Gina Miller
Hell’s children complete the coup
By Gina Miller
January 11, 2021

Second to Israel, the United States of America has been the greatest nation-gift from God to this lost and dying world. It was founded on righteous principles of government from God’s Word, and reliance on the Lord by men who knew that our true rights and freedoms are given only by God, not governments of corruptible men.

Over the last century, ever more quickly, our nation spiraled down and down into greater and greater sin and depravity, but God was so merciful and patient with us, holding back the destruction we deserve because of our terrible affronts to Him—the innocent, pre-born babies’ blood that drenches our land, the embrace of abominable perversion and rebelliousness all across our country.

Many of us prayed desperately for a reprieve from the tyranny we knew had to come, because of the godlessness of our nation, and the Lord gave us the Donald J. Trump presidency. He has been the greatest, most beloved President, possibly in our nation’s history. The excellent things he accomplished, against unspeakably evil adversity, were marvelous.

However, the children of hell, who hate God, freedom, and the United States, have been enraged since President Trump's election in 2016. Their election fraud, which has been strategically employed for decades, was supposed to ensure the odious Hillary Clinton would be installed after the America-hating Barack Obama (or whatever his name is). When their crooked plan failed, they lost their already-warped minds.

If you are one of the many, many millions of rational Americans, I don’t have to give you the laundry list of insanity, lies, attacks, myriad false charges, and injustices hurled at President Trump over the last four years. We watched it all, knowing that the children of hell were scheming their evil minds out to come up with a way to stop his inevitable reelection.

They succeeded. It was an aggressive, organized campaign to create public mass hysteria around a flu virus from China, ushering in a “global pandemic.” I saw through it from the very beginning reports on the “novel coronavirus.” When I heard that it was a flu that was “mostly spread asymptomatically,” which is a lie, then I knew this was a scam campaign to control the people. Then, quickly came the despotic, destroying lockdown madness and smothering mask mandate lunacy, driven by bad “science” and highly questionable “case” and “COVID death” numbers.

Before you attack my assertions here, you should understand what I’m saying. Many thousands of people die every year of the flu and pneumonia, mainly the elderly and otherwise sick. What has happened here, what’s different, is that a flu virus was named and used—USED—to create mass hysteria and impose tyrannical control.

The “pandemic” gave the Democrat machine an excuse to upend our presidential election and create the perfect storm for our nation’s biggest election heist ever, although it wasn’t quite “perfect,” because the election fraudsters in those key states had to suspend vote counting and send away the watchers, so they could criminally pad their losing numbers in the dead of night. I don’t think they anticipated the massive number of Trump voters who turned out and “broke the algorithm.” President Trump won those states. He won the election. There is no question that we reelected him in a landslide. I wish we could know the true vote numbers. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if the real number of Trump votes was more than 90 million.

While the hysteria-driven messaging around the “pandemic” was certainly meant to stop President Trump’s reelection by enabling election fraud on a scale never before seen in our country, it was much more than that. If you haven’t yet heard of the Great Reset, it’s basically the latest scheme for imposing global communism. As Andrea Widburg, writing at American Thinker, put it:

    “At bottom, the only thing that will distinguish this Brave New reset world from the Middle Ages, given that the ultimate plan is to roll back the industrial era, will be that what little energy is still produced will be used for computers to control us. Otherwise, the world will be home to absolute monarchs and serfs. ... Stripped of its cult-like language, the Reset is a typical leftist Utopian project. As with all such projects, it will fail—but not before the world first welters in blood, pain, and death.”

To some, that may sound wildly far-fetched, but it’s not. Further, none of it will truly make any sense unless you’re able to view world events through spiritual understanding that is only given to us by God. We have to seek Him for it. The darkest days of the world lie quickly ahead, and they will be unimaginably terrible times. Hell’s children are coming off a four-year rage-hate bender, and now that they have pulled off this evil coup, they will be demonically driven to destroy all that has made the United States a beacon of freedom for the world.

They will silence opposition and thwart our means of communication. We’ve already seen the communist despots who run Big Tech begin to put the digital hammer down on their opponents, including banning President Trump from Facebook and Twitter. The crushing of free speech will give way to the crushing of other freedoms, including our fundamental right to self-defense, to keep and bear arms. It gets much worse from there.

I realize that many American patriots think it’s way past time to play Cowboys and Commies, but I know that ultimately, the terrible last days of Satan’s final, global reign of terror—that we were warned of in the Bible—must come to pass, and we won’t prevail. Only Jesus, Who is God, will put a stop to it when He returns to set up His millennial kingdom on earth.

The only thing that matters is that you turn to Jesus for salvation. He loves you greatly. He gave His sinless life for us and rose from the dead on the third day, so that through Him we could be reconciled to God. Jesus is the only hope for mankind, and He is the only way to eternal life. Grab a Bible, study it, and seek Him with an honest heart, and you will find Him.

I sign off here with mega prayers, love and gratitude for Rush and President Trump and their families.

© Gina Miller


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