Gina Miller
'Transphobic'? Who's afraid of Bruce Jenner?
By Gina Miller
June 10, 2015

In a recent column outlining the latest flood of insanity from the hijacked-rainbow brigade, with the onslaught of all things Bruce Jenner, Cliff Kincaid mentions a BuzzFeed questionnaire titled, "How Transphobic Are You?" The subheading is, "We have a lot of work to do." Some might assume the headline's question is legitimate, but in truth, it's like the faulty premise of a "have you stopped beating your wife?" query. I reject the foundation of the presumption, just as I reject the bogusly constructed term "transphobic."

The very idea of "transgenderism," that a person could really be the opposite sex of his body, is lunacy. It is impossible. It is a wicked, degenerate concept that has no truth or reason in it, nor should anyone of sound mind accept it, ever. And yet, it is the "new frontier" of the sexual anarchists, who are merely pawns of the devil's plan for tyranny over the people of the United States and the whole world in these last days.

In trying to sell such an outrageous fiction as "transgenderism," the homofascist activists pushing it have crafted a word weapon in "transphobia" to silence right-minded opposition to the granting of special rights based on this perverse behavior. It is the same weapon as "homophobia" or "Islamophobia." Attach the "phobia" suffix to it – and bam! – you have an instantly derogatory label for anyone who stands against this lunacy. The "phobia" weapon craze has been fairly successful in silencing people who may lack the courage to stand against the vicious, militant homosexual movement and its various sub-groups.

A phobia is defined at as, "a persistent, irrational fear of a specific object, activity, or situation that leads to a compelling desire to avoid it." While rational people certainly have a "compelling desire to avoid" transgenderism and avoid the company of "transgendered" people, the label falls apart when "irrational" is tacked on to it. The opposite is true. It is entirely rational that people would be revolted by not only the fallacy of "transgenderism," but also by the appearance of a man hopelessly presenting himself as the parody of a woman, and the reverse.

Let's be real. Who's afraid of Bruce Jenner? I suppose you might have cause to fear if you see him in your rearview mirror on the Pacific Coast Highway, but that has nothing to do with his grotesque appearance. No. This is not about an irrational fear of homosexuals or "transgenders." This "transphobia" meme is a heavy-handed move to squash the right opposition to this freedom-robbing movement. It's a classic Marxist tactic to tag your political opponents as mentally deficient, which is what the bogus "phobia" labels are meant to accomplish. In our sinister culture, with the accomplice of a lunatic, evil media, these fake words are used prolifically, thus giving them the air of legitimacy, but they are not legitimate, and they never will be.

I do not believe that most Americans will ever accept the false notion that a man could truly be, or become, a woman. Bruce Jenner is a man, and he always will be. The same is true of any other person who decides to claim he is what he is not. But, for now, the prince of the power of the air is running the show, and he is working in the children of disobedience to accomplish his dark will of complete tyranny over all mankind. He has seen very little resistance from the church. So, we have the stunning "success" of this "transgender" movement. As the Bible tells us, in the very last days, Satan will fully prevail globally for a short time, and we are now fast flying into that time, the darkest days ever seen in history and never to be seen again. The militant homosexual movement is part of the devil's plan, and is being used to create special "rights" for sexual perverts and lunatics, phony rights that are intended to destroy the real rights of Christians and others opposed to the rise of the phoenix of Sodom and Gomorrah that the United States is quickly becoming.

Do not be intimidated into silence by false labels like "transphobia." If we remain silent in the face of this detestable homosexual/"transgender" movement, we will one day soon awake to find that we are no longer free to speak against it.

© Gina Miller


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