R.T. Neary
John Roberts' rules are made to order
By R.T. Neary
July 7, 2012

One need not be a constitutional scholar to perceive the convoluted attempt at legal argumentation in Chief Justice John Robert's decision upholding Obamacare.

For those of us who are attuned to Justice Anthony Kennedy's swing-voter role, Roberts' bait-and-switch move from the Commerce Clause to a tax was a major surprise — but in essence it is a Godsend. It was a clear affirmation of the type of vehicle that is going to be necessary in order to navigate the turn this great nation must take at the intersection on the hilltop when we arrive on Nov. 6, 2012.

Some pundits are trying to depict the George W. Bush appointee as a chess master, but he's far from that. John Roberts' 180-degree turn was an abdication of principle — but, unwittingly, it did have a silver lining. And it is spelled R U B I O.

We, who have witnessed similar moral cave-ins, are compelled to examine that event of June 28, 2012 in the light of other historical events, and our observations of the two protagonists now occupying center stage. These individuals have impacted economic, medical and even religious aspects of our lives in recent years. The occupant of the White House, however, has also sent an unmistakable signal as to what could be in store right up to November 2016 — should we not utilize every bit of power at our disposal and act decisively to stop his re-election. The alternative is horrifying!

Watching Harvard's Lawrence Tribe trying to find a legal explanation for his former student's switch from the Commerce Clause to a tax masquerading as a penalty, was pathetic. While being featured by the media as a distinguished mentor to both the U.S. President and the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, his strained demeanor accented the intellectual dishonesty so evident in his words. It was nauseating.

Mitt Romney, our former Massachusetts governor, has clinched the Republican nomination to oppose the author of this abomination, the over 2000-page Affordable Health Care Act. But let us not forget something. The Convention determines the Vice-Presidential nominee. Yes, the Convention delegates will determine who will be paired with Mitt Romney on the ticket, and it is of vital importance. WE also have control over WHO he or she will be — and we must exercise our mandate to these delegates!

While rightfully there has been a call for a return to the principles of the Reagan Revolution, this nation needs a firm hand on the Senate gavel, a highly qualified partner who is only a heartbeat away from the Chief Executive's role. Historically, we must harken back to World War II, when a man emerged from smoke-filled rooms to become VP and then one of our greatest Presidents, Harry S. Truman. His decisions were legion.

Now we are in one gigantic OPEN room — without smoke and with clear vision. Just as John Roberts was nudged and then pressured, forces are already at play to do the same again in the selection of the Romney running mate — for their own agenda.

The individual who pairs with Mitt Romney on the Nov. 6th ballot must have solid principles, clarity of thought, leadership experience, solid family values, and commitment to the value of all human life — genuine conservatism. But there must be the demographics, as well. The swing states are the known battleground.

Having lived under a Romney administration, we in Massachusetts too often have seen pragmatism, reaching across to ideological opponents, and we have watched media influence prevail. This modus operandi will certainly be repeated, barring heavy pressure being exerted by us to reflect traditional conservative values.

The MSM has already surfaced with tease stories by ABC, CBS, the Washington Post and others advancing a wide range of names that, obviously, the Left could live with. They don't bear repeating, but Condoleezza Rice is one such — to cite an example. Mitt Romney must get a clear message through old hands Eric Fehrnstrom and Beth Myers, as well as a multitude of others, that he has not firmed up support among conservatives — and we're following closely and very much involved.

A Draft Rubio movement must gain a head of steam to stave off any temptation by Beth Myers to advance one of these names being planted by "moderates." This would only affirm the Roberts decision by re-electing by far the worst President in our lifetimes.

Nominee John Roberts reportedly once had a firm foundation of principles. But he abandoned them under the obvious pressure exerted by Axelrod et al in an extraneous setting — not during the 2-day hearings. Roberts will never live down that decision. Although not as death-dealing as Roe v Wade was on Jan. 22, 1973, it will be remembered forever in our history as a blatant violation of the constitutional authority of the nation's highest court.

Willard Mitt Romney had a similar reputation before he challenged Edward M. Kennedy for the U.S. Senate. We were very surprised with his campaign positions. Unfortunately, we also witnessed pragmatism and politics prevail too often during his 4-year stint as Chief Executive of this Commonwealth. His wife, family and personal life are not in question, but voters are still awaiting a move that demonstrates something deep and genuine about him. His epiphany is still untested. Embracing Marco Rubio as a partner would be that needed proof of character for many independent voters, as well.

The clouds looming on the horizon are easily recognized, and the hatches must be battened down rather quickly. The thought of another four years of this Executive and Senatorial leadership is unthinkable. Let us move to perish the thought.

Beginning with Marco Rubio's popularity and status in the state of Florida and then contemplating the need to win other battleground states, Mitt's close advisors have to realize that candidate Romney is extremely far behind in attracting the country's largest minority, Hispanics. This then becomes the major starting point for his pre-Convention campaign. Combine these ingredients with the need for establishing genuine credentials in the Tea Party/Evangelical alliance, and a Romney-Rubio pairing puts all the pieces in place. But Mitt's advisors in the past have sadly not demonstrated an ability to grasp this pattern of thought. They have to be educated.

A DRAFT RUBIO movement is not an idle call. IT IS a necessity in order to take back our government from the secular fundamentalists who control the White House, our society and our lives. It will also eventually energize the Palins, Gingrichs, Santorums and countless other influential, proven leaders, who have been lukewarm but are sorely needed for victory.

REPEAT; Mitt Romney does not select the Republican Vice-Presidential candidate for the ballot on November 6, 2012


Start the DRAFT RUBIO movement rolling — Now.

© R.T. Neary


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