Gina Miller
No, Ann Coulter, it's not about blacks voting in the MS GOP run-off
By Gina Miller
July 25, 2014

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In her Wednesday column, "Eyes on the Prize," Ann Coulter again weighs in on the Republican primary run-off here in Mississippi, and again, her assertions about Chris McDaniel and his supporters are wrong. I guess I shouldn't be surprised at what she says. After all, she has been a big supporter of Mitt Romney, Chris Christie and Mitch McConnell, none of whom would easily be mistaken for a "conservative." It seems all that matters to Ann Coulter is that an "R," not a "D," is the winner, no matter how liberal the "R" is. Never mind that since Barack Obama (or whatever his name is) has been in office, the "Republicans" have mostly behaved like scared, little women who dare not speak above a whisper against the lawless tyrant snake who inhabits the White House.

She opens her column with this:

When a U.S. president is using the IRS to terrify his political enemies, destroying American health care and opening our southern border to millions of future welfare-collecting, Democratic voters from the Third World, why is a dime's worth of money being wasted on trying to replace the Republican senator from Mississippi with a slightly different Republican?

Honestly, I think these deck chairs look just fine. Maybe we should check on the Titanic's hull, captain.

A "slightly different Republican"? Um, Ann, maybe you should check Thad Cochran's and Chris McDaniel's voting records. Maybe you should research their positions (hint: Cochran has cast numerous pro-amnesty votes). Maybe you should discover that Thad Cochran often votes with the Democrats, and that he has an abysmal record on conservatism, because he's not a conservative. Maybe you should see what each man has, or hasn't, tried to do to stop Obama's evil agenda. Maybe then you would see that there is much more than a slight difference between Chris McDaniel and Washington lifer Thad Cochran.

She then writes:

If Chris McDaniel's supporters want to show what bad-ass studs they are, how about walking across the Mississippi River and getting Tom Cotton elected in Arkansas? He's running against a Democrat, fellas! Or how about walking a little farther down the river, to Louisiana, and helping Bill Cassidy take out another Democrat?

Those two Democrats, Sens. Mark Pryor and Mary Landrieu, could well win re-election in red states – despite voting for Obamacare and amnesty. And tea partiers are still focused like a laser beam on making Republican senators more perfect, rather than beating Democrats.

Nice sarcasm there, Ann. Thad Cochran is not even near the universe of "perfect" as a senator, and we laser beam-focused TEA Partiers are not trying to show what "bad-ass studs" we are, because that's not what we are. We're ordinary Americans who are desperate to stop the Marxist dictator in the White House. We have observed that the entrenched, establishment Republicans are either too scared of Obama and his Soviet-throwback propaganda media, or they're too addicted to the power and wealth of their positions to take any meaningful action against this lawless man and his collaborators. Whatever their reasons, we are working to get rid of them and replace them with people like Chris McDaniel who are not afraid to stand for what's right, not what's expedient.

Ann Coulter further misses the mark as she states:

Yes, it's annoying to see a Republican appeal to Democratic voters to save his seat. But Thad Cochran is hardly Arlen Specter, who was a thorn in Republicans' side forever.

At least McDaniel's allies have a good plan. They're going to invent a time machine and travel back to June 24 to undo the runoff election. Wait – they don't have a time machine?

It also doesn't look great having alleged Republican activists claiming that any votes from blacks in a GOP primary were fraudulent. It so happens that Cochran has always won a fair portion of the black vote – and the Democrat vote.

... But it's really fantastic to have McDaniel supporters out there denouncing Cochran for getting blacks to vote for him.

More sarcasm – a time machine? Oh, Ann, you're funny as a crutch.

Here again, I don't know whether she's being disingenuous or is simply uninformed when she repeats the establishment lies about the run-off. I'm not aware of anyone who has claimed that "any votes from blacks in a GOP primary were fraudulent." Where does she come up with that? Is she not aware of the laws governing Mississippi's primary elections? Is she not aware that the McDaniel campaign and volunteers have found thousands of likely-fraudulent Democrat votes, despite the aggressive obstruction of Friends of Barbour on the MS Supreme Court and in Circuit Clerks' offices in around 20 counties? They're not fraudulent because they're "votes from blacks in a GOP primary." Democrats who voted in their own primary on June 3rd were not legally allowed to turn around and vote in the Republican primary run-off on June 24th, yet many of them did. That's what makes fraudulent Democrat votes, Ann.

And, while we do think it's lower than a snake's belly for a Republican to use Democrats to override the will of Republicans in the Republican primary run-off, that's not the dirty story of what happened. In the final days leading up to the run-off, anti-gun freak Michael Bloomberg dropped a quarter of a million dollars into the National Rifle Association-approved Cochran campaign. Along with Bloomberg's money,$160,000 from U.S. Senate Republicans, including Mitch McConnell, was funneled to Democrat operative groups who produced detestable, slanderous ads, robo-calls and fliers that hurled racist lies about Chris McDaniel and his supporters. Among other absurdities, they claimed that the TEA Party wanted to prevent black Democrats from voting. Former Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour and his family are also implicated in the reprehensible scheme.

But wait! There's more! There have been allegations of vote buying and unexplained financial transactions involving the Cochran campaign. There is no doubt this was an election that was "won" by Thad Cochran through various fraudulent means. Among Mississippi Republicans, Chris McDaniel won the run-off in a landslide. It was Democrats who chose the Republican nominee in the Republican primary run-off, and many of those votes were indeed illegal.

This election has shown the people of Mississippi and the rest of America the dirty underside of a "Republican" political establishment that intends to win at any cost, and we want the truth to be exposed. As it stands, Friends of Barbour-Cochran in positions of authority across the state are doing all they can to prevent the truth from coming out and those responsible being held accountable.

If Ann Coulter were chiefly concerned about Congress stopping Barack Obama and his collaborators, she would support truly conservative candidates who have shown they mean business, not "establishment-approved" candidates who have not only stayed silent in the face of Obama's many lawless actions, but have repeatedly enabled his agenda to proceed on a smooth speedway.

© Gina Miller


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