Gina Miller
The long, dark road of 'fundamental transformation'
By Gina Miller
November 20, 2015

Since there have been a few reader friends wondering if I had fallen off the face of the earth, I thought I would make an effort to knock out a column. The reason for my absence from this space since early September is a combination of burn-out from discouragement at watching vile, commie schemes triumph and weariness of repeating myself till the cows come home (they're still not home). So, what more can I say? Well, this again:

You can try to shout me down, or you can scoff at my assertions, or you can report me to the Commie High Command, or you can simply refuse to believe a word I say. It doesn't matter, because reality doesn't change to suit our desires or our warped perception of it. I might desire, or even truly believe, that our "best days are ahead" in the United States of America, but reality says, "No way, José." Ahead, is a long, dark road (hat tip, The Hollies) of "fundamental transformation," of America lost.

In the simplest terms, the bottom-line reality, whether you are able to see and accept it or not, is that all people are currently engaged in a spiritual war, a war for each of our souls, to eternal death or eternal life in Jesus Christ. There are only two sides, the side of Almighty God, the Father of Jesus, the Creator of everything, and the side of Satan, God's dedicated enemy, a being created by God and given free will with which he chose to set himself forever against God. Every person in the world is on one side or the other. There is no in-between, no neutral ground, no other reality.

While God is ultimately in control, the Bible is clear that Satan is the god of this world, for now, although his time is short, and he's enraged knowing it. At this time, he is running the show of the powers of the air and the kings of the world. He is having his way with the lying messages we see, hear and read in our "popular culture," in our grade schools and universities, in our corporate "codes of conduct," in our governmental policies and almost everywhere we look.

Unless you understand the spiritual reality of our world, very little of what you see happening will make sense. None of what Barack Obama (or whatever his name is) does makes sense, unless you realize that he is a tool of the devil. His motivation is to do the evil will of his spiritual father, who hates everything of God. God is the Author of all good things, of truth, reason, knowledge, wisdom, freedom, the precious value of human life, the sanctity of marriage and proper sexuality, of real love. Being driven by the dark desires of Satan, Obama hates all these things. Perhaps above all, just like the devil, Obama hates Christ and His people, as well as God's chosen nation, Israel. And, because the United States of America was founded by Christian men upon Biblical principles of freedom and right and just government, Obama hates this nation.

From the beginning of his despotic reign, Obama has been out to destroy America as founded. He has been wildly successful in his efforts. He and his fellow-traveling communists in power (yes, that's what they are) have achieved almost every devilish goal they've sought. And, whether it's because of fear and intimidation, bribery or even agreement with the terrible policies, the Republican opposition has not resisted the lawlessness of the Obama administration and the outrages that have come out of the federal courts.

So, here we stand, powerlessly watching our nation fall under the hell-born will of people who hate us. Obama and his buddies are aggressively imposing their lawless, evil plans on America. They are flooding our land with illegal aliens, plenty of whom are violent rouges, and Muslim enemies who seek to steal, kill and destroy here in the U.S. And, an utterly deranged Obama mocks those of us who speak out against the lunacy of bringing in Syrian "refugees."

The Obama crime syndicate (along with a slavish media) is feverishly ramping up the insane lies about the "dangers" of "climate change" (because the "global warming" ruse fell apart and had to be given new "branding"). The wretched thing about "climate change" is that so many people, especially young people, are buying it hook, line and sinker, because they're being propagandized in the public schools to believe it is real, that man is "destroying the planet" by living a blessed life with God-given energy. The truth is that the whole "climate change" hoax is a communist scheme to destroy private property rights, to control our behavior from cradle to grave, to limit our movement, to rob us of wealth. In short, it's about abolishing our freedom.

Under Obama, the sexual anarchist movement has quickly achieved diabolical gains. We are now dealing with such lunacy as same-sex "marriage" and so-called "transgender" rights (which translates to the loss of actual rights for ordinary Americans). Twenty years ago, if I had told you that men pretending to be women would be granted the "right" to use the ladies public restroom and shower in the women's locker room at the gym, you would've laughed at me. The militant homofascist movement is yet another ugly tool of the communist freedom-robbers and society destroyers.

I could go on, and I could reiterate the sickening laundry list of malfeasance and lawlessness of Obama, his administration, the federal courts and others. I could cite the numerous grounds for impeachment of this treasonous enemy in the White House, but those of you who have been watching, who have eyes to see, whose minds are not blinded by darkness and gross deception, you already know these things.

The question is, can all the damage done be stopped and undone? Can our constitutional Republic be restored? Can we again bind the monster federal government to its enumerated powers? Terribly, I don't believe we can. I believe we are powerless against the evil machine that our federal overlords have constructed. It's not just a problem of our government, but also of the hearts of many people in this nation. The love of many is growing cold. The leftists who have commandeered our public schools have succeeded in dumbing down our kids. The culture is consumed with rot and decay. We have a new generation of coddled, self-obsessed, Godless brats who don't know truth. We have hordes of feral, "social justice" malcontents who stand ready to burn down our cities when they're not killing each other.

For these reasons and many more, I find it hard to write the same warnings week after week, because I know that only a miracle of undeserved mercy from the Lord can stop the destruction of our freedoms and the very nation we hold dear. And, I truly don't give a rip whether or not you can see the truth of this. I see it, and so do many others.

What remains is what has always been, our purpose, our reason for being, and that is to worship God and to tell others about Him. In our own halting, stumbling way, as we struggle daily against sin in our lives, we must cling to Jesus Christ, the only way under heaven that we can be saved. If you don't know Him, seek Him now, while He may be found. And, let those of us who belong to Jesus pray for our nation and for ourselves and each other that we may stand strong for His truth in these ever-darkening, evil days.

© Gina Miller


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