Gina Miller
HuffPo writer's absurd view of Hobby Lobby decision
By Gina Miller
July 7, 2014

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By now, you know that the God-hating Left has thrown itself on the ground in fits over the Supreme Court's modest Hobby Lobby decision. Last week, the Court, by a scary-thin, one-vote margin, simply affirmed that Christian business owners cannot be forced to pay for abortion-inducing drugs in their employee "health" insurance policies. Judging by the Left's nonsensical, hysterical reaction to the decision, you would think the end of all things had come. Illustrating this, we have seen a flood of absurd, lying reactions out of everyone from Hillary Clinton to the poster child for taxpayer-funded contraception, Sandra Fluke, to Barack Obama (or whatever his name is).

In the Huffington Post, I just read one of the most solidly ridiculous responses to the Court's decision that I have seen. The writer is a guy named Lincoln Mitchell, and in his piece titled, "How Hobby Lobby Undermines All Americans' Freedom," he employs pretty much every lie and stupid speculation you can imagine.

He opens the piece with this:

The Supreme Court's recent decision in the Hobby Lobby case demonstrates that the court, at least the five justices who voted in favor of Hobby Lobby, has little concern for, and probably little understanding of, women's health care. By ruling that corporations, on the grounds of the alleged religious views of their owners, can deny women access to some forms of contraception, the court set a horrible precedent that if followed will endanger the health and lives of many American women.

Um, what? Women's health care? What health care? What do abortifacients have to do with the health care of anyone? This decision had nothing to do with anyone's "health care." It only had to do with our fundamental, God-given freedoms of religion and conscience, which lunatics on the Left despise. Further, if you want to talk about "health care," you might want to take a look at how dangerous those abortifacient drugs are to women's health (not to mention the health of the tiny, pre-born baby). While obtusely ignoring what the Hobby Lobby decision was truly about, Mitchell repeats the bogus "women's health care" theme throughout his fallacy-laden piece.

Mitchell also lies when he states this ruling results in companies denying women access to some forms of contraception. No one is denying women access to anything, and these tools of the Left know it! They are enraged that the Court has not quite gone full-bore-commie on us, but instead acknowledged Americans are still (somewhat) free to conduct their businesses according to their conscience. Leftists are furious that the devils in Washington are not yet allowed to completely squash the freedom of Christians by forcing them to pay for poison pills that kill pre-born babies and endanger the health – and in some cases, even the lives – of the women who take them.

Need I remind you that this tyrannical mandate for employer-provided abortion and contraception coverage was illegally inserted in the already-unconstitutional Obamacare law after it was crookedly passed by Congress? In the history of our nation, there has been no such mandate, and the last I checked, women were free then, as they are now, to access whatever abortion drugs and contraception they like. But, that's not the point, is it? The point is that religious freedom was tepidly upheld, and that is unacceptable to the hard Left.

Mitchell continues his dissembling of the meaning of the Hobby Lobby decision:

The Republican Party has long, if not always sincerely, repeated a mantra of individual freedom, but the Hobby Lobby decision, in which all five justices who formed the majority were appointed by Republican presidents, undermines that. A central belief of all Republican politicians is that Americans should have a right to do what they want with, and keep as much as possible of, their hard-earned money. The Supreme Court made a big move against that idea this week, but the outrage from the Republican side has been absent.

Of course, "outrage from the Republican side has been absent," Mr. Mitchell, because what you just wrote about the decision is a lie. The decision undermines nothing except one aspect of overreach from this hideous monster of a federal government. No American citizen's individual freedoms have been curtailed at all, but rather, they have been upheld by the Court.

As for Americans keeping as much of their hard-earned money as possible, what about American business owners, who happen to possess a conscience, not wanting to spend their hard-earned money to pay for killing tiny, pre-born babies? Hmm?

Continuing with his leftist template talking points, Mitchell writes:

The Hobby Lobby decision is about women's health care and individual freedom, but it is also another sign of the consolidation of power by big corporations in the U.S. It is now legal for corporations to deny workers important medical services, and redefine their compensation packages, simply because, religious claims aside, they want to.

Lies! Again, this decision is not about "women's health care." It is about religious liberty. The lies these leftists are willing to tell grow more outrageous each day under this God-hating administration that is drunk on its own lawless power. Mitchell's absurd statement that "it is now legal for corporations to deny workers important medical services" is so utterly preposterous, it almost deserves no response. The sick thing is that these leftist loons are vomiting these same lies over and over again, in the time-tested method of pounding a big lie long enough until it is perceived as "truth" in the minds of far too many uncritical thinkers among us. So, the lies must be refuted.

There were absolutely no "important medical services" involved in the Hobby Lobby case. The case was not about "medical services" at all. It was only about the federal government wrongly dictating the violation of conscience of the American people. The core of why this decision has people like Lincoln Mitchell waxing apoplectic is that leftists are working like mad to destroy Americans' God-given freedoms, and any setback to that evil goal, however slight, enrages them. Of course, one sure-fire way to know if something is good or bad for America is to judge the way leftists react to it. If they hate it, as they do the Hobby Lobby decision, then it's probably good for freedom, but if they love it, then it likely means tyranny.

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