Gina Miller
Dystopia rising
By Gina Miller
May 14, 2021

On November 3, 2020, we re-elected President Trump in a landslide. When the communist Democrats and their international fellow travelers stole the election from him in the early morning hours of Wednesday, November 4, we knew the usurper China Joe’s regime would take a wrecking ball to our nation and freedoms—but I don’t know that we imagined the stunning speed with which the destroyers would work.

The handlers of the mentally faltering Joe Biden had a slew of dictatorial executive orders ready for him to sign right away, orders aimed at quickly dismantling some of the excellent, pro-freedom, pro-American accomplishments of the Trump administration, and resuming the despotic, anti-American schemes of the Obama administration. The predictions conservatives made are coming to pass at warp speed.

Just a partial list here: The communist Democrats are going after our dwindling freedoms and wealth with all the horrible policies of the so-called “Green New Deal.” They’re working to destroy the suburbs. They’re targeting our Second Amendment rights. They’re continuing the abolition of our freedom of speech through their proxies of “Big Tech,” corporate communism, and academia. They’re working to destroy law and order and our police forces. They’ve busted our southern border wide open to untold numbers of alien criminals. They’re working to nationalize elections in order to cement the methods of fraud that led to the 2020 election heist. They’re aiming to pack the Supreme Court with communist activists. They want to unconstitutionally create a new state of Washington D.C., in order to solidify Democrat power in perpetuity.

They’re doubling and tripling down on the psychological fear operation of the COVID-19 scamdemic, with its attendant bunk-science-based mask despotism, lockdowns, people separation, and bogus case and death numbers. This wicked scheme has enabled the communist left to destroy a countless number of lives, small businesses, and freedoms. With the outrageous spending on unemployment payments—paying people to not work—they’ve created the additional problem of a shortage of manpower in the workforce. Business owners are unable to attract help, because the wages they pay can’t compete with the higher amount of taxpayer money handouts from the federal government.

These things are just the surface of what’s happening. We can’t keep up with it all. The communist Democrats now in power are on a seek-and-destroy mission of the United States of America. They’re coming off of a four-year rage bender against President Trump and his supporters, and they’re burning with hell’s fury to tear down our once-free Republic and replace it with a dystopian nightmare. One of their goals is to de-industrialize our nation, sending us back to the dark ages—literally. Just look at their insane environmentalist whacko “green” policy schemes to see this. The worst days of our nation and the world are flying toward us.

There are still many people who hold out hope that certain things will happen to restore our Republic, things like election reform, taking back Congress in 2022, President Trump being declared the rightful winner after election and ballot audits, or even a military coup to depose the usurper in the White House. I don’t think any of those things will happen. I believe our elections are done, and will only be a charade from now on. Nor will the communists now in power allow President Trump to be declared the rightful 2020 winner, even if he can be shown to be.

We can only imagine the unspeakably bad times ahead as we watch our nation, economy, and freedoms crumble, and likely much more—danger to our food and water supply and power grid, and also the potential for the dollar’s crash and inflation like we’ve never seen in this nation. And while the communist destruction may seem needless, because we know the solutions that should stop this tyrannical madness and bring back freedom and prosperity, we must realize that there is a higher reality at work.

There is no way we can make sense of anything done by the communists (who include more than a few “Republicans”), unless we consider the spiritual aspect of it and understand that God is not mocked. Whatever a man (or a nation) sows, that is what he reaps. Our nation is horribly bent with sin and corruption, and it’s deeply drenched in innocent blood. A nation that engages in child sacrifice is on borrowed time. Again, God is not mocked. Many times in the Old Testament, Israel—our example—is turned over by God to their enemies when they chose wickedness. We've done the same, and we should not be surprised when our nation’s enemies, within and without, are inflamed with hellish passion for our destruction and are given the power to accomplish it.

Our physical world is a shadow of the real one, which is spiritual and eternal. The powers of good and evil are in constant battle for the souls of men, although the war for the world was fought and won, once for all, by Jesus at the cross. What lies ahead are the last days of this lost and dying world, and Jesus has warned us that they will be the worst the world has ever seen, that unless He shortens those days (which He will), no one would survive.

The point of this column about the certainty of a dreadful dystopian future for the United States and world is to tell you that Jesus Christ, the Son of God, Who IS God, is the only hope each of us has, the only source of life, truth, wisdom, knowledge, peace, and salvation. Without Him, we will forever suffer torment but not be dead. With Him, we will live forever in glory. He gave His sinless life for us all, because He loves us with an unfathomable love. Please believe, grab a Bible, read and seek Him for understanding of this while you can still find Him. In these coming horrible days, you will want to belong to Him. Let Him save you and take care of you, no matter how bad the world gets.

© Gina Miller


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