissism to eventually emerge. This became the core of his persona.

Riding white guilt and a fawning press into the White House had him start to believe this Messianic story. Every move and gesture was finely orchestrated, until the facial contortions of the first 2012 Presidential debate gave the public a look at some of what was beneath the facade — and who this individual really is.

In truth, he is a professional campaigner, sporting a gummy grin that masquerades as a smile. His expressed commitment to "transparency and the rule of law" has been demonstrated to be the complete opposite. Worse still is his complete disregard for the value of human life. As a state Senator, he voted 3 times against giving any medical assistance to a child who survived an abortion attempt. Witness, also, the fact that he failed to ratchet up security at U. S. embassies and consulates on the anniversary of 9/ll, and then after the death of the 4 officials in Benghazi, he was fund-raising and "yukking it up" with late-night "comedians" and "entertainment" figures.

Before his successful run for the White House, his sleazy image-makers sequestered his passport and successfully sealed his college records at Occidental, Columbia and Harvard. Over a million dollars was spent — even to getting his overdue parking tickets in the Cambridge area in Massachusetts paid. Rumored payoffs by Harvard in order to cover other aspects of his days on the Law Review go unanswered.

Burst his narcissistic bubble, Donald! You've got access to media because of your position. Inform the President that you have decided to donate the 5 million dollars to Pregnancy Help organizations. These protect and nurture human life, get no tax dollars, and there are far more of them than abortuaries such as tax-funded Planned Parenthood has in this country.

Let your October 31st deadline expire. Then publicly ask the person currently claiming to be the President of the United States the one question underlying your offer.

Mr. President, Are you a citizen of the United States of America?

Donald Trump could be in the news again — with a NOVEMBER surprise!

© R.T. Neary


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